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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Done With Evil

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are confused and wondering what to believe and what’s going on and feel quite hopeless and helpless in the midst of the maelstrom. 

There is no reason to be confused.  We are in a box within a box, dealing with the fallout from two wars that were both ended long ago, but which haven't been "mopped up". 

The human-scale war mop up that we are directly engaged in, involves what we have to do to finally end the so-called American Civil War and Reconstruct the missing pieces of our traditional government. 

Once we realize what we need to do, we can work out how to do it.  It’s within our capability to mop up both The American Civil War and the British Territorial Fraud Scheme that followed.

The second war mop up is not, generally speaking, on a human scale.  

This other wartime mop up is left over from The Great Plasma War, otherwise called "the war in the Heavens" which ended 32,000 years ago.  

You have been told about “the war in Heaven” and how Satan was cast down into the sea here on Earth, so you have knowledge of what happened, but have done nothing about it. 

Everyone just goes along "do-to-do-to-do" and accepts this as if this situation is normal and natural when it's not.  

So what if they have been here over 30,000 years?  That's like thirty days to them.  They are not supposed to be here and they have caused nothing but suffering, death, and destruction.  So oust them. 

These Sickees need to be picked up and transported home and dealt with by their own people and their own authorities.  We are not equipped to deal with them here. 

Our planet is being used as a prison planet to house the defeated Fallen Angels and their Allies. They are still here among us though they are not supposed to be here at all.  

We have put up with this situation and lived with these renegade war-mongers in our midst for over 30,000 years and they still haven't been transported outta here. 

It's not our fault that they are here and it's not our fault that they haven't been transported, but until we make it clear that we don't want them here, the local Galactic Federation Council uses our silence as an excuse to house all these bullies and miscreants on our planet. 

It's convenient in the same sense that it is convenient to farm out your Mother-in-Law with other relatives.  

The Galactic Federation members don't want the expense of rounding up these scumbags and sending them back to where they came from, so they've just left them here, where they continue to bedevil us. 
What you have witnessed in the past week is me telling the Galactic Federation Council to get the lead out and remove all the refugees and POWs and war criminals that aren’t supposed to be here. 

The political stalemate between the local Galactic Federation Council which is dragging its feet and allowing Satan and Company to run rampant on this planet --- and me --- has gone on for eleven years. 

I have come to believe that the preponderance of Council members have been bought off or blackmailed or become stone deaf. 

Enough is more than enough. Satan and his demons and other followers have been defeated and now they have to go.  This is our planet and they were never supposed to be here —- so, oust, oust, oust. 

It is not our role or destiny to act as a prison planet just because the members of the local Galactic Federation Council aren’t doing their job. 

Satan and his Saturnine Brotherhood were scheduled to depart over a hundred years ago and those responsible for making that happen are still twiddling their thumbs. 

The Earth is not supposed to be used as a convenient dumping ground.  Those who “cast Satan down” here knew that they weren’t supposed to do that. Just dumping Satan on us like a used candy wrapper is not allowed.  It should never have happened. 

The situation is their fault and their responsibility, and no, we don't "like" it and we don't want any of these cretins warehoused on our planet. 

They all know that they, not we, are responsible for dealing with this problem. I have reminded them of that and I have told them --and you-- what will happen if they don't honor the Universal Law. 

I have called in the Cosmic Forces from the Central Sun, the Enforcers of Universal Law.  They are here and they are willing to forcibly enter the time-space that the Galactic Federation Council is responsible for managing, in order to clean this mess up, oust Satan, and transport all his "demons" back to where they belong. 

There are a lot of reasons why the Galactic Federation Council doesn't want that to happen. Chiefly, the Truth will be here on this planet and all those who come into contact with it will be changed and empowered forever, making it impossible for the members of the Galactic Federation Council to continue their little fiefdom. 

Earth and its people will be truly self-determining and all the barriers that have stood between us and in our way for untold centuries will be gone. 

So, wake up. Open your mouths. Protest. Ask for Satan to be removed. Ask for all his demons to be removed. Ask for the intergalactic refugees to be removed back to their home planets.  Ask for the sea to be cleansed from Satan's stench.  Ask for the Earth to be renewed.  Ask for all that we need to know and to do and to be --- and may it all be accomplished in perfect peace and harmony.  

You have heard and yet have not understood what has been said to you. 

Ask, seek, knock. 

Exercise your discretion and your will.  Do you want the Earth to remain a prison planet?  Do you want to live in the prison of your own crippled-ness?  Your own ignorance?  Your own dumbed-down misery?  Is this and the shadow of "advanced" laser weapons incinerating the Earth what you want?  You want that?  

Well, if not, it's time for every single one of us to shout out and mean it with all our heart and soul: "We are done with Evil!"  

Fed up. Finished, Kaput. No more. Not any of it.  Zum Ende. In sum totale. No more Satan. No more Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Columbia, blah, blah, blah.  No more idols.  No more Baphomet.  No more personas. No more fakes. No more lies.  None of it. Zero.  No tolerance for evil at all.  It has to go, go, go. 

Join with me now. Imagine all Evil fleeing from this planet. All diseases. All misery.  All sorrow.  All fear.  All guilt.  All falsehood.  All ignorance.  All poverty.  All violence. All death. 

Color it gone. 

And let it be so. 


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