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Monday, April 8, 2013

Starve the Beast that Enslaves You

Get out of the system that is enslaving us as much as you can. Here is how.

Boycott the system to de-centralize the country.

Federal raid shows unlawful raids by agents playing tin god.

Welcome to the new world order!

Fusion Centers of DHS caught spying on Americans by US Senate

The amount of money wasted on this evil spy center and SPLC mouthpiece can't even be determined.

How many people have had their privacy violated, and how many more have been demonized by these government goons who get most of their information from the Southern Poverty Law Center?

No terrorists found, but many people had their rights violated.

These fusion centers were a scam from the start. They are the demonization tool for the leftists to make good freedom loving people out to be criminals, when in fact the fusion centers themselves were violating privacy and breaking the law constantly.

But will these high budget operations get shut down? I doubt it.

Judge Napolitano: Senate Reports DHS Fusion Centers Running Wild

Welcome to the new world order, and the police state USSA.