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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oath Keepers Utah Summit report and recommendations.

From the Desk of Paul Stramer

On Friday December 9th, Stewart Rhodes and I jumped in my Radio van and headed for Ogden Utah for a one day meeting of leaders in northern Utah. We had people from Utah, Wyoming and from as far away as California attend the 4 hour meeting and many met for dinner afterward. I must say that I really enjoyed the trip, especially being able to visit with Stewart one on one for about 24 hours of driving.

Of course many of you know that my focus in Oath Keepers is communications, and Stewart asked me to outline for you what we are recommending for gear, and training, and kind of an operational roadmap for your local groups.

I can only tell you what works for us.  I live outside of Eureka Montana about 20 miles from Stewart. North Lincoln county is a wonderful place to call home. My wife and I raised and homeschooled 8 children here, and I was a logger for 26 years here and in 4 other states including Alaska. But Eureka is where we love to be.
Here we have helped to build a rather large Amateur radio community. We have about 100 people who are monitoring our network, pretty much 24/7 / 365.  We have 4 different communities within about 25 miles in the valley, and they are all tied together with radio. Some of those are ham radio operators, some have a GMRS license, and some refuse to get a license. All are welcome. So how do we do that? How do we tie all these people together?

2016 Year End Progress Report

From the desk of Paul Stramer

Progress Report for 2016

On July 11th of 2016 I reported that we had 1003 subscribers to the automated mailing system for the two websites.   and

That figure has increased by about double in just about 6 months. We now have 2002 current subscribers who are staying with it. This does not count the additional 519 people who have taken a subscription for a while and have dropped out for one reason or another, or those who's email address was not deliverable.

So it took over a year to get to roughly a thousand people, and now just a half year to get to two thousand.

About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3

By Anna Von Reitz

Our military, like all major militaries of the world, has a long and despicable history of using our soldiers and the "domestic population"---- anyone unlucky enough to be considered either a "United States Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States" as guinea pigs for weapons tests and for drugs and all sorts of other heinous invasive procedures. 

The reason this is allowed to go on is that when you sign up and enter the US military you become a MUNICIPAL CITIZEN---- a slave, literally, subject to the whims of Congress and the DOD.  So you have unknowingly given monsters control of your body unto death, and they are free to cause your death in any way they please---- send you into battle, let your freeze to death in quarters, abandon you at Benghazi, inject you with horrible drug concoctions, expose you to "spent uranium" artillery shells, Agent Orange----- whatever.