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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Found Here:

Life and Money and the Fourth of July

By Anna Von Reitz

Life and money are antithetical to each other, yet as my Mother often observed, they have made it hard to have one without the other.

The "they" involved are the purveyors of money as a commodity, because at the end of the day, that is what "money" is ---- a product like widgets, a symbol of value, condensed as a coin or a piece of paper or even as digits in a ledger--- a symbol of something unseen and indefinite, called "value".

That's why the use of money is an act of passive idolatry, seeming to agree that this "symbol" has the value of whatever the symbol may be translated to stand for. 

As handy as this is for purposes of trade, it is fundamentally whack-job and untrue, a circumstance that seeps into the fabric of our world in ways that undermine sanity and decency and logic, too. 

It occurred to someone some time ago, that if coins and pieces of paper could "stand for" value, then so could cards made of plastic, and digits in bank ledgers,  even though it costs nothing but the trivial labor of entering those digits in a bank ledger to create this supposed value. 

Watch this:  $989, 018, 766, 455, 869, 224, 659, 359, 779, 098, 555, 995. 09.

Wow.  And now, I own all that. It's mine.  I made it.  I created it.

And there are people crazy enough to believe that this has value, too.

Help us bring an end to all this madness.  Support your actual government.

If you think about it for five seconds you will know that what we are telling you is true.  You are responsible for self-governing, and when is the last time you did any such thing?  

Your Employees, like Mr. Trump, can't do your whole job for you.  There are some things you have to do for yourself. 

So, come on.  Get going.  Go to:

And do your part, if you can, to help financially support those of us who are already engaged in the process of Self-Governance.  Until everything gets sorted out, your Assemblies need money to provide services and make progress.

I am still the Chief Cook, Bottle-washer, and Paymaster for this Operation.
If you want peacekeeping forces in place, if you want sanity and justice restored, if you want your constitutional guarantees enforced--- make this Fourth of July count:

Donations by check or money order:  Anna Maria Riezinger
                                                            In care of: Box 520994
                                                            Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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To Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a great deal of ignorance in the world today, President Duterte, and a great deal of dishonesty, too.

You have established a good reputation as a man with Common Sense and a love for Justice.

We pray that these merits of character will serve the world well in the present circumstance.

In 1898, the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business "in our names" as "The United States of America, Inc." used our money to buy the land mass of the Philippine Islands from the then-government. 

While this is an outrageous circumstance that one group of heirs would offer the portions and inheritance of the rest of their generation and all generations to come after, this transaction did actually take place, and not only in the Philippines.  We have the receipts.

Shortly thereafter, the same Scottish Commercial Corporation began removing large quantities of American gold to the Philippines for storage and what the Perpetrators called "safe-keeping".

In 1934, the Successor and Secondary to this Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business in our names as "the United States of America, Inc." was also in bankruptcy reorganization.  They pushed through an Act of their Congress creating an "independent government for the Philippines" so that the new Philippine Government could act as the Trustee of the American Gold cashiered away in the Philippines for storage. 

We have the record of that whole series of transactions, too.

In World War II, the Japanese invaded the Philippines and found the American gold in storage, whereupon it was mis-named "Yamashita's Gold" when in fact it never belonged to Yamashita and didn't belong to the Philippines, either. 

The Japanese General Yamashita, however, seized upon our gold and transported it all over the world, and especially throughout the Pacific Rim. 

Gold, as you know, has a unique signature depending on its source. Despite desperate efforts to mix and smelt our American gold with gold from other sources by parties in Indonesia, it is still recognizably American gold.

We are still here,  the Lawful Government of The United States of America, claiming our assets back and taking exception to any presumption that we are being represented in this matter by an incorporated entity whatsoever.

President Duterte, we were innocent Third Parties in all of this.  All these deals done and actions taken in our names were never approved by us.  Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not been in Session for many years, and has only recently assembled.

Please be advised that ours is an unincorporated government, and in international jurisdiction, our affairs are conducted by our unincorporated Federation of States.  All incorporated entities doing business "in our names" are doing so without authority and are in fact infringing upon our Good Name and Trademarks in a criminal manner.

The Principals responsible for these abuses, the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor, as well as their Subcontractors operating as governmental services corporations, have been fully informed. 

Please take appropriate action to ensure that the Philippine Government does not fail its trust and is not hood-winked by these predatory commercial corporations, and not placed in the middle of any legal battle between us and our erstwhile business partners.

If you see the justice and logic of what we propose, we are happy to negotiate  the return of the Philippine land to the People of the Philippines, in consideration for the return of our gold. 

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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The Genocide Mural

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been getting a lot of misguided flak about The Genocide Mural and claims that it did not hang in the Denver Airport and so on.

The Genocide Mural was purportedly created by Pablo Picasso. I have no proof of that. If so, he did not sign it and what began as a rejected piece of art took on a life of its own.
The Genocide Mural has become a piece of "community art" unique, so far as I know, in the history of our species.

As each new genocide event comes into view, other artists have added to The Genocide Mural, reinterpreting it, and signing their names to their rendition --- but it is the same mural underneath.

It first appeared in public after Picasso's death in 1973, and has been popping up everywhere since, including at the Denver Airport, the University of Wisconsin, Mexico City, and other places around the world. I first saw it at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970's when it was festooned with emblems from Cambodia and the Cambodian Genocide.

It has become a very weird "participatory art project" with a worldwide reach.

The rendition recently published on my website is only the latest version I have seen, but its implications cannot be overstated.

Someone knows that a genocide of nations is taking place, and they communicated that via their rendition of The Genocide Mural.

Take note. This is not a comment on any actual genocide from a disease. This is a comment about the death of nations promoted via the symbol of nations --- their flags --- turned into masks.

Surely, with all that I have taught everyone about impersonation and "persons" being used to substitute for living people, and the different kinds of "persons" there are, you can all grasp what these images are about.

Instead of individual people, entire nations are being impersonated.

The flag "mask" is the symbol of this impersonation, because "persons" are defined as masks. And the flag is being used to mask--- impersonate--- the nation.

Maybe all this is a bit too abstract for some people to grasp and they get all excited because they come from Denver and can't remember The Genocide Mural being there in 1992, but that isn't the point.

The point is that our actual nations, our people, are being masked, that is, impersonated by commercial corporations, and genocided.

Anyone who didn't get that message the first time around, get it now.


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Situation Update: 95 Theses

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not always in Session. Realize that it has now been called into Session.  Now read the list:

1. A State is not a State of State. And neither is it a STATE OF STATE.
2.  A State of State is a business organization.
3. Our American States of States haven't been functioning since the Civil War.
4. The American States of States still need to be "reconstructed".
5.  Only the American States can reconstruct the American States of States.
6. The American States are now assembling to do so.
7. The American States govern via their State Assemblies.
8. The Territorial United States dba "the USA, Inc." is bankrupt.
9. The Municipal United States dba "the UNITED STATES, Inc." is bankrupt.
10. The only solvent government left is The United States of America.
11. The United States of America is our Federation of Sovereign States.
12. What needs to be fixed is our Confederation, dba the States of America.
13. Our actual States are populated by People, who are Lawful Persons.
14. Our People are State Citizens and Self-Govern via their Assembly.
15. Every State is populated by living people and Lawful Persons.
16. The State Citizens are the American Parties to the Constitutions.
17. There are three Federal Subcontractors and three Constitutions.
18. The State Citizens are the only ones who can enforce these contracts.
19. Because our States were not in Session, there was no enforcement.
20. Now that the State Assemblies are properly formed, there is.
21. If you want to enforce your constitutional guarantees, join your Assembly.
22. Most of what goes on in Washington, DC, has nothing to do with us.
23. All of that concerns our Federal Subcontractors.
24. They can go bankrupt or fight or do whatever and it is not our concern.
25. They are the concern of the other Principals, who employ them. 
26. The other Principals are the Pope, Queen, and Lord Mayor.
27. Our contract(s) are with the Principals, not their Hirelings.
28. Whatever the Hirelings do, is the responsibility of the Principals. 
29. We are the actual employers of both the Principals and their Hirelings.
30. The Principals work for us, and the US, INC. and USA, Inc. work for them.
31. As the overall employers, we are owed Good Faith Service.
32. The Fraudsters have tried to misidentify us as Employees, instead.
33. They have used doctors to falsify public records to do this.
34. This is a blatant evasion of their obligations under the Constitutions.
35. This has resulted in Gross Breach of Trust and Contract.
36. Both parent corporations have been bankrupted as a result.
37. 185,000 unauthorized Municipal Corporations have to be liquidated.
38. The Bankruptcy Trustees in control are trying to fudge the situation.
39. The unauthorized trusts they formed have collapsed by Operation of Law.
40. They are attempting a pretense of continuance.
41. Their Judges are now trying to operate two jurisdictions as one.
42. This is a physical and intellectual impossibility.
43. They are claiming-- falsely-- that we are Absentee Landlords.
44. They are claiming-- falsely-- that our assets are "abandoned".
45. We all need to realize that the Federal Government is foreign.
46. Ditto the "States of States" we are familiar with.
47. All Federal Government Employees are Foreign Agents.
48. All the current State of State Employees are Foreign Agents.
49. Most County and County of Employees are Foreign Agents.
50. These Foreign Agents owe us peace and Good Faith Service.
51. The other Principals involved have let their Agents run wild.
52. The other Principals have misdirected and misinformed these Agents.
53. The other Principals are morally, legally, and lawfully responsible.
54. All must be resolved in our favor, or there is no law but tooth and claw. 
55. Mr. Trump can fix his problems by supporting the actual government.
56. That is, he can accept his Public Duty, as we have.
57. Instead, there is mass confusion.
58. Our Assemblies are the only properly defined American State Assemblies.
59. Territorial U.S. Citizens are trying to form their own "assemblies".
60. Municipal citizens of the United States are also trying to "assemble".
61. Neither of these groups have any standing to do any such thing.
62. They are acting in the wrong jurisdiction.
63. Their "assemblies" are in fact "societies" -- not assemblies.
64. Assemblies are lawful; societies are legal.
65. Lawful Assemblies are populated by Lawful People.
66. Legal Societies are inhabited by Legal Persons known as "Residents".  
67. Only Lawful Persons can inherit Lawful (actual) Assets.
68. Only Americans standing in their lawful capacity can inherit the land.
69. Only such Americans can inherit our gold, silver, and other resources.
70. The other Principal Parties to the Constitutions have failed their duty.
71. The other Principals have not fully informed their Subcontractors.
72. Their Subcontractors have in turn not fully informed their Agencies.
73. As a result we are being dis-served and attacked by our own employees.
74. A phony mercenary conflict has been ongoing here since the Civil War.
75. Both sides of this phony conflict are ultimately controlled by the Pope.
76. Read that: there is no real conflict.
77. These are just two hands of the same "Person" grabbing our wealth.
78. That Person is the Pope, aka, Roman Pontiff.
79.  All political ideologies are designed to promote fraud favoring the Pontiff.
80.  All political parties are nothing but lobbyist groups.
81. The Roman Pontiff controls all governmental services corporations.
82. Pope Francis evidently thinks that he can escape responsibility.
83. Pope Francis seeks to pawn his culpability off on the United Nations.
84. He proposes to operate the United Nations as a storefront.
85. He and his Agents are responsible for all this fraud and disruption.
86. He and his Agents staged all the False Flags.
87. He and his Agents manipulated all the commodity markets.
88. He and his Agents are responsible for the paper genocide worldwide.
89. He and his Agents promote the chem trails and depletion of oxygen.
90. He and his Agents foisted off the Big Lie about Climate Change.
91. He and his Agents issued all the Certificates: Birth, Death, and Baptismal.
92. He and his Agents conduct both sides of all wars.
93. He and his Agents promote the idolatry of money and practice of usury.
94. He and his Agents are directing the Covid-19 False Flag.
95. He and his Agents are in breach of trust and contract and are responsible for this entire continuing Mess; so, if you are wondering what is going on, now you know.

It should be evident that Donald Trump is NOT responsible for what is going on now, and should not be blamed for it--- except that he could choose to do his Public Duty and join with us to properly claim and administer the American Assets, cut to the chase, and put an end to this nonsense.


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To the Christian World

By Anna Von Reitz

At the very end of the Bible, in the second to the last chapter, Revelation 21:8 is a summation of those that the Living God condemns to the Second Death.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

What is the very first group mentioned?  The fearful.  The cowardly. 

Why is being cowardly such a sin? 

We tend to pity and protect cowards, but God does not ---- and there is a good reason for this.

A coward cannot reliably sustain virtue of any kind. They cave under pressure and can be coerced and driven like dumb animals. Their good sense can be commandeered by fear.  They can be imposed upon to commit the most heinous sins.

The Romans and Greeks recognized courage as the First Virtue, ranking it above all other virtues, and considered lack of courage a Fatal Flaw, especially in a man, but also in women. 

Everyone was expected to have courage, and any failure in that regard was cause for universal condemnation and personal shame.

So let us take note that lack of courage is listed as the first gateway to Hell, and yet a great many Christians are suffering from this malady right now, being cowed and shamed and driven pillar to post by wave after wave of fear-mongering, paralyzed by fear and anxiety--- and over what? 

Big, Fat, Inexcusable Lies. 

Lies told by cowards seeking to offer up innocent people as scapegoats, instead of suffering the fate that they deserve themselves, for they were the Idolaters that led the whole world astray, who racked up these humongous debts for others via embezzlement and "hypothecation" of debt.

These same cowards now act also as Liars and Bear False Witness against the Innocent. And what does the Bible say about Liars?  What other group gets absolute wholesale condemnation?

".....and all liars...." ---- not just some.  All liars.  All those who lie for a living. All those who use lies to shield themselves or profit themselves.  All those who habitually lie as a means to promote their self-interest.  All those who deceive and practice to deceive.  All those who knowingly, willingly, lie about anything or anyone stand condemned.

Cowards and liars stand right up there with murderers and whoremongers, so let's all take note.

"I was afraid!" ----won't cut it as an excuse for either acts or omissions.

"I was following orders...."----won't make the grade, either.

At no time, in any instance that I can find, does the Living God show any care for backsliders, cowards, liars, or gossips, and unfortunately for too many of us, this is what we have become. 

Hypocrites with our knees knocking together.  Faithless cowards. Gutless wonders willing to do anything for a paycheck.  Witless zombies following "The Crowd". 
If this in any way describes you, then know that you are not standing with the Living God.  Know that far more is required of you, and that most often, being obedient to men is not the same thing as being obedient to God.


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The Yellow Star

By Anna Von Reitz

While the Nazis were softening up Europe for the Holocaust and inch by inch destroying all sense of moral compass, one of the things they did was to separate out and identify the Jewish Community by mandating that all Jews sew a yellow Star of David on their coat sleeves and dresses.

This then made Jews readily identifiable as a separate group in each community, just as Black Americans are readily identifiable as a separate group based on color of skin. 

Having identified the Separate Group, the Nazis next set their chosen Separate Group up to serve as scapegoats for their own failings.  When the Nazi Regime borrowed immense amounts of money from Jewish investors, and were then unwilling to pay them back, they blamed the victims while acting as criminals themselves.

That is, they blamed the Jews, because they stole the Jews' investment money.  They blamed the victims and murdered their Priority Creditors by the busload.

That is the same thing that they intended to do here, in America, with only the slight twist that instead of borrowing hard assets and asset-backed money, here they "borrowed" our credit by a stealthy process of "hypothecating debt" against our assets. 

They did this the same way that a credit card hacker does -- by impersonating you, stealing your data, and making charges against your credit without your knowledge or permission. 

And now those bills are due, and they are guilty of the crime, and they want a scapegoat.  They want to blame the American States and People for their own crimes against us.   And we are saying, what ho? 

So they use trusted members of our community (just as they used the Jewish Rabbis) to identify us using a "Yellow Star" ---- only this time the trusted traitors are Medical Doctors that these fiends have illegally conscripted and illegally licensed as "Uniformed Officers" under Federal Code Title 37, and then forced them to participate in this gigantic Covid-19 Hoax under pain of Dereliction of Duty and Insubordination and loss of their license to practice medicine. 

This is not the first time they pulled this trick and used doctors to betray the people of this country.  Medical Doctors are the lynch-pins and key implementers of the entire Birth Certificate Fraud. It's the MDs that have given the False Witness and signed every single piece of paper deliberately misidentifying American babies as "U.S. Citizens", and not Americans.

And now comes the "Yellow Star" part of the Hoax, wherein they and their minions force people to wear masks, as if they were sick and admitting that they have "Covid-19" when they are in fact perfectly healthy. 

This is then calculated to be a signal to certain creditors who eat people like we eat cattle, that those wearing masks are "diseased" and fair game to harvest.  As shocking and diabolical and reprehensible as this is, this is in fact what these vermin are setting up and staging for. 

The wholesale rounding up of their creditors for sale to cannibals, who are not, by the way, human. 

Actual people have seven energy centers called by the Hindus "chakras". The cannibals among us have only three such energy centers, all below the waist. As a result these biological androids which appear to be human, but which are not, have no higher order functions. 

They have no heart energy center, so they have no empathy and no conscience.  They have no throat chakra, so they have no voice that can utter prayer to the Living God.  They have no Third Eye chakra, so they have no ability to imagine.  They have no Crown chakra at the top of their head, so they are disconnected from Heaven.

These are the "children" of Satan, poor imitations of mankind, functioning at a subhuman level, as animals, meant to function as slaves and as slave Overseers, blindly obedient, mindless, driven entirely by food, sex, and self-interest. 

Now, this may all sound crazy to you and my critics will say I am "not credible" in the same way they say that Donald Trump is not "credible" but I owe you all the Truth no matter how bizarre it is, and the Truth is that those face masks you are wearing are serving the exact same function as the Jews' Yellow Stars. 

And you will note that you will never see any General or Admiral or major politician wearing a face mask.  You will never see Doctor Fauci wearing a face mask.  You will never see President Trump wearing a face mask. 

Why?  Because they will not willingly identify themselves and their tender juicy children as items for dinner.

Review the Graeda Treaty and the G2O2-P3 Treaty.  And stop wearing your "Yellow Stars". 


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