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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

To the Christian World

By Anna Von Reitz

At the very end of the Bible, in the second to the last chapter, Revelation 21:8 is a summation of those that the Living God condemns to the Second Death.

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

What is the very first group mentioned?  The fearful.  The cowardly. 

Why is being cowardly such a sin? 

We tend to pity and protect cowards, but God does not ---- and there is a good reason for this.

A coward cannot reliably sustain virtue of any kind. They cave under pressure and can be coerced and driven like dumb animals. Their good sense can be commandeered by fear.  They can be imposed upon to commit the most heinous sins.

The Romans and Greeks recognized courage as the First Virtue, ranking it above all other virtues, and considered lack of courage a Fatal Flaw, especially in a man, but also in women. 

Everyone was expected to have courage, and any failure in that regard was cause for universal condemnation and personal shame.

So let us take note that lack of courage is listed as the first gateway to Hell, and yet a great many Christians are suffering from this malady right now, being cowed and shamed and driven pillar to post by wave after wave of fear-mongering, paralyzed by fear and anxiety--- and over what? 

Big, Fat, Inexcusable Lies. 

Lies told by cowards seeking to offer up innocent people as scapegoats, instead of suffering the fate that they deserve themselves, for they were the Idolaters that led the whole world astray, who racked up these humongous debts for others via embezzlement and "hypothecation" of debt.

These same cowards now act also as Liars and Bear False Witness against the Innocent. And what does the Bible say about Liars?  What other group gets absolute wholesale condemnation?

".....and all liars...." ---- not just some.  All liars.  All those who lie for a living. All those who use lies to shield themselves or profit themselves.  All those who habitually lie as a means to promote their self-interest.  All those who deceive and practice to deceive.  All those who knowingly, willingly, lie about anything or anyone stand condemned.

Cowards and liars stand right up there with murderers and whoremongers, so let's all take note.

"I was afraid!" ----won't cut it as an excuse for either acts or omissions.

"I was following orders...."----won't make the grade, either.

At no time, in any instance that I can find, does the Living God show any care for backsliders, cowards, liars, or gossips, and unfortunately for too many of us, this is what we have become. 

Hypocrites with our knees knocking together.  Faithless cowards. Gutless wonders willing to do anything for a paycheck.  Witless zombies following "The Crowd". 
If this in any way describes you, then know that you are not standing with the Living God.  Know that far more is required of you, and that most often, being obedient to men is not the same thing as being obedient to God.


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  1. Anna has a deep envy toward true Christians. Whatever it is she finds so lacking within herself, she hates it, projects it upon Christians, Catholics, Europeans, Whites.

    Its a jew thing. Its what cowardly jews do.

  2. the easy solution is just stick with holy ghost. add our lady for good measure.

    this is all covered:

    the "apocalypse" only happens if people turn their back on christ, like vatican II has.

    just like america, so long as one person earth does a valid mass every day, or the 150 rosary (perhaps the last remaining option in most areas), then there doesn't have to be an apocalypse.

    johns apocalypse is just medeival alchemy -- so by reverse alchemy an easy solution is "revealed"
    Therefore he caused it carefully to be
    With a White Stone surrounded, as you see
    Wherein ye Water of ye Spring does shine
    Like Silver bright, or th’ heaven Crystalline.
    And that it might be stronger to defy
    The force of an invading Enemy,
    Around ye top he placed an aged Oak
    Which had been with an artificial stroke
    Cleft in ye middle, and thereby he made
    Fenced from ye Sun, a most delightful shade

    If choosing right, you never turn astray
    In paths erroneous and ye crooked way.
    Let your endeavors always be to trace
    The steps of Nature in her wonted Race,
    Then you ye lovely Queen shall in your arms embrace.

    1. supposedly a japenese proverb: every reversal has its reversal

      the "apocalypse" is no problem! reverse alchemy and you are back at

      Wherein ye Water of ye Spring does shine
      Like Silver bright, or th’ heaven Crystalline.
      thats the 1st coming baptism. holy ghost.

      Around ye top he placed an aged Oak
      Which had been with an artificial stroke
      Cleft in ye middle, and thereby he made
      Fenced from ye Sun, a most delightful shade

      QUOTE The Insignia of Sedevacantists, who recognize the destruction of Catholicism will have the best chance. The Message of Fátima is direction for the faithful, so they are not taken down with the Vatican. Private conditional baptisms and praying the original Rosary are the last options.
      note the umbrella == "shade" from the alchemical lake of fire raining down from above

    2. "holy ghost" is the "magian king" solution

      "Among the sacred books of the Christians are two works which the infallible church does not pretend to understand, and never attempts to explain, - the prophecy of Ezekiel and the Apocalypse; two cabalistic clavicules, reserved, no doubt, in Heaven, for the exposition of the Magian kings; closed with Seven seals for all faithful believers; and perfectly clear to the unbeliever initiated in the occult sciences." Morals and Dogma page 731
      I bid you all farewell in Christ, and be
      Mindful of those that sink in poverty,
      While Treasures unexhausted you possess

      Whom ye peculiar Hand of Heaven does bless
      With riches equally and happiness.
      Pray then to God to send you down Ray
      Out of ye Fountain of Eternal Day.
      thats because the "day of the lord" is darkness, not light.

      so, stick with 1st coming / holy ghost and preferably our lady.

    3. i have seen elias aka lord god dominus deus (believe this again is "the one who is coming") -- future tense -- equated with the sun. this explains why he created the world in genesis.

      (other sources circa 1200 AD used to have christ creating the world and adam and eve instead -- so it all depends on who you believe is "god" -- holy ghost / 1st coming christ, or lord god elias amounts to "the sun")

      in pagan terms, this comes down to image versus substance, "the sun" is god, or "whatever created the sun"

      so, the solution to avoiding "the one who is coming" is easy:
      Fenced from ye Sun, a most delightful shade
      if you would like to partake of this most delightful shade, just stick with holy ghost and replace "the lord" with "our lady"


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