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Monday, July 11, 2016

Progress Report from the Desk of Paul Stramer

I was looking at a few website statistics this morning from both the website and also
We are now up to 312 articles listed in the index of Anna's website. These are all linked to each individual document in PDF format so they can be used cross platform between IBM and Apple computers.  The main page is more or less a chronological listing in the order written, or at least in the order I could find them soon after they were written. For the first 4 months I was just searching on various blogs and other websites because Anna didn't have her own website.
Since I make my living largely on the Internet and have my own server it wasn't much of a stretch to realize that she needed a website, so I bought the domain name and put it on my server, and the rest is history.
Here are the latest stats from my statcounter system for Anna's website and my blog. 

Trust No-Thing by Anna Von Reitz

Okay, kids, I have been quiet the last several weeks---- at least, relatively so. 

Some people (Jed Zimmerman, yes, THANK YOU! Got it!) have even wondered if I am all right I have been so quiet....but there's a reason.  

I have been researching. And what I have to share is awesome and awful at the same time. 

Everyone has been running around saying, "You have to have a trust.... you have to form a private trust...."'

That is exactly what you must NOT do.  

For starters, every State corporation in the Union has statutes that allow it to seize upon and steal private trusts---- in the Alaska statute is: AS 45.77.020,