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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Katherine Watt "Library" and Believe It or Not....

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are certain of those among us whose work I follow, and Katherine Watt is one of them.  She has been working tirelessly on issues that run a wide gamut of inter-related interest: church and state relations, the history and nature of the bioweapons recently deployed, and the legal matrix surrounding both. 

For those of you who want a deep, incisive, and timely dive, go here: and start browsing.  This is the free version link.  There is also a paid version to help support her work. 

Katherine describes herself as a "Gen-X Catholic" and so when she focuses on the history of religion, politics, etc., she comes at it from a Catholic background.  Don't let that stop you.  That is actually helpful, because so much of what we take for granted, both good and bad, has its genesis either in the Church or as a result of Church interactions with government or the Church acting as a government. 

Katherine's writing won't be everyone's cup of tea.  She's academic by nature and to the bone, so her approach is rigorous, her subject matter is daunting, and she is often at pains to provide what she called "orientation for new readers" --- trying to bring people up to speed. 

Still, like a slice of mental cheesecake, you will be rewarded for making the effort to read Katherine's material.  She never takes you on a wild goose chase and doesn't belabor her presentation.   

I do not recommend John Curren Chapman's "work" overall, mainly because he so often gets lost in suppositions and arcana, but, at the same time, he occasionally digs up bones that are truly worthwhile. 

Here's some meat from his fork, extracted: 

Question: Do self-assembling nano-particles in the form of graphene exist? 

Answer:   Yes, self-assembling nanoparticles in the form of graphene do exist. For example, scientists have shown that colloidally synthesized zero-dimensional gold nanoparticles of various sizes can be deterministically self-assembled in highly-ordered, anisotropic, non-close-packed, multi-scale morphologies with templates designed from instability-driven, deformed 2D nanomaterials1. Another example is the ultra-fast self-assembly and stabilization of reactive nanoparticles in reduced graphene oxide films. 

Question: Is it possible for nano particles to enter the body of an animal and affect/effect the RNA/DNA relationships of the animal?

Answer: Yes, it is possible for nanoparticles to enter the body of an animal and affect its RNA/DNA relationships. When nanoparticles come into the vicinity of the cellular system, chances of uptake become high due to their small size. This cellular uptake of nanoparticles enhances its interaction with DNA, leading to structural and functional modification into the DNA1. For example, nanomaterials for nucleic acid delivery offer an unprecedented opportunity to overcome drawbacks; owing to their tunability with diverse physico-chemical properties, they can readily be functionalized with any type of biomolecules/moieties for selective targeting. 

Question:  Is it possible for nanoparticles to be managed or manipulated through the use of 5G radio frequencies?

Answer: No information found.

Question: What outside energy can control the self assembly process of graphene nanoparticles?

Answer: One way to control the self-assembly process of graphene nanoparticles is through the use of an electric field. For example, an alternating-current electric field can be used to align stacks of graphene nanoparticles and identify the control parameters of chain-formation in an epoxy polymer1. Another way is through electrostatic interactions between nanoparticles, which can reinforce the superstructure and regulate the assembly in the form of attractive or repulsive force. The rational design and control of interparticle electrostatic forces can help achieve effective self-assembly. 

[So, although there is no information available in the scientific literature databases he consulted on the effect of 5G on the self-assembly process of graphene nano-particles per se, there is plenty of information about more generalized electro-magnetic effects.] 

Question: Is it scientifically possible for anyone to inject nano particles into a human bloodstream?

Answer: Yes, it is scientifically possible to inject nanoparticles into the human bloodstream. In fact, some vaccines rely on a nanoparticle delivery system 1. Injected nanoparticles usually end up in the organs that filter blood—liver, spleen, bone marrow and kidney 1. Nanoparticles can also be used for drug delivery and other medical applications. 

Question: Does 5G technology generate an electric field?

Answer: Yes, 5G technology produces a type of energy called electromagnetic radiation which creates an area called an electromagnetic field (EMF)1. Electromagnetic field measurements in 5G networks are necessary to prove that the maximum radiation is below a certain country-specific threshold.

End of quoted materials --- this last Answer (above) relates directly to my prior inserted comment.  If electric fields in general can have effects on the self-assembly of graphene nano-particles, it is given that the electromagnetic field from 5G radiation could have an effect.  

So, connect the dots, folks. 
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