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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Another Bail-In, Another False Flag, A Darker Agenda Smell

By Anna Von Reitz

We've all heard Bill Gates prattling away about "useless eaters" ---- the elderly, the impaired, the bulging Baby Boomer Generation demanding (and owed) expensive health care, the poor, the colored, the people who don't "fit" his vision of reality.

Does it really surprise us that his Foundation financed the development of the novel Corona Virus?  And that he and the UN had a practice session for all this in October?  That the Queen's Pirbright Institute was also involved and that her company, Qinetiq, Inc., owns the patents to both the virus and the vaccine? 

No, none of this is surprising.  

Does it surprise us (anymore) that the moment that the Federal Reserve balked at issuing more "Federal Reserve Notes" at the tune of billions per week being injected into the already grossly overvalued stock market, the magical "here it is, there it's gone" Corona Virus appeared and poof!  All the value of that "injected money" ---- 6000 points worth ----  was siphoned away into the ether-sphere like a David Copperfield magic trick?     

And now the Fed has been forced to reduce the long term interest rate on Treasury Bonds to almost nothing --- a quarter of a percent pay off in ten years. Boy, wouldn't you just line up to buy those investments?  

But there are, I fear, even worse things afoot.  

While Q Anon is hopefully promising that this is a smoke screen for some big move by the military to clean up the criminality on a worldwide basis and estimating all sorts of big time arrests and prosecutions ---- the real smoke is hiding the stock market collapse and the loss of value of U.S. Treasury Bonds. 

There is one other shoe to drop, and that is paring down the long term expenses of the corporation now running things in DC --- and that could only be accomplished by killing innocent Americans, and who better to kill than old people who are past their working prime and just sitting around on their butts uselessly eating?  

And what better excuse, than some terrible disease that they are especially vulnerable to?  

If you are above 60 and have a temperature of 99.6 you are supposed to go turn yourself in to the Virus Police to be tested.  They don't tell you that the tests are rigged and turning out 50% "False Positive" results.  And then, conveniently, they blandly announce that FEMA is here to help ---- since when?  

FEMA, with its FEMA camps.  Herd up all the vulnerable elderly, just like they  did in that nursing home in Seattle, and, safely out of sight in their "quarantined" concentration camps, kill them with injections of "medicine" and "vaccines". 

That's why the actual government of this country is saying three things: (1) We are not under any "National Emergency"; (2) as the Queen and Bill Gates caused this problem, the Queen and Bill Gates can pay for it -- don't put it on our bill, thanks; (3) in thirty (30) days we will surely kill all SARS and similar viruses, including the CV and do it in such a way that there is never another outbreak.  

We are profoundly disgusted by this entire Dog and Pony Show and disappointed with Mr. Trump and his Administration that they have so far allowed and aligned themselves with it.  

We hold the Pope and the Queen personally and commercially liable for the harm they have caused to our States and People.  

Our elderly are not subject to any forced testing, vaccination, or quarantine. 
Neither is any other American State National or American State Citizen.  Our elderly are staying home as much as possible anyway and have clearly marked their homes and other property.  

We do not recognize any Martial Law pertaining to any State Assembly or any authority for any Special Admiralty Court operating in any State wherein an Assembly is provided.    

The U.S. Military and the respective National Guard Units will be held accountable for any harm done to any American Senior. 


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Say, Yea....

By Anna Von Reitz

Casper the Coronavirus by Henry
This coronavirus is bullshit. This fairy tale is created as a smokescreen for a fraudulent stock market and to cover up the present breakdown of the fraud, which would result in the zillionaires losing a portion of the wealth they created out of thin air which never existed, and borrow the money in the names of our great great great grandchildren just like in 2008, to finance another international fraud.
In 2018 and 2019 the Trump mafia sold off strategic oil reserves to pump wealth into the oil industry. Remember there was a glut and the people could actually afford to fill their tanks so the oil was sold off to drive the price back up for the mass majority of the American nationals.
Now the lowdown dirty Zionist jew ass sucking bastards will buy that oil back because the price of oil has dropped to around $30 a barrel. We the people have seen five or six cents reduced from the completely outrageous price we pay for gasoline, and by God, that’s all we are going to see.
When the price of oil goes up, the gas in the tanks at the stations goes up immediately, creating a boondoggle for the gas retail industry.
When the price of oil loses half its value in two weeks, we see a mere six cent reduction at the pumps, another boondoggle for the refineries and the retailers.
I’m just centering on this one aspect of this ridiculous sham the people are enduring to facilitate the further transfer of the wealth of this country from the people to the corporations.
Just declare an emergency for Covid-19 and without debate open up the coffers of the United States to hand more to the filthy rich, as the regular folk suffer loss of wages and attempts are made to grab more totalitarian power by the unlawful United States Corporation and the subcontractor States.
What a f-king sham.
Brazilian President says he tested negative for the coronavirus following reports that he tested positive. A mysterious virus that can appear and disappear, depending on the need of the situation.
This is a f-king fraud.
This country is a f-king fraud, with the only real apparatus of the founding documents, that is the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, being violated ad nauseam.
These international corporate mafioso must destroy the American nationals to destroy our absolute law to achieve their one world government and banking system and enslave the populations of the world.
If the unlawful corporate aristocracy had their corporate henchmen, the unauthorized unlawful blackwater standing army they call police, to start locking down areas for gun confiscation, they would be dealt with and destroyed forthwith and the effort of the people in enforcing our law would be praised by all the goyem of the world.
But if they take their same actions under the guise of protecting us from the ghost virus, we will look unreasonable in not allowing them to enter our houses without 4th Article warrants to administer forced vaccinations in violation of our law, and as in the so called crises of Katrina, relieve us of our weapons while they are there. The ghost virus gives them a smoke screen.
We are either going to stand and fight or drop to our knees and accept subjugation. We will fight for our ratified law in our Bill of Rights and enforce it or we will be subjugated.
In accordance with the 9th Article of the superior supreme law and jurisdiction of the individual free sovereign nationals for the united States of the Americas, the federal corporation cannot declare an emergency and suspend the supreme law of the land, no matter what lie they perpetrate through their propaganda machine in seeking to justify it.
If they start martial law operations under this coronavirus fairy tale, we either fight and destroy them or surrender our country to the very pricks that have done everything in violation of our law they could get away with to capture our country, subjugate us, remove our liberty, and institute a world Zionist dictatorship over our people.
It is the unlawful 14th Amendment and subjugation or it is the absolute supreme ratified law of we the people and liberty, no matter what they come at us with. Keep in mind, good men, women, and children put that Bill of Rights, that ratified absolute supreme law of the land, above their lives. That is how we got it.
If they want to attack it, make them do it through force of arms and wipe their asses out. Don’t let them sleaze it away from you through an international con created by an international corporate mafia for the creation of a new world order. Dig in and stand your ground.
The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to every one of the international corporate mafia, we don’t fear your ghost stories and we will prevail.


Anna von Reitz I will only add that our actual government is not under any "National Emergency" and the Principals have been advised that we are not. Within 30 days, we will knock out every virus (sick cell excrement) on the planet. They will all be dead and gone and no threat to anyone anymore. Now, isn't that good news? Concentrate on that, and please, don't anyone write to me about the non-existent "scourge" of the Moronvirus? The worst part of this cover up and nonsense is the large number of Americans buying into this and the pathetic hope that something worthwhile is being done to arrest the municipal criminals responsible. I have seen 1% of the criminals prosecuted, of those already indicted. At this rate, I'd have to live another 100 years to see justice done. 


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The Russian Revolution Recap

By Anna Von Reitz

The bankers own nothing. They have only the ability to abuse paper credit and to contract availability of paper debt notes. The banks and the bankers are "the" problem, because they take a middleman position and play both ends against the middle, without having any skin in the game.

They only appear to have assets, because the assets are on deposit.

This game has been dominated by what we shall call "Fake Jews" for the past 800 years.

The Synagogue of Satan got into the business of usury and lending on a large scale when the hypocritical European "Christian" Monarchs decided that despite the Bible's prohibition against usury, they wanted the profits from the venal practice of collecting interest and issuing "credit".

So in a fruitless effort to fool God, and keep their own hands technically clean, the European Monarchs forced Jewish merchants to do the dirty work for them. They entrusted --- under point of death --- their gold and silver for the banks, and the bankers were obliged --- under point of death---- to turn a profit by loaning the king's gold.

Obviously, this was a dangerous and dirty profession from the outset.
The Rothschilds are only the most famous practicing agents of the art. The other various families came to have their own specialties, and they all scrambled by all means possible to set up "systems" by which they could guarantee results and siphon off benefits and profits for themselves.

This latter gambit, siphoning off profits, kicked into high gear during the Napoleonic Wars. The Rothschilds discovered how they could use the King's money without the King knowing about it, garner "extra" profit for themselves, and keep the King happy at the same time.

Imagine the situation: the King wants to loan out a million pounds of gold and wants the best return possible on the safest investment. So, you look around and find a good safe deal for him that will reliably return 10% in a year. But during that year, you have control of a million pounds of gold, so you double-sell it, and find a better deal with a shorter return period -- say, 15% in six months.

You loan it for six months, collect the 15%, then loan it again for 10% for another six months, and pocket the difference without the King knowing a thing about it. You've made yourself 5% of a million pounds for nothing but the footwork and accounting. The King is happy. You are happy.

Pull enough of these deals and after a while, you can get into the insurance business --- which they did. This aims at minimizing the risks for them. They start self-insuring their own losses, and offering this same service to their King, who legalizes insurance (a form of legalized gambling) to further protect his own investments ---- not caring or realizing that the bankers are actually covering their own illicit use of his funds,

After a while, to further guarantee the success of your lending and scamming operations, you make a deal with the King to set up special courts for you --- courts where you always win. This is so that the King's debts are always paid "in substance" ---- land, houses, businesses, gold, silver, whatever has actual value --- and the bankers never again have to worry about coming up short, should one of their side deals go south.

The King likes this arrangement, especially when the bankers introduce the concept of "credit" and "securitization".

Under this system, the King doesn't actually loan anything at all, but hot air. No gold or anything of substance changes hands.

He underwrites paper credit extended to his Loyal Subjects, based on the value of the Subjects own assets---- which costs the King nothing.

Then, if the victims of this scheme fail to pay him (or, most importantly from the banker's perspective--- the bankers) back for this non-loan, he can use his Special Courts in Admiralty to take whatever of substance that the victims may have to pay back the loan of this fictitious value known as "credit".

To make doubly sure this scheme works, the King self-insures this investment of "credit" with the bank, and the banks then underwrite all these "credit investments" with ESCROW accounts that are also funded with the victim's own assets.

This requires at least a 100% rate of usury on every such transaction, but of course, the banks and the King couldn't be content with that.

Oh, no, they had to further introduce the concept of "fractional reserve banking", which allowed them to loan out the victim's own credit at interest, too.

The idea is that the "credit bank" -- also known as a "commercial bank" can loan out seven to ten times the amount of credit actually funded to the victim, based on the victims' payment of interest over the course of 15 or 30 year term notes, and reap the immediate return on the additional credit extended merely by selling on the debt of Victim One to Victim Two, Three, Four....

And meanwhile, the King's gold sits safe and secure in the bank, never at risk, but turning over endless interest accruals from all these investments of "credit" that cost the King nothing to produce, and which is actually based on the Victim's own assets.

Nice, no?

No wonder that the banks and the governments have waxed fat, and the attorneys of all these "Special Admiralty Courts", too, at the expense of all the trusting people who counted on their government to protect their best interests and the best interests of their country, too.

It's a criminal racket, and it has been going on since James 1.

It has been perpetuated by generations of British Monarchs.

It has been enjoyed by generations of ethnically Jewish, but religiously Satanic bankers --- the "lost" tribes of Israel, who long ago stopped worshiping the Creator and started worshiping The Father of All Lies, and the attorneys who have functioned as the Bill Collectors for all the above.

So now we get to the actual, factual reason that the British created "Palestine" and later, Israel, out of thin air --- as a haven for their bankers, where they could worship Baal to their heart's content, and have no extradition treaties whatsoever.

While many people thought a "Jewish Homeland" was a great idea, including Jews themselves, this is not the reason that Israel was created, and no matter how valiant the Israeli people have been in defending their scrap of ground, that is not why it endures to this day.

Israel endures and is paid a million dollars per hour for existing so that it can act as Crime Central for the international bankers who are members of the International Jewish Congress, which, among other things, has sponsored The American Civil War, The Russian Revolution, and just about every other ugly, nasty, war-for-profit in the past 200 years.

Did you know that of the 300 "Commissars" put in place "as" the Russian Government following the so-called Revolution in 1917, 280 of them were Fake Jews from New York, representing Chase-Manhattan, Citibank, JP Morgan, the New York Bank of Mellon, etc.?

Did you know that they are trying to pull the same kind of crap here in America and China at the same time?

Did you ever wonder what the family of viruses called SARS is called "SARS" virus in the first place?

SARS stands for "Specific Absorption Rate" --- their effect on Electromagnetic (EM) energy in the brain. These are electronic "bugs".

Your DNA is designed as an antenna. It's meant to connect you to your ultimate Source. Instead, it is used to flood your internal dialogue with nonsense and fear and egotism and self-loathing. You are being programmed by these Monsters to seek your own destruction.

You can override their "messaging" and you can physically derail their nanobots, but how likely are you to take action against a threat, if you don't know that it exists?

Now that you have a clear view of what has gone on in the past, you are better able to understand what is going on now. And what has to be done.

We are the actual, factual possessors and owners of all the assets.

Time to move our deposits. And certain parts of our anatomy.


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A Letter From Alaska

By Anna Von Reitz

I have four elders in my care going into the mop op and nowhere near the resources needed.  This whole Mess is so frustrating. And it's all just Banker Bunko.  I wish people would fully comprehend that whenever they have trouble with their money inflating or deflating, ever see massive gains or losses in their stock market, it is all being caused by bankers.  Period.  If they would just get that one concept into their brains and act accordingly, we would not have these problems in the world.  And at this point, we'd have a lot fewer bankers.  Most of them would be dead or in jail, where they belong, with their Mess Mates, the attorneys.

I would happily follow your lead and putter around the house, but the situation in Alaska is too threatening to stay still.  This part of the country is entirely dependent on container shipping of food from the Lower 48 and elsewhere.  They maintain only a three-day supply in warehouses.  This means that 600,000 people are going to be facing starvation for no good reason if this drags on for any amount of time at all.  Give us three-weeks of shut down, and those of us who had sense to plan ahead will be faced with the moral dilemma of sharing with or shooting trespassers.  

The poor and indigent are already lined up at the soup kitchens and begging from restaurants, out of food and out of fuels in this bitter climate while it is still winter----- I stopped and talked to one of those holding a "Help Me!" sign yesterday.  He's originally from New York, been here five years, lost his job two months ago, there are no services except a few soup kitchens statewide and one homeless shelter in Anchorage that will do anything for adult men.  He can't afford fuel anymore to run his truck or heat his home and they are about to turn off his electricity.  So there he is, standing at the side of the road with a hand-lettered sign, hoping someone will stop.  

Most of the tax exempt churches sit there snug as bugs, doing nothing.  They have heat.  They have bathrooms.  They have kitchens where they could join forces to feed the poor and shelter the homeless, but no, they do nothing at all. They shut their doors because of the non-existent corona virus and hide.  They don't even help their own parishioners who have fallen on hard times.  The hypocrisy of those dishonoring the name of Jesus and calling him "Christ" has never been more flagrant than it is now.  And the rest of us are left standing at the side of the road with a young man from New York who can't even get home to his family, commiserating and doing whatever we can.  


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What is Agenda ID202 and why do you need to know?

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020”

What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.

Third Sunday in Lent

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

The Introit of this day's Mass, which begins with the word Oculi, is the prayer of a soul imploring deliverance from the snares of the devil:

INTROIT My eyes are ever towards the Lord: for he shall pluck my feet out of the snare: look thou upon me, and have mercy on me, for I am alone and poor. To thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in thee, O my God, I put my trust: let me not be ashamed. (Fs. XXIV.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT  We beseech Thee, Almighty God, regard the desires of the humble, and stretch forth the right hand of Thy majesty to be our defense. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.
EPISTLE (Ephes. V. 1-9.) Brethren, be ye followers of God, as most dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath delivered himself for us, an oblation and a sacrifice to God, for an odor of sweetness. But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not so much as be named among you, as becometh saints; nor obscenity, nor foolish talking, nor scurrility, which is to no purpose; but rather giving of thanks: for know ye this, and understand, that no fornicator, nor unclean, nor covetous person, which is a serving of idols, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words; for because of these things cometh the anger of God upon the children of unbelief. Be ye not therefore partakers with them. For you were heretofore darkness; but now light in the Lord. Walk, then, as children of the light: for the fruit of the light is in all goodness, and justice, and truth.
EXPLANATION The apostle requires us to imitate God, as good children imitate their father in well-doing and in well-wishing; besides he declares that all covetousness, fornication, all disgraceful talk and equivocal jokes should be banished from Christian meetings, even that such things should not be so much as mentioned among us; because these vices unfailingly deprive us of heaven. He admonishes us not to let ourselves be deceived by the seducing words of those who seek to make these vices appear small, nothing more than pardonable human weaknesses; those who speak thus are the children of darkness and of the devil, they bring down the wrath of God upon themselves, and all who assent to their words. A Christian, a child of light, that is, of faith, should regard as a sin that which faith and conscience tell him is such, and must live according to their precepts and not by false judgment of the wicked. Should any one seek to lead you away, ask yourself, my Christian soul, whether you would dare appear with such a deed before the judgment-seat of God. Listen to the voice of your conscience, and let it decide, whether that which you are expected to do is good or bad, lawful or unlawful.
ASPIRATION  Place Thy fear, O God, before my mouth, that I may utter no vain, careless, much less improper and scandalous words, which may be the occasion of sin to my neighbor. Strengthen me, that I may not be deceived by flattering words, and become faithless to Thee.
GOSPEL (Luke XI. 14.-28.) At that time, Jesus was casting out a devil, and the same was dumb. And when he had cast out the devil, the dumb spoke, and the multitudes were in admiration at it. But some of them said: He casteth out devils by Beelzebub the prince of devils. And others tempting, asked of him a sign from heaven. But he seeing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself shall be brought to desolation, and house upon house shall fall. And if Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because you say, that through Beelzebub I cast out devils. Now if I cast out devils by Beelzebub, by whom do your children cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. But if I by the finger of God cast out devils, doubtless the kingdom of God is come upon you. When a strong man armed keepeth his court, those things which he possesseth are in peace; but if a stronger than he come upon him, and overcome him, he will take away all his armor wherein he trusted, and will distribute his spoils. He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through places without water, seeking rest; and not finding, he saith, I will return into my house whence I came out: and when he is come, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then he goeth, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and entering in they dwell there. And the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. And it came to pass, as he spoke these things, a certain woman from the crowd, lifting up her voice, said to him: Blessed is the womb that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck. But he said: Yea rather blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it.
Can a man be really possessed of a devil?
It is the doctrine of the Catholic Church that the evil spirit most perniciously influences man in a twofold manner: by enticing his soul to sin, and then influencing his body which he often entirely or partially possesses, manifesting himself by madness, convulsions, insanity, etc. Many texts of Scripture, and the writings of the Fathers speak of this possession. St. Cyprian writes: "We can expel the swarms of impure spirits, who for the ruin of the soul, enter into the bodies of men, and we can compel them to acknowledge their presence, by the force of powerful words." Possession takes place by the permission of God either for trial or as a punishment for sin committed, (I. Cor. V. 5.) and the Church from her Head, Jesus, who expelled so many devils, has received the power of casting them out as He did. (Mark XVI. 17.; Acts V. 16., VIII. 6. 7., XVI. 18. &c.) She however warns her ministers, the priests, who by their ordination have received the power to expel the evil spirits, to distinguish carefully between possession and natural sickness, that they may not be deceived, (Rit. ROM. §. 3. §. 5-10.) and the faithful should guard against looking upon every unusual, unhealthy appearance as an influence of Satan, and should give no ear to impostors, but in order not to be deceived, should turn to an experienced physician or to their pastor.
What is understood by a dumb devil?
The literal meaning of this is the evil enemy, who some times so torments those whom he possesses that they lose the power of speech; in a spiritual sense, we may understand it to mean the shame which the devil takes away from the sinner, when he commits the sin, but gives back again, as false shame, before confession, so that the sinner conceals the sin, and thereby falls deeper.
How does Christ still cast out dumb devils?
By His grace with which He inwardly enlightens the sinner, so that he becomes keenly aware that the sins which he has concealed in confession, will one day be known to the whole world, and thus encourages him to overcome his false shame. - "Be not ashamed to confess to one man," says St. Augustine, "that which you were not ashamed to do with one, perhaps, with many." Consider these words of the same saint: "Sincere confession subdues vice, conquers the evil one, shuts the door of hell, and opens the gates of paradise."
How did Christ prove, that He did not cast out devils by Beelzebub?
By showing that the kingdom of Satan could not stand, if one evil spirit were cast out by another; that they thus reproached their own sons who also cast out devils, and had not been accused of doing so by power from Beelzebub; by His own life and works which were in direct opposition to the devil, and by which the devil's works were destroyed. - There is no better defense against calumny than an innocent life, and those who are slandered, find no better consolation than the thought of Christ who, notwithstanding His sanctity and His miracles, was not secure against calumniation.
What is meant by the finger of God?
The power of God, by which Christ expelled the evil spirits, proved himself God, and the promised Redeemer.
Who is the strong man armed?
The evil one is so called, because he still retains the power and intellect of the angels, and, practiced by long experience, seeks in different ways to injure man if God permits.
How is the devil armed?
With the evil desires of men, with the perishable riches, honors, and pleasures of this world, with which he entices us to evil, deceives us, and casts us into eternal fire.
Who is the stronger one who took away the devil's armor?
Christ the Lord who came into this world that He might destroy the works and the kingdom of the devil, to expel the prince of darkness, (John XII. 31.) and to redeem us. from his power. "The devil," says St. Anthony, "is like a dragon caught by the Lord with the fishing-hook of the cross, tied with a halter like a beast of burden, chained like a fugitive slave, and his lips pierced through with a ring, so that he may not devour any of the faithful. Now he sighs, like a miserable sparrow, caught by Christ and turned to derision, and thrown under the feet of the Christians. He who flattered himself that he would possess the whole orbit of the earth, behold, he has to yield!"
Why does Christ say: He who is not with me, is against me?
These words were intended in the first place for the Pharisees who did not acknowledge Christ as the Messiah, would not fight with Him against Satan's power, but rather held the people back from reaching unity of faith and love of Christ. Like the Pharisees, all heretical teachers who, by their false doctrines, draw the faithful from communion with Christ and His Church, are similar to the devil, the father of heresy and lies. May all those, therefore, who think they can serve Christ and the world at the same time, consider that between truth and falsehood, between Christ and the world, there is no middle path; that Christ requires decision, either with Him, or against Him , either eternal happiness with Him, or without Him, everlasting misery.
Who are understood by the dry places through which the evil spirit wanders and finds no rest?
"The dry places without water," says St. Gregory, "are the hearts of the just, who by the force of penance have drained the dampness of carnal desires." In such places the evil -one indeed finds no rest, because there his malice finds no sympathy, and his wicked will no satisfaction.
Why does the evil spirit say: I will return into my house?
Because he is only contented there where he is welcomed and received: those who have purified their heart by confession, and driven Satan from it, but labor not to amend, again lose the grace of the Sacraments by sin, and thus void of virtue and grace, offer a beautiful and pleasant dwelling to the devil.
Why is it said: The last state becomes worse than the first?
Because a relapse generally draws more sins with it, and so it is said: the devil will return with seven other spirits more wicked than himself, by which may be understood the seven deadly sins, because after a relapse into sin conversion to God becomes more difficult, as a repeated return of the same sickness makes it harder to regain health; because by repetition sin easily becomes a habit and renders conversion almost impossible; because repeated relapses are followed by blindness of intellect, hardness of heart, and in the end eternal damnation.
Why did the woman lift up her voice?
This was by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost to shame the Pharisees who, blinded by pride, neither professed nor acknowledged the divinity of Christ, whilst this humble woman not only confessed Jesus as God, but praised her who carried Him, whom heaven and earth cannot contain. Consider the great dignity of the Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Son of God, and hear her praises from the holy Fathers. St. Cyril thus salutes her: "Praise to thee, Blessed Mother of God: for thou art virginity itself, the sceptre of the true faith!" and St. Chrysostom: "Hail, O Mother, the throne, the glory, the heaven of the Church!" St. Ephrem: "Hail, only hope of the Fathers, herald of the apostles, glory of the martyrs, joy of the saints, and crown of the virgins, because of thy vast glory, and inaccessible light!"
Why did Christ call those happy who hear the word of God and keep it?
Because, as has been already said, it is not enough for salvation to hear the word of God, but it must also be practiced. Because Mary, the tender Mother of Jesus, did this most perfectly, Christ terms her more happy in it, than in having conceived, borne, and nursed Him.
SUPPLICATION O Lord Jesus! true Light of the world, enlighten the eyes of my soul, that I may never be induced by the evil one to conceal a sin, through false shame, in the confessional, that on the day of general judgment my sins may not be published to the whole world. Strengthen me, O Jesus, that I may resist the arms of the devil by a penitent life, and especially by scorning the fear of man and worldly considerations, and guard against lapsing into sin, that I may not be lost, but through Thy merits maybe delivered from, all dangers and obtain heaven