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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Another Bail-In, Another False Flag, A Darker Agenda Smell

By Anna Von Reitz

We've all heard Bill Gates prattling away about "useless eaters" ---- the elderly, the impaired, the bulging Baby Boomer Generation demanding (and owed) expensive health care, the poor, the colored, the people who don't "fit" his vision of reality.

Does it really surprise us that his Foundation financed the development of the novel Corona Virus?  And that he and the UN had a practice session for all this in October?  That the Queen's Pirbright Institute was also involved and that her company, Qinetiq, Inc., owns the patents to both the virus and the vaccine? 

No, none of this is surprising.  

Does it surprise us (anymore) that the moment that the Federal Reserve balked at issuing more "Federal Reserve Notes" at the tune of billions per week being injected into the already grossly overvalued stock market, the magical "here it is, there it's gone" Corona Virus appeared and poof!  All the value of that "injected money" ---- 6000 points worth ----  was siphoned away into the ether-sphere like a David Copperfield magic trick?     

And now the Fed has been forced to reduce the long term interest rate on Treasury Bonds to almost nothing --- a quarter of a percent pay off in ten years. Boy, wouldn't you just line up to buy those investments?  

But there are, I fear, even worse things afoot.  

While Q Anon is hopefully promising that this is a smoke screen for some big move by the military to clean up the criminality on a worldwide basis and estimating all sorts of big time arrests and prosecutions ---- the real smoke is hiding the stock market collapse and the loss of value of U.S. Treasury Bonds. 

There is one other shoe to drop, and that is paring down the long term expenses of the corporation now running things in DC --- and that could only be accomplished by killing innocent Americans, and who better to kill than old people who are past their working prime and just sitting around on their butts uselessly eating?  

And what better excuse, than some terrible disease that they are especially vulnerable to?  

If you are above 60 and have a temperature of 99.6 you are supposed to go turn yourself in to the Virus Police to be tested.  They don't tell you that the tests are rigged and turning out 50% "False Positive" results.  And then, conveniently, they blandly announce that FEMA is here to help ---- since when?  

FEMA, with its FEMA camps.  Herd up all the vulnerable elderly, just like they  did in that nursing home in Seattle, and, safely out of sight in their "quarantined" concentration camps, kill them with injections of "medicine" and "vaccines". 

That's why the actual government of this country is saying three things: (1) We are not under any "National Emergency"; (2) as the Queen and Bill Gates caused this problem, the Queen and Bill Gates can pay for it -- don't put it on our bill, thanks; (3) in thirty (30) days we will surely kill all SARS and similar viruses, including the CV and do it in such a way that there is never another outbreak.  

We are profoundly disgusted by this entire Dog and Pony Show and disappointed with Mr. Trump and his Administration that they have so far allowed and aligned themselves with it.  

We hold the Pope and the Queen personally and commercially liable for the harm they have caused to our States and People.  

Our elderly are not subject to any forced testing, vaccination, or quarantine. 
Neither is any other American State National or American State Citizen.  Our elderly are staying home as much as possible anyway and have clearly marked their homes and other property.  

We do not recognize any Martial Law pertaining to any State Assembly or any authority for any Special Admiralty Court operating in any State wherein an Assembly is provided.    

The U.S. Military and the respective National Guard Units will be held accountable for any harm done to any American Senior. 


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  1. I can’t disagree with Anna on Mr. Gates. Since 1980’s he stole his workers wages and benefits, 10-years later, he used the BAR attorney and IBA’s courts to deny people rights for compensation, by corporate admiralty.

    Any one who doubts Anna findings, on March 14, 2020: you should look at Astro-chart, for a BIG clusters of 5-power planets there. That is the concentration of Mr. Gates 12th house/division of Conspirary, either he is visiting his Masters palace, or their top agents visiting him. Naturally people know Capricorn is a sign of a D’evil.

    Mr. Scorpion Gates just graduated from the Galactic center, the RED Giant star, near the black hole. Proof? If you progress Bill’s chart, and watch his SUN position, you’ll see his Sun just passed the RED Giant star cluster. So ppl ask Anna not to find you the evidences. Find your own. Yes fixed RED stars with High Energies can cause people to become evil, there is no doubt. They affect the misjudgement of people, frequently we they affect Scorpion – Cap, and Pisces - Aquarius over time.

    In Space, the opposite side exists the noble Giant stars, where they give positive Energies to people, the knowledge, wisdom, clarity to create positive things, or to solve the problems.

  2. I recall now that expression, that I've heard several times in the past: "Never let a crisis go to waste"; so----o---o-- Look out for what might be coming!!!.............

  3. What Anna explains above and below is, the Crooks make moneys out 0f Thin-air, Through Conspiracy. My real example is like this: In 2003, the stocks of a fake-Loan Banker worth $35/share went down to $0.03/share by 2010. By 2015 the FRS+ crooks raised/boosted the ceiling/value of all stocks across the whole rainbow, so that $0.03/sh were raised to $30/share again, then the injection of the FRS $IOU's can cause that new $30/share to rise to $300/share, for them to short-sell (take your moneys-energies) tied to your 401K, 408K, + 8 types of DIY retirements. Whether you elect to invest into the toxic stocks/fund or not. Your fund- managers will do the evil in your behalf for you, because stocks are extrinsically connected, by index, portfolio, and multi-link to the new fancy, attractive Fund Names, to confuse people. Such as High Growth Government Bond, Medicine Series-A, B... etc..

    >> "Federal Reserve Notes" at the tune of billions per week being injected into the already grossly overvalued stock market, the magical "here it is, there it's gone" Corona Virus appeared and poof! All the value of that "injected money" ---- 6000 points worth ---- was siphoned away ...

  4. For Illuminati Bill Gates:

    6 of Cup in Reversed April 22 - June 28, 2020 Bill Gates must learn why:

    9 of Cup in Reversed June 15 - Sept-20, 2020: Bill Gates must learn why:

  5. Non violent civil disobedience, first...

  6. Gates and his wife have been picked up and are presently sitting in a military prison cell awaiting their tribunal hearing and judgement. Their money will be confiscated within the next year and you won't hear from them again... Yes there is good news to report!

    1. From Marilyn Dickei:

      Buzzy, can you share where you got that information from or is it just your opinion? I did just read that Gates stepped down from being Microsoft CEO to “focus on his philanthropy” which seems a bit curious right now. I also saw someone posted this today but don’t know if it is true.

      “The lab-created Coronavirus was a cover-up of a planetary coup through the mass mandatory vaccination dark agenda. Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation that the world has ever seen. This mass 158,000-arrests operation will remove and capture the biggest evil and corrupted politicians, celebrities, and CEOs, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, U.N. officials, and the founders of GRETA, inc.”

    2. Gates comes from old Phoenician (jewish) money, one of the families that has had this CON going on all of humanity for centuries

      Same with the Rockefellers which is not their eal name by the way
      They too are old Phoenecian (jewish) money

      They have been running this same CON on humanity for centuries - this is their end game

      microchip everyone on the planet and no one might buy and sell without their mark and that mark is the mark of the bankers

  7. Theft of tresuries across the board

  8. If you would like to know who to hold accountable American Intelligence Media has excellent documentation. It is a lengthy report but I bet not one person on this site wlll be surprised:

  9. The dark ages that never were and the falsification of the timelines to hide who the thieves are

  10. Get ready for their big stage show and all the fake arrest and the introduction to the World Parliament and Earth Constitution and UBI for all to save the world from the evil ones
    We took out the crooks(staged actors/doubles), meanwhile the real culprits living on private islands and villas and castles as they role out their one world government and the UBI which will be linked to social credit score and all that neat stuff but not at first, the trap ha to be set first


    AND IF THEY BRING OLE JFK Jr on the stage that too is a fraud, don't fall for any of this shit people

  11. Oh they have a doozey end times show for everyone go look at the site not allowed to be posted here and you will see how they have it all planned out

  12. According to  National Security Council - No National lock down/quarantine planned.
    Text message rumors of a national #quarantine are FAKE. There is no national lockdown. CDC has and will continue to post the latest guidance on #COVID19. #coronavirus

    How to wipe out the coronavirus - Quick Notes

    1.Use regular non bacterial soap/essential oils to wash your hands.
    2. Take Vitamin C & D3
    3. Drink hot beverages
    4. Essential Oil Diffusers: Sage, Eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme
    5. Vinegar/Water or Dr Bronner Soap Cleaners6. Air Purifiers
    7. Virus can only live in your hands for five to ten minutes

    The Doctor Within Web Site:
    March Newsletter - CV just regular flu. CV used as distraction from failing economy and Wall Street crimes.




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