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Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Letter From Alaska

By Anna Von Reitz

I have four elders in my care going into the mop op and nowhere near the resources needed.  This whole Mess is so frustrating. And it's all just Banker Bunko.  I wish people would fully comprehend that whenever they have trouble with their money inflating or deflating, ever see massive gains or losses in their stock market, it is all being caused by bankers.  Period.  If they would just get that one concept into their brains and act accordingly, we would not have these problems in the world.  And at this point, we'd have a lot fewer bankers.  Most of them would be dead or in jail, where they belong, with their Mess Mates, the attorneys.

I would happily follow your lead and putter around the house, but the situation in Alaska is too threatening to stay still.  This part of the country is entirely dependent on container shipping of food from the Lower 48 and elsewhere.  They maintain only a three-day supply in warehouses.  This means that 600,000 people are going to be facing starvation for no good reason if this drags on for any amount of time at all.  Give us three-weeks of shut down, and those of us who had sense to plan ahead will be faced with the moral dilemma of sharing with or shooting trespassers.  

The poor and indigent are already lined up at the soup kitchens and begging from restaurants, out of food and out of fuels in this bitter climate while it is still winter----- I stopped and talked to one of those holding a "Help Me!" sign yesterday.  He's originally from New York, been here five years, lost his job two months ago, there are no services except a few soup kitchens statewide and one homeless shelter in Anchorage that will do anything for adult men.  He can't afford fuel anymore to run his truck or heat his home and they are about to turn off his electricity.  So there he is, standing at the side of the road with a hand-lettered sign, hoping someone will stop.  

Most of the tax exempt churches sit there snug as bugs, doing nothing.  They have heat.  They have bathrooms.  They have kitchens where they could join forces to feed the poor and shelter the homeless, but no, they do nothing at all. They shut their doors because of the non-existent corona virus and hide.  They don't even help their own parishioners who have fallen on hard times.  The hypocrisy of those dishonoring the name of Jesus and calling him "Christ" has never been more flagrant than it is now.  And the rest of us are left standing at the side of the road with a young man from New York who can't even get home to his family, commiserating and doing whatever we can.  


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  1. At first we need acquire the knowledge about what happen or happed in ending time anarchy previously in many situations in many countries. Such as in Bangladesh I saw in 1971 and world know about the latest anarchy of abolishing USSR. There remain no system no law no discipline at all. Just looters & random looting crimes were running. While appears the ending time of world is imminent and Jews are/were greedy always from the inception of the nation before 3700 years ago and they have had restored 90% wealth of whole world. So definitely they will try hold their wealth under their own personal custody, many of which are remaining in the banks. There is a major problem for human society that majority of the civilians are unorganized but Jews illuminate elites are well organized. Even more 70% of the world people know nothing about the crimes of Khazarian mafia i.e illuminate elites. So there nothing hopeful appears in my vision to draw protection against the elites looting crimes besides post weeping.

  2. .
    All this is nothing new

    Its been ongoing for millennia

    However, if you start research with 1213 and henceforth you will find the deceit that the concurs have applied to the world population.

    Banks and Attorneys are in part the most major problems
    (falsified 13th amendment, verified by 15 states)

    Why did CONgrees give its CONstitutional authority of creating money to a private corporation and let them create currency with interest ?

    Check Modern Money Mechanics created by the Federal reserve Board (LOL) pages 6-0 what it states "they" create money out of nothing. Creature From Jekyll Island.pdf

    The people of the world mostly run on vanity and ego; much as they were educated by the govt schools

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  3. Bankers are alleged, and it makes sense that at one point in the Netherlands bankers were discovered using programs they made up to steal from people, committing mass fraud and they were all hung when the people found out.


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