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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Update on the Vatican Trip

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our trip to the Vatican has indeed been delayed.  It is, nonetheless, going forward -- though, as it turns out, it is not strictly speaking, necessary.  

We are not the only people on the planet who have had issues with the administration of the Air Jurisdiction, so the original plan was that we would all go together to Vatican City and spend the day finalizing all our paperwork with the Pope. 

He is, indeed, willing to liquidate the offending corporations and take other requested actions, a process that only requires his signature approval.  

Then, one of our group members had trouble getting a passport, the Pope was ill for two weeks and is suffering from a chronic life-threatening disease (unspecified) and, as we found out, he has only one lung -- the result of surgery when he was a young man.  This makes him far more vulnerable to respiratory illness than you might suppose and dictated that he not be in public and not be dealing with a lot of people. 

We were therefore told that we had to select a maximum of three members from our overall delegation of several groups to represent each group, instead of all of us meeting with the Pope.  That was not a problem for us, as we had a relatively small number of people planning to go, but nonetheless it took over a month of deliberation by the other groups. 

This is occurring in an atmosphere in which some entire countries are considering changing their names in honor of the old system ending.  

Frustrated that we could not proceed as planned, we requested to present our claims as individual articles to the Vatican Chancery Court instead of as a list to be signed, and that was easily done.  

So, I sat down and wrote the over 450 pages of The Mamberti Papers which have been published and compiled, and as I did, they were published on my website and emailed directly to the Principals and other Interested Parties, which means that the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the British Monarch, the Vatican Chancery Court, the International Court of Justice, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US ARMY Corps Command, the Government of the Philippines (which is still our Trustee in some matters), the Secretary General of the United Nations, heads of other governments, and numerous journalists as well as the entire readership of my blog, were copied as each article came out. 

The Vatican Chancery Court has been able to consider each claim as it was made and to engage the Pope's support for their decisions, and he has indeed reviewed and agreed with them, so that the signatures required have been obtained one by one and with far greater understanding of the issues, over a period of time.  

As each article has appeared and the requested action has been considered and as each action has been taken, we have been gratified to see the changes, but appalled, too.  

As each of these corporations have been gutted and their Executive Officers arrested, an element of chaos has ensued as word of these actions -- though suppressed in the mainstream media -- has unavoidably trickled out.  The arrest of Pfizer's CEO a couple weeks ago made international news, but not a word here in this country. 

In terms of creating a major reform, I have been compared to Martin Luther; though it was never my desire or intention to attack the Church as a religious institution, the revelation of its power and responsibility in the secular world has had a profound impact on the internal as well as external management of the Church in an incredibly short period of time. 

You may have noticed that there is a note of desperation and chaos, a sort of "live, drink, and be merry" attitude on the part of numerous government agencies, as they are being defunded and taken down. 

Some of these agencies, like FEMA, have turned to crime and debauchery as part of their Last Hurrah--- as we have seen on Maui, with the use of DEW weapons and 2400 missing children, presumed to have been sold to adrenochrome factories.  And the $1000 per night hotel suites housing hundreds of "government employees" -- aka, hired FEMA  Agency Mercenaries, who mysteriously showed up in Hawaii 2-3 days before there was any emergency.  

The arrest of senior FEMA officers last week and continuing investigations and firefights between the Agency Personnel (mainly Blackrock) and Marines have continued.  The Blackrock mercenaries are well-funded and making more money for themselves through criminal activities, such as the sale of children for drug and organ extraction, and adults for organ extraction and sex trades.  

All these corporations are being dismembered, and their CEO's are being arrested, but as you can see, severing the head of the snake does not necessarily mean its immediate death.  It continues to thrash around and cause havoc---kinda like Joe Biden. 

The evil ideas and practices linger because the people involved either: (1) can't imagine any other way to do things, or (2) don't consciously know that what they are doing is wrong.

This latter condition is especially unnerving and common among pedophiles.  We often find that they were abused from a young age and survived, so that they consider sex with prepubescent children to be normal.  

Anyway, I don't want you to think that because we haven't physically sent a delegation to Rome for face-to-face meetings that nothing has happened. In the modern age, such meetings are diplomatic in nature and though obtaining the Pope's direct signature in front of witnesses was the object of the trip, his signature has been obtained with the Witness of the entire Vatican Chancery Court. 

Right now, we are compiling a very long list of criminal patents that have been identified at the Patent Office, and are in the process of presenting them in addition to The Mamberti Papers, specifically requesting that these patents be revoked and that the British managers of the US Patent and Trademark Office be replaced by our people.  

It is clear that the monsters have been dreaming up criminal schemes and products -- and patenting these so as to enjoy the profits.
More than 15,000 such patents have been identified so far.  

Your donation has been supporting all the work and research it has taken to bring forward the published claims and do the patent research in addition to our original plan.  

I spoke with members of the other delegations this past week and they are similarly holding off travel to Rome right now in anticipation of increasing civil unrest and because they are, similar to me and our team, cleaning up their patent offices and submitting long lists of criminal patents for revocation.  

By revoking the patents we deny the criminal syndicates their profits and their turf.  

So whether our intention to physically go to Rome has thus far materialized, or not, I feel very satisfied that the objectives of our visit have already been accomplished--- and better accomplished than if we had been able to immediately pursue our original course. 

We still hope to go to Rome and to meet with the Pope, if only to thank him for his efforts to clean up not only these matters, but the misconduct of the Bar Associations, which he undertook himself without any prompting. 

As with so many other instances in my life, I have learned to accept "editing".  I have already told everyone who will listen that Jeremiah is my favorite prophet, but have not gone into any great explanation of why.  

I love Jeremiah because he was pressed into service at a very young age and was an unlikely candidate to be a prophet. 

I love Jeremiah because he endured so much personal loss and was befriended by so many unlikely people. 

I love him perhaps most of all, because he endured everything in faith, and because he humbly admitted that we don't know our next step in this life. 

Not even a single step, much less all the steps it takes to go to Rome. 

Like Jeremiah, I have been pressed into service in spite of my age.  Like him, I have raised my voice in a time of corruption and danger.  And like him, I haven't been able to take a single step of my own. I am constantly being redirected by circumstances beyond my control. 

In this case, my "failure" thus far to go to Rome as anticipated has resulted in both the desired actions, and in the compilation and distribution of formal and specific claims worldwide. This is a better outcome than our original plan embraced and has resulted in a far greater and wider  understanding of the issues and evils with which we contend. 

So who am I, or you, to complain? We aren't in control of what happens, just as Jeremiah observed thousands of years ago.   

As for questions about donations and lack of thanks and recognition for donors: 

Donations made to go to Paul Stramer to pay him for his endless hours of work and to support the equipment and fees necessary to keep that whole system running. I never see a dime of it unless Paul has largesse and decides to send some on, or someone specifically says that "this donation is for Anna".  

Donations to the TASA website go to support TASA and its work; similar to Paul, they share out as they can above expenses, sacrifice when there is special need, and pass on donations specifically earmarked to me. 

As far as I know, those are the only two websites and "buttons" that collect donations for me, so, I would need to know which one you used in order to backtrack it, and to know how much, if any, I received from it.  

As for receiving a Thank You from me, that is one of the great banes of my life, that I am literally unable to send thank you notes to everyone.  

So, I early on adopted a practice of putting all the names and addresses in a "hat", and drawing names at random each week, regardless of whether you donated $5000 or $5.  I usually have about two hours on Sunday afternoons that I can devote to writing thank you notes and it is a pleasure, not a duty to me. 

Many thanks to my Thank You Note Helpers who keep me supplied with notes and stamps and assist me in this.  We toyed with the idea of having volunteers send thank you notes "for" me, but no, that would be fake.  My donors deserve actual notice and honest thanks.

Except for instances where I have had business to discuss in addition to donations, that is how everyone gets a personal thank you from me.  When people ask for email confirmations I always bend over sideways to make sure they get one.  And given the circumstances of my life and the amount of work I have on my desk, that's the best I can do. 

Last night, I had a man from San Antonio call me  just as I was getting into bed, and proceed to argue the fine points of language used in the Internal Revenue Code, a subject that is irrelevant for the bulk of Americans who, like him, receive no "Federal Income". 

Half an hour later, he was still off-track and trying to hair-split the possible meanings of "of" and other calls were still coming in.  

This is, regrettably, typical for my day, up before six and down around midnight or one o'clock, because I am one of the very few pundits who actually publishes my phone number and email and who tries to answer and to help people.

What I find is that most people haven't bothered to read the books I have provided--- literally provided.  The book intended to be a primer, "You Know Something is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause", is under a very liberal copyright, allowing people and entire organizations to use it for educational purposes so long as they don't tamper with the content or take quotes from it out of context.  

I made it available for direct download as a pdf so that people all over the world and even people who are extremely poor can read it and download it and share it.  Printing it off or buying an actual book through Amazon is recommended because we don't know when the internet may fail, but I didn't do all this to make money.  

I did this to educate people, to wake them up, and to press for reform of the most obvious evils of this system.  

To date, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken all receipts from the publication of my books for years.  I haven't received a penny from their sale on Amazon.  

So all this nonsense that "it's too expensive" and whining and crying and accusations that I am making all this money from my books and that I am pushing people to buy books to profit myself is just more slanderous blather.  

I am pushing people to read my books, so that they are not ignorant and defenseless.   

And despite all this effort on my part, I find that most of those who call me haven't bothered to read "You Know Something is Wrong When" and those spreading slander about me haven't read that, nor have they read my first book, "Disclosure 101" which explains the Vatican connection to all of it, and those banging on my door about money issues haven't read "Blood Money" and haven't read my articles, either.  

So, who, exactly, is "not performing" here?  

It's always easier to blame others than it is to accept responsibility for ourselves, yet accepting responsibility is precisely what I ask people to do and what I do every day.  Just scoop up all those big piles of useless blame that some people insist on producing, like mucking out a cow barn, and carry on, doing your best with what you have to deal with, each and every day. 


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