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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Article: Batman Massacre: WHY and HOW and WHO
Written by By Grace Powers July 28, 2012

Global One - The Big Big Picture

Who is Scott Evans of Global One?  What makes his company different?
I have found a very good background on Scott Evans of Global One and you need to read this if you are interested in his opportunity.
This is a huge help to understand where he is coming from.
I was told today by someone that knows him that his net worth is somewhere around 2 Billion. If that is true this makes a lot of sense.
Read this background here:
Then listen to the newest conference call with the big picture from August 2nd right here:
In this call he talks about quite a few of the new products that will be coming out shortly. Everyone has been asking what the products are. This is the call to listen to to find out the cutting edge technology this company will be introducing.
He talks about the compensation plan that will make it so absolutely everyone gets paid at least every six days.
The founders position is going to re-open Friday.
Here is my original email that brought in 35 new people in just a few days.
In recent years I have been less involved in network marketing because most of the companies are greedy and want to keep most of the profit for themselves, and even if they have great products they are not really willing to share enough of the profit that EVERYBODY can afford to stay in and  promote their business model and products.
Network marketing has a terrible record with most companies and fully 95% of people who try it fail and quit because they don't make money, and they usually end up with products they would not buy otherwise.
There are a few exceptions. I am still buying a product or two that my family get much benefit from, but  there is usuall not enough profit to warrant putting much time, money or effort into it as a business.
This one promises to be an exception to that rule. Everyone will be in the money.
Just look at this page and then call me at 800 889 2839 between 8 AM and 8 PM weekdays.
You can start this FREE or you can become a lifetime founding member for under $25.
If you want to be a founder you need to act quickly since I am told that the founders offer ends Monday at Midnight.
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839
PS.  I was told about this by a patriot that understands what is happening to our country, and he assured me the people who started this also understand and started this specifically to help those of us who want to help the country over freedom and liberty. I can't verify that personally yet, but thought you might like to know.

College Friend Speaks Out On Obama’s Marxism

Obama Occidental Friend:"Obama Was A Marxist-Leninist,Looked Toward Coming Revolution"

 In doing research for his just-released book The Communist Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor, Paul Kengor interviewed John Drew, a former friend of Obama during the Occidental years. John Drew states unequivocally that Obama at this time was a fervent Marxist-Leninist who looked towards a literal proletariat revolution in the United States.
(Watch Part 1 here.)
Of course, we know that President Obama has surrounded himself to the hilt with radicals who included openly communist Van Jones, who would have remained until this day if not for the likes of Glenn Beck and an army of bloggers who daily uncovered more and more of Jones’ radical connections.
Was Team Obama that dense that they didn’t know Jones was a communist? This is hardly likely since there were YouTube videos of Jones spouting off about revolution literally months before Obama appointed him Green Jobs czar.
Obama knew he was a communist because Obama during his Occidental years, during his Columbia years, during his Harvard years, and today is, as John Drew states, a Marxist-Leninist.
Hopefully, the “revolution” that Obama seeks will be the overthrow of his presidency in November—or if we’re lucky, his impeachment.


  • This is why we are seeing the destruction of America, the unwillingness on the part of conservative pundits to expose this little effeminate, Muslim-Marxist, wanna-be two bit dictator. It’s as though the opposition, so weak and timid that they are – like a dear in the headlights – just will not muster up the fortitude to reveal this reprobate as the Muslim-Marxist that he truly is and that is what is going to let this once great nation to be taken down. Instead of an unabashed concerted effort from the right, what we have is the same response the Germans had to the old Hitler and it is happening again – history does repeat itself – as most of the Americans are responding to the new Hitler in the same manner. The Right should be hammering on this Muslim-Marxist until the whole nation is made aware of his true identity as his state-run media is covering up his deceitful past and that my friends is why America isn’t going to last!

    The enemy is no longer at the gates but has walked right in having been welcomed with open arms by an incredibly ignorant populace, the American people, who willingly allowed themselves to be duped by this deceitful cretin, Barack Hussein Obama, while making zero effort to learn the truth about him, accepting his biography and his word as factual when in fact it is fantasy created out of whole cloth with the help of the unconvicted domestic terrorist, William Ayers, who wrote the book, “Dreams of My Father.”

    Will this nightmare ever end? I like to think it will but it may require the threat of force to make it happen. I don’t think for one minute that this imposter, this fraud, this enemy of America, will depart quietly with a peaceful transition of power that we’ve come to expect and witnessed so often in the past if he loses the election which of course assumes that there will be an election. If his polling numbers show a likely defeat, anything is possible including declaring martial law on some trumped up basis and indefinite postponement of the election. We are literally in the grip of tyranny and I see no reason to refer to it as “soft tyranny.”