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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Response from the Doorstop

By Anna Von Reitz

If I controlled 22 Trillion "by myself" don't you think I would be driving something better than a sixteen year old BMW?  

Use your heads.  I stuck myself like a doorstop in a door, forcing that door to remain open for other Americans.  When this started, hardly anyone outside the Navy knew what was going on, so when I got wind of the filings of the Fiscal Services Division, I counter-claimed and did it in such a way that everyone else could follow.  It is still my estate lodged in the door that makes it possible for everyone else to escape and get back what they are owed-- your share of $22 Trillion.  

 It's not "my" 22 Trillion.  It's 22 Trillion owed to the States and People of this country --- our National Credit.   

 What I accomplished with that little move is known as Portia's Paradox.   They might own all the blood in my body, but not a cubic centimeter of my flesh.  In the same way, they might have compromised the international jurisdiction of the sea on their own time, but they don't have any claim at all on our land and soil ---- that is, so long as we stand our ground and claim it and aren't stupid enough to give it away.   

As I explained to someone else this morning --- the reason that the military script is issued as debt notes is that when they issue them, they are already in debt to us.  They seized upon our assets--our  bodies, our names, our ownership interest in our soil and land, everything--- at the hospitals, which appeared to be civilian institutions---- and used us and our assets to borrow against and stand as collateral backing their script and their spending.  That makes them our debtors.  That's why Federal Reserve Notes are debt notes.   And that is why they owe us not only the notes, but the return on all those notes.  It's actually far, far more than $22 Trillion.  

The irony is that we have vast  "lawful assets" that are owed to The United States of America and once we put this to bed, the military is fully funded.  They just have to get their heads wrapped around the situation and the nature of their "National Debt" so that they can accept being funded by Credit Notes instead of Debt Notes.    

 As the situation developed and we learned more, we realized that the attack was aimed at "vacating" our land and soil jurisdiction with false claims saying that we had "abandoned" our land and soil jurisdiction and all voluntarily adopted "Federal Citizenship" instead---- which would then open the door for Secondary Creditors to move in and seize our land and soil assets as payment for debts owed by the Queen and the Pope.  

It was then that we launched full bore into the 1933 fraud which led to the 1907 and 1868 frauds.   We had to go all the way back and then bring it forward to the present day.   And along the way, we had to dope out the necessary moves to correct our falsified political statuses, and then bring forward the Federation Holding Company, and then educate and organize everyone to build properly constituted State Assemblies. 

Is there anything else that you would like a great-grandmother from a tiny hamlet in Alaska to do for you?   

Well, there is something you can do for me.  You can all wake up.  All the way up.    

I am tired of dealing with the rats in front and the traitors and ignoramuses behind.  I don't know how many years I have left, much less how many good years my husband and I may have.  He is sixteen years older than me and I am old enough.  Do you get my drift?   We are tired and worn and still here doing far, far more than our fair share to get this Mess cleaned up and get restitution for the living people instead of more money going to the goddamned banks and insurance companies and all the other corporations that are feeding on all of us like vultures. 

For starters, they are the ones that are supposed to be paying the taxes, not us.    

There is absolutely nothing "inconsistent" about what I have said ---- except in the cases wherein I have been obliged to make corrections myself as I went along and learned more.  There have been some corrections on the way, but other than that, there are no inconsistencies that I know of, and we learn more that corroborates our findings every day.  

Accept the fact that you can pay for military services with credit we have already earned, or be snookered and continue to pay debts you don't owe.   I repeat --- WTFU.  I will leave you to decode my meaning.


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Assets and Control via Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

These five words sum up what the Enemies of Mankind seek and, for the last 150 years, the means they have most often employed to get what they want -- fraud. 

It's really what you need to concentrate your attention on.  

Ignore mainstream TV.  Ignore racism as an "issue".  Ignore LGBT as an "issue".  Ignore Democrat v. Republican as an "issue".   Ignore Catholic v. Protestant as an "issue".  Forget Muslim v. Christian as an "issue". 

None of these things are THE issues.  

The actual issues are money and control, and when you come right down to it, money isn't even the issue. It's control that they seek --- control over your minds and your bodies and your souls and your land and your labor and your resources and your national currencies and your children and your education and everything else you can name.  

They even want to dictate what foods you can eat and what herbs you can ingest, and at the same time dictate vaccination programs and 5G and everything else that is evil in the world. 

And for what?  Profit.  Profit they don't even need, they are so disgustingly filthy rich already from all that they have commandeered and pillaged and embezzled. 

It's not about the endlessly changing platter of "issues" designed to separate people into opposing camps and play them against each other.  It's about money, but beyond money it's about what money buys for them ---- control of your lives and your minds.  

There is a True God.  That much I know from my own experience.  There is a Spirit of Truth.  I know that, too, directly.   I can testify to its existence and its power.  But it doesn't conform to the ideas and prejudices of men.  It is divine and it lives and it does what it will, without asking the Pope or Pat Roberts.

We need to stop arguing and start observing and learning and realizing that 90% of what we have assumed about "our" government and about the way the world works is pure, unmitigated nonsense.  

And then look around the corners, as my Mother used to say.  Zoom out and look at the larger picture so you can see what they are trying to achieve.  

From where I sit, it's obvious that they are trying to ensnare as many Americans as they can to continue paying their debts for them.  These Arbitration Awards are a salt lick.  If they pay out at all (and I see no reason why they would) they would be paid with what?  

Ah, military script issued as debt notes, based on the victim's own assets, which they will donate to the British King, by voluntarily standing under his law and subjecting themselves to him as self-admitted British Territorial "United States Citizens".  

Which explains the Whole Deal, and also why "the Flag Officers" have been pushing this.  

As we have learned, the British Monarch directs the US Navy on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  The Flag Officers are stuck in the capacity of "United States Citizens" and they get their pay from bilking clueless Americans, so why not cheat and deceive as many as possible?  

Misery loves company.  If you aren't on your toes, you can be classified as a "United States Citizen" just like them, and be obligated to serve the British Monarch and pay his debts, and the debts of his Master, the Pope, too.  

And interestingly, they get what they want, whether any of the Americans falling for this get paid a dime or not.  

Has it occurred to you all yet that the game isn't about giving you money?   

The "Arbitration Awards" are about getting a viable claim on your land and soil assets from you --- and they can accomplish that for free simply by having you sign the dotted line and claiming to be a British Territorial United States Citizen, willingly subjecting yourself to the Queen in exchange for what?  

Why is their military script issued as debt notes?   Why not just issue credit notes outright?  It's because they are already in debt to you when they issue the notes.   It's a double embezzlement scheme.  

They borrow your assets by taking title to them at the hospital. They issue their military script based on your assets, which means that they ultimately owe you for backing their script and their spending.  They owe the script they propose to give you --- to you, already, but you are never told this.  

And it turns out that they set this whole system up using criminal means and false presumptions, so that they don't actually have any valid claim on you or your assets.  

If they can give you a pile of their debt notes (which are, remember, all backed by your own assets) as an "Arbitration Award" and get you to sign up and admit to being a British Territorial United States Citizen --- guess what?  

They secure that vital missing piece--- a valid contract from you, agreeing to all this garbage and fraud.  They get to stand there and say, "See? He willingly subjected himself to the King of the Commonwealth!  He donated all his assets to us---- voluntarily."  

Ten gives you twenty that they don't ever pay out any "awards"---or maybe just a drib to seal the deal. .  Why would they?  The moment you sign, they have what they want.  

It's the same scam as "home loans".  You think they are offering to give you money at interest to build a home, but what they are actually soliciting is for you to loan your home to them as an asset they can issue credit against.  

We are working to shut down all these undisclosed and outrageous contracting processes as we speak, but in the meantime, be aware.  Be sharp.  Be not like dumb driven cattle stampeding toward any trough offered to you.  Think. Think. Think. 

I now have hard evidence that at least a substantial number of "Flag Officers" are in mutiny against our civilian government and working to undermine our States and our People.  Just this morning, one of them admitted to being a traitor and taunted me saying, that at least he wouldn't get arrested (because he is working for the crooks).  

I have news for him. 


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About California, Feinstein, the Bar, Etc.

By Anna Von Reitz

Any State of State that sells the Port of Long Beach to the Chinese deserves to get its treasonous butt reamed and I hope Trump does a good job of it.  I hope he scours that Pit so clean that the bums in Venice Beach straighten up and comb their hair. 

Any people who betray their country and their neighbors and endanger everyone by establishing "sanctuary cities" that welcome and protect drug dealers and child snatchers and other international criminals, militant Muslims, foreign mercenaries, illegal immigrants, and idiots who shout "Death to America" while filling our welfare roles and running Mexican flags up our flag poles ---- those people deserve a learning experience they won't forget and a no-nonsense dismantling of their "sanctuary cities" because these things are threats to our civilian population.  

Cities have no rights as local government structures in this country and have no Public police powers, either, so any argument that these incorporated franchise entities have any right to declare themselves "sanctuary cities" is Bushwah and I will stand right behind President Trump and say so, too.  

In fact, most of what has been going on in this country and especially in California, Nevada, and New York  (forget about Washington, DC -- that's hardly on the same planet) has been illegal usurpation that people have foisted off --- literally gotten away with --- until others accept it as "the way it is, the way it has always been...." when in fact it is not the way things should have ever been in the first place. 

International crime syndicates and "transnational" corporate syndicates have been eating away at California for years until it has become the Sin Capitol of the World.  George Soros owns Disney.  People---- wake up.   That's why we have cozy cartoons for the kiddies celebrating the wonders of child sodomy.  Big business interests and political nut jobs and Special Interest Lobbies have been taking over your country and your world while you've been asleep.  

If you don't wake up and figure out what is going on and get properly organized to stop it, you and your children are going to live as Serfs under the boot of Corporate Feudalism---all run as a Theocracy by a Satan-worshiping cult that has been festering in the Roman Catholic Church---- a cult that is planning to move uptown to the United Nations for more fun and games.  

You'll all be marching up pyramids in a drugged daze and throwing your babies into the mouth of a giant owl-shaped furnace, drinking blood, raping goats and worshiping trees--- if you don't get unglued from your Mindbox TV. 

So come on, Trump.  Seal the borders.  Arrest Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein the moment they step foot outside the Boundary Stones area set aside for them in Washington, DC.    I am completely serious.  The Municipal Government is limited to activities within the Boundary Stones area. Anything beyond that, and they are on our ground, subject to our law. 

Mr. President, do you have ears? 

Seal them off from the rest of the country and let them howl.  You don't have to be dependent on them anymore.  And we never were.  

Arrest these foreign government officials who are in gross violation of their contract and treaty agreements owed to the States and People of this country. 

Give them mops and buckets and make them clean up Washington, DC ---- literally.  Let them clean the public toilets for the rest of their days, and let them wear baggy striped yellow and orange jumpsuits and ankle bracelets as the new Municipal Government Employee Uniforms.  Confiscate the wealth they've accumulated by pedaling influence to lobbyists and to foreign governments.  

Or better still, put them in the front lines of the conflicts they have caused and funded as investment strategies. 
Give Nancy a parachute and let her jump off into Kurdistan at night.  Give Diane an old Jeep and let her act as a one-woman road-side bomb detection unit.  Be sure they get all their shots before they go, with plenty of "vaccine" laced with aluminum and lead and the latest experimental drugs, so that they, too, can serve as guinea pigs and as Dead Women Walking after their tours of duty are over.   

Who knows?  Maybe they could find elderly Turkish husbands and learn how to milk camels.  

Give us a few days and we could come up with any number of solutions....   

How about this?  We pack up their wardrobes and other personal effects and ship them home to the Pope?  What's a few hundred more refugees after all the people that he has deliberately displaced from their homes and forced to migrate to all sorts of places they don't like and where they don't belong?  The Pelosis and Gettys and Kerrys and the whole Pilgrim Society can set up tent camps around the walls of Vatican City and beg the Swiss Guards for scraps. 

We could have a similar deportation plan for all the former Bar Attorneys who have sat in our courthouses and pillaged our people under Color of Law.  

Pack them and their families up on whatever floats and pack them off home to the Queen.  After all the service they have done for her and the Pope, they are due a hero's welcome and the nicest tidbits and titles.  No doubt many of them deserve knighthoods for all the innocent trusting people they've harmed and all the assets they've stolen outright, embezzled, or otherwise misappropriated. 

The British Government can afford to build them nice comfortable apartment complexes with dreary views out on the Moors and give them an annual heating allowance just sufficient to keep the water in the pipes from freezing.  Lovely.  
And poetic justice, too.  

If you need more planning options, Mr. Trump, just let us know. 


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Incorrigible Ignorance

By Anna Von Reitz

I tried to work with Ron Vrooman for two years, but he is incorrigibly ignorant. So is Phil Hudok. So is Thomas Deegan. So was Bruce Doucette.
They can't figure it out themselves and they won't take anyone else's word for it. So, what's a Grandma to do?

Now they are eagerly lining up at the trough and selling their birthright for "porridge" ---rapidly devaluing military script that is issued based on their voluntary donation of their estate and inheritance to the British Queen.
Not me, Bubba.
I'm not going to lick any British boots after all that they owe to me and mine. In a pig's eye will I betray the men and women who fought the Revolution.
As always, I warned these folks, and I am telling you all right now that they have been warned and duly advised and if they give away their identity as Americans and adopt British Territorial United States Citizenship by standing under the King's Law and taking his sop, it's their fault what happens to them. Not mine.
I won't be lifting a finger when foreign forces come around looking to collect for the King's debts and the Pope's debts from all the Federal Citizens. They will deserve what they get, because the truth of the matter has been fully disclosed -- by me.
They will lose their claim to be an American. They will lose their rights to the soil and land of this country and never be able to actually own any of it. They will be willing tenants in their own country. They will lose their constitutional rights and guarantees and remain clinging to the same chains that many of them have been trying to escape for years. They will be held responsible for paying the King's debts and the Pope's debts. Both.
And they can't whine and say that they didn't know, that the contract was undisclosed, blah, blah, blah ---- because I am standing here and telling you all that there is no free lunch, and this is no different.
Accept any part of any such Arbitration Award, and you have to stand under the King's Law and admit to being a British Subject.
Once you admit to being a British Subject and accept standing under the King's Law, you're not in Kansas anymore. Or Oregon.
I am bringing a complaint against the Queen's Government to put an end to this. I am doing this among other reasons, because its illegal, and also because I have reason to think that there will be no pay outs--- but the contracts identifying these people as Brits will still be effective.
That is, there won't be any money or even debt script paid out.
But those "voluntarily" identifying themselves as British Subjects will be held accountable for the King's debts, and their land and soil assets will be seized upon just the same.


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