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Saturday, October 12, 2019

About California, Feinstein, the Bar, Etc.

By Anna Von Reitz

Any State of State that sells the Port of Long Beach to the Chinese deserves to get its treasonous butt reamed and I hope Trump does a good job of it.  I hope he scours that Pit so clean that the bums in Venice Beach straighten up and comb their hair. 

Any people who betray their country and their neighbors and endanger everyone by establishing "sanctuary cities" that welcome and protect drug dealers and child snatchers and other international criminals, militant Muslims, foreign mercenaries, illegal immigrants, and idiots who shout "Death to America" while filling our welfare roles and running Mexican flags up our flag poles ---- those people deserve a learning experience they won't forget and a no-nonsense dismantling of their "sanctuary cities" because these things are threats to our civilian population.  

Cities have no rights as local government structures in this country and have no Public police powers, either, so any argument that these incorporated franchise entities have any right to declare themselves "sanctuary cities" is Bushwah and I will stand right behind President Trump and say so, too.  

In fact, most of what has been going on in this country and especially in California, Nevada, and New York  (forget about Washington, DC -- that's hardly on the same planet) has been illegal usurpation that people have foisted off --- literally gotten away with --- until others accept it as "the way it is, the way it has always been...." when in fact it is not the way things should have ever been in the first place. 

International crime syndicates and "transnational" corporate syndicates have been eating away at California for years until it has become the Sin Capitol of the World.  George Soros owns Disney.  People---- wake up.   That's why we have cozy cartoons for the kiddies celebrating the wonders of child sodomy.  Big business interests and political nut jobs and Special Interest Lobbies have been taking over your country and your world while you've been asleep.  

If you don't wake up and figure out what is going on and get properly organized to stop it, you and your children are going to live as Serfs under the boot of Corporate Feudalism---all run as a Theocracy by a Satan-worshiping cult that has been festering in the Roman Catholic Church---- a cult that is planning to move uptown to the United Nations for more fun and games.  

You'll all be marching up pyramids in a drugged daze and throwing your babies into the mouth of a giant owl-shaped furnace, drinking blood, raping goats and worshiping trees--- if you don't get unglued from your Mindbox TV. 

So come on, Trump.  Seal the borders.  Arrest Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein the moment they step foot outside the Boundary Stones area set aside for them in Washington, DC.    I am completely serious.  The Municipal Government is limited to activities within the Boundary Stones area. Anything beyond that, and they are on our ground, subject to our law. 

Mr. President, do you have ears? 

Seal them off from the rest of the country and let them howl.  You don't have to be dependent on them anymore.  And we never were.  

Arrest these foreign government officials who are in gross violation of their contract and treaty agreements owed to the States and People of this country. 

Give them mops and buckets and make them clean up Washington, DC ---- literally.  Let them clean the public toilets for the rest of their days, and let them wear baggy striped yellow and orange jumpsuits and ankle bracelets as the new Municipal Government Employee Uniforms.  Confiscate the wealth they've accumulated by pedaling influence to lobbyists and to foreign governments.  

Or better still, put them in the front lines of the conflicts they have caused and funded as investment strategies. 
Give Nancy a parachute and let her jump off into Kurdistan at night.  Give Diane an old Jeep and let her act as a one-woman road-side bomb detection unit.  Be sure they get all their shots before they go, with plenty of "vaccine" laced with aluminum and lead and the latest experimental drugs, so that they, too, can serve as guinea pigs and as Dead Women Walking after their tours of duty are over.   

Who knows?  Maybe they could find elderly Turkish husbands and learn how to milk camels.  

Give us a few days and we could come up with any number of solutions....   

How about this?  We pack up their wardrobes and other personal effects and ship them home to the Pope?  What's a few hundred more refugees after all the people that he has deliberately displaced from their homes and forced to migrate to all sorts of places they don't like and where they don't belong?  The Pelosis and Gettys and Kerrys and the whole Pilgrim Society can set up tent camps around the walls of Vatican City and beg the Swiss Guards for scraps. 

We could have a similar deportation plan for all the former Bar Attorneys who have sat in our courthouses and pillaged our people under Color of Law.  

Pack them and their families up on whatever floats and pack them off home to the Queen.  After all the service they have done for her and the Pope, they are due a hero's welcome and the nicest tidbits and titles.  No doubt many of them deserve knighthoods for all the innocent trusting people they've harmed and all the assets they've stolen outright, embezzled, or otherwise misappropriated. 

The British Government can afford to build them nice comfortable apartment complexes with dreary views out on the Moors and give them an annual heating allowance just sufficient to keep the water in the pipes from freezing.  Lovely.  
And poetic justice, too.  

If you need more planning options, Mr. Trump, just let us know. 


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  1. Great! Call out Disney! jews have been putting subliminal pornography in their Childrens movies. Soros owns Disney? sound investment for generational infiltration of jew filth from cradle onward! ALL THOSE INVOLVED IN PORN IN CHILDRENS MOVIES CHARGED even DEATH - this is violating our children - everybody, illustrators on up to OWNERS. While Abigail Disney fusses over workers pay... What a crock... DEAL W THE VERMIN IN YOUR STEAD, idiot brat!
    Who knows how Soros shuffles his deck, assets on the table vs in hand vs under the table? ITS JEWS shuffling our lives & assets no matter its identity politics.

    George Soros buys stakes in Alphabet, Netflix, dumps Disney ...
    The hedge fund also reported ownership of Biogen Inc. BIIB, +0.65% Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. HPE, +1.50% and Priceline Group pcln at the end of September. During the same period, Soros liquidated its shares of Walt Disney Co. DIS, -0.33% General Motors Co. GM, +0.97% Hershey Co. HSY, +0.06% Anthem Inc.

    1. Disney also shipped in thousands of asians to be trained by their American workers and then let all the American workers go

      Same thing going on at yum brands and other corporations they bring in others from different nations, the American workers train them, then the American workers are let go

      Many many companies in the us now owned and operated by companies out of Asia

      Can you say BRICS green new deal

      FOXXCONN in wisconsin is one of the companies they moving in from China - part of the green new deal
      This is why they destroyed industry in the midwest states so they could move in and take them over as part of their green new deal planning - planned economies, only companies that comply with their demands can do business, public private partnerships

      Think Detroit and how they bankrupted that city drove all the people away or should I say they stole everything and now they will move in their new batch of slaves, more than likely the children they trafficking across the southern border

      Halliburton will move them across state lines with their civilian inmate work programs

    "..Give Nancy a parachute and let her jump off into Kurdistan at night. Give Diane an old Jeep and let her act as a one-woman road-side bomb detection unit. Be sure they get all their shots before they go, with plenty of "vaccine" laced with aluminum and lead and the latest experimental drugs, so that they, too, can serve as guinea pigs and as Dead Women Walking after their tours of duty are over..."

    Laughing out loud, here! Dogs excited, think they're getting treats!

    Note: JEWsuit Bergoglio not true pope & assisted in Argentinian Dirty War, specific Vatiscam ties to Swiss Octogon seat of Pharisee JEWS who also guard Vatiscam, Vatiscam II JEW usurpation, Nancy d'Alessandro Pelosi Argentinian jews, Feinstein JEWS & hubby slug JEW Blum UN Agenda 2030 train rails thus burning out INNOCENT NON-JEWS from their homes right now via JEW PG&E using DEW, etc - All JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE as agent Haus Juden for their Supreme Master-Baiters are NOT CATHOLIC, NOT CHRISTIAN, NOT WHITE, but are JEWS.

    Sen. Diane Feinstein's husband wins CA rail contract ...
    U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein's husband Richard Blum, won the first phase construction contract for California's high-speed rail. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. If I didn't witness the insanity and corruption in politics every day, I wouldn't have believed this. "The Perini-Zachary-Parsons bid was the lowest received from the five consortia participating in the bidding process, but “low” is a relative term,” the Laer Pearce, author of Crazifornia wrote. “The firms bid $985,142,530 to build the wildly anticipated first section of high speed rail track that will tie the megopolis of Madera to the global finance center of Fresno. Do the division, and you find that the low bid came in at a mere $35 million per mile.” ...

    NOT the Catholic Church but the JEW VERMIN ENTITIES fiction, soulless, simulation, hive, mechanized destroyers of all that is us, ours, our Earth. thanks & stay sane

  3. Jimstone

    Comments on Twitter:
    "When they go after comm's it is the beginning."
    Your 'rulers' literally remove life saving survival equipment right before they decide to put you in a do or die situation

    Wow. The situation in California is starting to sound very scary...and fishy. Ham Radio is obviously still a benefit to those who use it. Almost like they don't want CA citizens to be able to communicate...

    They start cutting off the power. Take away forms of communication. Sounds like things are getting a bit suspicious in the communist state of California.
    It looks like California is going to be the staging grounds . . .

    Blackouts in California also hit those who had solar power
    People who had solar power were expecting to be unaffected by the blackouts, and got a wake up call. As it turns out, all the state subsidized solar installations on homes are grid tie only, and don't work AT ALL unless there's power already available. With no grid to feed power to, rather than feed the homes, the solar power systems simply shut off.

    1. And where is Trump to stop the vermin from BURING for their Holocaust to Baal? Where is Trump & his military support? LETTING JEWS GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING - destruction of peoples lives, property. Jim Stone is spot on! And he despises jews, knows what they're really doing, has his own terrorized history of jew retaliation.
      WHERE'S THEIR PRESIDENT TRUMP, who has no issues w fawning over JEW false flags like Tree of Lies, lays flowers, prays & Melania sheds tears OVER JEWS fake sh*t for mega shekels but Paradise gets NOTHING while JEWS PROFITEER their evil. Now California burns.
      LIKE HELL.

    2. Wink, all politicians go where the money is to fund their campaigns...Trump's no different. Besides that, Anna say's turn off the TV and Anna
      Lagud Fortuyn‏ @Lagud2 Oct 8
      Been told this more than once.....

    3. Henry Makow@HenryMakow
      Reader-"PG&E owned by the Rothchilds? Southern California fires set by explosions? Wait until you see and hear this material. "

      California UNDER ATTACK AGAIN! (Video) - SOTN

      Irredeemably Deplorable@Susanna77230952

    4. ReadyOctober 12, 2019 at 4:14 PM - ah ha ha ha ha Good one! Yep turned it off, unplugged & over yonder somewhere over a decade+ ago. We have a poison-tv free life. Not even movies. That quote is poignant & true. Now for your next links.

    5. Abby, I too dropped cable. I now have a flat TV antenna that fits on my wall. I get 16+ plus channels and no cable bill!
      I mostly use it to watch the weather at 11pm and occasional comedy show reruns like Carol Burnet. I love her old shows with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. The local news is ok but the national is mostly their propaganda. At least we have the internet and Paul's blog to read the truth. Thank you Paul!

    6. Ready - yeah on Deborah Tavares! Listening to your link w her w Ritchie now. Yes on Makow! Yes on SoT! And this is interesting from Irredeemably Deplorable on the thought its a take down of deep sh*t, including DUMBS from Cali to Utah.
      That would be great. Tho w PG&E giving pre-warnings of outage... then who did that? Was it the Good Guys commandeering PG&E Rots'child system? - Just can't abide w destruction of peoples homes, trailer parks, displacement as that's evil - just isn't coming together for me on this Good Guys going after the freaks... yet. But will keep that thought. Could be Good Guys doing their work & freaks trying to finish their agenda simultaneously.
      Then kicking out the Chi-coms from Long Beach. Did it happen?
      Ok good links. thanks & stay sane

    7. ffs boomers why do you even own a tv do I have to show you everything (jking lol)

  4. Good argument, just using thair script is evidence enough .
    So far little recognition of the common law our nation was founded on.
    We all know the trijectory this nation is on we’ll be a minority in 2030 or sooner .
    So we start winning or South Africa is our future .
    Need to quit bit n and start pushing our people’s courts blaze a trail Judge Anna or help the 5 common law grand juries in operation . I fear this is all pomp and ceremony as the titanic steams to its fate. On this thread ....,
    Personally I put my weight behind a common law court and we stand alone!

    1. ^ This man gets it, his comments are always directly over the target

  5. Good Folks, in thinking of California under constant threat from their ruling bloodline psychos, check out this article, a vid pops up to hear victims side. This Chowchilla perp scum rot specie of JEW leads to Cali gov thug bloodline Governor Newsom.
    Think of all the terror attacks upon our people. Like Kent State false flag run by JEWS who killed our young people on campus. Think of all the false flags we may have forgotten, & find the JEWs involved. Bring it to our attention as reminder this has always been going on at the hands of the JEW. Now here 3 wealthy jew brats & Newsom:

    Woods is a descendant of two prominent California families — the Newhalls and the Woods —and the heir to a family fortune. He has a trust fund from his parents, which he shares only with a sister who is institutionalized with Down syndrome. In one court filing, the trust fund he inherited was described as "over $100 million," a number his lawyer Dominique Banos of Los Angeles dismissed as "nothing anywhere near that."
    ….. A youthful "stunt"
    At the time of the kidnapping, Woods was 24. His accomplices lived near him in some of San Francisco's nicest suburbs: his friend James Schoenfeld, also 24, and James' younger brother Richard, 22, two sons of a prominent Bay Area foot doctor. So, the mystery was, what motivated three rich kids to carefully plan and execute this crime?
    … In 1980 a panel of judges hearing the appeal ruled the kidnappers would be eligible for parole. One member of this panel was Judge William Newsom, a strong believer in rehabilitation for felons.
    After he retired, Judge Newsom became an outspoken advocate for the Chowchilla kidnappers, saying that the notorious crime was just a youthful "stunt" that had "no vicious aspect to it."
    Judge Newsom lived long enough to see his son, Gavin, elected California's 40th governor. Now Governor Newsom will have the final say on whether Fred Woods is ever successful in his bid for parole.

    1. Humpty dumpty just paroled one two and they were dancing it up in chabad land
      go to their site and read about it
      Hell they even arrange for their folk to get special meals while they in the big house, how bout that, other special priviledges to from what I read on their site

    2. Shelby & Folks - its beyond egregious what jews are capable of, then coddled, celebrated, as though they're some kind of heros - Oh wait, THEY ARE HEROS TO JEWS.
      (((Schoenfeld's))) Richard was paroled in 2012; his brother James walked free just a few years later in 2015. ((Woods)) still in.

      Yes on APlaneTruth4U. Has another vid on DEW attack Cali fires by lasers & ground up as burning within the trees. People incinerated inside their cars trying to escape. This is done by humanoid jews, same w 911 turning people into bodies of jelly.

      The pope & queen don't laser people & land themselves, they have their jew$ do it. So unless their jew$ are eliminated, it continues.
      There is no forgiving, no excuses, no pardons, they've used their time to change long ago. It is time to arrest them, or take them out.
      Were jews targeted, the arrests would be done by force from jews. Trump & Melania would be on their knees, with flowers & sorrowful words for the horrors against jews, as occurred at Chabad Tree of Lies false flag. Not so much for Paradise.

      Noting jews received big shekels for their fake terror events, while OUR people live in plastic tents in parking lots with their children, eking out an existence severely traumatized.

  6. Bodhi - Shelby you might find this interesting too.This is Fomenko's Here deciphering the correct time of popes, Rome, etc. All is much sooner than we think. Note definitions as Horde means weaponized people, I think. So some familiarity w his vocabulary is necessary. Its interesting, as it goes into the creation of Anjou, Hapsburgs, Bourbon, Prester John as Great Khan (its White Tartary, not as we're told, not Asian which the jews stole names, identities). POINT IS this corrected historical timeline demonstrates how they've distorted Jesus, Budda, Krishna.
    Not to rabbit hole, just very interesting timeline possibilities. I do not have his books to read further. This is why 'our' research of history timeline keeps popping up, like trying to push a balloon under water.

    In mid 5th paragraph
    ...That is to say, it is the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Empire according to the Official History, with the peculiarity that is an empire that begins its expansion in the 12th century and the 17th century suffers from its implosion, the result of the appearance of multiple nations. In this scenario, it is of special interest that the character of Jesus is, in origin, the same as the Buddha and Krishna, and corresponds to an idealized vision of the beginning of a ancestry that extends to Eurasia, Africa and America intensively throughout the 14th and 16th centuries.

    We'd like to know when the Vatican was concocted. We think the buildings existed prior, upon which their history overlaid. All those treaties, eh?? How did these vermin really take over? namaste

  7. Yah I am very familiar with Fomenkoes work ty. I have a nice video of his book(s) there is an entire series for it. Indeed kahn was Aryan very nice my friend, I had planned to post an article on my own website on this topic in the near future. I also have this article I wrote semi-related to this topic and wrote a paper on this very topic in college in my new testament class. All serious Biblical scholars (yes even actual Christians) admit and understand this connection.

    What Is Christ Consciousness