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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Incorrigible Ignorance

By Anna Von Reitz

I tried to work with Ron Vrooman for two years, but he is incorrigibly ignorant. So is Phil Hudok. So is Thomas Deegan. So was Bruce Doucette.
They can't figure it out themselves and they won't take anyone else's word for it. So, what's a Grandma to do?

Now they are eagerly lining up at the trough and selling their birthright for "porridge" ---rapidly devaluing military script that is issued based on their voluntary donation of their estate and inheritance to the British Queen.
Not me, Bubba.
I'm not going to lick any British boots after all that they owe to me and mine. In a pig's eye will I betray the men and women who fought the Revolution.
As always, I warned these folks, and I am telling you all right now that they have been warned and duly advised and if they give away their identity as Americans and adopt British Territorial United States Citizenship by standing under the King's Law and taking his sop, it's their fault what happens to them. Not mine.
I won't be lifting a finger when foreign forces come around looking to collect for the King's debts and the Pope's debts from all the Federal Citizens. They will deserve what they get, because the truth of the matter has been fully disclosed -- by me.
They will lose their claim to be an American. They will lose their rights to the soil and land of this country and never be able to actually own any of it. They will be willing tenants in their own country. They will lose their constitutional rights and guarantees and remain clinging to the same chains that many of them have been trying to escape for years. They will be held responsible for paying the King's debts and the Pope's debts. Both.
And they can't whine and say that they didn't know, that the contract was undisclosed, blah, blah, blah ---- because I am standing here and telling you all that there is no free lunch, and this is no different.
Accept any part of any such Arbitration Award, and you have to stand under the King's Law and admit to being a British Subject.
Once you admit to being a British Subject and accept standing under the King's Law, you're not in Kansas anymore. Or Oregon.
I am bringing a complaint against the Queen's Government to put an end to this. I am doing this among other reasons, because its illegal, and also because I have reason to think that there will be no pay outs--- but the contracts identifying these people as Brits will still be effective.
That is, there won't be any money or even debt script paid out.
But those "voluntarily" identifying themselves as British Subjects will be held accountable for the King's debts, and their land and soil assets will be seized upon just the same.


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  1. Since all of this ties together, am posting this vid mentioning Peters Pence, which Anna has explained to us its significance today. At about 7 min
    Cardinal Sins II - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 10.12.19

    1. well the vid is about the Vatiscam ops, peeling that rotten onion.

  2. Good argument don’t willingly step in the trap the corporate world order wants of you.

  3. You seem to be on a bender, Ann, when we really want the inside scoop on z-tag enforcement and debt discharge that we'd like to do ourselves, thank you. Who makes the rules?

    1. Excellent point, Happy Camper - Z-tags & debt discharge specifics what are & who makes the rules?

    2. Yes and how too get: an alliodal title's, for owner/ship?

    3. Jasun, I AM coordinator for Delaware state. Please email me at and I will send you the documents I Recorded for my land. Haven't gotten a tax bill from the County since giving notice and sending the package.

      Regarding Regulation Z. All this information can be found within the Banking Code as Anna has relayed many times now. It is up to us to enforce this regulation. When we believe we have to ask permission of a corporation to do a thing then we are it's slaves. There is no place that I know of to get z plates from the corporation. When you comprehend the Regulation Z that governs them, not us, you will realize you need to make your own plates.

      Blessings to all.
      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  4. Stop with the seizure of assets and land and properties fear mongering. No one in America will have their assets and land unlawfully taken from them. This is America.

    Anyone who wishes to live under British territorial colonial law, has the right to do that in America. They also have the right to sell everything and move to Britain.

    What these jerks don't have, is the right to force British territorial colonial law on other Americans.

    It is not a matter of ignorance. It is a matter of too-stupid-to-be-stupid criminality.

    The indictment that matters:

    Bank of America, JP Morgan, CitiBank, Goldman Sachs

    International banking malfeasance leading to economic crisis and international economic damages.

    Cease and desist all banking operations and turn over all operations & assets to federal judicial authority, review, and
    damage resolution and control.

    Bail out the depositors, not the bankers.
    For the $20-trillion-America-economy-bailout is with the 327-million-America-people
    with the $61,162-per-person
    with the $6116-per-10-year
    with the $510-per-120-month-each-person-bailout.

  5. America:
    Do you plan to leave the federal-reserve-fiat-fractional-reserve-central-banking-criminal-counterfeiting-money-system for your grandchildren to suffer and clean up?

  6. George Washington's 1791 constitution, with full bill of rights, may be shelved, mothballed, unpopulated, and without a real election in generations, but it is still the law of the land.