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Friday, July 7, 2023

Montana AG Stonewalled by Feds Over IRS Raid on Great Falls Gun Store

Montana AG Gets Ignored by Feds Over Armed IRS Gun Store Raid

Closure Plus Biophotonic Biology

 By Anna Von Reitz

A couple days ago, I gave you an Article that explained why I have worked so long and so hard to research the evil in our midst and make you aware of it --- and that is to expose evil, so that we can all recognize it and close the door on it --- and get it out of our lives.  

It's simple enough. 

One you can see the problem, you can solve the problem. 

The more aware of the problem you are, and the more detail you have to describe it, the better.  I have given you and the Vatican Chancery Court more than 400 pages of detail, describing multiple main schemes that have been used to defraud entire nations. 

I have given you the 20/20 view of evil, how it works, how it has been applied, and its results; the illegality, unlawfulness, and immorality are all on display for anyone who reads the Vatican Court papers.  

This is key.  This gives you the target-in-view.  You see the problem and can dismiss it, put it in the dustbin of history, close the lid of the box, and move on. 

Biophotonic biology provides another key.  

We didn't have to go to court to resolve this situation.  

We took it to the court for a number of good reasons--- to consolidate the information, to create and publish a public record, to give the court and the Pope a chance to do their jobs, and so on. 

But, thanks to our knowledge of biophotonic biology developed over the past thirty years, we now know who we are and how things, both good and bad, manifest in our world. 

We are Children of God, Creators, and we are not limited in what we create.  If we want a clean, peaceful, happy world --- we can have it, and not in some distant future after years of struggle and strife, court battles, wars, and mayhem. 

We can have it now.  As soon as we build up the threshold energy to make the change, it happens. Like magic, but it isn't magic. It's Nature, as designed by our Creator. 

Imagine a world in which all the sick people, also meaning people who are emotionally and mentally sick---- are restored to full health and function.  

Just sit there in your living room and imagine all the people you know who are sick, suffering with cancer, suffering with diabetes, suffering with arthritis, with heart disease, with depression, with delusions, with addictions, and on and on --- imagine the veterans who have lost limbs and feeling --- all healed.  

Feel your health. Feel health for them, too. 

There is no need to answer how or why, just concentrate and give your attention to the experience and feeling of health.  See the results in your mind's eye, waking up without pain, leaving depression and misery behind, and feel the health and life running through everyone again.  

Just sit there in your living room and imagine it. 

Imagine a world that is clean and pristine, with flowing abundant healing waters that are pure and radiant, with air so clean and oxygenated that every breath is delightful, with soil that is rich and full of life, and all of it bathed in peace.  

Imagine it. 

Imagine yourself, completely healthy and restored and revitalized and youthful.  Hold that picture in your mind for five, ten, however many seconds you can --- hold that in your mind.  You can tell your body to heal, so do so. 

Imagine everyone at peace, happy, laughing, open and untroubled. 

Imagine everyone free to know and tell the truth, and choosing this pathway instead of gossip and lies. 

Stop feeling threatened, because you hold the power.  Each one of us. 

Just find a comfortable place and imagine things the way you want them to be, and then go on.  Stop and take a break and later, return to it.  Imagine all these things until you can taste the sweet oranges and see the loving eyes looking back at you, the smiling faces, the joy. 

Ask to be shown even more glorious things, things that you don't even know enough to desire.  Imagine those as being already present. 

And if you are still scratching your head, watch this short video -- less than a couple minutes.  Watch it as many times as necessary to wrap your head around it: 


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To the Pennsylvania Assembly -- You Are "Sovereign"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most of you received a long, long, long screed by a man named Edward Kennedy.  In it, he complains about meetings that were too short and confusion about some things which he interpreted as incompetence, and well, most of you know him, and already know why you voted to give him a year's time-out to soak his head. 

As part of his recent diatribe sent out indiscriminately to everyone and anyone who will listen to his nonsense, he claimed that The  Pennsylvania Assembly isn't sovereign.  

The Pennsylvania Assembly and its members are all sovereign, and the United States Supreme Court agrees with you.  

In "You Know Something Is Wrong When.... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" I gave you a full page full of court citations from the United States Supreme Court defining what sovereignty is, what it derives from, and why you have it.  

One of Ed's favorite things is to claim that I have no proof, but I have proof and I have given you proof, too.  

Use it.  That's what it's there for.  When some know-it-all Tory windbag tries to blow you off course or raise doubts in your mind or attacks your right and authority to do what you are doing --- show him the proof and show him the door.  

When you stand in your proper birthright standing and declare and record and publish your birthright standing, you are sovereign.  When you occupy your government and enter your States into Session, they are sovereign, because you are sovereign. 

It's as simple as that, whether Ed Kennedy thinks so or not. 

I suggest that you get hold of a copy of "You Know Something Is Wrong When.... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" -- and read it.  If you read it once, read it over again.  

Savor the words of the Supreme Court Justices about sovereignty --- your sovereignty.

And if Edward Kennedy or someone like him thinks he is going to "redefine" you, and tell you who you are, and limit your authority in favor of his King or his Pope, either one, you won't have a moment's doubt about the solid ground you are standing on.  


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