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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Which "Supreme Court"?

By Anna Von Reitz

The thing calling itself the "Supreme Court" and squatting like a corpulent spider in the middle of Washington, DC, is self-evidently not our Supreme Court and everyone who has been reading my articles should know that by now, but let's review.

The way the judicial system was set up was this:

One Supreme Court for the States. This Court was called: The Supreme Court of The United States of America. It functioned entirely in international jurisdiction and decided cases in that jurisdiction for the States of the Union.

This Court was established at Philadelphia, having retained all powers in all jurisdictions of the Law --- air, land, and sea -- as the final Arbiter of all questions that could arise among the States. This was meant to truly be a Supreme Court for the States to iron out their differences and decide issues in international jurisdiction affecting all of them.

The Other Side of The Law

By Anna Von Reitz

There has to be hard, logical, provable evidence present to back a conviction. 

People are tried in courts of law, not in the tabloids. 

Responsible members of society stand for these and other basic principles that help to guarantee justice for everyone. 

We do not marginalize actual rape victims by calling groping without penetration "rape". 

We don't hold witnesses to real crimes guiltless when they fail to report. 

People who don't report crimes at the time they happen are accomplices to them. 

Anyone who admits to willingly and repeatedly going to ten rape parties is either a willing participant or an accomplice -- and either way, I in no way, shape or form consider such people "victims". 

I consider them accomplice criminals and perverters of justice who grossly failed their most basic social responsibility to report crime--if any crime actually exists.  And if it doesn't, what are we wasting time for?