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Thursday, February 11, 2021



By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, there are vampires--- and they are not at all uncommon.  

When I stare someone in the eye and tell them this, they are invariably shocked. They don't know what to say, and more importantly, they don't know what to think. The entire idea is so unsettling that they have a tendency to blink and throw that little aberrant bit of information out with yesterday's laundry list. 

And yet, there it is, and I have told you that this is so.  

I have had my grown children come to me and deride me for "spoiling" their vision of the world and their enjoyment of it.  Invariably, this is because I have taught them to see what is dangerous and unpleasant in it, and they don't thank me for that.   

I have also had my grown children come to me, sweating with relief, and saying, "Thank God, you warned me....." 

So here's another hard lesson for all my Reader-Adoptees: yes, vampires exist.  They are common as dirt.  They come in two kinds --- (1) energy vampires, and (2) sanguine vampires.  

Energy vampires are by far the more common variety, if only because their predation is less offensive and harder to discern, therefore also harder to recognize with certainty and harder to suppress.   

They operate by stealing your energy --- your labor, through taxation and theft, and your peace, through introduction of false information, and your happiness, through distortion of your self-image. 

They literally feed off your losses--- sucking up your time and assets, lapping up your confusion and fear, and feasting upon it every time you are deluded about who you are, what you are, and what your mission is.  

And though you have suffered from their predatory natures every day of your life, you have been unaware of their presence as a group with a name and taxonomic classification--Vampiri, non-sanguineous. 

The truth is that every normal functioning man or woman comes equipped with both a conscience and a Shinola Sensor.  The modern world  overlays these precious tools with enough pollution and other filth-of-the-mind to prevent these natural senses from functioning properly --- or functioning at all. 

Part of your job, Dear Reader, is to get in touch with both, and learn to use them in your self-defense.  Remember always that the Devil will use both your virtues and your vices to destroy you  ---and learn, to the extent possible, not to err either in judgment or mercy. 

Check yourselves with both your conscience and your Shinola Sensor to discern the truth about every interaction and every thing you do, to be sure that you are not being manipulated or misled and that your actions are free of taint.   

The Vampiri non-sanguineous will be all too happy to mess with your mind and heart and steal your time and your money and your energy in all its forms. 

Be aware when you are being "drained" by someone or something, and are not getting anything good or useful back in return.  That is a good sign that the Vampiri non-sanguineous are at work.  

Take the mainstream media, and some of the alternative media, too--  as an example.  It brings you all sorts of news of death and disaster and threat, that is most often not even true, and that in all cases, you can do nothing about. 

The Nightly Newscast causes pointless confusion and fear, which is what the Vampiri non-sanguineous need as food and opportunity. 

Haven't you ever wondered why they call it a "newscast" --- as in casting a spell?  

Haven't you ever asked yourselves --- "I sat here for an hour listening to this rot, and what useful information --for me-- did I get out of it?"  

Well, the fact is, it's not designed to give you anything. It's designed to take from you. It's designed to trigger your flight or fight response, to make you hungry, to make you fearful, and to make you crave sex.  Oh, and more "government" protection. 

The sooner you learn to recognize the energy flow involved in all your interactions, the better. It will allow you to discern when you are being manipulated by the Vampiri non-sanguineous. 

Good, normal, healthy interactions involve both give and take.  They are never one-sided, dishonest, or consistently lop-sided and worthless, like the "Nightly News".  

Grandma has made you aware of energy vampires as an actual and factual reality and maybe you aren't thanking her for that ---- yet.  

You will, if you take my words to heart, have cause to thank me many times in years to come, because you won't waste your life and won't be used as fodder.

And now we come to the rarer variety, Vampiri sanguineous, which are your typical Grade B movie vampires.  These are the ones who snatch your children and young men and maidens -- or pay others to snatch them.  

They prey upon the young because they aren't as strong and likely to kick back, and to harvest the fresh hormones and adrenochrome their victims create when tortured and terrified. 

Their slaughterhouses have to be secret and efficient, because otherwise their form of predation is always discovered and always violently suppressed.  

Unfortunately for all concerned, the only way to get rid of Vampiri sanguineous infestations is to kill them.

So, what causes people to be vampires?  Genetics, mainly, and faulty energy templates, that cause them to be perennially starved for energy and bio-organic chemicals that their own bodies would normally be able to produce. 

In a way, it's sad--- but don't let yourselves be victims and don't imagine that your compassion can do anything for them. They have no conscience about their actions and consider us, perhaps, the same way that you consider steers.  As long as the "product" is nicely packaged in plastic, they don't have to confront the reality of the killing. And they don't. 


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