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Sunday, June 23, 2024

International Public Notice: Regulation Z as an Example of "Legalization"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people coming out of the miasma created by private for-profit corporations operating "as" governments are completely disoriented. 

For example, most of us expect police officers to protect us, and we'd be wrong. 

That is not the job of police officers.  They are not here to protect the General Public.  This has been firmly admitted and established in multiple court rulings. 

Law Enforcement Officers, LEOs, are private security personnel; they are here to protect the corporations they work for from loss and liability, and to enforce statutory requirements on the corporation's actual  personnel and actual dependents.   

Sometimes they have a problem identifying the corporation's personnel, accidentally-on-purpose, and they wind up addressing the rest of us, instead. 

It's not their fault. The system is set up that way. 

The arrests they make of non-statutory, non-citizens pad their revenues, which is pure cream and gravy for the corporations that hire them.  

Last time we looked, the courts were charging $25,000 per misdemeanor and $1M per felony charge against the public trusts, regardless of the outcome of the case.  All they have to do is assign a docket number and rubber stamp a decision. 

You can see why these police officers are keen to make arrests and bring charges and why their bosses in the court system encourage this and love them for it.

The LEOs themselves know no better and are not taught any better. Why?

Because the only way to make a moral man commit immoral acts is to mislead him into thinking that he is doing the right thing.  

Most LEOs don't realize that: (1) they are working in a private capacity and (2) the corporations they work for only appear to have public authorities and functions, because those same corporations are operating under color of law as franchises of Federal Subcontractors. 

Most LEOs don't realize that (3) the State of State statutes and other codes and regulations they enforce are not "Law" and over 90% of the time, those statutes, codes, and regulations don't apply to members of the General Public at all.

Just as the General Public is not protected by police officers, they shouldn't be addressed by police officers, but they are. 

LEOs also don't realize that (4) their incorporated employers have left them without access to public bonding or insurance, so that they are 100% commercially and personally liable for their actions on the job and may be charged under 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242. 

On top of everything else that is challenging about their employment, if they, for example, violate Article IV of the Constitution of the United States, and issue a bill of attainder against someone who actually is owed the protections of the Constitution, they can not only lose their job, they can lose their personal property and face jail time for it.  

Of course, they don't find out about this until it actually happens and they are left like orphans on a street corner. 

The foreign corporations that use them to do the dirty work have no motive to properly educate these men and women; quite the opposite.  The more daring these LEO's are in their attacks on the General Public, the more money the court system drags in. 

This is known as "privateering" or "racketeering" and it involves extortion of time or money or both, from people who don't owe either, usually under conditions of fraud.   

Racketeering can occur in any jurisdiction, while privateering is the same basic crime carried out in international jurisdiction with a license from a government to "legalize" it.  

Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the abuse of licenses and are refusing to obtain licenses to do things that they don't actually do --- like driving motor vehicles.  

A license is permission to do something that is otherwise illegal.  

It is not illegal nor is it unlawful for an American to get in his car and drive down to the local grocery store to buy a pound of butter.  

His right to travel on the public roads by any means of conveyance is inviolable, so long as he doesn't actually harm anyone else or harm anyone else's property.  

Broken tail-lights, illegal U turns, and five miles over the speed limit doesn't enter into it, until or unless such a non-citizen causes actual damage; it's arguable that a "clear and present danger" may be grounds for pre-emptive arrest --- obvious weaving all over the road, 100 mph in a 20 mph zone, etc., --- 
but not the paltry routine traffic stops that we've become heir to. 

We recently attended a court session where over a dozen people were convicted of "speeding" one to five miles over the speed limit; even the judge was offended, despite pocketing $350,000 plus fines in a single afternoon of gavel-waving. 

The problem is that all these people are being convicted under the False Presumption that they are voluntarily participating in interstate commerce  and that they are voluntarily "driving" a "registered motor vehicle" -- when in fact they have been misinformed and coerced to misidentify themselves as "drivers" and also coerced to register their private motorcars as "commercial motor vehicles", too.  

In the 1950s a big push was made to register every private car in America, whether or not it was engaged in any commercial activity at all.  

This was done so that the State of State corporate franchises could claim an ownership interest in all these private cars and use them as collateral for their spending.  It had nothing to do with what the actual owners used the car for, whether they were engaged in any commercial use of the car or not. 

Realizing that the actual laws pertaining to drivers and driving and the use of the public roads for private commercial gain were being illegally imposed on people who by definition were not drivers and on cars that by definition were not motor vehicles, the perpetrators of these new registration requirements had to provide remedy. 

Attached to the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (the beneficiaries of all the purloined private car collateral) imposed "Regulation Z", that provides for the identification of private cars and issuance of private license plates, to identify those cars that aren't actually involved in any commercial activity, but whose owners were coerced to register them as commercial motor vehicles anyway.

A Regulation Z license plate posts notice to the LEOs that they are not dealing with a commercial motor vehicle, nor can they presume that the operator is functioning as a "driver" -- as in the operator of a motor vehicle engaged in interstate commerce. 

Different rules apply. 

Over the years demand for Regulation Z plates declined as ignorance of the issues grew, and many states stopped producing them; in other states more sensitive to the legalization issues, Regulation Z plates or tags remained available, but people had to ask for them and pay a bit extra for them.   

No effort was made to educate the LEOs nor the Public about these issues, but some people read the Motor Vehicle Code and realized that their car was improperly registered--- and that they, themselves, were responsible for creating a falsified public record, indicating that their car was being used for commercial purposes, when it wasn't. 

For many people, this causes reasonable concerns about the legality of lying and creating such a false document.

Other people did more research and discovered that "registration" gives away an ownership interest, if not the entire ownership, of whatever is being registered. So this same legislation demanded that Americans give up an ownership interest in their private property to the State-of-State -- a form of white collar racketeering. 

Still more research revealed that "drivers" are persons engaged in commercial enterprise deriving private gain from the use of public roads -- like taxi drivers and courier services. Not Dad going back and forth to his job at Nathan's Meat Market.  

Eventually the trail led to the involuntary (and falsified) registration of private cars in the 1950's, and to Regulation Z, the remedy for what would otherwise be an inequitable and illegal attachment of private property assets for public use and misrepresentation of a licensed occupation.

Those of us who have Driver Licenses and who aren't actually involved in commerce, are, in effect, impersonating a licensed professional-- which is a crime in itself, like impersonating a police officer. 

Yet here we have institutions "acting as" government entities, and police officers hired by these private corporations, suborning us to obtain Driver Licenses

While we all have an interest in making sure that people know how to move about safely on the public roads, licensing them as "Drivers" when they are not remotely engaged in commercial activity, is a form of self-incrimination fraud that they are being coerced to commit against themselves.  

By analogy, we wouldn't apply for a license to hunt deer if we had no intention nor desire to hunt deer.  

Why would we be forced to apply for a license to "drive a motor vehicle" for purposes of private commercial gain, when we have no intention, reason, or desire to participate in any such activity?  

We wouldn't, except that any car appearing without license plates is immediately stopped and the operator is coerced, questioned like a criminal, and arrested.  

The issues that required the establishment of Regulation Z are just as potent today as ever; without Regulation Z, the imposition of registration on private cars is still illegal, and the States-of-States must provide private plates or tags in compliance with Regulation Z in order to legalize their automobile registration statutes. 

In several states, Missouri among them, private plates have not been available for some years and bureaucrats have forgotten that they ever existed -- much less the reason why. 

 As a result, people in these states who resist the idea of creating false documents concerning their use of their private automobiles, and more false documents concerning their own activities, have been forced to object to the courts.  

The courts in turn throw it back on the politicians instead of researching the issues for themselves; these Conviction Mills read the statute and fling the gavel, never questioning the basic legality of the statute itself. 

Meantime, the people, who should never be arrested or even addressed about the peaceable exercise of their most basic rights, are functionally denied remedy that must be provided to legalize the imposition of forced registration of private automobiles in the first place. 

Similarly, we would not apply for licenses as Medical Doctors if we had no desire to be physicians, and if we falsified our application so as to obtain a medical license under False Pretenses, we would expect to be arrested for impersonating a licensed professional. 

The same exact rationale applies to applying for a Driver License with no desire or expectation of participating in commerce. This leaves a majority of Americans unwittingly impersonating a licensed professional -- a Driver engaged in commercial intercourse of some kind. 

There is no known remedy for this improper demand that people falsely license themselves as "Drivers" and incur the resulting Legal Presumptions, but there certainly should be, for otherwise those making the demand are engaged in suborning criminal activity -- literally coercing the ignorant applicants to commit a crime against the public and against themselves: impersonation of a licensed professional, when they are not engaged in nor aware of the profession and cannot evaluate the undisclosed licensing contract. 

As a result of all these improper demands and their improper administration of remedy, the law enforcement community and the courts and the State-of-State Legislatures are under increasing demand to correct their operations, properly train their personnel, comply with the Federally mandated remedies, and exonerate Americans who have objected to the current circumstance. 

This includes but is not limited to those convicted of petty traffic infractions, speeding that did not result in explicit endangerment, non-registration of private cars and trucks in the absence of remedy, and driver licensing.  

The demand that a member of the General Public obtain a Driver License when they are not knowingly and voluntarily engaged in commercial activity is itself suborning a crime: it requires fraud, self-incrimination, and creation of falsified documents. 

The demand that a member of the General Public completes a Registration of their private automobile
as a motor vehicle engaged in commerce is similarly a crime resulting in falsified documents and the coerced transfer of ownership interest in private property. It also subjects the victim to foreign statutory laws and municipal codes for no good reason. 

In order to legalize any of this activity, the remedies provided by Regulation Z must be made readily available and private plates or tags must be produced and made available by the State-of-State organizations requiring the registration of private automobiles. 

Making the lives of the victims "difficult" via repeated illegal and unlawful arrests for non-registration or non-licensure, in the face of failure to provide remedy for these impositions, is criminal.  

Failure to provide remedy results in re-criminalization of the affected statutes, and liability for the State-of-State and County organizations responsible. 

We could wish that this common example was the only example of abuse of licensing and abuse of registration and failure to comply with remedy provisions, but it's not. 

This common and unremediated abuse is symptomatic of the criminal misadministration that this country and its natural populace has suffered. 

Lack of awareness and education has meant that the abuses have continued unabated, until now.  

The State Assemblies of properly declared, provenanced, recorded, and published Americans are preparing new Public Laws for enforcement, requiring the application of the known remedies and  providing for alternatives, including State Credentials, that will serve as proper identification of Americans living in each State of the Union going forward.

The foreign British Territorial State-of-State and corresponding Municipal organizations are culpable for these offenses and omissions and unremediated impositions upon Americans and American property assets in every State of the Union.  

Providing Regulation Z exemptions and Z Registration plates or tags is not discretionary; likewise, the State-of-State organizations cannot continue to demand Driver Licensing without providing and advertising Traveler IDs, instead, for those who are not engaged in commercial activities. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 23rd 2024 


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