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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Discovering The Book of the States

 By Anna Von Reitz

Over the past year we have worked our way into the recent decades so that more and more people are becoming aware of what I will call "contemporary history" --- because it isn't enough to understand the history of the banks and the corporations and the European Principals.
Oh, no.
We all also have to understand the immediate proceedings that have landed us here, in the middle of The Great Fraud ---- how other Americans responded to it at earlier stages of the development of this "system", or failed to respond, what they did that resulted in undermining our lawful government, what motivated them to "move off the land and soil" and begin operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and what is again motivating them to try to move into the global jurisdiction of the air.
One of the most provoking and educational tools we have was provided by a Baptist Minister --- a handwritten copy of The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States, and a full breakdown of the organizations and inter-relationships of these organizations which together have comprised "the government" and the "agencies" and the "support organizations" of the New World Order since the late 1800's.
It's all on display for everyone to see, with one set of over-sized charts.
Since this marvelous gift came to light and has since been mass reproduced and distributed to all the Assemblies and made available as a product that you can order and have as your own family copy---- some Wise guys said, yeah, but how do we know this is genuine?
Okay, fair enough. It reeks of "genuine" and is far too complex for any average Hoaxer to undertake, but we are teaching people to be skeptical and look around the corners, so, we gave the location of the "official" records concerning The Declaration of Interdependence: Book 2, 1937, The Book of the States.
When this was first dug up and out, people had to go to the State Capitol Library and look for themselves through microfiche to find it ---- and as anyone who has ever dug through microfiche can tell you, that's a nasty job.
So you will all be prepared to laud another American by the name of Emily who went out and found that The Book of the States is now available online:
No need to pile in your car, roll down the windows, and drive however many miles, fight for parking, march up the stairs, and spend hours in front of a blurry photo projector the size of a refrigerator anymore.
Thanks to Emily and thanks to The Knowledge Center, thanks to the Reverend, and thanks most of all to Joyce D. and her late husband who preserved these records for a future generation--- ours. Without them, it's doubtful that these records would have come to light.
I have often told everyone that we have been helped and supported and educated and inspired and assisted at every turn by other Americans who have come forward and brought their puzzle pieces to the table, enabling the rest of us to reconstruct the history and the facts. If it were not for all these researchers past and present who cared about their country and their countrymen, we would not have the comprehensive view that we have of The Great Fraud and the mechanisms that have been used to implement it.
Indeed, we don't stand alone and we don't take the credit. Though many of the researchers are gone, and many more are afraid to have their names out in public---- still the fact of it is, that we couldn't do what we do without the help and insight and skills of thousands of Americans who have asked the questions, done the research, and preserved the evidence for over a hundred and fifty years.

God bless and keep every single one of them.


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