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Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Dumping Ground Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

Imagine a situation where you could make all the money you wanted to make, tax-free, and never pay any operational costs?  Never pay for materials, never pay for labor, just palm off all your debts on some other schmuck, order everyone around and rake in profit year after year, with no end in sight?  

This is the situation that has been enjoyed for over a hundred years by all the offending Municipal Corporations and all their many, many franchises worldwide, and all of this was benefitting the parent Corporations, which benefited the British Crown and the Vatican and the banks claiming ownership of the corporations and custodial interest in all our physical assets. 

With collusion from the banks, the Perpetrators could borrow ten times the value of everything in America as credit, spend it, force the "taxpayers" to pay portions of it back, use that as more credit ---- just like a credit card.  Pay it down, spend that, pay it down, get a higher credit limit, pay it down.... get a higher credit limit, and so on and on, borrowing someone else's credit card and forcing them to pay the bill under the pretense of  Federal Income Taxes, and Property Taxes and so on.  

They stiffed the American Public for all their debts, including their bankruptcies, and in theory, they pre-indebted generations of Americans yet to be born, to pay off their mortgages and their property taxes and all their other expenses, while they kept the profits and invested them in things like the majority interest in all the Fortune 500 Companies. .  

It was by means of fraud and deceit that America became the Dumping Ground for World Debt and anyone who bought Federal Reserve Notes could dump their debt on us, simply by setting up a "National Franchise" --- that is, setting up a British Crown Corporation franchise "in the name of" their country, and then setting up a Municipal Corporation franchise "in the name of" their country.  

So, for example, Canada could get in on the gravy train and dump its debts on America by setting up a "Canada, Incorporated" franchise and a CANADA, INC. franchise ---- and it worked the same way for all the other countries that got involved in this fraud scheme.  

Every time their National Franchises had an expense, they could exchange it for what appeared to be American Debt Notes, even though the Federal Reserve is not American and never has been, and the Federal Reserve would simply pass that cost onto the Americans and charge it against our labor and land and other resources.  

The cost of the British Crown Corp paying Mercenaries to illegally occupy all these friendly countries under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure was also charged off against us while only benefiting the British Crown Corp and its franchises.  This is also the rationale behind charging all the Defense Expenses for all these other countries against the American tab. 

Using the Federal Reserve Note as the Reserve Currency in this racket allowed all these other member countries the ability to charge their debts off as if they were our debts, so the Perpetrators in other countries all piled on, and kept their lips zipped and let what appeared to be our "National Debt" climb into the stratosphere. 

Then, at the appropriate moment, the Perpetrators pulled the plug in 2009, bankrupted their trademarked "FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM", dumped all that debt on us and against our assets, and sailed on ---- and it was all done with malice aforethought and the same kind of premeditated planning reflected in legislation by the British Parliament and the thugs running the Territorial Congress in the District of Columbia.  

Take a good long look at the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 and one can see how the Perpetrators planned to set up Joe Average American to steal everything Poor Old Joe had, and then call him a "domestic Terrorist" so the vermin responsible could justify shooting him and throwing him jail for resisting their illegal, unlawful, and immoral confiscation of his property to pay their debts. 

We are seeing a picture perfect example of this scheme as the FBI and the private security forces misrepresented as local Sheriffs and Deputies, are deployed against Ammon Bundy, whose property just happens to sit on land that Hillary Clinton purportedly sold --- without any authority to do so --- as part of the Uranium One deal.  So one "Federal" crime perpetuates another. 

No Municipal Corporation ever created received any delegated authority to say one word about our land, and the excuse that the Bundy property was part of a "Territorial States" --- that is, State of State, does not give the Perpetrators any right to challenge the interests of the actual State enrolled retroactively to the date it entered Territorial Statehood under the Northwest Ordinance --- one of the housekeeping tasks our American Government took care of as of October first 2020.  

Throughout it all, the British Crown received 40% of the take, and Rome received 60%, whether it was profit from selling bodies via Birth Certificates or souls via Baptismal Certificates, selling heroin, or selling child labor contracts, or selling slaves, or collecting mortgages from people under False Pretenses, or charging them taxes on "Federal Income" they never received, or life insurance annuities collected as "Life Force Value Annuities"  after genocide was agreed upon, or charging interest on a non-existent National Debt --- however, whenever, wherever, the split has been the same: 40% for the Brits and 60% for Rome.  

This reflects the "special relationship" that the so-called British Monarch has had with the Papacy ever since 1215 AD, with the British Monarch acting as Overseer of the Commonwealth (Territorial) Estates and sitting on The Chair of the Estates, instead of the Throne.   

This is just an overview of the criminality the worldwide banking system has supported and the reason that the Federal Reserve Note ---- an I.O.U. by any other name, became the "Reserve Currency".   It was based on unlimited access to American credit and the ability of foreign military District Courts and Municipal Administrative COURTS to extract seemingly endless amounts of money out of the American workers in the form of labor taxes and property taxes and utility taxes and fuel taxes and taxes on taxes galore.  

These predatory commercial crimes were also based on deliberately devaluing the currency everyone assumed to be ours, via the silent tax of inflation, which has reduced the "value" of a USD to a fraction of one cent of a United States Dollar issued in 1913, purloining our silver and gold reserves, renting out our labor and our land and our patents and performances for the unjust enrichment of the Perpetrators and so much more. 

Most recently, the offending Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have been trying to sell off large chunks of our natural resources "for" us --- like the Uranium One deal brokered by Hillary Clinton, and attempts to sell the Queen's "tribute interest" in our in-ground gold assets to China, and the entire Port of Long Beach, California, to China, too.  

This whole fraud scheme was also based on operating under a "cloak of secrecy" and never telling the actual American Government what was going on at all these various meetings characterized as "G5" and "G7"  and "G20" Conferences and with United Nations Resolutions and Treaties that these Municipal Corporation Usurpers were entering into "for" us with no granted authority: like the "North American Union" agreement signed by George W. Bush, agreeing to merge Mexico, The United States, and Canada into one Regional Government. 

Since when does the President of a Municipal Corporation have any authority to mess with the national borders of his Employers?  Especially a Municipal Corporation that has no permission to say one word about our land or soil assets?  We must assume that Mister George W. Bush  was  counting on us to remain silent, but we have not been silent on that score.  If the Postal Service wants to reorganize itself and establish Regional Offices, we could care less; that does not agree to nor authorize any change in our seat of government nor erase our national borders --- which is the False Claim at the heart of the current Southern Border Crisis. 

George W. Bush was a criminal who never entered any Public Office related to us at all.  Like his Predecessors all the way back to Lincoln, he operated as an imposter, assuming authorities never vested in him, never accepting the liability or duty of the Public Office he pretended to occupy.  

It follows that neither he nor Joseph R Biden who is attempting to implement the so-called North American Union merger have any right to tamper with our borders and both men have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Treason against our country and provided yet another example of the unlawful activities of the Municipal Corporations that have been housed in the District of Columbia, their fraudulent disservice, their criminal nature, and the justice of our claims.  

We wish for all these Odious Debts that have been created "for" us to be erased and discharged as if they never existed, and for all those nations that have piled their debts onto us, thinking that our American Government was in permanent interregnum and would never come back into Session and reply to these Offenses --- let them be ashamed and aware of the criminals who have done this and tried to make them and their countries liable for the expenses of foreign corporations in exactly the same way.  

We wish for the cancellation of any and all contracts entered into "for" us by these criminals acting in Breach of Trust and Violation of Service Contracts owed to us. 
We wish for the preservation of our national borders with other friendly nations and the happy recognition and acceptance of our historical and cultural differences.  

We wish for the immediate end of all external meddling in our business affairs and an end to any forced migrations of people from other countries into this country promoted by the Offending Municipal Corporations, their Franchises, or Agents. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 26th 2023


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Keeping Up With Todd Callendar -- News Worth Hearing

 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who don't know, Todd Callendar is moving fast, so fast and incisively, we have to check his progress every day.  

Todd is expanding upon work that was first pioneered in the 1980's by The Informer --- an American researcher who pulled together a team and investigated more than 10,000 judges.

Out of 10,000 judges investigated by The Informer team, exactly one Judge in Wisconsin had all his ducks in order, and a written Oath of Office on file. 

At the time, we were all stunned.  I remember reading the report with my mouth ajar, staring blindly at the pages. 

That was before I learned about Hired Jurists and imaginary courts. 

Todd's work today covers a much broader spectrum of "apparent" office holders who haven't completed Oaths of Office --- that is, formal written public record declarations accepting the duties of the office. 

So what's going on?  

These people aren't actually occupying Public Offices.  They are pretending to hold Public Offices, but they are deliberately evading the liability and duty to fulfill the obligations of the office --- and cheating the Public as they do so.

For example, a man might be elected to serve as Sheriff of Macon County, Georgia, but if he doesn't take the Oath of Office, he doesn't actually "enter upon" the office he was elected to serve.  Without the Oath, he is not bound to the duties of the office, and is collecting a paycheck under False Pretenses.  

He is, in fact,  impersonating a County Sheriff, popularly elected or not.  

It's up to us to make sure that anyone serving in a Public Office takes the Oath.  If they don't, they have no obligation to serve and perform the duties of the office --- and no right to exercise any power or authority related to the office, either.  

This is true of elected office and appointed office, too.  

So, after two years of the Biden Administration, it turns out that Biden's Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, has never taken his Oath of Office. 

He has no obligation to serve the duties of the office, and equally, no right to exercise any power or authority related to it.  

Everything Austin has done and said while posing as Secretary of Defense, every order, every plan, every piece of paper signed, is null and void.  The Office of the Secretary of Defense has, in effect, been vacant this whole time.  

Austin has had access to all the most secret information of the Defense Department under False Pretenses, the worst kind of security breach imaginable.  

Austin coerced, threatened, and discharged thousands of loyal members of the military for refusing to take experimental injections --- when he had no actual office and no authority to even speak to these men and women. 

Austin's comments and threats openly insulting and demeaning the Marine Corps for protecting its service members from the Covid 19 
injections probably contributed to the brutal attack on USMC General David H. Berger in January 2023.  

Take in the view. 

If you ever wondered if you were needed to help run this country, wonder no longer.  Listen to this video: 

Todd understands what I understand: without the Oath, there is no Office. 

This is what the crime of impersonating an officer is all about.  

We have thousands of people in this country impersonating public officials and appearing to serve in public offices, people who are exercising the powers of government with no liability and no responsibility to the public at all.  

And now we find out that includes the Secretary of Defense. 

The District Attorneys aren't prosecuting these criminals, so it's up to us. 

You, me, and the chickens -- and Todd Callendar -- are on our own,  but every day thousands more Americans wake up, and start driving the spearheads home. 

Those who remember The Informer, Mary Croft, Jean Keating, Bill Benson, RB, Wild Bill, and so many other giants you've met on this road, shed a tear and say a blessing on all of them, alive and dead.  From their hands and lips to ours, from one generation to another, we will not fail or shirk the work before us.  


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