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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Keeping Up With Todd Callendar -- News Worth Hearing

 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who don't know, Todd Callendar is moving fast, so fast and incisively, we have to check his progress every day.  

Todd is expanding upon work that was first pioneered in the 1980's by The Informer --- an American researcher who pulled together a team and investigated more than 10,000 judges.

Out of 10,000 judges investigated by The Informer team, exactly one Judge in Wisconsin had all his ducks in order, and a written Oath of Office on file. 

At the time, we were all stunned.  I remember reading the report with my mouth ajar, staring blindly at the pages. 

That was before I learned about Hired Jurists and imaginary courts. 

Todd's work today covers a much broader spectrum of "apparent" office holders who haven't completed Oaths of Office --- that is, formal written public record declarations accepting the duties of the office. 

So what's going on?  

These people aren't actually occupying Public Offices.  They are pretending to hold Public Offices, but they are deliberately evading the liability and duty to fulfill the obligations of the office --- and cheating the Public as they do so.

For example, a man might be elected to serve as Sheriff of Macon County, Georgia, but if he doesn't take the Oath of Office, he doesn't actually "enter upon" the office he was elected to serve.  Without the Oath, he is not bound to the duties of the office, and is collecting a paycheck under False Pretenses.  

He is, in fact,  impersonating a County Sheriff, popularly elected or not.  

It's up to us to make sure that anyone serving in a Public Office takes the Oath.  If they don't, they have no obligation to serve and perform the duties of the office --- and no right to exercise any power or authority related to the office, either.  

This is true of elected office and appointed office, too.  

So, after two years of the Biden Administration, it turns out that Biden's Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin, has never taken his Oath of Office. 

He has no obligation to serve the duties of the office, and equally, no right to exercise any power or authority related to it.  

Everything Austin has done and said while posing as Secretary of Defense, every order, every plan, every piece of paper signed, is null and void.  The Office of the Secretary of Defense has, in effect, been vacant this whole time.  

Austin has had access to all the most secret information of the Defense Department under False Pretenses, the worst kind of security breach imaginable.  

Austin coerced, threatened, and discharged thousands of loyal members of the military for refusing to take experimental injections --- when he had no actual office and no authority to even speak to these men and women. 

Austin's comments and threats openly insulting and demeaning the Marine Corps for protecting its service members from the Covid 19 
injections probably contributed to the brutal attack on USMC General David H. Berger in January 2023.  

Take in the view. 

If you ever wondered if you were needed to help run this country, wonder no longer.  Listen to this video: 

Todd understands what I understand: without the Oath, there is no Office. 

This is what the crime of impersonating an officer is all about.  

We have thousands of people in this country impersonating public officials and appearing to serve in public offices, people who are exercising the powers of government with no liability and no responsibility to the public at all.  

And now we find out that includes the Secretary of Defense. 

The District Attorneys aren't prosecuting these criminals, so it's up to us. 

You, me, and the chickens -- and Todd Callendar -- are on our own,  but every day thousands more Americans wake up, and start driving the spearheads home. 

Those who remember The Informer, Mary Croft, Jean Keating, Bill Benson, RB, Wild Bill, and so many other giants you've met on this road, shed a tear and say a blessing on all of them, alive and dead.  From their hands and lips to ours, from one generation to another, we will not fail or shirk the work before us.  


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  1. Todd Callendar is definitely a "good guy" as far as I can discern. However, it continues to amaze me that he and so many others in alternative media keep referring to the "state nationals movement" a la David Straight and others that have nothing to do with our assemblies, while completely ignoring our re-established American Goverment. I can't help but wonder, is this ignorance or is it deliberate deflection from the truth?

  2. OK, I agree. These POS are out of control. YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ARMY!!! How do you plan to enforce law? I suggest, we educate ourselves and others who are willing to receive truth, be self sufficient, build community, and out live the bastards. THEY WILL FAIL!

    1. The Declaration of Independence grants us the full authority to remove those who refuse or fail to act in accordance with their service contracts, aka, the Constitution(s).
      So, we need our able-bodied men in the Assemblies together with hired, armed security forces to devise a systematic plan to gain intelligence in order to ambush these rogue impersonators, arrest them in their cars, offices, where they dine, shop, play golf, at their mistresses homes, on their boats, or in their gated mansions, and remove them. No notice is necessary -- they know they are committing a crime.
      Let's get it done, and clean our house, land and soil of these vermin that are harming us.

    2. I want to be your friend.

  3. Or, we could just wish them all into the Twilight Zone "cornfield."

    1. Anony'puss5:37PM
      You show your ignorance and "lack of education" self in this movement. A King never "demands, he ALWAYS
      " wishes " in his correspondence" and orders.
      That is the appropriate word for "a King" and he knows how and when to use it and carries more weight than "demand." This word is of the utmost and of highest authority." "Wishes" is above "demand." Are you a king? l say NO! You show you are not a king by not knowing how to direct your lower ancillary personell, especially corporations which have no right to exist. The Creator is always above his created and so on an on. Anna has always used this term and you haven't got a clue why. lt's bcuz you are still a minor.

    2. America doesn't have Kings.
      Show where America has Kings.
      Or maybe shnt your yap?

    3. Only a living wo/man can make a wish ! wo/man kind is the highest authority on Earth !

    4. Titles are mere persons, and serve only to deminish the standing of man as having dominion.

    5. 2:06:
      and all man-made Titles/ Persons are in-herent-ly subject to every create-r made man.
      and no create-r made man is in-herent-ly subject to any Title/ Person.
      they know this.


  4. People do not fall for this BS of creating money online! Its a scam

  5. I personnaly like the cornfield idea!!!

  6. Most of the Biden Admin including VP Harris has NOT taken the Oath of office!!!

  7. The Federation of States is very important but without our soil jurisdiction spreading the news and being there to oversee the job at the county level our Republican form of government is not complete. Todd Callendar needs people to help spread the word and get the job done. The soil jurisdiction was the glue that bound our union together, we need that substance again.

  8. Anony'puss5:37PM
    Oh, and BTW, you will still find these words in the Magna Carta... "That we " wish " for these things so to be observed...."
    Sayyy whatttt?? ln the Magna Carta ? YES! in the Magna Carta. Written by a king.

    1. i am not an expert on English history by any stretch of the imagination, but it is my understanding that the Magna Carta was written in 1215 by the English/Norman Barons who were descended from the Norman Barons, AKA Companions of William, who inherited most of the lands of England as "Sovereigns in Their Own Right" when the Conqueror died in 1087. King John may have signed the Magna Carta, but other than the abuses he was attempting to impose on the Barons, i do not believe he had anything to do with creating it. The Barons who crafted and signed the document signed as Sovereigns communicating their wishes to the King and the Pope. i am fairly certain that the King's wishes were completely antithetical to the Sovereigns' (Barons) wishes. i am not so sure what the Pope's wishes were at the time.

    2. Thank you Mitch.
      l was merely pointing out to anony'puss that he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and that his ignorance is sticking out like the crack in his butt cheeks when he bends over bcuz when he keeps mocking the use of the word " wishes " in Anna's correspondence not knowing the power of the word or who uses such a word, like it is just some childhood nursey rhyme song such as "When l Wish Upon a Star." No, far from it. Yes the barons did use it but they too were sovereigns {kings} in their own right.

    3. Magna Charta has absolutely nothing to do with the united States of America.

    4. We do not have Kings either. Or Fiduciaries, Attorneys, Corporations, Czars, Barons, Knights, Princes, Sirs, Potentates, Emperors, or any other Titles, neither can any of these, or others, operate in our Government.

  9. "Todd is expanding upon work that was first pioneered in the 1980's by The Informer --- an American researcher who pulled together a team and investigated more than 10,000 judges.

    Out of 10,000 judges investigated by The Informer team, exactly one Judge in Wisconsin had all his ducks in order, and a written Oath of Office on file."

    Where is this list and how do we get access to the names and localities of those who DONT have their OATH on the public record?

    1. @Anon: 10:43 AM
      "OATH on the public record"---- it's a matter of public record ! All you need is to have the name of "any" public official/servant that is 'required' to take an Oath 'before' assuming office, make an in person request that they produce such documentation (if you have personal dealings with them, they are required to), or, put in a public records request in the locality the official presides/is employed for that spacific info....if they attempt to give some lame excuse as a reason for not providing the info, the chances are high that there is NOT one on file, in which case, everything they do, or have done since assuming the office, is unlawful/illegal, null and void --- which would be par for the course, since the entire system is criminally corrupt anyway !

  10. What is going on?... AnnaTheLivingLawFirms Followers think its appropriate to call people they disagree with cnnt and pnss? Yikes!

    1. Please point out and give a full complete tally count, with supportive facts, here on this blog, naming those "AnnaTheLivingLawFirms Followers" who "think" its appropriate to call people they disagree with (including those who "do,") as per your comment above.

      You failing to give a full count with fact, in regard to all the "Followers - You will now know yourself as a Liar. You will go to bed realizing you are a Liar. You will know you generalize falsely, and you will lose your grip on knowledge as you become lost to your Lies.

    2. Nobody is going to answer that question?

  11. HEADS UP(Oaths of office and Notary Public Certification / oaths):
    Perhaps an approaching dilemma for the United States, Inc. and others (Illinois Jan. 1st 2024)? See Below . . . What is the impact of oaths uncertified? Wrap our heads around all that is bound by oaths…Trust!


    U.S. Congress Congressional Record January 10th, 1963

    5 U.S. Code § 3331 - Oath of office

    5 U.S. Code § 3332 - Officer affidavit; no consideration paid for appointment


    Gutting the Notary Public oath certification in Illinois, not the law, one section at a time . . . certification sections repealed as of January 1st, 2024.
Illinois Compiled Statutes
5 ILCS 255/ - Oaths and Affirmations Act.

    Illinois Compiled Statutes
225 ILCS 415/ - Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporters Act of 1984. 

  12. Wow what a conversation. Grateful for good People that know what is happening and have good ideas of how to deal with it and super sad of the evil in peoples hearts that drive them to do more evil. Since we are now in the 7th seal and in the final days of this probationary life both good and evil have grown to the pinnacle of what they are. Of course there is so much more good than evil and the good always wins over evil. Light always pushes out darkness, warmth always pushes out cold. And the darkest hour or coldest hour is just before dawn. Dawn's a comin'. Have you ever noticed how all plants reach for the sun. Sun can also be spelled Son.

  13. Dear Anna, James, Paul et patriotic alia, thx for this important expose related to The Oath of Office and that is neglected by our elected officials.
    So i asked Artificial Intelligence poem generator to write a poem titled
    The Importance of Oath of Office with latter on some modification to a sentence upon which the AI builds the poem.

    The Importance of Oath of Office

    When taking office, an oath we swear,
    To serve with honor, show we care.
    We promise to defend our land,
    And keep its people safe and grand.

    We pledge to act with truth and grace,
    To never let corruption trace.
    To hold our values and ideals high,
    And never let them pass us by.

    The oath of office is no mere line,
    It's a commitment to serve divine.
    To lead our country with all our might,
    And keep its future shining bright.

    So let us keep this promise true,
    For our nation and its people too.
    To honor the oath we have taken,
    And work hard until our mission is shaken.

    For when the oath is broken or forgot,
    Our nation's future becomes a blot.
    So let's embrace the oath we've sworn,
    And keep our country reborn.

    The Importance of Oath of Office in Public Record

    The oath of office, a sacred vow,
    Taken by leaders, then must allow
    Their words to be placed on public record,
    To show their commitment and accord.

    The duty they carry, oh so profound,
    To lead with honor, always be sound,
    And never falter from the path they swore,
    With the oath recorded, forevermore.

    For the public's trust is so hard to gain,
    And once it's lost, it's hard to maintain,
    But an oath on public record, so plain,
    Can help build trust again and again.

    So let us remind our leaders anew,
    Of the importance of this oath so true
    And keep it in the public domain,
    To uphold trust in our American Government's reign.

    AlwaysPresentIn- We, OnLandLivingOnAndOnSoilWalking ThePeoples -DNA,
    Please Free-DOM-izeFromUnhealthyPrivateColorsOfLaw



    "We wish for these offending Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a

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  14. The Importance of Oath of Office