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Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Simple Truths

 By Anna Von Reitz

For many years now, I have realized and have shared the news, that the truth is always simple. 


The truth is like rain falling, crystalline, plain, unembellished, uncomplicated, no big words needed, nothing confusing about it, just matter-of-fact, and there it is. 

All the complexity and jargon and "terms" and legalese and things like PARSE SYNTAX and confusions about the plain meaning of words like "person" and "state" and "YOUR NAME" are always associated with fraud.  

There is nothing at all confusing about the truth of our American History.  

Plainly stated in the records of the Second Continental Congress: 

As of September 1776, the former colonies were doing business under three names: 

(1) the United States; 
(2) the States of America; 
(3) The United States of America.  

The names "United States" and "States of America" were used to conduct business of a general nature, such as requisitioning shipments of food for the Army.  The name "The United States of America" was used to conduct mutual business for the states in international and global venues --- including diplomacy, trade agreements, and similar outreach to other countries and business pertaining to the states as a group combining their leverage and seeking their mutual benefit. 

In January of 1777 the idea of adding to this basic complement of business names/identities by creating a Confederation in addition to the already-existing Federation doing business as The United States of America, began.  

Discussions about the pros and cons of adding a Confederation to the business mix continued for four years until the Confederation was finally created and approved in the spring of 1781.  

It is apparent from the discussions and records related to all of this that -- contrary to what many Americans have mistakenly believed -- The Articles of Confederation served only to create a Confederation of States-of-States, and a new "doing business as" entity designed to allow the states to mutually enter into commercial business arrangements.  

The Confederation didn't replace anything.  It simply added to the mix of "doing business as" options that the states created for themselves. 

There is no mystery involved.  It's all plainly stated in the public records and discussions leading up to the creation of the Confederation which was described as "an adjunct to the Federation of States".  

The Confederation did business under the name "States of America" which had been in use since 1776 for common business and trade; after the adoption of The Articles of Confederation, the states began doing their mutual commercial business under the same name.   

When the Constitutional Conventions and all those discussions took place, the States of America stepped forward as the American Federal Subcontractor, which resulted in the Federal Constitution of 1787, known --- appropriately --- as The Constitution for the united States of America.  

Thus, the States of America, which was one of the operational "doing business as" names of the states from 1776 onward, and which was also the "doing business as" name used to conduct commercial business for the States-of-States making up the Confederation, was the Operator of the Federal Republic under the 1787 Constitution.  

There is nothing confusing, complex, or obtuse about any of this.  And there is nothing to argue about.   Anyone who cares to see it and prove it for themselves needs to dig through the committee meetings and minutes of the Second Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention of 1787. 

It will immediately become apparent that The Articles of Confederation created  a "Confederation" of States-of-States --- commercial corporations employed by each of the respective States--- acting quite apart from and existing in addition to our Federation of organic States of the Union.  This Confederation of commercial business entities was well-suited to oversee and provide the services anticipated by The Constitution for the united States of America.  

It provided those services faithfully from 1787 to 1860-61, when the Confederation fell apart and the respective member States-of-States separated into two groups: the Northern States-of-States, including, for example, The State of New York and The State of New Jersey, adopted the deceptive name of "the Union" while the Southern States of States, including, for example, The State of Virginia and The State of North Carolina, formed the Confederate States of America.   Please note the name, again --- States of America. 

Anyone and I do mean anyone who can read and who is sufficiently inspired, can obtain access to the records through the Library of Congress and associated archives.  It's all public record. 

So all those who have been waving their hands and talking through their hats and trying to say that I made all this stuff up "without evidence"  are invited to be responsible people and consult the public records that I base my findings upon.  If, Ron Vrooman and his band of Merry Men then have any questions and think that I misunderstood the records of the Second Continental Congress and the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the minutes of the Confederation meetings that resulted in the Southern members leaving the organization --- etc., they can bring their ideas forward for debate.  

I have been a responsible person and I have read the archives and I do believe that I have it right.  And I won't put up with anyone thinking that I just waved my hands and made things up "without evidence".  My evidence is the entire archived record of the primary documents.  


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