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Saturday, May 11, 2024

International Public Notice: A Mixed Bag of Nuts

 By Anna Von Reitz

We cannot say this often enough, so we will say it again in hopes that it finally sinks into the grey matter of more brains worldwide: 

The owner of the assets is also owed the credit derived from the assets.  

That is, if I own a bar of gold and that gold is used as collateral backing an extension of credit, I own that credit, too.  

This is true whether I am taking out the loan myself, or someone else acting as my Trustee is doing it "for" me.  

The fundamental problem is that our British Territorial Employees usurped against us and encouraged their Municipal Employee counterparts to do the same. 

They interject themselves as our "representatives" and "trustees" when in fact they are just our Employees working under contracts known as Constitutions, and none of their delegated duties ever involved managing our property assets or health, either one.  

They claim to be our trustees and "representatives" when they are not actually authorized to act in those capacities, and, abusing our trust, they act under color of law to recklessly endanger our public purse for their private enrichment.   

This fraud allows them to gain access to our assets and once in possession of our assets under these False Pretenses, they use our assets as collateral backing their spending and they steal all the benefit of the credit raised-- which actually belongs to us, too.  

We recently reiterated MEP Godfrey Bloom's memorable speech in which he observed that all the banks are broke as a result of "fractional reserve banking" which is allowing the banks to extend seven to ten times more credit than they have assets backing it--- which is an even greater abuse of our credit. 

When these banks, like Citibank and JPMorgan talk about "their assets" , be aware that they are actually broke and that all their assets are purloined from each and every one of us. They are also using assets that belong to "Legacy Trusts" and "Historical Trusts" --- like the Avila Family Trust and the V.K. Durham Trust, which they have latched onto unlawfully and illegally using their undisclosed registration and abandoned funds scams.  

We might add that this abuse of our assets and our credit by banks that have been "redefined" as publicly insured institutions, results in the public --our public, being recklessly endangered and indebted by these foreign banks, without the victim's knowledge and with no benefit to the victim, and without any effort to define which "public" is on the hook.  

The Perpetrators are obviously trying to snag the American Public for their risks and debts, but because they are operating as a Municipal CONGRESS the Legal Presumption has to be that they are acting only on behalf of the "citizens of the United States" -- hence the reason that they are so desperate to redefine each and every one of us as not only a U.S. Citizen, but as a citizen of the United States, too.  

In a way, it's a reprise of what went on more recently with the Vaccine Manufacturers.  

The UNITED STATES CONGRESS volunteered to hold their own BANKS harmless and insure them against any default using our assets and credit to do so, just as the same UNITED STATES CONGRESS accepted the liability of the Vaccine Manufacturers and used our money and assets to both create the pandemic boondoggle and insure themselves against their own liability for it. 

The UNITED STATES CONGRESS doesn't actually have any contract allowing them to represent us in this manner and gets away with it by pretending that we acquiesce to it.  Which we don't. 

We are in fact demanding the return of our assets and control of both our assets and our credit, but what we are examining here is the mechanism by which they hope to insure themselves at their victim's expense ---  which is by arbitrarily conferring an citizenship interest on people who don't need or want this "gift", plus an ownership interest in a bankrupt banking system, and making us (seemingly) responsible for its debts. 

Even such pundits as Martin Armstrong fail to see the enormity of the Schtick.  Here is his brilliant but conventional interpretation of part of the current situation, reposted for educational purposes: 

Why Does the Government Borrow Its Own Currency?

Posted May 11, 2024 By Martin Armstrong |  

The problem with people’s attitudes toward the national debt is that everyone has forgotten why we borrowed in the first place. The theory was that if you borrowed rather than printed money, you were NOT increasing the existing money supply, and therefore, in theory, it would not be inflationary.

However, the Democrats forgot how to run for government without their Marxist agenda of bribing the people to vote for them. This led to always creating deficits.

 Add to this the NEOCONS who have done nothing but wage wars ever since World War II to defeat Communism and have spent money lavishly on trying to conquer the world.

October 13, 1960 Debate Transcript

During the Presidential Third Debate of 1960, the question about the outflow of gold from the USA reserves arose. This sparked a Gold Panic in the London gold market, whereby gold rallied to $40 for the first time, showing that the Bretton Woods System was beginning to collapse. The United States’ outflow of gold was not really from a trade deficit but from the fact that the USA was defending the world with its military establishing bases everywhere. That meant capital was leaving. Gold rallied again to $40 in the late 1960s, and finally, it forced the collapse of the convertibility of gold under the Bretton Woods System in 1971. Kennedy’s words were:

“Now, on the question of gold. The difficulty, of course, is that we do have heavy obligations abroad, that we therefore have to maintain not only a favorable balance of trade but also send a good deal of our dollars overseas to pay our troops, maintain our bases, and sustain other economies. In other words, if we’re going to continue to maintain our position in the sixties, we have to maintain a sound monetary and fiscal policy. We have to have control over inflation, and we also have to have a favorable balance of trade. We have to be able to compete in the world market.”

The dollars were being spent not to benefit our economy but to fulfill the dreams of the Neocons; when Communism fell, they refused to accept any real change.

Rome takes care of widows and orphans.

We borrow, which is worse than printing because we have to pay interest on constantly rolling the debt. This year, we will spend about $1 trillion on interest, the total national debt when Reagan took office in 1981.

At times, 70% of the national debt is accumulative interest. That means it went nowhere to improve society or care for widows and orphans, at least as the Romans did.

Had we printed the money instead of borrowing, it would have been less inflationary and the capital would have created more jobs instead of investing in government debt which has only funded the Neocons’ wildest dreams."

Like any typical American, Armstrong sees it in terms of political parties, but it isn't really a political party issue of what the credit is being spent on-- guns v. butter.

It's a more fundamental question of whose credit is it?  Whose risk is it? And who is profiting from this?  

The credit belongs to the Americans, and they are being held responsible for the expense and the risk of this system, but as if by magic, they are not in control of these cozy arrangements and not receiving back any of the profits. 

How is this possible? 

Please note: Kennedy's comments posted here as part of Armstrong's article were made in relative ignorance as a Candidate for office, and were made from the perspective of a candidate seeking a Municipal Office back in 1960. 

He knew that "we" were supporting and defending all these countries that "we" were occupying, and supporting all these other economies, but he didn't mention who "we" were.  

Like Martin Armstrong still does, the assumption in 1960 was that there is one Constitution and one National Debt and that all of this is the responsibility of the American Public, when in fact, it is the responsibility of the Municipal UNITED STATES CONGRESS and its CITIZENRY.  

We, the Americans, are owed the National Credit (because we give goods and services in exchange for Federal I.O.U.s) and the U.S. Citizens are responsible for the National Debt (for floating FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as I.O.U.s) , but when you bring these two populations together and balance the books, the National Credit and the National Debt zero out, and there is no excuse for the existence of any interest paid on the so-called "National Debt" at all.   

It's just another Bad Bookkeeping Scam based on foreign jurisdictions -- one that unjustly enriches the banks and fleeces the American population -- both those who retain their state nationality and those who choose to serve as U.S. Citizens. 

The further answer is that "the Government" that Martin Armstrong is thinking of, can't print its own money, because it isn't actually a Government. 

It's a corporation in the business of providing "essential government services" -- which is an entirely different Beastie with no choice but to borrow. 

So would we be much further ahead to print our own money like any sane and sovereign nation, or would we borrow our own money?  We'd print it, of course, and instead of just assuming we are stupid, it's most worthwhile to delve into why it took 160 years for us to issue a new asset-backed American currency, the American Federation Dollar. 

The Federal Subcontractors deliberately obfuscated the situation and that kept us from issuing our own money, with the result that no bills could actually be paid, and no settlement of the "National Credit / National Debt" issue could be made.  

We have been calling for the balancing of the books since 2011, to zero out the so-called "National Debt" against our already earned National Credit, and also calling for the repudiation of any interest that has ever been paid on the "National Debt" -- as any National Debt resulting from the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES was actually paid the moment that each transaction took place. 

Furthermore, owing to the fact that FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES were not collected and cancelled upon each transaction, both the "National Credit" and the "National Debt" are actually astronomically larger than superficial reference to money supply might suggest.  

We have, in effect, been dealing in a fictional economy with a phantom, elastic "money" supply, which is and was nothing more or less than our own purloined credit, and its "inflation" was caused by nothing more or less than: (1) over-extending it by seven to ten times outright (fractional reserve banking) and (2) charging interest on it (the fictional National Debt) and (3) failure to receipt and balance the books on the transactions (repeated goods and services received for the same debt note) and (4) other wonky bookkeeping as assigned. 

Inflation is not caused by devaluation of the currency.

Inflation is a hidden tax on the activity of the economy, which increases as more activity is expressed. Increasing the Prime Interest Rate slows the economy which is what slows inflation-- not the other way around. 

As usual, our attention has been deliberately distracted and focused on the wrong things, so that we make wrong assumptions about what is actually going on. 

We think that inflation is bad because our currency is worth less in the marketplace and our buying power is curtailed, but our trading partners think that inflation is great because our currency is worth less in comparison to their currency, which makes their goods and services competitive in the marketplace. 

Anyone noticed how many European products are now available on your grocery shelves?  And how American and Chinese products have disappeared? 

Both the yen and the dollar have been too strong for too long, with the result that the comparative strength of our combined economic miracle was choking off the air for everyone else. 

That's why Trump, a gung-ho Make America Great Again (and Devil Take the Hindmost) candidate who focused on bettering the American economy, has been feared and hated and vilified by most of the known world.   

He did great things for us, but at an unseen cost. 

That Unseen Cost increased the cost of living throughout much of the rest of the world, which combined with the price and commodity supply rigging of the Central Banks, and the Isolationist Sweetheart Deal between the U.S. and China, was artificially impoverishing everyone else. 

The attack on the Nordstream gas pipelines was the Final Straw, when Europe and Russia realized that Joe Biden was willing to see people freeze in the dark for a few pennies he didn't need, over energy supply contracts he couldn't competitively provide. 

The rest of the world is fed up with this criminality and selfishness and violence and so are we.  We have suffered under it and because of it like everyone else. 

The 300-year crime spree of the British Empire is finally coming to an end. Colonialism is finally coming to an end. Corporate feudalism has been defeated. 

New generations of people are rising who will be set free and enabled to enjoy our diverse cultures and climates and racial identities, instead of being afraid of them. New mathematics, new science, and new horizons are beckoning. 

Those who have been fighting for the old, rotten status quo need to think about what they have been fighting for, how they have been lied to, used, abused, fleeced into penury and misdirected to do things that are criminal. 

And then laughed at and hung out to dry, cavalierly denied "benefits" you paid for, taxed on land you own, bullied, impoverished, impersonated, and railroaded by thugs who take their paychecks and pensions from your pocket.  

Is this any way to live?  Is this freedom?  Or safety, either?  

Would you ever trust these same people and institutions again?  Just hand over the keys and let them "take care of you"?  

That's what got us into this situation. That's what we've been doing wrong for the last 160 years.  There is no substitute for living and thinking for yourself. No escape from your Primal Responsibility as an adult member of the species. 

We do not live in a vacuum, nor on an island. Our fate is inextricably bound to the fate of the whole of mankind. Any affront to one of us, is an affront to all of us. 

If any man would enslave another, he would attempt to enslave all of us.  If any man lies to one of us, he lies to all of us.  If he would kill one of us for the sake of money or politics, then we are all in danger. 

It isn't just "Make America Great Again".  For America to be truly great, she has to bring the rest of the world along with her. She has to rise above fear and hypocrisy and find her heart. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 11th 2024

International Public Notice: Sodomy as a "Tradition"

 By Anna Von Reitz

It may have escaped the notice of our dumbed down and desperate population-at-large, but the Romans borrowed virtually all the culture they ever had from the Greeks, and unfortunately, the Ancient Greeks, especially the Spartans, who the Romans most admired, practiced institutionalized sodomy. 

The Romans followed suit as they did in most things Greco-Roman, and soon, the Roman Legions were engaging in the "rites" which paired young acolytes with experienced masters in the military. 

Thus, sodomy became a tradition in both the Greek and Roman military and generations of people throughout the Middle East practiced sodomy. It has remained a feature of military forces to a greater or lesser extent ever since. 

The most common form of rape in the military does not involve men and women. 

The American Military has been impacted by this, too, with many World War I and World War II veterans returning home as either bisexuals or dedicated homosexuals. 

Nobody ever talks about this. We try to ignore it, gloss it over, look the other way.  The Academics who know about it, shove it under the dusty rug as "history" and fail to enlighten the rest of us. 

Nonetheless, there it is, and that's where it came from: the Ancient Greeks and Romans. 

The Greeks, for their part,  got this "tradition" from the Babylonians, who got it from their own peculiar sex-as-sacrament religion. 

Sparta, the most famous practitioner among the Greeks, formalized this tradition of military sodomy by overtly pairing young boys with specific captains for their "initiation" and "training".  

Rome did the same. 

Sodomy and slavery went hand-in-hand in Roman society outside the military as another result; once a Roman returned home from his obligatory service to Rome, the habits of the military remained ingrained and many of Rome's most illustrious statesmen and senior politicians owned multiple "puer delicata" boy slaves used as sexual toys. 

Much to the frustration of their wives. 

In this way, the Roman family structure was degraded and the Patrician class, especially, was worn down by sex-based intrigues.

You get some echoes of all this from Homer and from the Roman poets and even some PBS offerings like "I, Claudius", but a more blatant and flat-footed discussion of this is needed to get the impact across to the American Public. 

This Big Push to normalize sodomy is coming from Europe and from largely military sources.  It's not sourced in New York or Las Vegas.  It's coming from Hamburg and Vienna and Paris and Bern. 

And it's coming directly from the military. 

That may seem counter-intuitive, as everyone knows the Nazis were badasses on the battlefield (so were the Ancient Spartans) and that seems to run counter to the frivolity of men prancing around half-naked with rainbow colored hair shouting Liberal slogans --but you must know what you are dealing with. 

The Romans admired the Greeks, and the Nazis admired the Romans.  So the Nazis aped the Romans like the Romans aped the Greeks and as the Greeks aped the Babylonians. 

Monkey see, monkey do.  

On top of all their other odd beliefs that seem at complete odds with their dictum, "Kirche, Kinder, Kuche" applied to their wives, the Nazis practiced sodomy in the ranks and thought nothing of it. 

Just like the boys at prestigious British private schools (perversely called "public schools" in Britain) and Universities indulge in every kind of sex imaginable and are often involved in homosexual liaisons by the age of eleven. 

This focus on sex-sex-and-more-sex comes direct to us from Ancient Babylon, through Greece, through Rome, through Britain, through Germany--- and it lives and breathes and gains ground because it is rife and "traditional" in the European Military, not because of quiet middle-aged homos living together in Somerset or because of Flamers like Liberace parading around.

As a result of NATO and UN "Peacekeeping" Forces and other occasions requiring hobnobbing between American (U.S.) and European military forces for years on end, there has been explosive growth of sodomy in our own military, which inevitably comes home to the dinner table in places like Gatsville, Nebraska. 

It festers. It causes guilt in some and rage in others. It gives rise to crimes of violence against women and children, scandals that tear families apart, declining birth rates, alcoholism, broken families and broken hearts.  

Sodomy does not deserve to be "taught" or justified as a military tradition, but we can't escape the fact that it has been and still is. We have to recognize that it's not coming to us from a "bunch of liberal faggots" who stumbled on anal sex in a college dorm room. 

It's coming straight to us from Babylon and by a route that most people would never suspect -- our own military; and, it continues to create social and psychological upheaval long after military service ends. 

We tend to assume that the terrors and misery and PTSD so many veterans suffer is uniquely the result of experiences on the battlefield, but the memory of being gang-raped by other soldiers is even more traumatic for many.  

Unlike talking about a battle or even having to kill someone in particular, a shroud of silence hangs over all of this.  It's not only too painful, it's too shameful to talk about.  So the victims suffer in silence and rage that cannot be expressed, or by some homemade, limping forward, come to terms with it, and though injured, move on. 

Why do men talk to me about things like this, when they wouldn't tell their best friend, their wives, or their mothers?  They come to me for help and healing. They let all the ugly things come out and roll around like so many little demons released from jail. 

Sometimes they just walk up to me and fall into my arms and weep. I am left standing there in a Walgreens parking lot with a sobbing stranger who is crying so hard he can't even say his name.  

I hold their hands, and tell them that in the great realm of Heaven, it's all known and accounted for. They don't suffer alone. Indeed, we all suffer with them, because they are a part of us, and they have been harmed physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually by military service. 

Sadly, broken as they are, they too often come home and harm others, or harm themselves, or "fail to adjust" or as a young friend did just last year, hang themselves in the garage once they get back home. 

We've got to wake up and we've got to say, "No!".

These men and now, women, are being ritualistically abused in the name of military discipline. If they are not physically raped, as many are, they are nonetheless reduced and compromised and battered and brain-washed beyond belief. 

We cannot stand around and let the Perpetrators of these "traditions" continue. They cannot be allowed to fill the senior ranks of our military by a process of secret love relationships and blackmail. 

Babylon fell, Greece fell, Rome fell, Nazi Germany fell, Britain is falling --- and if we don't face reality, America will fall, too. 

Ancient Sparta fell first to a slave rebellion; the warriors were away fighting, and the slaves just took over and raped the wives and retrained the children. The final death blow was struck when the Visigoths arrived and did the same to the slaves. 

Sparta, that once-proud and independent city, that stood virtually alone against the vastness of the Persian Empire, was reduced to flames and left vacant, its pale stones like half-buried bones in the clay, trampled on by fur-clad, club-carrying Visigoths. 

All (military) glory is fleeting.  

The glory of love, of righteous action, of compassion, of wisdom, of courage, these victories of the heart are what remain. 

We ask for every man and woman now alive to examine their hearts and engage their minds, to admit their full experience in life, to grapple with their demons, and to emerge victorious. 

We've told bitter truths here today, and bitter they remain; still, we cannot solve a problem we cannot see, or salve a wound if we don't know it exists. 

The practice of sodomy as a "military tradition" has to end. We must free our soldiers from it, and free ourselves of the cultural consequences, too.  

Most of all, we have to stop thinking that this sudden "Rainbow Revolution" is a result of liberalism or a matter of personal choice in the bedroom.  

This is the predictable and known result of an evil practice of institutionalized sodomy in military circles; it is designed to embarrass and subjugate and compromise individuals on a lifetime basis. And it has to be stopped, once and for all. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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May 11th 2024

International Public Notice: Check the History

 By Anna Von Reitz

On April 12th 1861, Abraham Lincoln issued an "Executive Declaration" allowing the Northern Forces at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, to fire on Confederate Forces.  

He was acting as the President of a corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, when he did this. 

No Declaration of War by any Congress authorized to Declare War on behalf of this country--- as required by all three Federal Constitutions--- was ever issued.  

This made the American Civil War into a clear-cut Mercenary Conflict and an illegal as well as unlawful action from Day One. 

You may search for a proper Declaration of War for a lifetime; no such action was ever taken and no recourse to The Law of War is possible then or at any time thereafter, because after the hostilities ceased, there was no longer a Congress competent to declare war seated.  

Two years later, in the spring of 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared the United States of America, Incorporated, bankrupt.  The day before, he had issued General Order 100, the very first Executive Order, and made the Union Army responsible for the fate of our country. 

This bankrupt British Territorial Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated (1863), was replaced by a Scottish Corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" in 1868. 

This Scottish Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated, operated from 1868 to 1907 when it was bankrupted and ceased operation.   

At this point, the Perpetrators  gave up the pretense that they were operating under The Articles of Confederation.

They were and remained "at war" -- that is, commercial "war" with the Municipal Corporation in charge of the Federal Civil Service for another thirty years. 

In 1937, these two corporations operating the military and the civil service, respectively, got together and signed The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.  

They began colluding in full earnest against their American Employers and began a rampage under color of law and in gross breach of trust, with both corporations setting up redundant services and  administrations, so that we have had, for example, the Municipal "DOD" and the Territorial Department of Defense running in tandem this entire time, and been soaked for all the expense of both.  

In 1946, these colluding corporations set themselves up to occupy most of the world as "Territorial Forces", and settled in to pillage The United States, the former Commonwealth, most of Europe, Japan, and numerous other parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  

They spent American assets and credit to rebuild the war-torn world after the Second World War, and assigned their War debts and investment costs to the American people; when it came time to pay back the private assets that they borrowed, they welched on it and have been running and evading that necessity since 2005. 

The Bretton Woods agreements were "vacated" in 1971, though the "U.S. Military" continued on its rampage of occupying the western world as a Raj-like British Territorial Mercenary Service.  

Throughout this period, 1868 to present, the British Territorial Federal Subcontractor has been running a financial theft and embezzlement scam on our shores, based on personage (impersonating living people as "Persons") and barratry (the crime of knowingly bringing charges against these Legal Fiction Entities). 

Those in charge of this illegal military occupation have licensed and otherwise controlled many professions that are occupations of common right, and have conscripted doctors, attorneys, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, and others, as "Uniformed Officers" obligated to serve in a "civilian military".   

They deployed the Bar Attorneys as "civilian military officers" to open foreign Equity Courts on our shores and use these to illegally confiscate assets belonging to Americans under Pretense of War.  They also used Medical Doctors to set up their Personage Scheme by registering American babies as U.S. Citizens,  and more recently, used them to inject millions of helpless trusting people with deadly "vaccines".  

These two corporations, the modern day equivalents of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, have been operating our military forces as mercenary forces and weaponizing the Federal Civil Service since 1861, and they have all been operated under color of law to the detriment of the entire world.  

Read that as many times as you need to.  

Now that they are exposed, these quasi-military operations are trying to make themselves look like heroes, and are offering up the Bar Attorneys and Doctors and Police they conscripted and employed to do their Dirty Work as scapegoats.  

It is a little known fact that most police officers are members of the Freemasonic Lodges, so when these "White Hats"  go after the Freemasons, they are actually going after the domestic police -- one of the few forces that could organize against them. 

These corporations and their military operatives should not be allowed to go forward with any blood bath against their former employees, as they are just as guilty--- or more so--- themselves. 

Who is more guilty?  The man who commits a crime thinking that he is upholding the law, or the man who knowingly voids the law and orders someone else to commit the crime?  

It's time for healing and an end to deceit and game playing.  

The quasi-military forces still want to control everything and everyone in the name of keeping us "safe" but they have themselves proven to be the most constant source of strife and endangerment we face. 

If they are willing to come home and submit to the authority of the actual government of this country, they can be given amnesty.  Otherwise they are just a rogue mercenary force on the land and pirates on the sea. 

Their promises that "we will be happy" (as genetically lobotomized robots) are not worth words or paper, and all the blood-letting they propose to do against their own employees is just more of the diabolical hypocrisy we are all too familiar with. 

They hired and directed these Bar Attorneys to embezzle from us and defraud us in foreign courts. They told everyone that our government was "missing" and that they had to "occupy" our country for our "safety" and then pretended that we were "Enemy Combatants" in a non-existent "war".   

They cashiered our assets and used them for their own benefit as collateral backing their debts and used our credit to promote and build all these underground bases and the Secret Space Force, too.  

Now they are charging us for destroying all the underground bases our money paid for.  

You see how this goes?  

First, they fleece us and misappropriate the value of our labor and other assets to build all these underground facilities, then, they destroy all these underground facilities they built using our money, and charge us for that "service", too.  

They ordered the doctors, their civilian "Uniformed Officers", to inject us with the Covid 19 "vaccine" and have thus far killed more than a billion people --- and they are blaming the doctors for this, when they licensed and conscripted these doctors and when these "vaccines" were developed under their own auspices. 

Because we have been trusting and "asleep" for all these years, they think we are stupid; so it is necessary to tell them that nobody is buying this Hollywood narrative of theirs, making them out to be grand heroes. 

They are more like sentries caught sleeping on the job, or, even more apt, caught shaking down whoever happened to pass by.  

Nobody should believe this hokum that they are spinning, trying to make themselves look like heroes.

They are not heroes and war is not glorious; war since 1861 is exactly what Smedley Butler said it is: "a racket".  

It's long overdue for the illegal U.S. Army Occupation to end and for our American Military Forces to resume their honorable status as a national military service --- not cheap mercenary whores doing the bidding of oil companies and rubber plantation owners. 

The civilian population must be set free without further ado.  The civilian government must be respected, protected, and assisted. Transparent public elections have to be held. And blood baths to provide "a show of Justice" have to be avoided. 

There has already been far too much death and destruction and we have no need for more of what we never wanted in the first place.  

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

We won't tolerate any wholesale haphazard slaughter of doctors, lawyers, or police (Freemasons) and won't pay for any such services.  

The idea recently expressed by Pascal Najadi that White Hats are going to sweep through the streets and summarily execute millions of people--- quote:  "Bang! Shot in the head." may be the way the White Hats operate, but it's not the way we operate in this country.  We are likely to forget who the "White Hats" are, and start shooting the obvious attackers. 

Everyone is owed Due Process and nobody is guilty simply because they are a member of a profession that was commandeered and used to commit crimes against humanity under force and color of law. 

The U.S. Military acting as a foreign Territorial and Mercenary Force is guilty of illegally occupying this country, guilty of commandeering, misdirecting, and coercively managing all these "civilian military" Uniformed Officers to commit these crimes against us and against our people and our country and our government. 

Our eyes are wide open and our backs are up.  

It's time for the U.S. Army in all its forms to admit its failings and complicity in these crimes, and ask for amnesty and forgiveness.  Also time to get back in its box and stop this "narrative" nonsense. 

We know who has been screwing us.  We don't need to be told that Uncle Sam didn't really mean anything by patting our bottom and fondling our breasts, oh, in fact, he had a Grand Plan and was just trying to "draw the criminals out" for another sixty years....  

We don't need any tales about JFK surviving the attack in Dallas, or Princess Di surviving the wreck in Paris, either.  Just stop. 

All these lies are repugnant and below the dignity of grown men.  We don't need and we don't want any "show" of Justice.  We don't want a "show" of any kind.  

We want practical, peaceful, honest action returning our purloined assets and our autonomy. Not some infantile displaced Blame Game leading to more bloodshed and disruption.  

Peace is the very least that the Constitutions and basic decency demand. 

Give us back our stuff, honor your obligation to protect this country and its people, release and redirect the "civilian military", and clear the way forward without any more drama or violence.

This is what is requested and required of the U.S. Military, including the Space Force. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 11th 2024


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