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Monday, January 18, 2021

Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY

(Natural News) Because of the increasing popularity of the Situation Update podcast, information came my way that lays out a path for justified optimism on what’s coming in the days ahead.

As I say in the podcast, “I now know what Lin Wood knows.” This statement does not in any way imply that Lin Wood is the source of this information, because he isn’t. It’s just that Lin Wood’s unfettered optimism now makes total sense to me.

As Scott Kesterson recently said in his Bards FM podcast, the DC military encampment is actually a holding facility for enemies of America, and it will soon host military tribunals.

Once that happens, the radical Left will engage in Chinese weapons-augmented kinetic attacks on the US Capitol. These are not attacks by Chinese troops, but rather by radicalized Leftists — long since radicalized by the left-wing media — wielding weapons which have been smuggled into the United States by the CCP. Those weapons include:

  • Full-auto drop-in trigger upgrades for AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. (Some of these shipments have already been interdicted by Customs and Border Protection, as we have previously covered. See one press release from the CBP here.)
  • RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades, used by enemy forces to attack fortified positions or armored vehicles.)
  • 60mm mortars, allowing attacking enemy forces to theoretically strike the Capitol Building or White House through indirect fire from range. These are known in the modern military as M224 mortars, which reportedly have a range of several thousand meters.
  • Rifle suppressors, which allow more covert operations by enemy forces.
  • Club-K concealed rockets and missile systems, hidden on standard shipping containers and boasting ranges of a few miles to 100+ miles, depending on the weapon.

In today’s Situation Update, I warn that if these missile systems are deployed, their most likely targets will be US power grid infrastructure and military installations. China may even attempt to detonate an EMP weapon over North America to take down the national power grid. Just in case this happens, be prepared to survive in a grid-down scenario (and pray it doesn’t happen).

The Third Option

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ben Fulford says that the rest of the world doesn't want to work with either "side" of the present "US" Government. Multiple diplomatic delegations have told me the same thing.
They don't want to deal with Joe Biden because he is a crook and a creepy old white man who abuses power.
There is no gainsaying why the other countries don't want to work with him; they don't, and that's their stated reason why.
They don't want to work with Trump, either, because from their point of view, he is an evil old white man who never compromises about anything, ever.
Just telling you, again, what they tell me.
Speaking for the American Experience with these entities, we all have reason to hold both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States government corporations at arm's length. And wear rubber gloves.
Once you understand the Big Picture, several glaring facts protrude above the confusion and nastiness on all sides.
Fact One: The Municipal Government is trying to parasitize the Territorial Citizenry, and the Territorial Government is fighting back. We, Americans, are Third Parties, as we are not U.S. Citizens, but their plan is obviously to pretend that we are, and to draw us into the middle of their dogfight.
Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, acting as a single Plaintiff, has named all "Citizens of the United States of America" as Defendants in a court suit seeking to steal all but $1000 of your checking and savings accounts, and to latch onto your 401K's?
They don't call her "Nasty Nancy" for nothing.
We should all hate her guts, and I trust that having read the foregoing, you now have a better appreciation for why.
Fact Two: Bill Gates and Cronies in Britain and within the "Holy Roman Empire" have hatched a new Unlawful Conversion Scheme.
The "vaccination" they are pushing is not a vaccination. It's an implant procedure to insert a piece of their own patented mRNA into the natural genome of individual living people. This procedure will unlawfully (but legally) convert the victims into Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO's, that can be claimed as property assets and owned. As slaves and DEBTORS.
It's a process of branding people like cattle, and claiming them on what these idiots think of as "Open Range", because they miss the fact that our government never went anywhere and didn't cease to exist and is now in Session --- so in fact, all those "cows" are already wearing the American Brand. And they, the Perpetrators of this Scheme, are Rustlers facing the Death Penalty.
Fact Three: Just as I told you all, the Holy Roman Empire and their pals in Britain operating the Government of Westminster, are parasites that have caused 95% of all the misery and warfare in the world for the past 400 years. And just as I told you, these parasites decided to move to a new host, China. They have been doing everything they could to sell out America and leave nothing but their garbage behind.
Now, from the standpoint of all the rest of us, it's high time to recognize the source of all these problems, and put an end to them.
If the Catholics and the Brits won't do their own clean up, it will be left to a consortium of other nations to do their job for them---- but at least we can be assured that the job of mopping up the Roman Empire is finally complete, and we are all agreed that slavery is outlawed in every jurisdiction and under every form of law.
After 3000 years of disagreement on this point, it's time to settle it.
Fact Four: The Americans are not "the US" in any form, and never were.
Both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States are nothing but foreign, privately-owned corporations in the business of providing governmental services. The details of their service contracts are published as The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America. And both these foreign Federal Subcontractors are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.
It follows that any arguments among his airy-fairy corporations are to be settled promptly by him with no further acrimony or inconvenience or endangerment offered against their innocent erstwhile Employers--- the American States and People. And if that is not the immediate result, it's Pope Francis's fault.
There is nobody else to blame, unless he cares to blame the Queen and the Lord Mayor for their despicable parts in all of this.
There is this silver lining --- we all now know, or have cause to know, who the real Perpetrators are, and it's not the Americans. It's not even the Chinese.
Fact Five: The actual American Government has stirred its stumps and there is no longer any reason for anyone to surmise, claim, or presume that the Municipal United States and its Board of Directors is "representing" us, or that the Territorial Government ----as the Pledge of Allegiance says, is "standing for" us --- when our States of the Union are in Session.
It's self-evident that you don't send a Proxy to a meeting that you are attending yourself, and you don't need "representation" when you are present yourself.
We are here. Present and accounted for. Provenance intact.

So, here's the Third Option that everyone is searching for so desperately. Deal with the actual American Government of, for, and by the People of this country: The United States of America.


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A Question Has Arisen

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's a predictable question.  How could a woman do anything under Roman Civil Law?  Women had no standing in Rome, or so the story goes. 

In fact, women had standing in Rome, and could own property,  if they were single, widowed, or acting with their husband's grant of agency-- in other words, if he appointed his wife to act for him, a woman could run businesses, cast proxy votes by messenger, and do anything else her husband could do, provided that she did this with his permission and grant of agency.   

And that is what my husband did many years ago.   

He granted me his agency in all jurisdictions and venues of the law, and he signed this before Witnesses, both Public Notaries and private witnesses, and he recorded the same and published it in both international and global jurisdictions. 

So, nothing I have done is improper in any venue of the law and I have standing for all my actions in all forms of law.  

Anyone who thinks that I am "incompetent" to bring charges under Roman Civil Law will be gravely mistaken, and anyone who thinks that  they will dispense with my charges upon such an objection needs to rethink their own position as the would-be Defenders of criminality and fraud. 

The Patriarchs of Rome today pride themselves on keeping their tradition.  Well, then, respect the tradition of the wife's agency, too.  When you speak to me, you speak to him.  When I sign a document, I sign it with his authority.  When I call down the Fates upon the injustices of Rome and use the Roman Civil Law to do it, I am acting within the bounds of the Roman Civil Law itself and am acting for my husband, the hereditary Head of State for The United States of America, Gaul, and Powys, and he is known as Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac in France and Powys, James Clinton Belcher in America.  

Check your own records and check your own facts. 

America was named after the Amoricans, one of our clans.  The Great Seals of both the United States and The United States of America  stand under our coats of arms and trademarks.  

There is no doubt that to this day we have undefeated and unabridged standing to act in defense of and are able to provide administration for this country, and are not obligated to bow to any other sovereign entity on Earth, nor are we obligated to allow the continued deplorable mis-administration of our delegated powers, especially when those powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  

Now, therefore, let this be additional Public Notice to the Patriarchs of Rome and members of the Roman Curia --- fraud vitiates everything, and those who have defrauded the American States and People must surrender the purloined assets and titles and charters obtained by fraud, together with the rents, fees, and taxes, pension funds, and investments of all kinds that have been tainted by this fraud. 

Let it also be published and let it stand upon the Public Record that the Municipal Government of the United States does not and cannot represent the civilian government of this country when the actual States of the Union are in Session---which they presently are,  and also let it be widely known that the Municipal United States was never granted any such duty or power of representation by The United States of America.   

Those issues and performances are subject to review.  

Anna Maria Riezinger

The United States of America


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You Think I'm Crazy? Wait for It..... Wait for It.....

 By Anna Von Reitz

For several weeks, I have been pointing out the obvious --- the profit motive of the corporations (and that means the Municipal Government and that means the Holy Roman Empire and that means, ultimately, the Roman Pontiff) involved in the virus scam and the push for vaccinations. 

First and Second Base are very authoritatively explained here: 

"The" reason you can't talk about "the" virus on social media is that the virus and the tests for it and the vaccines and everything associated with it ---- all that ---- is protected by patents.  

You have to have their permission to talk about "It".  That is why you are being censored. 

And the patents that the social media corporations and many scientists are afraid of infringing upon are really the whole point of this fiasco -- not just the reason that you are being censored. 

Third and Fourth Base are simple, basic, logical extrapolations---- pathways well-worn by past experience with the Vermin.  

Remember that I told you --- these people are not actually creative at all?  They just find a scam that works and repeat, repeat, repeat?  

So, what did they do in the 1930's to gain access to our individual credit and foist their debts off on to us?   

Unlawful conversion.  

They unlawfully converted you from being an American to being a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and then converted the British Territorial U.S. Citizen into a Municipal CORPORATION that they could own and abuse however they liked.     

My point is that a process of identity theft and unlawful conversion was used  back then, so why wouldn't they try the same basic schtick again?  And, as it happens, that is exactly what they are proposing.  More unlawful conversion.     

What they seized upon in the 1930's and unlawfully converted was your name. 

Now, they are attempting to seize upon your genome, and working to unlawfully convert your unique DNA into a Genetically Modified version that they can patent and own.  

It's stupidly simple, really.  

They patent a piece of genetically engineered mRNA, they use a fake pandemic as motivation and excuse to get people to accept being "vaccinated", and they inject their patented piece of mRNA into your genetic code.  

They can then claim to own you at a cellular level.  And since you agreed to this "voluntarily" you don't even have a basis to object. 

They can then exercise their patents to abuse you however they wish.   

This is why none of us can stand around and put up with this criminality any longer.  

Slavery in all its forms has been abolished, banned, outlawed in every venue and every jurisdiction since 1926, except for one --- and it's time for it to be abolished in the realm of commerce, too.  

If we want these corporations (and the men and women running them) to behave, the simplest and most effective means of control is to deny them their profit motives.   

If they can't make money doing something repugnant, they won't do it.  

There are other things we can do, too, to discourage this sort of thing from ever happening again.  

We can destroy corporations that engage in unlawful activities.  

We can force such corporations to be placed under new management.  We can confiscate their assets.  We can nationalize them for the Public Good.  We can liquidate them and sell their assets off in a piecemeal fashion.  We can arrest their Board Members and their Officers.  We can pierce the corporate veil that protects these Bad Actors. We can seize upon their personal fortunes and distribute their wealth to their victims.  

We can exercise our own "delegated powers" and completely uproot the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We can clap the Patent Clerks that allowed this scheme in irons. 

Our Admiralty Law hasn't changed since 1860.  (Yes, Virginia, there is always a silver lining.) 

If I worked at the USPTO and approved any of this package of novel coronavirus patents, I'd be sweating like a dog in Wuhan, China.


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PresTrump’s proclamation naming Jan 22nd National Sanctity of Human Life Day:

The Son of the Swamp Foxes

 By Anna Von Reitz

"The viruses are spread by horribly antiquated.... sewage treatment plants...." 

In lakes and rivers all over the county, the government is spreading pollution and sewage without limit.  Government officials are stuffing their pockets with money meant to upgrade waste management and water remediation capacity, dumping their untreated sewage into the country's waterways-- then laughing all the way to the bank. 

And nobody can stop them, because they are the ones who are being paid to stop this pollution.  Like that?  We are paying them big bucks for sewage treatment, waste management, upgrading delivery systems, water and wetland remediation ---- and instead, they are the ones dumping, dumping, dumping. 

Want to talk about carbon remediation?  Methane gas?  These shameless hypocrites are among the worst polluters on the planet and they are doing nothing to curb or change or improve anything.  They are just swaggering around dictating to and guilting everyone else, while their own filth clogs our air, our water, our soil, and our TV channels. 

Doesn't matter how you look at it --- industrial pollution, sewage, solvents, prescription drugs, biological wastes of all kinds, plastics, radioactive isotopes, slaughterhouse leavings, blood by the millions of gallons, filth of all kinds is being dumped on our land and into our water by people on our payrolls and their crony subcontractors.    

Wastes from the aluminum industry, including Fluoride and Chlorine are being sold to these schmucks by their cronies, as "valuable additives" to drinking water, even though these additives are known poisons that kill our adrenal glands and nervous systems. 

And if we are wise, it then costs us thousands of dollars to install sophisticated filtration systems to remove the gunk that they charged us to add to our drinking water.   

Freshkills, the infamous New York City Garbage Island is the largest man-made structure on Earth.  It dwarfs the Great Wall of China.  And you all think this isn't a ticking time bomb?  You don't care?  

One of these days there's going to be a whole new definition of "Wall Street".  

God knows virtually none of your tax money is going to fix this situation or update sewage treatment facilities or to improve water and sewer service delivery systems. Virtually nothing is being spent on water or wetlands remediation.  It's all being siphoned off by dirty politicians or simply not added as a budget item, so that money that should be allocated to waste management is "made available" for the politician's pet projects.  

Outta sight, outta mind -- but straight into your cooking pots, on your tooth brushes, your vegetables, polluting your bodies and ruining your health the same way it pollutes and ruins the biosphere we all live in. 

They don't care about your health.  How much they don't care about your health is evident once you start looking around, so the rank hypocrisy of wanting people to wear masks like some sick Woody Allen hypochondriac character while we are practically wading and certainly smelling the sludge is nothing but pathetic.  Our world is dying, and they don't care.  

Wuhan, China, and New York City have exactly the same sewage problems. Exactly the same.   

This is a topic of concern that every American must undertake for the sake of their sanity and health.  The government is dumping billions upon billions of gallons of polluted water, untreated sewage, straight into our surface waters. And that, far more than any single puny SARS virus, is a threat to your health, your agriculture, and everything else.  

So it's time to get out the pitchforks and apply liberally to both Democrats and Republicans, because they are all guilty of the same sins and doing the same filthy, unspeakable, rotten things to the Earth.  And to us.  

For all those who complain about me, meet my friend, Judson Witham.  He will tune you up and tune you into "stuff's been going on" that will finish curling your hair and wake up whatever other zombie cells are still sleeping in your brains. He's the Son of the Swamp Foxes of the Canadian Border and he is certainly living up to his heritage and name.  

Much of his attention centers on the Eastern Seaboard and Great Lakes, but what he rants about can be extended westward all the way to the West Coast and certainly down to the Gulf.  So don't let his pieces about Lake George and Lake Champlain fool you into thinking that this is some isolated local problem. 

Regrettably, it's not.  

And right after that, buckle your seat belts for a veritable cascade of economic and monetary wrong-doing faithfully reported, explained, documented, and served up for all to see.  

When I was a kid they used to have Smorgasbords on every other street corner, all you can eat places where the tables groaned under the weight of the harvest.  Well, once you step into the Swamp Fox's world, you will feel like you, too, are at a banquet --- a banquet of information that's important and that you will never find anywhere else.  

Here's a start: 


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