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Monday, May 13, 2013


The following article raises some interesting questions concerning the concept of "religious liberty".
Written by Jack Minor for WND and published last night it shows a disturbing trend that those who call themselves Christians are being persecuted in some degree or as they put it there has been some "recent trends against Christians" in the military.

While I agree that there should be no "law regarding an establishment of religion" enshrined in the laws of our country, there is also room for discussion about the whole concept of "religious liberty".

There can only be one true religion, just as there can only be one true creator God.
If God had an equal, He would stop being God.

Likewise there can only be one true faith. One can not set up falsehood on an equal footing with truth.

"By their fruits shall ye recognize them".

So it remains for each one of us to find that truth, then embrace it, and live by it.

We must make sure that the religion we profess is Divine in origin, not man made, as is Islam.

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Why will the dollar crash? What are the reasons for a total world re-alignment of currencies?

Over two years ago I heard that there would be, at some point, a total world realignment and revaluation of currencies and at the same time a crash of the federal reserve note compared to other currencies around the world.  Since then I have been watching many different factors that seem to fall into place to back that up, but have not been able to see the big picture as to what might really happen, or clear evidence that these revaluations and realignments are happening, that is until I ran across this article.

TF Metals Report has put together a serious accumulation of research and conclusions that fit with everything I have heard and seen to date that leads me to believe it is about to happen, and not only will precious metals go through the roof, but other paper currencies will go way up in relation to the US federal reserve note, to the point that it will become almost worthless.  You need to read this report and I would like to know if you agree with their conclusions and mine about what is coming and very soon. Please comment on this article at the comments link below.