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Saturday, October 31, 2020

A Public Announcement About the Bonds

 By Anna Von Reitz

With the exception of the Private Indemnity Bond issued for the benefit of the States, all Bonds and Liens issued by the Fiduciary Office of The United States of America--- meaning our unincorporated Federation of States which has been doing business since 1776 and which is fully trademarked and operating under our direction and under our unencumbered Great Seal ---- are not "Contract Bonds" though there are underlying contracts in the form of Treaties and Commercial Service Contracts known as Constitutions involved---- nor are they "Equity Bonds".
These are Criminal Bonds assessed for damages against Commercial Corporations operating in Municipal Jurisdictions --- and then, in a step-by-step fashion, similar bonds and liens have been established against the Territorial Corporations that have been colluding with these traitors to Humanity.
Everything that "the" United States has amassed is forfeit, because: (1) it was never theirs to begin with, and (2) because they failed their usufructuary duty miserably and repeatedly, and (3) they acted in Gross Breach of Trust, and (4) they violated the terms of their Commercial Service Contracts, and (5) they knowingly trespassed on our land and soil to do all this damage and (6) most damnably, they used constructive and institutionalized fraud against their employers as their means to gain control and advantage of their employers and their employer's assets.
Under Roman Civil Law, fraud vitiates everything, and so it has.
Thus, even though violation of commercial service contracts occurred, the resulting bonds are not Contract Bonds.
The bonds and liens we have published regarding the debts of such entities as the STATE OF ALASKA and FRANCISCUS and other United States and Municipal franchises worldwide exist because the perpetrators committed gross crimes against us, because they were given Due Process, because their acts were adjudicated in a lawful Court of Record----and they were found guilty as charged and Final Judgement was rendered and published internationally.
These bonds and liens against known criminal organizations exist and are valid because there is no Statute of Limitations on crimes of fraud. The damage referenced goes back to 1860 and includes the election of Abraham Lincoln and all that subsequently followed afterward.
The agencies of the Pope knew and had every cause to know that that 1860 election was taking place under conditions of fraud and deceit, and that action was required of them under The Constitution of the United States to protect our persons and property assets--- yet, they chose to ignore their duty and instead willfully chose to promote and participate in the resulting melee.
They made no effort to inform or educate the public, nor did they reveal the underlying circumstance prior to the Civil War, and they did nothing to inform, repair, or assist their Employers after the Civil War.
Instead, they chose to provide the Scottish Commercial Interlopers who infringed upon our Good Name to create an incorporated doppelganger and who operated under our name as "The United States of America"---Incorporated, with a loyal opposition to play against, and provided a means by which both sides grossly profited themselves at the cost of their employers.
Now, therefore, the United States and the UNITED STATES ----neither one of which have anything much to do with our country and its people represented by The United States, which is our unincorporated Union of States--- have been accused, tried, and convicted and they have been sued for the return of all of the property, all of the rights, titles, and interests, and all of the assets owed to the States and People of this country.
And bonds for their crimes have been placed upon them as security for their performance. This bonding process includes the IMF, the BIS, the IBRD, the World Bank, and the FEDERAL RESERVE, as well as all the foreign STATE OF STATE organizations, such as the STATE OF ILLINOIS, and the equally foreign State of State organizations such as the Territorial entities doing business as the State of Illinois, the State of Florida, and so on.
As part of their ruse, they pretended that the illegal mercenary conflict that they helped to spawn on our shores in the 1860's was ongoing, and that the absence of the American organization doing business as the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic, our American Federal Subcontractor, was indicative of an ongoing "emergency" that enabled them and their cohorts to claim "emergency powers" which do not exist.
In fact, there were never two sides to the American Civil War conflict. There was only the Pope's Municipal Government franchise dba "the United States" fighting with the Pope's Territorial Government franchise dba "the" United States of America, Inc.
To promote their schemes, they adopted an institutionalized and grossly fraudulent doubled-ended impersonation racket on our shores.
In the first step, the Proper Names of American babies born in one of the States of the Union were seized upon and registered as the names of British Territorial United States Citizens, also known as U.S. Citizens.
Divested of their nationality in contravention of both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, these Americans were also divested and alienated from their Constitutional Guarantees. U.S. Citizens are not party to any Constitution and have never had any constitutional guarantees.
This then appeared to release the perpetrators from their obligations under the constitutions to protect the persons and assets of the States and People.
Next, the Pope's Territorial lackeys working for the United States of America, Incorporated, turned over the names of Americans to the Pope's Municipal Government corporation doing business as the United States, Incorporated, and they proceeded to play role and word-play games as to which entity was which.
The Pope's Municipal Corporation seized upon the names of the purported British Territorial U.S. Citizens and created Municipal franchises named after the victims of this scheme, too.
An American born as Mary Jane Roberts would be seized upon while still a babe in her cradle, mischaracterized as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, then sold into bondage to the Pope's Municipal Corporation, which issued clearinghouse certificates in the name of her ESTATE --- MARY JANE ROBERTS, and they diversified this purloined and merely presumed-to-exist entity into a Public Transmitting Utility named MARY J. ROBERTS and a Public Charitable Trust named MARY ROBERTS, and so on.
They further complicated matters in their favor by later claiming that the owners of these Proper Names "disappeared" and were "lost" and had waived their birthright estate, thus leaving behind an intestate infant decedent estate trust for the perpetrators to administer, and giving rise to False Claims to the effect that the American victims of this scheme had Abandoned their Assets in international jurisdiction and left them as free chattel to be claimed under international maritime salvage liens.
None of this has anything to do with religion or race or anything beyond illegal and unlawful mercenary profit. It has to do with purposeful institutionalized fraud, inland piracy, conspiracy against the Constitutions -- both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America, unlawful conversion of land jurisdiction assets, racketeering under color of law, illegal mercenary wars against peaceful civilian populations, and all based on the non-consensual, unconscionable, and undisclosed conferring of foreign citizenship obligations on American babies.
In 1998 we stood up and properly identified ourselves as victims of this scheme and asserted our birthright political status without objection from anyone including the then-Pope and the Queen; from 1998 to 2014, we served Due Process and initiated proceedings against the United States, resulting in the published Final Judgement and Civil Orders issued in April 2014.
Other actions were taken by our Courts of Record and properly maintained and given Due Process resulting in the final lawful conversion and return of our soil assets to The United States and our land and sea assets to The United States of America ---- both of which are unincorporated, and to the States and People of this country.
So, we own the IMF and all these other banks, as they exist on the basis of our assets and operate under our delegated powers---- delegated powers which we have graciously received back by Operation of Law from the former Federal Republic, the UNITED STATES, INC., and the United States of America, Inc., upon their entry into bankruptcy.
And we direct the Bankruptcy Trustees to scrupulously honor our land patents and prerogatives in the international jurisdiction on the land and on the sea, and we require the return and assignment of all land patents to the States and to the People they belong to, the orderly return of all assets held in trust, the settlement of all clearinghouse certificates, and an end to all and any fraudulently constructed claims otherwise made by the World Trust.
Our land and soil is not abandoned and never was.
One final technicality has recently been settled. Because our lawful unincorporated Federation of States has not been in Session since the 1860s, the applications for Statehood submitted to us to become States of the Union during the Civil War and afterward, have been in an odd quasi-Territorial status. They have operated as States-Under-Contract, but have not enjoyed the full status and prerogatives of other States of the Union.
Vast tracts of public property in these States have remained under the custodianship of the Territorial Government pending the final enrollment of these States as States of the Union.
All fifty of our qualified State Assemblies are now in Session, including the necessary State Assemblies of those States that became States of the Union prior to the Civil War. These State Assemblies have acknowledged, accepted, and elected to enroll the States formed during and after the Civil War as States of the Union having equal standing, rights, and prerogatives as any other State of the Union and as full members of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
This action ends any presumption of Territorial custodial interest in these States and also ends any fallacious claim that these States of the Union are enclaves of the United States.
And as the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the IBRD were all funded based on our assets and in our names, they and their subsidiaries including the IMF all belong to us and we are their Primary Creditors and they are subject to our disposition, not to any Bankruptcy or Bank Trustees or middlemen including owners of corporations, who are all ultimately on our payroll and are our dependents.
We have directed the Trustees to bring forward the Unseen Ledger and to allocate the patents, trademarks, and copyrights and also the associated assets and credit to the accounts of the living people and lawful depositors--their heirs and assigns-- to whom these assets belong.
This communication has been published worldwide and sent via email to the Pope, to President Donald Trump, the Lord Mayor of London, the Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Karen Hudes.
The American People and States have suffered greatly at the hands of their own employees. This gross travesty is at an end.
The actual States and People are here, alive, present and accounted for. All United States Land Patents have been seized upon and reissued as of November 2015 and are now allocated to the fifty States of the Union.

Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Pompeo and all Interpol Officers are requested and required to arrest any and all Legal Persons who have knowingly and willingly conspired in this scheme to mischaracterize and defraud the American People; this includes Territorial and Municipal employees who have been informed and still failed their duties, hired jurists who have knowingly profited themselves by bilking the fraudulently created public trusts, and all those who have used these aforesaid described pretenses and instrumentalities for purposes of unjust enrichment.


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No.1, the PCR test is “practically useless,” as the amount of virus in up to 90% of tests is so “minuscule that the patient was asymptomatic and posed no threat to others;”

No. 2, a positive is NOT a case;

No. 3, only 6% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 are due exclusively to the virus.

No. 4, less than 1% of positive cases are potentially life threatening;

No. 5, according to the CDC, 85% of positive cases wore masks always or often;

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SOURCE: Ron Paul Institute October 28, 2020