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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holding "Republican" feet to the fire

Will Montana Republicans stand on their own platform?

This is a report an analysis of the possible fallout from the "Republican" convention held in Missoula in mid June. Why is it important? Only because it might decide the future of freedom in Montana. Our state is being looked at as a pattern for power takeover by the socialists, and they are dumping millions into Montana campaigns to keep their lacky Democrats in power, but are the "Republican" candidates much different?

Step 1 is to read this report by Gary Marbut on some of the events that took place at the convention.

Step 2 is to read the new platform put in place the same weekend by the platform convention. I was a voting delegate from Lincoln County, and this is probably one of the best platforms the Montana Republican party has ever written, which is NOT to say that it couldn't be vastly improved, but people who study the founding principles of our country are in the minority in these kinds of meetings, and that is sad because freedom hangs in the balance, and most people's understanding of what has made us free and kept us free falls far short of the understanding people had in the days of the founders. That is not to say it's not improving. People are waking up fast because they are feeling the pain of loss of freedom and loss of prosperity, and that is what enabled us to get the planks into the platform that can make a difference.

Read the new platform here:

The key to this is to get the candidates and office holders to conduct themselves according to the platform.
In recent years it seems Republicans who hold office, by and large, ignore the platform and just go on their way and do whatever they want, and NOBODY calls them on it.

This article is a call to action. If you call yourself a Republican, then you should live by the platform of the Republican Party, which was put in place by the official platform convention consisting of duly elected representatives from every participating county central committee, which should be recognized at the state level by every Republican in Montana, and should be promoted by every Republican at every level in Montana. I am not saying this platform doesn't have errors and faults. I would eliminate anything that smells of redistribution of wealth, including everything that uses government to force people to do things that an individual would not be morally right in doing.

Here is a listing of some of the really important parts of the new platform that some candidates are downplaying or downright running away from in an attempt to "sneak" into office.

1. The private ownership of property is a fundamental principle of our constitutional republic and government’s only function is to secure such rights.

2. Minimum interference by government in employer employee relations.

3. Jury rights to judge the law as well as the facts in a case, and that juries must be fully informed.

4. Parents should be allowed to "reasonably discipline their children" without legal consequences.

5. Universities can not deny 2nd amendment rights.

6. Parents rights to choose how to educate their children including home schooling.

7. Life begins at conception.

8. Repeal of Obama care.

9. No amnesty for illegals. Deportation of illegals. Demand the Feds enforce the current laws.

10. Growth policies are NOT regulatory documents and shall not be viewed as such.

11. Protect the property rights of owners from environmental  policies that interfere with their right to use their property as they see fit.

12. Oppose and expose United Nations Agenda 21.

13. Encourage local government to invoke the coordination process with all Federal government agencies.

14. Reaffirms States rights,  individual freedom, and unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals.

15. Marriage ONLY between one man and one woman.

16. Sheriffs first. No federal action without the written permission of the local sheriff.

17. No federal takeover of water in Montana. Any such action a violation of states rights.

18. 10th Amendment vigorously defended by executive branch.

19. Strong defense of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, and all gun rights of the individual.including the prosecution of any agents of government violating that law. Oppose any "gun free zones" except prisons.

20. No US troops under UN command or UN troops on US soil. Get the UN out of the US.

21. Against the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA and against the USA Patriot Act.

22. Supports a full audit of the Federal Reserve, and a sound money system rather than fiat currency.

23. Stands against government control of the internet.

24. Supports the entire RNC resolution against United Nations Agenda 21.

There is much more not listed here but you get the drift. In my opinion all but a few sentences of this platform, with some minor wording changes would be supported by most of the founders of our country if they were around.

So there is the challenge to the candidates who call themselves Republicans. If you refuse to support these provisions you could run the risk of exposing who you really are. Are you really with the majority of Republicans in Montana who have adopted this platform, or should you really be running as an independent or maybe even a Democrat?

Voters, here is your chance to hold the candidates feet to the fire of truth. Make your candidates identify themselves. Ask lots of questions of these people who want to be on your payroll.

Paul Stramer

Lincoln County Republican State Committeeman (twice elected unanimously by the Lincoln County Republican central committee)
Member of the Montana State Republican Central Committee
Montana Republican Platform Committee
Montana Delegate to the State presidential convention from Lincoln County

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