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Monday, May 25, 2020

The Gates of Hell - Elias Alias of the Mental Militia

Holiday Viewing At The Gates Of Hell
Three Videos Which Are Strongly Recommended For
The Mental Militia
Front Row Seating: Bring Your Own Popcorn.

Elias here for The Mental Militia. Please indulge me as I muse for a moment and try to absorb the powerful and fruitful meanings in things I've learned by viewing the following three videos.

These videos are packed with important info about a Draconian life form named Bill Gates. My nickname for him is "The Gates of Hell", and you may quote me on that. If humanity, the Human species, is to survive as a naturally evolving species which is responsive to organic and biologically-based Natural Law, as Creation obviously intended, mankind should know what The Gates of Hell has done and yet continues to plan for and to all humans on Earth.

The following three videos meet all standards required by The Mental Militia and are offered to our readers with my happy confidence in their veracity. They are arrows of truth which may be drawn from Freedom's quiver and fired for effect in the vibratory fields of human consciousness. The mind is the bow, the arrows are knowable truths, and the quiver which holds them is the spiritual warrior's conscience, one's connection with the Soul. Fire at Will.

Knowledge, after all, is power. Right now, knowledge is the only power free people retain in today's Technocratic mass-hypnotized world. All spiritual warfare is fought on the invisible planes of consciousness, dedicated spiritual warriors will have regimented, militia-style, their individual mental states like armies of thoughts, feelings, intuitions, emotions, and psychic attachments to morality, justice, lovingness, gratitude, joy, and all other related attributes of Love's Thought System.

To defend that which was created by, in Jefferson's words, "Nature" or "Nature's God", the spiritual warrior operates on the battlefields of Mind. This is the greatest Psy-Op, and it is fought for the benefit of all individuals everywhere. It is done by sharing a dis-illusioned awareness of reality. The ancient adage is that reality is what remains after all illusion is removed.

The following three videos are revelatory of the reality of Evil as it is wrapped deceptively in the robes of philanthropy and corporate finesse. It is structured on the psychological sacraments of external authority, statism, and man-made governments. It is flanked by corporate interests and financial caprice which funds the high priests of Fear who ritualize Fear's Thought System in the temples of Wall Street and Washington D.C.

But now we know, thanks to "Really Graceful" and the "Corbett Report", among others too numerous to place in one email.

Thank You for reading, and Thank You for viewing!