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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Who Really Owes Who in America?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our Federal Subcontractors are required by their constitutions to operate exclusively on credit, and we, the people and States of the Union, are required to pay our debts in gold and silver.
It was set up that way to ensure that we are the Preferential Creditors of our Employees.
And so we are.
However, the British Monarch, the various Popes since 1860, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London could not resist the temptation offered by the so-called Civil War, to defraud and misrepresent the Americans and the actual American Government.
They set up a system by which --- according to them --- all our physical assets are held in trust by them "for" us, and also in which they, acting as the Presumed Trustees, have the right to distribute our assets and the obligation to invest them.
All without our knowledge or agreement.
So the Americans owe the British and HRE Municipal Federal Subcontractors for the governmental services we contracted to receive from them under our Constitutional Agreements, but we are prevented from paying them and from having access to our own assets by the same self-interested and self-appointed foreign Trustees.
This makes it appear that we are in debt to them, when in fact they are in debt to us for purloining our assets and using our assets as collateral backing their debts.
It's like standing on your own Big Toe and complaining that you can't move.
They have not only commandeered our physical assets and improperly assumed a custodial interest in them, they have stolen our credit and improperly exercised it for their own benefit, using the lame excuse that they don't know who we are or where our American Government went.
According to them, we all just sailed over the horizon, never to be seen again. The self-interested foreign commercial corporations operated by the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor have promoted a scheme to have each one of us declared legally dead, and have plundered and pilfered our estate assets ever since.
Instead of acting in good faith as required by our international treaties with these foreign Principals, and also by the Federal Constitutions that created these Service Providers, the perpetrators have left the General Public of America uninformed, which is the same as Failure to Notify their Employers ---and then used that same failure to justify defrauding their Employers in Breach of Trust, hypothecate debt against their Employers, steal their Employer's credit, and control their Employer's physical assets.
We have arrived back from whatever mental vacation we went on to find our country hijacked into a completely foreign jurisdiction and ourselves being human trafficked by the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor. They have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial service agreements, their treaties, and our constitutions----and via abuse of our credit and the banking system, they have amassed the most stupendous mountain of Odious Debt in history while operating "in our names" and impersonating us.
When faced with this fact, their proposed answer is to: (1) issue an imaginary digital currency based on nothing but recordkeeping of non-existent "virtual dollars", (2) turn their private debt collection agency, the "IRS", into an illegal mercenary force ready to rampage around and terrorize our peaceful civilian population, and (3) engage in surreptitiously buying and destroying the Central Banks of entire countries, using our purloined credit to do it.
This craziness and criminality has to end.
The entire world community is called upon to recognize how this evil has insinuated itself and eaten away at our lawful governments and institutions until a lawless surveillance state has come into being on a worldwide basis and has proposed to oppress and enslave us in the name of protecting us.
The actual American Government has issued an International Notice of Distraint, putting these foreign "service" corporations and their officers, employees, dependents, and FRANCHISES on Notice that their own assets and persons are seized under the Public Law of this country and they will be held individually liable for their actions.

If that isn't enough to put the fear of God in them, it should be.


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International Notice of Distraint Issued to the District Government(s)

 By Anna Von Reitz

Insomuch as the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and IRS (Municipal) are both private debt collection agencies employed by commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, they have no public function or special authority whatsoever and are subject to the same laws and limitations as any other private debt collector.  These  Agencies are subject to both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Truth in Lending Act and the General Public is owed the remedies provided by Regulation Z and Federal Code Exemptions in all cases.  Improper collection practices and failure to honor the remedies provided under Public Law will result in the seizure of corporate properties and personal estates of the offenders. 

This International Notice of Distraint places all Officers of the District Corporations and Municipal Corporations, both, under prohibition and 100% personal and commercial liability for promotion of any racketeering, extortion, or misrepresentation schemes being addressed to members of the General Public within the physical borders of these United States, and serves Notice of Distraint that their personal assets and property are subject to seizure and their persons are subject to arrest if they do not immediately cease and desist activities designed to impersonate members of the General Public of this country as Federal employees or dependents or otherwise as public PERSONS belonging as property to their foreign governments.  

It has come to our attention that the word "Taxpayer" has been converted into a legal term by these same commercial corporations operating as the District Governments, and that in both cases, a "Taxpayer" has been defined as a "Tax Collector" working for either the British Crown, or the Pope, respectively. 

Specifically, a "Taxpayer" with respect to the District of Columbia is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, charged with collecting taxes owed to the British Monarch, and a "Taxpayer" with respect to the Municipal Government is an Officer of the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church, responsible for collecting a "voluntary" tax owed to the Pope, which is an income tax used to pay for the Church's secular crusades. 

It is self-evident that the millions of Americans who have been coerced to file income tax returns and to sign those returns under penalty of perjury as "Taxpayers" have not been given full disclosure of the meaning of "Taxpayer" in either case, and that millions of members of the General Public have been suborned to pay these foreign taxes under color of law and conditions of unwilling perjury because they have not been given full disclosure. 

It is extremely unlikely that any American would purposefully and voluntarily misrepresent himself or herself as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service, nor as an Officer of the Inquisition, if they were simply told what the word "Taxpayer" means in the context of these forms that they are routinely coerced to complete under color of law. 

We also serve Notice of Distraint against  the actions that "President" of the White House Office, Inc., Joseph Biden, has taken in hiring 87,000 additional Agents of the IRS to enforce IRS Code, and training those 87,000 mercenaries on our shores as armed combatants, up to and including sending them to Sniper Schools in anticipation of tax collections under armed force on our shores.  This amounts to a private, foreign, mercenary army on the land and soil of our Several States, proposing to attack American civilians under False Pretenses and acting  in insurrection against our lawful American Government.  

Adhesion contracts created under color of law using purposeful non-disclosure and semantic deceit to obtain compliance are owed no enforcement.  Anyone enforcing such contracts is engaged in criminal activity.  

This Notice of Distraint provides Public and Private Notice that these aforementioned activities of the Biden Administration are criminal activities.  Each and every American who responds to any such trespass proposing to use deadly force against them in connection with collecting tax debts that are merely presumed to exist,  is exercising their natural and unalienable right to self-defense against armed pirates, and is in fact doing their Public Duty to oppose crime. 

We therefore additionally serve Notice of Distraint regarding the fact  that neither the Internal Revenue Service nor the IRS have any authority to carry guns.  The only related service that does have the authority to carry guns is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) and their armed enforcement activities are strictly limited to tax collections based on the interstate manufacture, sale, or transportation of three specific commodities --- alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.  

Any other armed Federal enforcement of taxation unrelated to the interstate manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms is illegal and will result in the seizure of the personal assets of the officers and employees responsible.  

Additionally, all Territorial and Municipal Officers are hereby served Notice of Distraint regarding the limitations of Administrative Courts and Administrative Code, including the Internal Revenue Code/IRC, first elucidated by the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County and very recently upheld by the United States Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA: Congress does not have the ability to further delegate its legislative powers to unelected Agency Subcontractors, with the result that no Federal or Municipal Code promulgated by Agencies or Administrative Appointees may be applied to any member of the General Public.  

Millions of Americans who are not Federal Employees, Dependents, or Officers have been misidentified as such and subjected to foreign forms of law that have never legitimately applied to them.  If you are a Federal Government official, officer of a Federal Corporation, Territorial Corporation, or Municipal Corporation, this International Notice of Distraint requires you to cease and desist from any further promulgation of these errors. 

This International Notice of Distraint is hereby served and published by our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.  All legitimate powers vested in, exercised by, and delegated to any portion of the Federal Government,  including the District Governments, derives from and is owed to our Federation of States. We are your Employers and our Government is now in Session.  

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.  Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

In view of the potentially catastrophic consequences of Mr. Biden's improper acts and the Public Danger that he has willfully created, we are asking all members of the law enforcement communities and military be fully informed and that all Americans and U.S. Citizens make the effort to serve this International Notice of Distraint and provide it to the members of the various Congresses and delegations thereof, the members of the Roman Catholic Church administration, and members of the Federal Civil Service and members of the Public who may be illegally and unlawfully endangered.  

Issued by:  James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994

                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

A Quick and Very Dirty Explanation

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most succinct description of the Eternal Flaw of the Bretton Woods Plan I have ever seen comes from Peter B. Meyer at The Final Wake-Up Call: 

"Money creation through debt issuance must remain in balance with economic growth. As debt increases, more growth is needed, and if this growth falters, so does the entire money system unless the excess debt is removed."

Okay, Campers, he has just told you something that generations of people never realized and were never taught in school.  

In order to work, the Bretton Woods System established after the Second World War, required eternal economic growth and/or commensurate debt reduction, to work.  

Let's ask ourselves: Does anything grow eternally?  And how fond are politicians of paying debts? 

We are fast approaching the anniversary of the failure of this system: August 15, 1971, the date that Richard M. Nixon admitted the failure by refusing to settle international debts in gold.  

As we discussed yesterday,  Americans are required to pay for governmental services in silver or gold, while our U.S. employees are required to function on credit.  This is a requirement/limitation of our constitutional agreements.  

It is designed this way to ensure that we always remain the Preferential Creditors of our Subcontractors --- and so we are, but, ever since the so-called Civil War, our access to our own resources has been blocked, and those resources have been cashiered away "for us" by the British Monarch acting under the direction of the various Popes.

This has resulted in a situation where the British Territorial Government has acted as a Public Trustee without any granted authority, and the Presumed Donors of these bogus Public Trusts, the American People, haven't been able to actually pay a debt in over a hundred and sixty years. 


Instead, absolutely all of our assets -- down to our bodies and souls --- have been "securitized" and "monetized" --- given a value, and issued as credit, which is --- not coincidentally, the form of "money" that our British Territorial and HRE Municipal Federal Subcontractors can spend.  

This has led in turn to a situation in which they, our Federal Subcontractors, can only accrue debt, debt, and more debt.  They have no ability to actually pay a debt themselves (it takes actual asset-backed money to pay a debt) because they function entirely on credit,  while we, the Americans, have been prevented from paying any debts because all our gold and silver and land and other assets have been cashiered away by these same Federal Subcontractors and used as collateral backing their debts. 

Enter Bretton Woods.  Remember that in order to succeed, the Bretton Woods Plan requires at least one of two things --- (1) growth of the economy, or (2) removal of excess debt.  

And, remember, there is no way for the Federal Subcontractors to pay a debt. 

They don't  own our assets and they have no authority to encumber our assets, because contrary to their claims, our American Government never disappeared and the collapse of the so-called Federal Republic after the Civil War required no salvage operation. 

The Federal Republic was an American-owned and operated Federal Subcontractor entrusted to exercise delegated powers by the Confederation of States, which was itself in receipt of delegated powers from the Federation of States.  

Notice the source of authority and how that authority flows from Federation to Confederation to Federal Republic?  

When both the Federal Republic and the Confederation were destroyed in the wake of the Civil War, the Federation of States remained.  All powers delegated by the Federation rolled back to it by Operation of Law.  All that needed to happen was for the American Government to be called back into Session. 

So, now it has been, and from our perspective,  the mountain of debt accumulated by our British Territorial and HRE Municipal Federal Subcontractors needs to be removed as Odious Debt and our assets need to be returned free and clear to our control.

This includes our physical assets which have been held "in trust" and our credit assets, which others have been spending "for" us, without our consent.  

Robinson Crusoe has returned. He didn't die intestate.  His estate must be made whole by the court that distributed it "prematurely" to his presumed heirs.  This is the immutable and centuries-old law of public Cestui Que Vie Trusts. 

I, acting as Fiduciary of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, claimed all American Public Trusts/Cestui Que Vie Estates beginning in 1998 and rolled them over into my own private non-statutory trust estate as property belonging to The United States of America.  

Next, I published my Irrevocable Will granting back all private property owed to individual Americans and all public property owed to the individual States. 

The Vatican Chancery Court, the Queen's Court, and the International Court of Justice are all responsible for their "mistakes" and misadministration of the American estate assets that our Federal Subcontractors commandeered under conditions of self-interested non-disclosure and deceit. 

Bretton Woods couldn't work and didn't work because the debt repayment side of the equation was rendered impossible and the presumption of eternal sustained economic growth was illogical. 

Read that:  everyone concerned knew it couldn't work, and did it anyway.  

They created public trusts with no plausible reason to do so, commandeered the assets in these trusts to use as collateral backing their debts, and created the largest pile of Odious Debt in human history.   

Odious Debt is by definition debt established by false pretenses, semantic deceit or other means of fraud, of which the victims are unaware, and from which they do not profit. 

There are over 320 million Americans and you can ask any one of them, "Did you know that you were declared legally dead?"  --- and the answer will be the same:  "No!  What are you talking about?" 


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The Mushroom Kingdom

 By Anna Von Reitz

The past ten years have required me to interact with a constant stream of people pretending to be the kings and queens of this or that; I have even had Americans suffering under the delusion that "individual sovereignty" means something quite different, and had people from places like Cleveland trying to find a place in the weird and discredited world of the European Monarchies.
My relatives left that world and shook the dust off their sandals, so it comes as a surprise to me that anyone would think that they can just walk in off the street and declare themselves a cast member in such a "play"--- because at the end of the day, it is all a theater production in which idolatry results in other delusions.
We woke up some generations ago, and realized that a resolution of the question posed by Samuel's anointing of King Saul is long overdue.
Why would anyone in their right mind want to appoint another man (or woman) to rule over them?
Imagine my relief to find myself walking down the driveway in search of a lost dog, and see a forest full of King Boletes, the largest Porcini-type mushrooms?
They had come up overnight in response to the recent rains, and hidden under the thick leaf litter of our northern arboreal forest of mixed spruce and birch and alder trees, grown to a stupendous size, beautiful white stems, red-brown caps, and spongy cream-colored pore tissue under the cap. Not a bug or worm in sight.
I thought I must be dreaming and ran back home for a basket to collect them, and having donned a proper anorak and captured the errant dog, plodded back down the road, collection basket and sharp knife in hand.
As long as I was thrust into mushroom harvesting mode, I decided to look around and immediately found myself in the Mushroom Kingdom, a magical place where everything is as it should be, and it all makes sense to a practiced eye.
The showy red Amanitas with white spots blaring out their warning --- "Hey, I'm poisonous! Look out for me!" were present in abundance, too. Shaggy Manes, Inky Caps, Puffballs, Oyster Mushrooms, Shelf Fungi -- but, alas, no Turkeytails. Plenty of Chaga. I stood silent and breathing deep, taking in the rain-washed forest tapestry, remembering other rainy summers and autumns.
My first introduction to the Mushroom Kingdom came from my Mother and her childhood friend, Elvie Nandory, a small butternut-brown Flemish woman with smooth skin crinkled at the corners of her eyes --- which were always smiling somehow, looking at the natural world with amused affection. My Mother was an inveterate forager with a vast knowledge of herbs and roots and medicines inherited from her pharmacologist ancestors, but Elvie was more like an elf herself, someone not quite of this world and steeped in a knowledge far deeper than words.
She moved through the forest as silently as wind, stopping to mark a patch of Wintergreen, and then listening intently to a bird, then moving on carefully glancing at the ground and the trunks of the trees, searching for wild mushrooms ---especially morels.
So I spent my childhood days, tagging along, listening, looking, learning.
And carrying home baskets of plums and apples from abandoned homesteads, mushrooms from the forests and the edges of old pastures, herbs and wild strawberries, willow wood for craft projects, medicines for the wounds of life, seed pods to seed new wild gardens... It was a blessed life, a magical life, and it was never, ever boring.
All those memories of other times swirled around me, echoing into the present moment, joining past to present. I drew in the biggest breath I possibly could and slowly let it go, life in, life out, all in perfect harmony.
How much better to be comfortable in play clothes and old Wellington boots, at home in the Mushroom Kingdom, crystal rain drops ringing the hood of my anorak? --- than to attend all the fussy state dinners that could ever be?

Give me the Mushroom Kingdom and the forest clad in infinite variety, and I will not yearn for Versailles or the frozen majesty of Westminster or any kingdom made by men, nor will I serve any king, but the King of Heaven who made all this and gave it to me --- and you --- as an inheritance.


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A Test For Seeing If You Will Give Up Your Guns


August 13, 2022

A reader wrote a short letter in response to my recently published piece “10 Corona Steps Ahead: This Is Where We Are Going, And Where You Will Follow If You Comply.”  That piece talks about the need to say “No!” in your life to the incremental impositions on your freedom. The piece talks about the necessity of clear boundaries in your life, well-communicated, and vigilantly defended. 


That reader writes: 


A call to arms would happen way before these things happen. At least for me and my 



Growing up in a medical family taught things that made my brothers and me immune to the pandemic non-sense.


Unfortunately, anyone exposed to the educational system over the last 

30-40 years is dead meat.


It is a culling.


Thanks for printing the underlying methods.


—A California Reader 




It never fails, that no matter how people denigrate the State of California as lost or hopeless, it remains the state with the most conservatives in the country, the state with the most libertarians in the country, and the state with the most devout religious folks in the country who know their rights do not come from paper or from man. In the midst of those three groups and several others, around the globe, a very powerful remnant is forming. 

Read the entire article here: