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Facts of Ownership

By Anna Von Reitz

The word "ownership" in Legalese does not denote the same thing as the popular meaning of the word.  An owner in legal terms is a custodian, a care-taker of someone else's property.  

The Federal Government is an "owner" in the legal sense of all the public land in the Western States, as an example. The actual Possessors in Being are the living people. It all actually belongs to us -- but we have all these middlemen organizations acting as "owners" and the custodians have not been competent --- and in many cases, they have not been honest. 

Let me give you all an example that is important in the current situation.  The Territorial United States of America purchased the land mass of the Philippine Islands "for" us.  They used our assets to buy the land, and the Philippines became our literal property in the same sense that Alaska was purchased and became property of The United States of America.  

It's still our property.  Literally.  Just like buying a bicycle. We have the receipts and the sales agreements and that's that.  So why does nobody know this?   

In 1934, the US Congress operating in Breach of Trust, created an "independent government" for the Philippine Islands "for us", so that they could foist off their Trustee responsibility for our gold (which had been stashed there prior to all this) on this new government they created. 

So they created the Government of the Philippines, and then pretended that they had no further relationship with that Government by calling it "independent".  Is a franchise "independent" of a parent corporation? 


So once again we are looking at a shadow show of players acting "for" us on the world stage, often in their own self-interest, and often dishonestly.  You will also note that they play "both ends against the middle" ---- we are the actual owners and they are misrepresenting us, which results in confusion and false claims and all sorts of mis-administration at home and abroad. 

The people of the Philippines think that they have an independent government because the US Congress said so, but in fact, what they have is a Territorial Government.  They also think that the land of the Philippines is theirs free and clear --- and it's not.  

People also think that aside from the Japanese attack on Attu Island in the Second World War, American holdings were untouched.  That's also not true. Everything that happened in that theater of the war affected our property assets in the region.  And still does.  

When such major historical facts are unknown or ignored, everyone concerned is left playing with half a deck. 

Whose gold was cashiered in the Philippines?  Ours.  Whose assets were used to purchase the land mass of the Philippines?  Ours.   Not "the" United States.  Not "the" United States of America. 

The United States of America.  Unincorporated.  

So all this is bunko of the con artist kind, the by-product of people and organizations acting "for" us in Breach of Trust and criminal collusion.    

We still own the Philippines and we own the franchises and the gold, and God knows, we have paid more than enough for it, too, both in terms of lives and assets. 

It would be a Big Mistake for the US Navy to think that we have been asleep and that we don't know these facts and don't know who transported our gold to the Philippines and who orchestrated the creation of the "independent" franchise Government of the Philippines.  We know.  We have the receipts, the treaties, all the various agreements made "for" us and in our names.  

A similar go-round has been launched with the Russians making claims to own Alaska.  That's bogus, too.  They think that because "the" United States goes bankrupt or because "the" United States of America goes bankrupt, that they are in position to claim our land.  Sorry.  

The Territorial Government used our assets to buy the land mass underlying Alaska.  They bought it "in our names" and they paid for it with our money in gold.  We have the receipts.  We know what went on.  We have honored the property of the Russian Orthodox Church which was grandfathered-into these agreements and that's as far as it goes. 

Alaska, like the Philippines, belongs to The United States of America. Unincorporated. 

The Roman Catholic Church claims that the Creator is the actual Being in Possession to whom all the assets belong; I am prepared to go that far and agree.  I didn't create the Earth, so it isn't mine.  It isn't theirs, either.  And thus far I see no reason to trust the Bishop of Rome to be the Chief Custodian.  

No matter what else you see or believe in this melee of cross-purposes, greed, religious beliefs, cover-ups,  and so on, it is clear that the Pope and the Boys have made a tremendous hash of things in their rush to take over the world "for Jesus" by any means fair or foul.  

Killing for Christ doesn't make sense and any sane man who ever read any teaching attributed to Jesus would know that, just as oppressing and murdering and debauching people "for" America isn't credible, either.  

Like Gandhi said --- and I paraphrase broadly --- I love Jesus, but the Christians, not so much.  These purported Christians don't act like Jesus, they don't practice what they preach, and they show precious little respect or compassion for anyone else, so, what's to say about that?  It reeks of hypocrisy.  And Bad Faith.  

And so it does. 

Just as "Christ" has been used to cover up and paper over Jesus and his actual teachings, "the US" has been used to cover up and paper over America and Americans.  Those operating "for" us as middlemen have had a very different set of values and agendas, which makes us look like what?  

Hypocrites.  Liars.  Thieves.  Untrustworthy bunko artists.  Or worse. 

The Church itself has practiced Christian Communism as its form of government, with terrible results and corruption, just as the openly secular forms of Communism have failed.  It all sounds good, but it doesn't work.  To work such a system requires the free will acceptance of sacrificing everything to the Church, and also requires that the Church be trustworthy --- which it self-evidently is not.   No human institution is.  Such absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The ego and the base instincts take over and that's that.  

Failure to recognize the failure is what it is, is what dooms us.  It's not the mistakes we make. It's our failure to face up to our mistakes and make correction that causes the actual problems --- nothing else.  It's also what prevents us from finding answers.

The Queen and her system of things is just as bad.  They have claimed that the whole world belongs to the British Monarch by right of conquest, but their conquests are based upon criminal fraud.  Since when do the rest of us have an obligation to bow down to thugs?  

So both the priests and the monarchists are claiming to be the owners --- custodians --- of God's Property and cutting the rest of us out of the picture, when in fact, according to the Bible --- which they claim to regard as holy scripture, we are collectively the owners and custodians of God's gift to us. 

And we are doing a wretched job as custodians of ourselves or anything else. 

Why?  Because certain Parties have not lived up to their obligations and have not taught people to be good caretakers, have not encouraged self-government for selfish reasons, and have instead sought to create a populace of ignorant and helpless dependents in order to facilitate their own manipulation of our lives and our assets to suit themselves. 

The Queen doesn't own Australia, Canada, or much of anything else.  She certainly does not own this country, though she has usurped upon us and manipulated things so as to achieve a de facto kind of coup via Breach of Trust and improper exercise of delegated power.  

With these facts about ownership in mind, let us strive to own ourselves first, and our States second, and our country third.  This is more than enough for all of us to "own" and be responsible for.   

I have a home where I live and I have a cabin where I like to live in the summer though I haven't had that opportunity for several years.  

It is an unfortunate fact of life that we can't be in two places at once.  So we can't actually own the Philippines and we can't actually own Alaska if we are in Louisiana.  There are limits to physicality and actuality that we all have to respect.  

As a result, all this talk and bargaining and claims and counter-claims is nonsense, and what we really need to do is learn to take care of ourselves, our families, our land, and what's right in front of our faces.  We need to accept what is naturally ours and give back to others what is naturally theirs. 

The United States of America -- the unincorporated Federation that actually owns everything --- does not propose to steal anything from anyone, anywhere.  In the same token, we aren't going to stand here and be raped by a bunch of pirates and disloyal employees and foreign corporations acting as middlemen. Our interests are ours, bought and paid for, and we are presenting ourselves accordingly.  

Any claim that we are "dead" or defunct or incapable of operating our own business affairs is bunk.  And it has been adequately rebutted right here.


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The US Navy Conflict of Interest

By Anna Von Reitz

What? The US Navy is in conflict of interest? Say what? Believe me, you are not the only ones in a state of shock over this bombshell, but it is nonetheless true.

The US Navy is in conflict of interest. It always has been. It's not the Navy's fault. It's the result of deals that were cut between the Brits and the Americans in the distant past.

After the Revolution and during the peace process, both the British and the Americans were left in a bind.

The Americans had a giant commercial fleet but no navy to protect it. We had raw materials to sell. The British had need for those raw materials for their industrial era factories. Our commercial shipping was being cut to ribbons by privateers, which was a stumbling block for both countries.

So we made a deal with the devil, George III, and the British Monarch became our Trustee "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways".

When the Navy is at home port, say Fort LeJeune, for the Marine Corps, which is attached to the Navy and under Navy Command, the Navy is free to be American as apple pie, but when it hits the High Seas or ventures up the Mississippi, they come under the jurisdiction of the Queen.

And it has always been that way ---- a residual leftover from the 1700's that has never been addressed again, thanks to the Pope's sleight of hand using the "civil government" to replace the civilian government, and the Queen's cupidity acting in collusion with the Roman Pontiff.

Knowing this key fact about the US Navy helps explain why the Lusitania was sunk in international waters, why the Carrier Fleet left port in Hawaii, but the rest of the Fleet took it in the shorts at Pearl Harbor, and why the Navy has been armed with the latest and greatest scalar people-and-animal killing technology --- and the ground forces have been left to be ---- well, part of the people-and-animal contingent.

This is also why, strangely enough, we can thank God and our lucky stars for our supposed enemies, the Russians and the Chinese, who have developed counter-measures of their own, and who won't stand by helpless should the US Navy deploy their killing technology. Thank God, too, that at least some of us woke up and poked the United Nations where it hurts.

Under numerous United Nations treaties that Britain signed, including treaties involving Environmental Modification and Resonance Weapons and the use of Nanotech and Biologic Vectors in warfare, the US Navy is limited to testing these weapons on the "domestic" population. They were going along testing at will and using our country and our people as Guinea Pigs with a free hand, but then, some of us raised our hands and observed the obvious --- hey, we aren't domestic with respect to them!

So their activities have been curtailed and limited to the narrow zone of land along the sea coast and navigable inland waterways. When you see the vermin in Congress trying to declare a "200 mile inland Constitution-free zone" you now know why.

The Queen has been playing us, and the Lord Mayor of London and the Pope have been playing her.

It so happens that we, The United States of America --- the unincorporated version, have a mutual protection treaty with Russia, which Russia remembers. So as long as these idiots are attacking the actual American People, officials at the UN are forwarding the information to their home governments, and the Russian Government is honoring its obligation.

So, in a nutshell, that is why the US Navy has, through no fault of its own, a built in conflict of interest-- and also the reason why it has so often been abused as the tool to create murder and mayhem in conflict with the actual best interests of America and Americans.

This is also why Mr. Putin keeps a very sharp and jaundiced eye on all US naval operations, including the recent submarine incident; and now that he is fully clued-in, it is also the reason that Donald Trump is better off with Army body guards. No offense to the Marines, no offense to the Navy --- but both are compromised by this conflict of interest.

All the officers throughout the military might as well know it and everyone involved needs to do their best to deal with it, both politically and practically, and also needs to remember that it is the Russians and the Chinese that are holding our backs and preventing the Queen and the Pope from unleashing truly devastating technology against us.

Friendly governments around the world are also protecting us through their diplomatic agencies and recognizing the fact that we are not a domestic population of the United States ----- we belong to The United States of America, instead.

Please note that the Pope and his organization does not allow for any other unincorporated government to remain standing --- including the British Monarchy. So colluding with the Pope on all these various activities is also a game which the British stand to lose.

Finally, everyone from the Pope to the Queen to the US Navy Admirals and everyone else on the planet, needs to understand that the legitimate and actual government of this country is vested in the living people, who as Lawful Persons known as the People of this country, operate the States of the Union --- The United States of America, which is also unincorporated.

The United States of America is the actual name of this country and we are doing nothing wrong, nothing insurrectionist, nothing against any treaty or constitution, by assembling our States and reclaiming our land and other assets from the military Protectorate established by the Pope and the Queen under false pretenses.

We are simply restoring our lawful government and encouraging everyone else worldwide to do the same. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people ---- not a government of the corporations (persons) by the corporations (Persons) or for the corporations (PERSONS). We are not members of any reptilian religious cult masquerading as "Christianity" and we are not volunteering to serve any such "holy cause" nor donating our assets to the Roman Catholic Church as Paupers in need of any salvation.

Now that we have all of that settled and on the public record, we are prepared to move on ---- and clean up this Mess.

The Jokers in Washington, DC, running the Pope's franchise operations on our soil, need to be held feet first to the fire and told to observe the parameters of their ten miles square kingdom, to get back into their box and stop making false claims in commerce. They owe us a tremendous amount of credit and they owe us the return of all our actual assets, too. Ditto the Queen.

If the American Military doesn't understand anything else, they need to understand that fact and back our lawful and legal claims.


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The Lion and the Crocodile

By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me how I can continue in the face of such apparently monolithic deceit, evil, and ignorance. 

Have you ever had to clean a really, truly filthy garage?  

By the time you are a great-grandmother you have dealt with a great many unsavory tasks and daunting situations.  My attitude is--get out the mop and bucket.

That's what needs to be done and there's no help for it and nobody to do it, but us--- you, me, and all the other folk who call ourselves Americans.  

Can the Chinese do it for us without starting WWIII?  The Russians?  The Germans? The Brits? 

Sorry, no, they all have their own Mess to deal with. 

There are things that you have to do all by yourself, and though others may lend support-- you are the one that has to go front and center. 

So, here we go, over the top. 

There is another, deeper, reason, too. 

Ever seen a face off or a fight between a lion and a crocodile? 

The lion wins. He retains his title as the King of the animals.  Why? 

Because he knows the Crocodile's secret. 

The crocodile has unbelievably powerful jaws when biting down, but very little strength to open his jaws in the first place.   

The lion uses his fore paws to keep the crocodile's mouth shut and drives his own powerful teeth into the crocodile's throat. 

We are lions of God. 


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