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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest

To the Editor:
This letter was forwarded to Barack Obama, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, and Harry Reid
I live in Sandy Hook, CT. My family and close friends weren't harmed on December 14. That day impacted 26 families with an indescribable, staggering pain and anguish. For most of Sandy Hook, it merely affected us with an inescapable intensity of sadness and grief.
Gun control has long been a focus of many in this country. Though I'm not knowledgeable of all the nuances of the Second Amendment, based on the Founding Fathers' circumstances, it had far more to do with enabling the citizenry to protect themselves against tyrannical government than against local psychopaths. It is about providing a balanced firepower so when King George's successor came knocking on your door, you could fight back. Government today is no less inclined to abuse its authority than it was then. Based on the absurd and ongoing power grab that is present day Washington, it's as threatening as ever.
That so many of you view the NRA with its resistance to further restrictions on firearms as intransigent lunatics has far more to do with how you conduct yourselves in office than it does with the NRA's actions.
You in public office are fundamentally dishonest people. You lead lives of deception at every turn, structuring your lives as comfortably as you can while governing with an indifference and arrogance that is absolutely maddening. When the country is reeling from financial disaster, you waste a trillion dollars on a health care bill we can't afford and you've never read. You claim it's critical because health care costs are killing this country... no they're not, you are! You are killing this country. You endorse the ongoing slaughter of millions of unborn children and whine when terrorists are water boarded. You can't lecture us right in Newtown High School about not doing enough to keep our children safe, while simultaneously slaughtering the unborn. You fabricate the intense, media laden drama of the fiscal cliff and lack the courage to do anything about truly reforming the obscene gluttony of government. You know you'll be out of office before the bill comes due… you don't care and have no integrity nor honor.
You lie whenever and wherever you need to to move forth your agenda. Were you able, you would purge the US of guns… every last gun in the country, if you could. So please forgive Wayne LaPierre and those of us who don't trust you as far as we can spit. You're a dishonest lot, motivated by a distorted worldview. If mass murder prevention were truly your goal, you would welcome armed security wherever needed. It is outrageous that we protect our money with far more firepower than we protect our children.
I have never owned a gun, nor wanted to as intensely as right now. You'll stop restricting guns when only you have them.
Brendan Duffy
4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook January 8, 2013

A Letter From The Special Forces Community Concerning The Second Amendment

This is an open letter signed by over 1100 members of various special forces service groups (green berets) and is a stunning and professional perspective on gun control.

29 Jan 2013
Page 1 of 3
Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned
We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets). We have all taken an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.…” The Constitution of the United States is without a doubt the single greatest document in the history of mankind, codifying the fundamental principle of governmental power and authority being derived from and granted through the consent of the governed. Our Constitution established a system of governance that preserves, protects, and holds sacrosanct the individual rights and primacy of the governed as well as providing for the explicit protection of the governed from governmental tyranny and/or oppression. We have witnessed the insidious and iniquitous effects of tyranny and oppression on people all over the world. We and our forebears have embodied and personified our organizational motto, De Oppresso Liber [To Free the Oppressed], for more than a half century as we have fought, shed blood, and died in the pursuit of freedom for the oppressed.
Read the entire article here:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day of Burn Barrels and Blessings

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Monday, 28-Jan-2013 09:26:02 

This is a standing invitation to my fellow Americans: If congress ever enacts a law mandating the registration and/or a production ban of detachable magazine semiautomatic rifles then you are hereby invited to the town square of your local community. There, burn barrels will be set up and we will publicly burn Form 4473s, FFL Bound Books, state and local registration records, and the sales receipts for every firearm in the United States. On that same day, FFL holders and public officials holding electronic firearms records will simultaneously erase those records, permanently and irretrievably. (Using special file erasure software such as Blancco, X-Ways, and Stellar Wipe, or though the physical destruction of disk drives.)
Spontaneous Gatherings, Spontaneous Combustion
This burn barrel day--likely to be held the day after the President signs any new draconian legislation--will include speeches, public prayers, and the blessing of those who have gathered by ministers, rabbis, and priests.
The core of the activities on that day will be stalwart public defiance of any new unconstitutional law(s), the open and notorious destruction of records that might be used to enslave us, and vocal public affirmations of solidarity of free men and women, in the face of tyranny. This will be a defining moment for America--a line drawn in the sand. We will forthrightly declare that we will not obey any unconstitutional law and that we will treat it dismissively, as if it had never been enacted -- nunc pro tunc. We will pledge ourselves to the defense of liberty, both individually and collectively. We will vow that if ever called to jury duty, we will nullify any unconstitutional laws, vacating the charges against the accused, in accordance with our long-standing right as jurors. (See:
The Law is On Our Side
We will publicly re-affirm some long standing precepts of American jurisprudence, to wit:
"The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it's enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.
Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it...
A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.
No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it." - 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256
Never Again!
Recognizing the many sad lessons of civilian disarmament and subsequent genocides in the 20th Century, we will make bold and forthright statement: Never Again! We will not submit to the unlawful decrees of tyrants. We will not meekly go their jails and internment camps. We will fight for our liberty, to our dying breath.
Come Armed, Come Masked
I recommend that all adults who publicly assemble at these burn barrel events do so armed, as is our right. And those who come armed should also wear masks, to protect themselves from malicious prosecution. I plan to wear a Guy Fawkes mask, but you can wear a bandana, face muffler, or the face mask of your choice. Joining you, also wearing masks, will be many mayors, sheriffs and their deputies, chiefs of police and their officers, town council members, clergy, and people of all walks of life. We vastly outnumber the tyrants. The tyrants deserve nothing but our scorn and derision. Their fate is already sealed.
Plausible Denial
After this fateful day has come and gone, FFL holders and public officials will be able to recount: "I had no choice. My records were taken by men with guns who were wearing masks!" (So they'll have no excuse if they don't cooperate with this nationwide display of civil disobedience.)
God Bless The Republic. Down with Tyrants. We Will Prevail!
My comment:
America has some decisions to make. The issue that joins these decisions and urges us to make them is very real and involves life and death, and that issue is gun control. If Americans let that issue slide like they have let almost every other issue slide for the last 100 years our children will be slaves on the land that our forefathers fought and died to keep free.  This is it folks. This is the time and the issue that decides the whole future of America forever. If you have been reading this blog you already know, but what about your neighbors, and friends? What are you doing to get them informed? Here is a link that might help you.
It's a collection of every gun article on this blog from the oldest at the top to the newest at the bottom of the list.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Further evidence the liberal progressives don't give a hoot about law!

By J.B. Williams
January 29, 2013

It’s an ironic and not so funny world which can see the extraordinary efforts of our nation’s Founders, to create a system of checks and balances, a balance of political and governmental powers, each to forever keep watch on the other in protection of the people’s inalienable rights as itself, an “unconstitutional” act. But this is the world we live in today…
Last week, the Mississippi State Legislature was the first to introduce The Balance of Powers Act currently sweeping across all state legislatures, in their effort to protect and preserve the rights of the State and the people currently under direct and extreme assault from their federal government.
In HB490, members of the Mississippi legislature grabbed the lead in a nationwide rush to shut down the “unconstitutional” acts of an increasingly tyrannical federal government. Within hours, local leftist news reporters had dragged out a couple “law professors” to quote in opposition, using the same old false claims of unbridled and unchecked federal supremacy to attack any state legislator brave enough to dare challenge the almighty Fed.

Read the entire article here:

Property Rights and Gun Rights the same.

We can't have one without the other!

This is a story of government pillage under the color of law.

Not many people know the story of Wayne Hage, and how the federal goons persecuted him, took his property without compensation, and perhaps contributed to his death from cancer by the stress of constant harassment.
Meet a real hero for freedom and property rights in America, whose legacy continues.

When law becomes tyranny, resistance becomes duty!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Death Throes of the United States

Offered without comment. Please comment below!

Welcome to the Apocalypse...The unveiling of the truth

The monsters of the new world order can run but they can't hide. Their crimes are being uncovered faster than they can lie. Nobody gets out of this world alive. God's enemies will be slain by the breath of His mouth.
The sword of truth will lay bare their demonic cults, and they will be cast into hell for all eternity.

Published by:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mass for the Propagation of the true Faith

The Proper Prayers of the Church for the propagation of true Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Introit. Ps. 66,2,3
God be merciful unto us, and bless us: may He cause the light of His countenance to shine upon us, and be merciful to us. That we may know Thy way upon earth: Thy salvation in all nations. Ps.66,4. Let the people Praise Thee, O God: let all the people give praise to Thee.  Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

O God, Who willest that all men should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, send, we beseech Thee, laborers to Thy harvest, and give them to speak Thy word with all confidence, that Thy message may run and may be made plain, and that all peoples may know Thee, the only true God, and Him Whom Thou hast sent, Jesus Christ our Lord. Who with Thee liveth and reigneth in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

Lesson. Ecclus. 36, 1-19
Lesson from the book of Wisdom
Have mercy upon us, God of all, and behold us, and show us the light of Thy mercies: and send Thy fear upon the nations that have not sought after Thee: that they may know that there is no God beside Thee, and that they may show forth Thy wonders. Lift up Thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see Thy power. For as Thou hast been sanctified in us in their sight, so Thou shalt be magnified among them in our presence, that they may know Thee, as we also have known Thee, that there is no god beside Thee, O Lord. Renew Thy signs, and work new miracles. Glorify Thy hand, and Thy right arm. Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath. Take away the adversary, and crush the enemy. Hasten the time, and remember the end, that they may declare Thy wonderful works. Give testimony to them that are Thy creatures from the beginning, and raise up the prophecies which the former prophets spoke in Thy name. Reward them that patiently wait for Thee, that Thy prophets may be found faithful: and hear the prayers of Thy servants, according to the blessing of Aaron over Thy people, and direct us into the way of justice, and let all know that dwell upon the earth, that Thou art God, the beholder of all ages.

Epistle. 1 Tim. 2,1-7
Lesson from the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy.
I desire first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men: for kings, and for all that are in high stations: that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all piety and chastity. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour, Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus: Who gave Himself a redemption for all, a testimony in due times, whereunto I am appointed a preacher and an apostle (I say the truth, I lie not), a teacher of the gentiles in faith and truth.

Gradual. Ps. 66,6-8
Let the people praise Thee, O God, let all people give praise to Thee: the earth hath yielded her fruit. May God, our God, bless us, may God bless us: and all the ends of the earth fear Him.

Alleluia, alleluia. O sing joyfully unto God, all the earth, serve ye the Lord with gladness: come into His presence with exceeding joy. Alleluia.

Tract. Ps 95,3,5
Tell forth the glory of the Lord among the gentiles: His wonders among all peoples. for great is the Lord, and exceedingly to be praised: He is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the heathen are devils: but the Lord made the heavens.

Alleluia, alleluia. O sing joyfully unto God, all the earth, serve ye the Lord with gladness: come into His presence with exceeding Joy. Alleluia. Know ye, that the Lord He is God: He made us, and not we ourselves. Alleluia.

Gospel. Matt. 9, 35-38
Continuation of the holy Gospel according to St. Matthew.
At that time: Jesus went about all the cities, and towns, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every infirmity. And seeing the multitudes, He had compassion on them: because they were distressed and lying like sheep that have no shepherd. Then saith He to His disciples: The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He send forth laborers into His harvest.

Offertory. Ps.95,7,9
Bring unto the Lord, O ye kindred of the gentiles, bring unto the Lord glory and honor, bring unto the Lord glory unto His name: bring sacrifices and come into His court, adore ye the Lord in His holy court.

Behold, O God, our protector, and look upon the face of Thy Christ, who gave Himself a redemption for all, and cause that, from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof, Thy name be magnified among the gentiles, and that in every place a clean offering be sacrificed to Thy name. Through the same Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

Communion. Ps. 116,1,2
Praise the Lord all ye nations: praise Him all ye people: for His mercy is confirmed upon us: and the truth of the Lord remaineth forever.

Strengthened by the gift of our redemption we beseech Thee, O Lord, that by this aid of everlasting salvation our faith may ever increase. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The whole and REAL REASONS behind gun control

by Douglas J. Hagmann
The Constitutional government of the United States has been overthrown, and the American people have been captured. The only question now is what are we, as true Americans believing that our Constitution is the one and only law of the land, going to do about it?
It’s now simply a matter of what the blow back from the tyranny being thrust upon us will look like, how or even if it will play out.
If you are looking for normal political solutions out of this legal, financial, moral and spiritual mess of a country, I believe that time has long passed. If you’re hope rests in a change with the midterm elections, go back to sleep or better yet, increase the dosage of your medication.
It is clearly evident by the actions and inaction of the spineless or compromised leaders in whom you’ve placed your hope and future, and the future of your children and grandchildren, that doing so again will change nothing. We are a captured operation, and partisan politics is nothing more than theater to divert your attention from the iron fist of tyranny that is about to change life as you know it.
You must understand that our nation today is ruled not by democrats or republicans, but by the party of royalty with a European mindset and a Globalist agenda. The morphing from a two-party system into one of elite royalty did not happen overnight, but incrementally and under the proverbial radar of a deliberately distracted public.
Much of what you see, hear and read is a lie so big that you don’t recognize it as a lie, and so bold that it operates without question or impediment right in front of us. There are plenty of writers and talkers who will sugar-coat the lie or participate in political theater for air time, print space or a paycheck, but I refuse to be one of them.
Allow me to walk you through my investigative findings into the “Obama conspiracy” to show you just how deep the lie goes. By the end of this summary report, I hope that you will better understand the lie, the objectives of those involved, and the fate intended for us all.
They are not coming for our guns
“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men.
The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone?
But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.” -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
Would you believe me if I wrote that the government is not after our guns? Probably not, as it certainly looks that way with the pending executive orders and new gun legislation.
Well, the guns are secondary. I urge you to think bigger, “think outside of the box.” Make no mistake about this, they will come after our guns, but they are coming after us.
By believing in the Constitution, we’ve earned ourselves a spot on the latest incarnation of the White House enemies list. By supporting the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land, we’ve identified ourselves as an enemy of the state. By “clinging” to our guns and Bibles, we pose a danger to the globalist agenda rooted in socialism, fascism and communism.
By understanding that we are being victimized by an out-of-control banking system, we have earned a spot on the “single-cause” terrorist watch list. By becoming informed of the tyranny that exists before us, we have become a threat to their ultimate global objectives.
They are afraid of not just the guns, but of by a well armed and well informed populace that understands the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. It is the well informed and the well armed that they fear, as they should. The are racing against the clock as we become more informed and better armed.
Accordingly, they must act in haste, as they see us rapidly peeling away the layers of lies that have kept them insulated for so long.
Certainly, they will attempt to get our guns, but make no mistake that it’s us, or those unwilling to be serfs, who they are after. Their hunt will be relentless, matching their end-game objective of creating the royal elite while enslaving the unwashed.
Those among us who believe they can talk their way out of an illegal government confiscation by claiming the loss of their guns in some boating accident are self-deluded and not understanding the larger picture. Adherence to this delusion is not only childish and naive, but a dangerous underestimation of the intent of the tyranny that lies before us. We must face what lies ahead like adults and prepare ourselves accordingly.
What lies ahead?
“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” -Ecclesiastes 1; 9 (KJV)
The hour is late and time is short. A rapid understanding of the lie and how deep it goes is required right here, right now.
We can briefly look at a few key events that not have changed history, but will also reveal the tyrannical playbook of the global elite that has remained unchanged for the past century.
From the attack on Pearl Harbor to the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, to the Gulf of Tonkin incident through the attack that “changed the world” on September 11, 2001, each event is deeply mired in various levels of deception, controversy, inconsistencies, unanswered questions, and conflicting accounts. The farther we travel away from each event, the less chance the actual truth will ever be made known, at least in time to make a difference.
Even worse, reasonable people seeking sensible and honest answers and wanting nothing less than the complete truth are routinely vilified and forced into accepting the “official” accounts of the various events being questioned.
Two of the most recent relevant issues that remain mired in controversy and off limits to inquiring minds are Obama’s eligibility status and the attacks of September 11, 2001. Despite “official accounts” regarding the former, the issue remains a legitimate controversy to the extent that Barack Hussein Obama II, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, has yet to prove his eligibility to hold office under the Constitution of the United States.
Despite what has been reported or accepted as fact, Obama has never produced authenticated hardcopy documentation of his Certificate of Live Birth, verification of his social security number and related documentation, his selective service documents, or his official passport records.
Even the most hard-core conservatives have long argued that the entire eligibility matter is a fringe issue unworthy of discussion. Much like the previous controversies referenced, we are forbidden to have a sensible discussion on the matter, at least not without obligatory vilification. Yet, vital and relevant questions remain unanswered amid the requisite obfuscation, diversion and yes, vilification.
We are not permitted to know the bona-fides of the man who is tasked with transforming the United States from a Constitutional Republic into a tyrannical kingdom of royalty and serfs. Questions related to his eligibility are never answered. Instead, they are met with accusations of racism and bigotry where none is ever intended or warranted.
Such questions are also met with objections that the issue distracts from other more important issues. What could be more important than the background and eligibility of the man who holds the most powerful position in our country and arguably, the world? Perhaps never allowing these questions to be addressed was the plan from the start. If so, it’s a tactic that certainly fits with information that follows.
Also, there remain very legitimate and very relevant questions about the attack of September 11, 2001, “the event that changed the world.” Instead of being able to hold a rational, thoughtful discourse about valid concerns, any questions are met with accusations that those asking the questions are lunatics enamored by delusions of some grand conspiracy.
Are we not entitled to answers about an event that resulted in the creation of governmental policies and agencies that are responsible for the most intrusive attacks on the liberties of every American?
From the attacks of 9/11 to Obama’s eligibility to even the most basic questions surrounding the recent Sandy Hook school shooting (yes, there are inconsistencies in need of answers), we cannot have a reasonable discussion without being castigated and marginalized as conspiracy nuts. You see that the stage for asking such questions has been set throughout time. After all, who are we, the unwashed masses, to question our “leaders” about anything of substance?
Now, those of us who seek only the truth must fight against the putrid hubris of the likes of Obama and his minions, the Clintons, the Feinsteins, the Cuomos, New York Mayor Bloomberg, and others who hold the reins of power.
To be completely honest and fair, such unbridled hubris extends to those on the right as well, including the members of Bush dynasty, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and countless others. Again, we are not governed by political parties, but ruled by royalty who have erected firewalls of protection against the common people, us – the serfs.
Although they did not create the current perspective, they most assuredly embraced and advanced it. How dare we, the uninitiated and unwashed, question their words and actions?
Their tasks become easier as they have firmly entrenched their advance teams within the press to further their objectives. They know the power of the airwaves and print, and use the likes of Piers Morgan, the chameleon for the modern day Camelot and arguably a man with no love for our Constitutional Republic to do their bidding.
The political right has similar truth suppressors who trade their morals and integrity for a paycheck, and the future of our nation for a promised seat at the table of power. And we, the people who have built this nation with the sweat of our brow and the skin from our knuckles, are scolded like children when we dare ask for the truth.
Such is the perspective or the backdrop from which we must now operate.
Obama: selected to be the last president
America is more than a piece of land. It is a mindset, an ideology that was founded on the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Our founders left England and established our great nation to rid themselves of the oppression we are seeing return with even greater force and oppressiveness.
But something happened to many of us over the years to make us more accepting of the British or European model of governance, which is exactly what we are seeing take over our nation. It is the push for globalism, a global governance, a singular mindset drafted and choreographed by the most rich and powerful families of the world.
As Americans, we’ve been set up. Perhaps it began in 1913, when America was force fed the lie of our current and corrupt monetary system with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Then came the creation of the Internal Revenue Service, which was a consolidation of power regulating our wealth.
From the League of Nations to the United Nations, the push for consolidation of power by the few to rule the many has been the objective.
As we progressed through the Twentieth century, can we now look back and see with increasing clarity that Communist infiltration of nearly every branch of government, our centers of higher learning and all schools, compliments of the creation of the Department of Education, as well as the press? Can we now see with clarity that America, too strong to be taken down from the outside, is being taken down from within?
Can any rational, sane person explain the run-up to, and consequences of the financial crisis of 2008? Our unbridled debt of over 16 TRILLION dollars? As you watch the evening news or listen to political pundits talk of recovery and improving economic conditions, do you wonder what planet they are from, or whether they actually believe their lies? Do you honestly believe that we had fair elections in 2012? How about 2008, 2004 or even 2000?
America was set up from the inside to be destroyed. Our children have been sold into slavery to illegal debt created by a cabal of central banks based… in London. Perhaps that’s the reason Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his real name is, is so reluctant to show his papers, as perhaps he’s really a British citizen, as his father, who hailed from Kenya, was actually a British subject, which would make Obama a British national.
Could it be that we’ve been taken over once again by the British empire? Is European socialism being used a as a stepping stone to Communism and then to global governance, or a “New World Order?”
When the American dollar collapses, and it must, which country will play a major role in replacing our defunct economic system? Great Britain? So, in one fell swoop, America will become beholden to Great Britain and all of its laws once again.
People like Michael Savage, who is already on Her Majesty’s radar might want to consider those implications.
Perhaps that’s why Piers Morgan is smirking and acting as if he owns America.
In any event, what are we, true American patriots and not just keyboard warriors, prepared to do about it? The time to decide is now. The time to act will be soon.


January 18, 2013
Obama Playing Chicken with American Men
By Daren Jonescu
The Obama administration's current warpath against so-called "gun violence" -- which is Newspeak for non-violence committed by non-criminals with their non-illegal private property -- is a brazen challenge to America's manhood. The progressives have apparently decided that this is the moment when they can play their ultimate authoritarian hand, and let the chips fall where they may. They believe, in other words, that this is the moment when they may be able to break America at last, one way or another.
Through Obama's forceful, smug insistence on taking action in defiance of Congress, along with the aggressive urging to do so from his sycophants in the progressive elite -- from the vice president and the senate majority leader on down -- the leftists are engaging in a game of chicken with the American spirit that is disturbing both for its immediate intentions and for its revelation of their thought process and game plan.
In light of the well-known fact that their proposals and trial balloons will be judged by millions of Americans to be an outright violation of constitutionally protected liberties -- and liberties of the most emotionally trenchant nature, namely those related to the very foundations of limited government -- the progressives' deliberate projection of haste and intransigence on gun control must not merely be taken at face value, and judged on its "merits." It must also be interpreted -- in other words, one must ask precisely what they are hoping to achieve by attacking the most deeply held principles of so many Americans in such a heavy-handed fashion.
It seems to me that there are two plausible interpretations of their open chastisement of "all this debate" over Second Amendment concerns, i.e., their boisterous spitting upon the U.S. Constitution.
The first option is that they believe the citizenry of the once-freest nation on earth will ultimately be first to flinch in this game of chicken, and back down. This is the simplest explanation. Having tested the waters on so many fronts, and prepared the population with generations of propaganda about the evils of guns (and so little clarity about the meaning of limited government) from the educational establishment and the media, the left may have determined that, for all the tough talk, American gun owners will not, in the end, have the nerve to stand firm against a federal order to produce their weapons for registration, to submit their guns and themselves to a federal tracking system, or even, eventually, to relinquish legally-purchased property that has newly been ruled illegal.
The second possibility is that they know the public has not been sufficiently softened up to begin the "peaceful" disarming of America suggested by option one, and are therefore hoping to precipitate the kind of "serious crisis" the Obama administration has vowed never to let go to waste. This second possibility is appearing more likely to be the administration's real intention each day.
Consider the extent to which the federal government has gone, during the past four years, to brand conservatives, Christians, defenders of the Constitution, gun owners, and in general believers in property rights, as not merely racist and stupid (the usual mantra), but rather as angry, "bitter," and positively unhinged. These are not mere insinuations; government representatives, spokesmen, and apologists have been saying such things with increasing directness and frequency since 2008. A "study" funded by DHS expressly lists people who are "reverent of individual liberty" or "suspicious of centralized federal authority," among the common potential terror threats (p. 9). Obama himself, during his 2008 campaign, suggested in no uncertain terms that "clinging" to a Bible and/or a gun -- i.e., believing in God or the right to bear arms -- is a clear symptom of serious psychological problems, and equivalent to racism. And of course almost every mass killing over the past couple of years has been blamed on the Tea Party by someone in the media (see here) -- until, inevitably, the facts prove otherwise -- thereby creating the general impression that the Tea Party is a natural repository of "people on the edge," regardless of whether they turn out to have committed any crimes.
The Obama team knows full well that its words and actions are causing fear, anger, and heightened vigilance among conservatives. The spikes in gun sales, NRA memberships, and harsh anti-government talk all over the internet are an unmistakable sign of a population preparing for -- for something ugly. And yet they push forward, threatening specific action and escalating the anti-gun rhetoric with each passing day.
And the prodding is clever. Prior to this direct assault on the right to bear arms, the single Obama program most hated by constitutionalists was the Affordable Care Act. Now, ingeniously, the left has found a way to bring these two great affronts to individual liberty together under one umbrella. A major focus of Obama's executive actions on gun violence is the promotion of ObamaCare's mental health provisions as a suitable mechanism for dealing with preemptive psychiatry, i.e., drugging wayward children, labeling people in their federal government records as mentally ill, and using doctors as informants to track guns in private homes.
In sum, they could not be stoking pre-revolutionary fever any more effectively among that minority of America's citizenry that still stands by the nation as an idea, rather than merely as a piece of geography, if they had planned to stoke it. The only question remaining, it seems, is where all of this will lead.
Consider the following possibility -- common sense dictates that the progressives have already considered it. Someday, federal officers are going to visit the home of a man who owns a so-called "assault-style weapon." He has a family and a job. He pays his taxes. He has no criminal record. Not even a parking ticket. He purchased his gun legally. He uses it for target shooting. He thinks of it as an investment in the protection of his family and his nation, and his personal stand for constitutional liberty.
The federal officers are going to tell him that his weapon has been banned, that the deadline has passed for him to turn it in at the local police station, and that he must turn it over immediately. He is going to refuse, on the reasonable principle that a man is not obliged to obey a law that fundamentally violates his constitutionally protected rights. The officers, who will have been trained to regard such "resisters" as hostile and as mentally unstable, will call in for back-up and then give this law-abiding patriot an ultimatum: produce your banned weapon peacefully at once, or be taken into custody on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, and possibly subjected to psychiatric assessment.
If this man gives in and hands the officers his weapon, he will feel for the rest of his life that he has been broken -- that when push came to shove, he did not have the courage to stand up for his children's future. This, in short, is how the federal officials who sent the officers to his door want him to feel, and how they want everyone to feel: weak, ineffectual, emasculated, and submissive. It is how they want you to feel when federal agents molest your wife at the airport, and photograph your pubescent daughter in a naked scanner. It is how they want you to feel about your "private" health records being permanently on file with a half dozen federal agencies, to be opened at their discretion. It is how they want you to feel about the thousand bank-breaking regulations you are obliged to comb through and comply with in the names of "sustainability," "social justice," "anti-discrimination," and a dozen other fronts in the war on self-governance.
These indignities are meant to ease you through the process of acceptance, of acquiescence, of relinquishing all pretences of inviolable principle in the name of getting along.
This scenario -- this Conrad-style moment of reckoning for a man, before himself, his wife, and his children -- will in fact likely be played out in many variations. Those officers might be coming for high-capacity magazines, for guns reported by a child's playmate as unsafely stored, guns reported as unregistered, guns owned by people with relatives who have been diagnosed as "depressed" by a doctor, and so on. Most of the property owners in question will likely give in to the government's demands, and many of them will do so willingly, believing it their duty to obey the law above all else.
Those who do not comply, on the other hand, will be a test case, at the very least. When the government is challenging a proud man's dignity, his natural rights, and his courage in the face of a tyrannical demand, they are daring him to become a martyr to his cause. (See Mark Alexander's declaration at The Patriot Post.) In the authoritarian's mind, government wins either way. If the man gives in, subservience is reinforced. If he does not, then he can be made an example of, to serve as a stern warning to others.
This is not a moment to be taken lightly. Nor is it one to be welcomed with excessive "bring it on" bravado. America, which is emulating the rest of the West's decline, but at double-speed in these final stages, has reached the saddest impasse. Unlike other nations, which have passively sold off their freedom for the false security of a smiling, cradle to grave despotism, America has seen it coming, has resisted it with force, and is now about to be dragged off the cliff kicking and screaming.
The challenge facing the men of America -- not the mere "males," but the men -- is becoming clearer, starker, and more essential every day. That minority of us in the rest of the world who still care about freedom and modern civilization can only watch, with concern, sadness and hope, as the U.S. federal government, having reached its moment of final metamorphosis -- its "fundamental transformation" -- stares its patriotic citizens in the eye and says, "I dare you."
From the land of rebellious individualism of intellect - the land of Madison, Jefferson, Emerson and Melville; to the land of an almost careless abandonment to joy -- the land of Astaire, Ellington, Gershwin and Singin' In the Rain; to the brink of sorrow and downtroddenness, in such a short time, historically speaking. Surely it's too soon for this glorious run to end.

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Track the States working on 2nd Amendment preservation here

2nd Amendment Preservation Act

The 10th Amendment center is working on a map tracking page that will keep us updated on states that are working on legislation that will nullify any gun grab, and some are putting stiff criminal penalties on the violation of these state laws.

To get to the language of each bill, click that pin on the state you want to look at, and then in the box that comes up click on the number of the bill.

This needs to be spread all around the country to give legislators more backbone to stand up for freedom and our God given right to self defense.

Here is the wording of the law that North Dakota is considering. It's in their Judiciary committee right now.

Here is the one Montana is considering:

Communists Cheer On Obama’s Gun Grab

William F. Jasper
New American
Jan 25, 2013

It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA is on board with President Obama’s plan to attack Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as a means to “end gun violence.” A cardinal feature of communist regimes, like all dictatorships, is the prohibition of private ownership of arms, creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State.
In a January 18 article, People’s World, an official publication of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), declared that “the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right — one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.”
Read more here:

The communists know they could never impose their police state tyranny when the general population is armed and willing to fight for freedom. These communist publications are all for "democracy" and "peace".

Democracy is mob rule, rule by the communists themselves, and in their language peace means when they rule absolutely and unopposed, with nobody having the means to unseat their power.

The communists have ALWAYS followed gun control with confiscation, then the purge (murder) of all those who might overthrow their dictatorship. The communists have always preached "peace" which for them means absolute control of PEOPLE AND GUNS. If you don't believe this is true history watch these videos.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Is this mass murder coming to Amerika?

The history of gun control and confiscation IN RUSSIA

This short 5 min video shows how Stalin used Gun Control to bring Tyranny to the people. Those who don't remember History are doomed to repeat it.


Then there is this anti-gun history!

Sheriffs standing up for your rights around the country

Number Of Nation's Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs

From Florida to California, a growing number of the nation's sheriffs are standing up to gun control measures proposed by both the administration and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).
Many law enforcement officials have written letters to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden voicing their concerns over what they believe is an effort to infringe upon the Second Amendment.

Now get a load of this long list of sheriffs that are standing up:

It's not about controlling guns, it's about government controlling PEOPLE. The real terrorists are in government and always have been

Oak Harbor Mayor stands up for 2nd Amendment and his Oath of Office

Sheriffs and local officials are standing up around the country and pushing back against the gun grabbers and their violation of the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution, and are standing for their Oath of Office. These people should be supported at every turn by their constituents and should be helped to understand how important that is to us and our safety.

The gun grabbers are outlaws that will not stop. They need to be put out of power by the people ASAP. They have and are seditionists of the first order by incitiing a situation in our country that could lead to the violent overthrow by government goon squads of the peace and good order of our communities and the lawful civil authority of "We the People".  Law abiding people do not need to be controlled. They need to have their freedom guarded by these people who swore to do so. Any other course of action by a sworn official is against the supreme law they swore to uphold and protect as the mayor in this clip says, and takes seriously.

Scott Dudley should be our President just like the original email says promoting this video. This guy makes this all very real and deserves to be famous.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will you fire on Americans?

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

Here is just one comment from the website:

Personally, after seeing all the voter fraud and the numbers after the election, b.o winning was impossible. It was CLEARLY fixed, just like it has been. Altho now they dont care that we see just how blatantly criminal they are. What can we do about it since all 3 branches of gov't are crooks, as well as the media. But what they underestimate is Americans passion! We are very very angry. Our love for freedom for our children & grandchildren will make them wish they had never messed with us!!

Oathkeepers are needed now more than ever:

Montana lawmakers push back against gun control

This bill needs to be passed, but the penalty should be a FELONY crime and the persons violating this act should LOSE THEIR GUNS FOREVER.
I know that sounds harsh, but so does taking away a law abiding citizen's self defense tools making them vulnerable to LOSING THEIR LIFE, by Democide (death by government).  SUPPORT THIS BILL!
Look it up on the Montana government website here:
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 4:25 PM
Subject: HB 302 Write your rep to vote for this

PRODUCED BY                                                      (Primary Sponsor)



     NEW SECTION.  Section 1.  Short title. [Sections 1 through 4] may be cited as the "Montana Federal Semiautomatic Firearm and Large Magazine Ban Enforcement Prohibition Act".

     NEW SECTION.  Section 2.  Definitions. As used in [sections 1 through 4], the following definitions apply:
     (1) "Federal ban" means a federal law or executive order enacted or signed on or after January 1, 2013, that prohibits, restricts, or requires individual licensure for ownership, possession, transfer, or use of any self-loading rifle, pistol, revolver, or shotgun, any manually loaded rifle, pistol, revolver, or shotgun, or any magazine or other ammunition feeding device.
     (2) "Peace officer" has the meaning provided in 45-2-101, except [sections 1 through 4] do not apply to federal employees.
     (3) "Political subdivision" means a city, town, county, or consolidated government.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 3.  Prohibition of enforcement -- exceptions. (1) A peace officer, state employee, or employee of any political subdivision is prohibited from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines and is also prohibited from participating in any federal enforcement action implementing a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines.
     (2) An employee of the state or any political subdivision may not expend public funds or allocate public resources for the enforcement of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines. Any expenditure of public funds or public resources, including paying the salaries of personnel, to enforce or participate in the enforcement of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines is an unauthorized use of public resources and is considered theft as provided in 45-6-301.
     (3) [Sections 1 through 4] do not apply to the possession or use of fully automatic firearms or the enforcement of any federal or state laws prohibiting people with felony convictions from possessing firearms.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 4.  Enforcement of prohibition. (1) A peace officer, state employee, or employee of any political subdivision who violates the provisions of [sections 1 through 4] commits the offense of official misconduct as provided in 45-7-401. A person violating the provisions of [sections 1 through 4] includes:
     (a) a person who authorized any act prohibited by [section 3];
     (b) a person who had the authority to prevent a violation and failed to prevent a violation; and
     (c) a person who committed any of the acts prohibited by [section 3] under the direction of a supervisor.
     (2) If the county attorney of the county where a violation occurs fails to prosecute a peace officer, state employee, or employee of a political subdivision who has committed a violation of [sections 1 through 4] within 90 days of the violation, any 100 registered electors of the county may sign a petition requiring the county attorney to prosecute under [sections 1 through 4] and deliver the petition to the chief county election administrator. If sufficient qualified signatures on the petition are verified by the chief county election administrator, the county attorney loses prosecutorial discretion in the matter and is compelled to prosecute.
     (3) The failure of a county attorney to prosecute under subsection (2) within 90 calendar days of verification of the petition by the election administrator constitutes official misconduct as provided in 45-7-401. A private attorney licensed to practice law in the state may bring the prosecution required by the petition and a prosecution of the county attorney for official misconduct. Any attorney fees or costs associated with such a prosecution by a private attorney must be paid by the county where the violations occurred.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 5.  Severability. If a part of [this act] is invalid, all valid parts that are severable from the invalid part remain in effect. If a part of [this act] is invalid in one or more of its applications, the part remains in effect in all valid applications that are severable from the invalid applications.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 6.  Effective date. [This act] is effective on passage and approval.

     NEW SECTION.  Section 7.  Codification instruction. [Sections 1 through 4] are intended to be codified as an integral part of Title 45, chapter 7, and the provisions of Title 45, chapter 7, apply to [sections 1 through 4].

Democide, The number one killer of all time!


This hard-hitting public service announcement exposes the truth about government violence against the People: DEMOCIDE is the #1 cause of death in our world.

DEMOCIDE = mass murder committed by governments, usually after disarming the People. 290,000,000 people have been killed by governments, and U.S. Senators like Dianne Feinstein now want to make that number even higher by disarming, criminalizing and then killing U.S. citizens.

Demand a REAL plan. A plan of liberty and freedom for all.

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." Patrick Henry- june 5, 1788

Please comment especially if you are a veteran.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stewart Rhodes, Second Amendment Rally Speech

2nd Amendment Rally in Coeur d' Alene Idaho January 19th 2013

Published on Jan 20, 2013
Stewart Rhodes
Founder/President of Oath Keepers
Second Amendment Rally
Coeur d'Alene, ID.
Jan 19, 2013

Molon Labe - Come and Take

Please donate to the completion of this movie if you can.

Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, G. Edward Griffin, Chuck Baldwin in MOLON LABE. Now in production. See for more information.

Sandy Hook: The Logistics - Official Story Impossible

The people need the truth. Most can't handle the truth!

The Sandy Hook story as told makes no sense.

That children were murdered in cold blood is not in dispute.

Who did it and how it was done is.

The official story is literally impossible.

This video covers only a few of the points where the story is absolute fabrication.

The name-calling idiots are writing in with their commentary.

One woman wrote in to claim that her 125 nephew easily carries his weight in gear in Iraq...

Here's my reply to her and all the other idiots who insist on denying basic reality and making up stories:

Your nephew, assuming your story is real, does not carry 125 pounds of gear.

No one in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan carries anywhere near that much.

Your nephew, assuming he exists, is a conditioned soldier and that's what enables him to carry and operate with whatever weight he does go out with (50 to 90 pounds tops)

People can watch all the games they want. It will not condition them to carry and maneuver with all the gear the police say this person brought with him.

So it's you YOU who are full of crap and willfully ignorant to boot.

The children who were murdered deserve a better investigation than the garbage that TV-addled idiots like you support.

Brought to you by Brasscheck TV:

Mass Murder and registered democrats?

Subject: D Mass Murders
Latest Rant to Washington, is this true?
It seems that Sen Feinstein and other gun grabbers are on the wrong track by trying to register gun owners.  They should be registering and performing background investigations on Democrats.
"Why is it that the progressive liberal that steals guns then goes and kills movie goers and children in school has never been an NRA member?"

Ft Hood - Registered Democrat- Muslim
Columbine - Too young to vote - both families were registered democrats and progressive liberals
VA Tech - Wrote hate mail to Pres Bush and to his staff. Registered Democrat

Colorado Theater - Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant, progressive liberal
Connecticut School Shooter - Registered Democrat, hated Christians
Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal democrats."

Interesting...isn't it!
Maybe we should be registering all progressive democrats and taking their guns away, and let everybody else alone, then see if these murders stop. What do you think? Comment below.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anonymous hacktivists weigh in on guns.

Anonymous -- Response To Obama's 2013 Gun Control Policy

Anonymous, usually left wing and many times flaunting the law, this time gets it almost completely right if indeed this is actually from that group.

Whoever made this video pretty much nails the legal aspects and consequences of the big push by Obama and criminals to get the guns. The history of gun control is notorious:
Over 170 MILLION people died at the hands of their own governments just in the 20th Century alone.

One word the was not mentioned in this video is sedition. That crime is committed when violence is incited against the lawful civil authority. We the People are the lawful civil authority in our country.

The act of sedition is contained in the "inciting". The gun grabbers know if they carry out their so called "laws" there will be violence in the unlawful enforcement, so their very act of attempting to pass those laws is already incitement to violence.  It's the same thing as willfully negligent homicide. Same principles apply!

Anyone that disagrees should and is invited to comment by clicking comments below. You are invited to comment only if you keep it civil. No foul language please. That will be deleted.
To find the real solutions to all this please visit the following websites:

The seditionist gun grabbers should be arrested and charged with sedition instantly when they put their unconstitutional bills in the hopper in the congress. There is no other issue that I know of that this train of thought could apply to. It's only the second amendment that preserves this right as far as human law is concerned. Of course the divine positive law (Thou Shalt Not Kill) and the natural laws (self defense) whos' author is also our creator,  contain even higher prohibitions against these gun grabbing totalitarian OUTLAWS.

LEGAL NOTICE: The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice, on this website. The information posted on this website is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. Images, text and logic are copyright protected. ALL rights are explicitly reserved without prejudice, and no part of this website may be reproduced unless by written consent. You hereby have written consent to post any individual post from this website containing this copyright to any other blog or email only if you post the whole and unaltered article including this copyright, and give proper credit to the author, and a link back to this blog at This applies only to articles written by Paul Stramer. ©2005-2012 by Montana Business Communications (PDS) All rights remain in force. Removing this notice forfeits all rights to recourse. Copyright strictly enforced © The videos are third party and not covered by this legal notice.

Bob Livingston weighs in on guns

Bob Livingston has written an excellent article An Open Letter to the Elected Class Regarding Gun Control on his Personal Liberty Digest blog.
See it here:

Here is the comment I left on Bobs blog:

Bob, this is one of the best articles you have ever written, but there is one thing you left unsaid. The question is who are the real criminals and outlaws. I heard it said that if congress goes along with Obama it will create a new criminal class in America. That might be true, but the new criminal class won’t be the law abiding gun owners who will be the target of the gun grabbers. The criminal class is in government. The gun grabbers themselves are the criminal class since they are willing to abrogate the Constitution, and are willing to risk violence to get what they want. What is their crime. It’s called SEDITION.
Sedition is inciting the violent overthrow of the lawful civil authority. In America that lawful authority is “We the People”. Read the preamble to the US Constitution. We the People did ordain and establish that supreme law of the land FOR GOVERNMENT TO FOLLOW, not the other way around. If the government servants were not OUTLAWS they would be proposing an amendment to the US constitution to repeal the 2nd amendment, but they know that won’t work either, so they are attempting an end run around the supreme law, and trying to get what they want by fraud, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation, along with a willingness to destroy peace and good order in our communities. In my book they are already the domestic enemy the US Constitution was put there to stop, and by the very fact that they have thrown such bills in the hopper, (which is the prima facia evidence of sedition) they should be arrested and charged with their crimes, which are being committed as we speak. Their inciting is their crime. They are the outlaw class. They are the seditionists. And when this turns violent, then they will have fulfilled the definition of treason also.

There is one more thing I would like to add here.  
When is our military going to realize that by letting these crimes continue against the people, they are also violating their oath. The very minute that Obama signed his executive orders violating the US Constitution he should have been arrested for sedition.  The very minute that Dianne Feinstein drafted her bill, she should have been arrested and charged with sedition, and likewise every other person that has submitted a bill which violates the 2nd Amendment.  Sedition is a crime against the lawful civil authority, which is US. We the People wrote the Constitution and according to the Mack/Printz decision it is still the supreme law for government to follow. 
 Ask yourself this question. 
Do the gun grabbers know that there will be violence if they pass their so called "laws" against guns?
The obvious answer is yes.  Then they are willing to have the violence to get what they want, right?
Would the law abiding people rise up and create violence against these so called public servants if they were not trying to pass these so called "laws"? The obvious answer is NO! So who is creating sedition?
THAT MAKES THE GUN GRABBERS THE OUTLAWS. They are the outlaw class not us. They are the seditionists. We are the peaceful law abiding residents of the land who just want to be left alone to live, and pray, and work, and raise our families in peace. But they are NOT satisfied with that. They will not be satisfied until we are their slaves or dead. That is what the history of gun control has brought absolutely every time it has been tried. In the end it is always followed by genocide and murder.
Hitler did it, Lenin did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it, Pol Pot did it, and countless other tin pot dictators have done it. Will history add Obama's name to that list?
More on this subject:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Molon Labe - Viva Cristo Rey!


I am seeing people from all around the country drawing their line in the sand. I am seeing them openly take the stand that they will NEVER give up their guns, not even the first one. Here are some examples.

Claire Wolfe just published a hard hitting article called:
An Open Message to those who think it's time to take the guns. See it here:

In this clear challenge to the gun grabbing outlaws who refuse to abide by the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment (which is the supreme law for the land) and think they can do an end run around the law with executive orders and codes and statutes which are clearly unconstitutional, she shows some of the history of how that has worked in the 20th century. That was perhaps the bloodiest time for "murder caused by government" in the history of the world.

 Take a look at the article and pay special attention to the links in the article about genocide which always follows gun control and confiscation.

See the chart toward the bottom of this page of all the genocide resulting from gun control.

For a definitive study of the history of gun control see this published by Washington University Law Review authored by Daniel D. Polsby and Don B. Kates Jr.

You should also watch "Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control" produced by JFPO.
This film shows that 170 MILLION people were killed BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS just in the 20th century alone AFTER GUN CONTROL.

Steward Rhodes, the founder of OATHKEEPERS has also taken a very clear stand and will not give up any guns.  See it here:

You should make a study of the Oathkeeper website. We are talking about the law people!
Here is the only real way to stop this short of bloodshed. Stand up NOW while you still have a chance.

There are many sheriffs from around the country drawing their line in the sand and telling the feds to stay out of their county. They are keeping their oath. They are defending the law. Click these links:

Let's talk a bit about Law and Order.  First what is the law for you and I to follow and obey?
The supreme law for the United States is the US Constitution.

Here is a listing of all the articles on this blog about gun control and the real law:

For much more on this subject of what the law is go to these websites. You now have no excuses left.

And now for a little history of our Motto  Molon Labe - Viva Cristo Rey
The phrase molon labe (Ancient Greek μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé; reconstructed Ancient Greekpronunciation [molɔːn labé]Modern Greek pronunciation [moˈlon laˈve]) means "Come and take". It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.  See it here on Wikipedia

The rest is a page out of the history of Mexico: Viva Cristo Rey is Long Live Christ the King in Spanish.

See the battle cry of the Cristeros and the history of how the communist government tried to stamp out faith in Mexico here:

If you get the chance you should go see the Movie "For Greater Glory" which tells the story of a brave band of Cristeros fighters for Religious Freedom and the miracles that happened keeping them safe in battle.