Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New online drama champions tea-party issues

WND to feature weekly video episodes of 'Red Elephants Café'

The rapid worldwide growth of made-for-Internet video dramas – short, vivid episodes, each just a few minutes long, gradually unfolding a compelling story – seems to have something for everybody, from science fiction to comedy, from love stories to murder mysteries.

But how about this? A cutting-edge series, set in small-town America, where the plotline revolves around stopping this nation's destruction by out-of-control government and a godless culture.

Here's a direct link to the first episode.

Ron Paul interviewed by Iowa AARP

Ron Paul takes a stand on Medicare, Medicaid, Health Care costs.

A TREE Party Rebellion - The Feds back down

New Mexico Law and Local Sheriff Trump the Feds

New Mexico just proved that State law trumps unconstitutional federal regulations and that the power of the sheriff is superior over federal agencies. This is the power of the Tenth Amendment!



On September 17th, keeping his Oath of Office to the Constitution and the People, Sheriff Benny House and his SWAT Team protected the tree cutters. The feds backed down! The feds were absent from the Tree Party Rebellion. This is because within the county, the sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in the land.

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Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin running for top Montana slots

Montana Governor candidate Robert Fanning announces his Lt. Governor running mate is Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Fanning and Baldwin issued statement covering Montana Issues
Economics and Banking

Rebooting Business and Jobs
Taxes and Spending
Health Care
State Land and Resources
Advocate for Nature
Agenda 21
About Robert Fanning
About Chuck Baldwin


Obama's ineligibility is coming to a head.

Washington DC March 28 -30, 2012