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Friday, September 23, 2022

ALERT: The ALMOST Everything Bubble Set to Explode

In today’s video, let’s hear how Mike Maloney sees the economic emergency playing out:

“Every time they have tried to contract the currency supply, raise interest rates…do Quantitative Tightening, the markets have thrown some sort of fit. Whether it’s the bond market, or bank liquidity drying up…every time they try weaning the markets off of this artificial life support there’s some kind of tantrum that happens. The next one is going to be some kind of big crash and that is finally when the Fed will pivot. They aren’t anticipatory, they are reactionary. They will pivot, and they’ll start increasing the currency supply and lowering interest rates once they have caused the economy to break.

In 2000, we had the crash of the tech sector and all the dotcoms, the NASDAQ went down eighty-something percent…then in 2007 it was the stock market and Real Estate. Well, this time it’s stocks, Real Estate and Bonds that are all in crisis - it’s the Almost Everything Bubble and the reason why I say Almost Everything is because gold and silver are not in bubbles…yet!” - Mike Maloney

Get OUT of the banks NOW!  If you need some silver, in small or large quantities, reasonable prices and immediate shipping go here:

From: Teri Sahm   Date: 09/19/2022 3:46 PM MST Subject: Important Message from Anna     

The banks are preparing for a massive bail-in program and
restricting withdrawals.   Close all accounts and withdraw as cash to
the extend possible.   Only money we have already cashiered in Global
will be safe.   Nothing INSURED WILL BE SAFE.   It's the insurance
collapse that is precipitating the bank collapse.   Peter is robbing
Jesus to pay Paul.   The FRN's are evidence of their debt so they are
seizing them and seizing accounts denominated as FRN's in all insured
banks.   That includes credit unions that offer insured accounts.   If
they are insured they are NOT indemnified.   The insurance companies
are failing because ot the strain of the vaccination death toll
worldwide.   All those Life Insurance claims are being disallowed and
the insurance companies are losing in litigation.   The banks are not
willing to go on with the charade without insurance.   Best thing
would be cash and if you need to transact, Money Orders.   We will be
hitting the Post Offices all over the country buying Money orders in
various amounts.   It looks like that will be the only viable way to
get things done in the interim - and that is why the Pope insisted
that all liquid assets be in the Vatican Bank by September 30.   He
anticipates the draw down of the Money Orders which are backed in
gold.   We have maybe 10 days to act

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Did Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton Montana have a part in Lyme Disease?

Plum Island resurfaces: Secret research programs run by the USDA, DoD and DHS are engineering agricultural bioweapons to starve nations into collapse

The US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) has been actively involved in engineering biological weapons for decades. Long before Fauci and the NIH were funding gain-of-function bioweapons development with the People’s Liberation Army in Wuhan, China, the USDA ran a bioweapons facility on Plum Island that was tasked with researching agricultural weapons that could be used to attack and destroy the food supply of enemy nations. (Both Cuba and the former Soviet Union were considered likely targets.)

In a bombshell story published by Xinhua news agency in 2021, author, researcher and journalism professor Karl Grossman alleges that Lyme Disease was one of the many bioweapons produced in this US government-funded laboratory originally staffed by Nazi scientists who were brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip, a program that saw the US government recruit former Nazi scientists to work in fields like rocketry (NASA), medicine and computing. From that story:

The “godfather” of the Plum Island laboratory was a Nazi bioweapon expert, Erich Traub, who was brought to the United States after the Second World War.

“During the WWII, Traub ran a Nazi secret biological warfare laboratory in the Baltic on an island called Riems, with a mission to poison cattle in the Soviet Union. Also, Traub had some familiarity with the New York area before the WWII. He was also involved in Nazi activities on the Long Island,” Grossman noted.

“There was a military base on the island at that time for over 50 years, which was called Fort Terry. Thus this notion was to make this laboratory to do biological warfare,” he said, noting the lab was later taken over by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

See the entire article here:

A Message to All State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

People who have been deeply indoctrinated into a foreign political system are trying to restore the American Government we are owed; unfortunately, many of them cannot recognize it when they lapse backward into the old "system" and they react by acting upon the old political power paradigm they were taught.  

As a result, there are three key bottlenecks that these people attack and attach to and try to control in the Assemblies.  

The first bottleneck opportunity that they swarm to is the Vetting and Oversight Committees.  They assume, based on their past experience, that these committees can be used to promote their individual agendas for the group, either by limiting the choice of candidates to those who meet their own personal approval (Vetting Committee) or by removing officers who don't perform to their personal satisfaction (Oversight Committee).  

What everyone is missing is that we don't have political parties and neither of these Committees have the authorities and functions that some people assume that they do, 

The Vetting Committee is supposed to check three things: (1) basic eligibility for the job in question; (2) past criminal history that might affect job performance; (3) substantial conflicts of interest.  

Finding no significant evidence of impairment, the Vetting Committee must let the candidate apply for and/or run for office and let the Electors elect whomever they judge to be the best candidate. 

In no case can the Vetting Committee base any of their  "Pass/Fail" decisions on their collective personal feelings or prejudices. To do so would be to put themselves in the position of Electors PRIOR to an election, and thereby put them in position to bounce out candidates BEFORE they have a chance to present themselves to the General Electorate. 

The job of the Vetting Committee is simple.  Check to be sure that the candidate is properly recorded as a member of the Assembly, check to be sure that they have no criminal record that would prejudice or impair their job performance; check to be sure that the candidate has no substantial conflict of interest, such as having significant income from foreign sources. 

Yes or no?  

It is not the Vetting Committee's job to judge whether the candidate is "personable" or pretty or enforce any judgements related to a person's religion, appearance, age, race, or former political persuasion.  

Similarly, regarding the Second Potential Bottleneck, it is not the Oversight Committee's job to nit-pick and harass anyone.  They exist so that any perceived serious breach of trust or improper activity can be brought forward and addressed.  Examples of breach of trust include misrepresentation of the Assembly, abuse of or misrepresentation of office or authority, and violation or evasion or prejudicial exercise of service obligations.  Examples of improper activity include nepotism, adultery with subordinates, petty theft and the like. 

In no case can the Oversight Committee lapse into witch hunts or complaints based on nebulous unfounded suspicions. Complaints must be based on facts.  It is the Oversight Committee's job to inquire into the actions and operations of The Assembly to ensure that everything is above board and running properly. 

Any conflicts need to be brought to the Ombudsman.  If the Oversight Committee finds that the Treasurer made an improper payment, for example, and they can't get correction from the Treasurer, it's their right to bring the matter forward to the Ombudsman's Office.  If the Ombudsman's Office can't solve the problem to everyone's satisfaction, it can be taken to the General Assembly for a vote. 

All offices and positions in a State Assembly are subject to recall by vote of the General Assembly, either for cause or for lack of confidence. 

The third and final bottleneck is the Marshal-at-Arms Office. In a traditional State Assembly, the members are engaged in face to fact meetings.  The Marshal-at-Arms is charged with ensuring the physical safety of the Assembly and its members during meetings and events. Today, that duty can extend to maintaining simple decorum in meetings and enforcing the Agenda and limits which the Assembly may adopt on the length of time that individuals may speak.  It is important to note that these limits must be imposed by vote of the Assembly and must be applied impartially, so as not to censor dissent or curtail free discussion. 

In Assemblies with a lot of members and especially a lot of talkative members (California, for example) it is advisable for the Assembly to set up a process by which topics can be added to the Agenda prior to scheduled meetings and to also set up a limit as to how long an individual speaker may speak.  These are actions that help expedite the flow of business and discussion, and are not meant to prohibit or prevent action or censor anyone unduly.  Each Agenda item should be limited in proportion to the other Agenda items and if an Agenda is too packed to get through in one meeting, the topic gets held over to the top of the list at the next meeting. 

Rules of Basic Decorum may also be adopted.  People come into Assemblies flat-footed and often they are angry with "government" in general.  Some people may also come in drunk or under the influence of other drugs, and start raging and shouting and causing inappropriate disruption, at which point it is the duty of the Marshal-at-Arms to terminate the disturbance. 

In this manner, everyone knows the rules beforehand and there are no surprises.  Keep your cool, have your say within the time limit established for individual speakers, and behave politely. That is not too much to expect from our members. 

I should also say that if elections are properly conducted in the first place, the results of elections are permanent for the term of the office and may only be overturned by recall and/or impeachment for cause.  

Everyone who is a member of an Assembly is an adult and expected to act like an adult. 

Name-calling, threats, outbursts of rage, unfounded accusations, drunken speech, and similar activities are to be discouraged and curtailed for the sake of the Assembly-at-Large. We have work to do and can't let it be sidelined by a lot of nonsensical drama.  The Marshal-at-Arms must exercise discretion and let people have their say within the limits set by the Assembly and may not abuse their position for purposes of censorship --- but if anyone is being disruptive, impolite, or threatening, overstaying their turn at the podium, or otherwise imposing upon the other members, it is entirely proper for the Marshal-at-Arms to hit the mute button. 

Assemblies are here to conduct business for their membership and their State and maintaining a calm and business-like atmosphere is important.  There are many other places for people to vent outside the forum provided during General Assembly meetings.  

Keep the ideas of "appropriateness" and "reasoned debate" uppermost in your mind when it comes to General Assembly business.  Is your concern better addressed by a Committee --or best addressed by a Committee, before you bring it to the Assembly?  Is your issue personal or does it impact everyone?  How important is your issue, really?  If it involves debate, should that debate be scheduled as a Special Event with time allocated for a prolonged discussion?  

Creating a safe space for reasoned discussion is the job of the Marshal-at-Arms.  Setting the rules to provide that safe space is the business of the Assembly-at-Large.  If everyone understands the goal --- which is calm and productive business meetings --- there should be no great deal of controversy about how we arrive at our chosen destination and put an end to grandstanding and political rhetoric and irresponsible accusations.  

As members of your State Assembly, you should be aware of and sensitive to the functions of these Committees and the office of the Marshal-at-Arms, so as to make sure that practical level-headed people are drafted to serve in these positions.  


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Abolish the CIA - America's Open Wound

 By Edward Snowden

Continuing Ed

September 22, 2022

America’s Open Wound - LewRockwell

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Why ‘Ventilator Frenzy’ Swept the White House During Early Days of COVID

 Why ‘Ventilator Frenzy’ Swept the White House During Early Days of COVID • Children's Health Defense (

Protect Yourselves and Others

 Are you at Peace? Do you fly the Peace Flag?

By Anna Von Reitz,

These supporters of the Trucker Convoy are flying the American Peacetime flag, and by doing so, they are identifying themselves as peaceable Americans --- people who are NOT at war, NOT soldiers, NOT here to blow anyone up, shoot anybody, etc., etc., etc. --- and that is important.
If every American War Flag in this convoy was converted to a Peacetime Flag, there would be nothing at all that any of the Rats could do to attack or complain or harass anyone involved. They would all have to stand down and watch the parade.
Flying the right flag can save your life or the lives of people you care about. Flying the right flag can protect your property and your Natural and Unalienable rights and Constitutional Guarantees.

Remember that America --- the actual America and the actual American Government --- has been at peace since 1814, and all the "peaceable" Americans are owed the full support, protection, and respect of their government employees without exception.
So stand up for who you are and what you are doing and use the proper flag to make your silent declaration of your standing and peaceful intentions. All over this country, more Americans are waking up and catching on. They are flying the Peacetime Flag. Isn't it about time you did, too?
Check out for the honorable and venerable history of our Peacetime Flag --- and stop a moment to think: do you want war or do you want peace? It's up to you to declare.
To get your own US civilian flag go here: 

Bail In, Bail Out, Good Cop, Bad Cop

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, the Gubmint steals your credit to bail out banks and insurance corporations. 

Second, the banks and insurance companies steal your bank deposits to pay back the Gubmint. 

Third, it all comes down to crooks bilking you in your own name.  Crooks who are pretending to “represent” you.

Crooks who are impersonating you. 

Brace for losing every cent you have deposited in commercial banks and in “equitable” consideration, you will be given shares in the bankrupt bank that stole your deposits. 

How’s that for compensation? 

You will get more shares based on the size of the deposits you lose.  And this has been advertised since 2010.

Did you know you were buying shares in a bankrupt bank? 

Did you know your deposits became bank property the moment you walked away with a receipt in your hand? 

Did you know you were loaning the bank your home when they offered you a home loan? 

All those IRS garnishments were the obligations of the bank? Not yours? 

And what about all the investments made in your name?  What became of them? 

Your “shares” again? 

Naught into naught is naught.  Naught divided by naught is naught. 

Every positive number is greater than every negative number. 

Every debt creates an equal credit. 

Fraud vitiates everything. 

Don’t take any wooden nickels and I would not accept any bank shares, either, because the shareholders become responsible for the debts  of the bank. 

Ever heard of the Trojan Horse?  Gifts that kill are all too common to this day. 


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DRACO Down the Memory Hole They had a cure over a decade ago, but not for you

 From Anna Von Reitz

Please Publish ALL of This On the Websites!

by Spartacus

On July 27th, 2011, a paper was published in PLOS ONE describing a novel protein biologic antiviral. It was called DRACO, an acronym for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer.

Read the article on Substack here:

Banks are preparing for massive BAIL-INS while RESTRICTING withdrawals

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Let’s Review Before the Test….

 By Anna Von Reitz

First Lesson: this country has been “occupied” by its own military since 1863.  

That military is largely commandeered and misdirected by one of our Federal Subcontractors— a British Territorial Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated.

It is to their economic advantage to promote constant war and constant reinvestment in military tech development and military expansionism. 

Constant war means job security and investment opportunities for military personnel. Constant war and war preparation means more money for “Defense” Contractors.  

And since the military has been running things through their “civilian service corporation”, they have had a free hand to vote for lots, and lots, and lots of “defense spending” that has allowed these players to establish over 900 military bases worldwide. 

Second Lesson: Not only has America been suffering occupation by its own military, since World War II, they have occupied most of Europe, Japan, and the former Commonwealth nations, too. 

So as you are witnessing Europe slitting their own throats by sanctioning Russia over a trumped up war in Ukraine that NATO provoked by establishing over a dozen biological warfare factories in Ukraine— bear in mind, Europe does not have much of a choice. 

They are deeply in debt to “the” U.S. and occupied by “the” U.S. and everyone makes the mistake of calling “the” U.S. by our name, “America”—— so we get blamed for what the Brits are manipulating “our” military to do.

And it isn’t hard for the Brits to twist our military any way they like, because a British Municipal Corporation, SERCO, is acting as their Paymaster. 

Third Lesson: the Federal Reserve Note is an I.O.U.   It is also a military scrip.  

Military scrips are like Monopoly Money, issued on bases and within encampments to function as a “domestic currency” within the domain of the military by military personnel. 

Because they never had any authority to issue an actual American currency, the U.S. Military occupation force issued “Federal Reserve Notes” as a currency to be used as scrip within the occupied territories. 

Notice the word “territories”. 

When they conquered Europe in WWII their Federal Reserve Notes became the “Reserve Currency” of Europe, Japan, and the former Commonwealth countries.  All those national currencies had to be “exchanged” into Federal Reserve Notes in order to trade with the U.S. Military. 

So, seventy-plus years on, we are treated to the spectacle of two competing monetary systems based on I.O.U.s. — the FRN’s and the EURO.  However, everyone knows that both these currencies are military scrips and that in a pinch, the EURO will be sacrificed.

And that is exactly what we are observing. 

That’s exactly what the Brits were/are trying to avoid with Brexit—- retreat into their own national currency, the British Pound Sterling, so as to dump the endangered EURO before the Piper demands to be paid. 

Lesson Four:  As a military scrip issued by a worldwide military organization, the FRN is blood money based on human energy, creativity, labor, and physical bodies. 

Review my book, Blood Money, for a more extensive explanation of how currencies based on labor differ from money based on physical assets. 

The primary functional difference is elasticity. 

Money based on physical commodities is relatively fixed because the amount of any commodity is finite.  

Currency based on human labor, brain power, performance ability, and other tangible and intangible “merits” is potentially infinite. 

Countries with small populations have an advantage when we use actual physical asset-backed money.

Countries with large populations benefit from the use of blood money currencies. 

This means that Britain is benefited from money based on gold and silver, while China—for example, is benefited from a currency based on human labor and creativity. 

America, with a large but not gigantic population, can swing either way.  Russia can also swing either way. 

This sets up a situation where the large population countries are seeking to maximize the value of their labor force at the same time that countries with the Natural Resources and stores of gold and silver are at odds. 

It’s a chicken and egg stand-off.  Is the material to build more important than the ability to build, when both are needed to construct anything? 

Go figure. 

The Russians have weighed in with the large population countries and backed BRICS, while “the” U.S. has waffled. It doesn’t want to give up its cozy hegemony, but it doesn’t want to be isolated, either.  And Britain, as always, is playing the puppet master. 

Expect World War III and pray that someone with a brain comes to power in the USA, INC.

Anyone who thinks they can fight inflation by spending $700 billion more “on credit” does not qualify. 

Lesson Five: in order to survive this we have to use our brains and our voices and we have to back the restoration of our civilian government. 

Remember— the military does not have the authority to issue actual money.  Only the States of the Union have that right and duty. 

So it is imperative for everyone’s good that the actual American Government stands up and issues a new national asset-backed currency. 

And it’s imperative for the occupying military interests to support that and answer to the call of the civilian government that they are supposed to defend. 

Lesson Six: There are no National Debts and there are no substantial international trade deficits.  There are dishonest accounting practices that make it look like National Debts and Trade Deficits exist—- but they don’t, 

In a debt-credit monetary system, every debt is immediately met with an answering credit. 

If you don’t put the credit on the books and don’t balance the books, it looks like there is a debt—- but what the crooks are really doing is using the “off-ledger” credit as a giant Slush Fund for themselves and also as a mammoth Investment Fund — which feeds back into the Slush Fund. 

As a result of this and the fact that the people are being taxed both for the actual credit they already paid, and for the absence of that credit on the books (“interest on the debt”) everyone is suffering.  

The obvious cure is to be honest and do the bookkeeping.  A lot of people on the Biggest Gravy Train Ever don’t want to do this for obvious reasons, but even more people need it done and done now.

Lesson Seven: America is not a democracy. America is a Federation of sovereign republican states.  The British Territorial United States is a democracy. 

So all this war-making and theft and disinformation has not been promoted by America.  A lot of deluded and deceived Americans participated in it unknowingly and some criminals benefited themselves to an incredible extent, but the American People are not the ones doing this. 

The British Tories who substituted their Territorial Government for our lawful American States are the ones responsible for all of it. 

Three years ago, the call went out to assemble the States of the Union—- and thousands of Americans have answered that call.  

Today, the civilian government of this country is active and in General Assembly status in all fifty States. 

The military government provided “for” us on an “emergency” basis has been notified that their actual Employers are back in town. 

It remains to be seen whether or not the U.S. Military will heed the call, do the bookkeeping, and do the right thing—- or not. 

So far, they have acted as pawns in a British Commercial scheme to kill and/or claim millions of innocent people as property. 

That scheme, though causing horrible damage to this country and many others, has failed. 

Lesson Eight: Americans desperately need to come together with hearts and minds to end this situation. 

Any questions? 


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What’s Wrong and Right With America?

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are waking up in vast numbers, mainly because they have to. 

They are waking up scared, confused, and many times, angry.  Hibernating bears in spring come to mind.  Or teenagers having to wake up extra early for a Civics exam.  

But we need Civics and truthful American History in a big way, like it or not. 

I would guess, based on experience, that about 80% of Americans don’t know that America is not a “democracy” of any kind and never has been.

Even the so-called intelligentsia don’t know that basic factoid and endlessly prattle on about “our democracy” and “threats to democracy” and its plain to see that they actually think that America is a democracy when it’s not and never has been.  

Next time your relatives (the  ones who won’t invite you to Thanksgiving Dinner) need proof that they really are clueless — tell them that America isn’t a democracy.  The British Territorial United States — one of our Federal Subcontractors—- is a democracy, but we aren’t. 

For all intents and purposes our government in international jurisdiction is an unincorporated Federation of fifty sovereign states — and it’s not a democracy, either. 

Go figure. You’ve heard it all your life— “our democracy” and most of you thought we were talking about an American democracy.  

I will lay hard money that all the Media Talking Heads think this country is a democracy. 

I bet Nancy Pelosi thinks this is a democracy. 

And that is one of the big, dumb, ugly things about America right now.  

The Public Education system (that is supposed to be educating the Public— that  means you and me, Brothers and Sisters) is instead dumbing us down.   Most of us don’t remember who we are, how our government is organized, and what form of government we are supposed to have in charge. 

So let’s say it again, loudly: “We are guaranteed a republican form of government, which means community-based self-government—- and it has nothing to do with the Republican Party. “ 

We don’t even have political parties. 

We have political opinions, which is another story. 

Other signs of mental fog— stiffly fought grudge matches based on historical competition.  

Does Green Bay v Chicago make any sense when all the players from both teams come from anywhere but Green Bay and Chicago? 

It used to be, long ago, that the men of Green Bay would knock their knuckles on the green grass and go toe to toe against men who actually lived in Chicago. 

It really was Green Bay against Chicago. Literally.  And everybody knew it. Heck, the teams were owned and supported by the cities that provided the stadiums, or by the local fan club. 

We got to go tribal, wear our colors, don the cheese wedge helmet and cheer, cheer, cheer!  

But now it’s meaningless. It’s just random teams of men pulled from a worldwide talent pool.  Te Deum. 

The teams thus drafted are owned by billionaire corporatists who can tell the players to do anything they please—- so long as they pay them all millions of dollars. 

And that is also what’s wrong with America. 

People grow up thinking that money can buy anything and everyone.  They think everyone has a price and so, in such a world, the players are all whores. Well-paid, but whores nonetheless.  

And this is what we are teaching our kids to value?  To look up to?  To model after? 

Last year I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I boycotted the Green Bay - Chicago game, too. I am from Wisconsin, but the team isn’t, even if they are required to live there part time for a few months every year. 

So football goes in my rag bag like television in general, with a big so what?  All they do is lie and talk about useless things and try to pretend that their opinions are “news stories”. Just like the football players pretend to come from Green Bay.  

I learned a new word from my cat fit for such occasions:  “Phffffth!!!” 

And why can’t Americans put their grocery carts away in the right racks?  They put the small carts in the big cart rack, and if possible, vice versa. 

What is this, people? 320 million people who are frustrated and want to take it out on other shoppers?  One last, desperate attempt to say, “Up yours!” —- or a cry for help? 

What good can come from a nation that fails the Shopping Cart Test? 

So there is a sample of what is wrong in America.  

Now you want to hear what’s good about America? 

Most of us know that there are some things that can’t be bought. 

Most of us can learn how to be part of a self-governing country. 

Most of us still care. 

Most of us know when we are being fed tripe—- if we stop and think about it. 

And most of us know how to work hard and persevere under difficult conditions. 

Very soon we can expect news of disaster and have multiple sensationalist news stories trying to distract us—- but what I expect to see beginning on September 20th 2022, will happen very quietly — the end of the Federal Reserve and/or it’s merger with the International Monetary Fund. 

The salad days of the free-wheeling con artists selling “free dollars at half the cost” will be over. The era of blood money and illegal taxation will be over—- but we all need to stay on our toes and stand ready to answer the next Sting they come up with.  

And the next. And the next. And the next….


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