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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Public Declaration Concerning Additional Unlawful Conversions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Having learned all about "platform trading" in our earlier post, you now understand numerous things about the present financial and economic miasma. 

For one thing, you understand how the "one percent" have so effortlessly made such mammoth gains against all the rest of us: it's all on paper, and it's all the result of platform trading and receiving unjust enrichment beyond any Usurer's wildest dreams --- for doing nothing. Literally. 

Of course, when such a situation occurs, there is great motivation for the banks to cut out the middlemen and the actual owners of the "blocked" deposits, and that is what they have been doing for the last several years, albeit, using illegal and unlawful means to do it.  

Look at the Holding Company Scam: 

None of these incorporated Maritime Commercial Banks can act as actual "Holding Companies".  Holding Companies have to engage with full liability and must be unincorporated, so the Maritime Commercial Banks pretend to have a separate Holding Company handling the deposits. 

Instead, they have bought a Holding Company's trademarks and name, similar to the way the Wells Fargo Bank still appears to exist long after it became a Securities Brokerage with banking services. 

An unincorporated entity can own an incorporated entity, and an incorporated entity can own another incorporated entity, but a Maritime Corporation by definition cannot own anything that is unincorporated without immediately incorporating it within itself.  

Similar to the taint of fraud which impacts everything it touches, incorporation extends to acquisitions. 

So even if an incorporated Maritime Commercial Bank acquired an unincorporated Holding Company, that Holding Company would be an "incorporated holding" and could no longer function as an actual Holding Company. 

That is Farce One, and the first fraudulent deceit that these banks employ against depositors: they pretend to be an unincorporated Holding Company and to have the appropriate liabilities and structure to maintain the depositor's interest in physical assets, but they really don't and really never did.  

To be a true Holding Company, a business has to be unincorporated and independent and fully liable for its performance.  None of these banks and none of the "holding companies" they pretend to run meet this definition.  

So the depositors are hoodwinked into depositing their gold, silver, etc., into these bogus holding companies owned and operated by Maritime Commercial Banks, and they think that they are protected the same way as if they had their deposits with an actual holding company -- but this is not true. 

Next, the Maritime Commercial Bank sets up an accommodating sale with another bank, which may be an investment bank, and it transfers their in-house Holding Company to the new owners, who have no direct contract with the depositor.

The Maritime Commercial Bank has wiggled off the hook of its direct contract with the depositor by interposing this other Bank as the new owner of the purported Holding Company which holds the depositor's assets.  

This is Farce Two.  Not only have they pretended to have a legitimate Holding Company when they don't, they follow up with a Substitution Fraud -- deftly substituting another separately incorporated bank for themselves.  This second bank now owns the phony Holding Company that has the depositor's assets. 

The Maritime Commercial Bank passes this off to the depositor as "Ho, hum, business as usual.... pay no attention to the business name change; "Crazy Consumer Bank LLC", is the new owner of "Bet Your Life Holdings Company". We are sure they can meet your needs.  Blah-blah, have a nice day!"

The problem is that the depositor has no contract with Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, and Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, now has control of the phony baloney Bet Your Life Holding Company that has physical control of the depositor's assets.  

Neither one of these operations has a contract with the depositor, and the original Maritime Commercial Bank is nowhere to be seen.  They have already collected their share via the sale of the "Holding Company" --- which included the value of the Holding Company assets. 

If the depositor doesn't wake up and assign his assets to a legitimate Holding Company or undertake to provide security for them himself, he will become an "Unknown Depositor" even though his name and address are plainly stated on the records related to the deposit. 

It's the Maritime Commercial Bank that has a contract with the depositor, and they have breached their contract by selling off the Holding Company that has control of the depositor's assets.     

Jim gives Joe a bag of gold coins, Joe gives the bag to his employee, Fred, to hold. Fred goes to work for Todd.  Neither Fred nor Todd know Jim.  

Crazy Consumer Bank, LLC, didn't inherit the depositor contract from the original Maritime Commercial Bank, they only acquired the Bet Your Life Holding Company, and the phony Holding Company never had a direct contract with the depositor, so after a year or two of trading on the clueless victim's assets, they claim the assets were abandoned by Unknown Persons.  

Of course, this is all Bunko, but aside from bringing a Breach of Trust / Breach of Contract suit against the original Maritime Commercial Bank, the only real defense the depositor has is to reassign their assets to a different Holding Company.

This and similar Holding Company Scams have been allowed to go on for decades now, with the depositors taking it in the shorts every step of the way.  

Of course, once they have been defrauded out of their assets, the depositors don't have the wherewithal to bring a successful suit against the Maritime Commercial Bank for Bad Faith, Fraud, and Breach of Contract. 

it wouldn't help them even if they did bring suit, because the courts and the attorneys all work for the same British Crown Corporation parent corporation as the offending Maritime Commercial Banks. 

It's all one big British Territorial polyglot crime syndicate and most of what it does, can all be characterized as unlawful conversion. 

In this instance, they have used a slightly different scheme to unlawfully convert the assets of a depositor into the assets of a bank that doesn't have a contract with the depositor. 

All these Maritime Commercial Banks have either done this or been complicit via Unjust Enrichment because of it.  They all need to be hauled up as members of an organized crime cartel engaged in conspiracy against their depositors.   

You may be wondering--- but, if these are British Territorial Banks, what about their obligation to protect American "persons" under Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America? 

This Unlawful Conversion Scheme depends on the earlier Unlawful Conversion of political identity that occurred when American babies were incorrectly registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

This False Registration allows the Liars to assume -- and present to the rest of the world -- that they are simply seizing upon assets belonging to one of their own corporation's franchises or a debtor corporation's franchises.   

This initial Unlawful Conversion is how they have evaded their contractual obligations under The Constitution of the United States of America since the 1920's. 

It's all based on Impersonation leading to False Claims in Commerce, Unlawful Conversion, Substitution Schemes, and other garden variety bunko that has conveniently gone unchecked, because their version of "Congress" --- that is, the British Territorial Congress operating under The Constitution of the United States of America --- has conveniently defunded and misdirected the officers that would normally protect us. 

As a British Crown Corporation, they make a lot more money defrauding American depositors in their banks and American Suitors in their courts than they can make by honestly fulfilling their contractual obligations to those same Americans. 

Inevitably, this involves Bad Faith and Breach of Trust and Breach of Contract similar to the Holding Company Scam described above, but the fundamental failure of the British Crown Corporation and its Principals is even worse --- they are so greedy that they want to take their paychecks from our pockets at the same time they are impersonating and defrauding us.  

They want us to pay them for defrauding us. 

They collect their pay and bennies while acting in Breach of Trust against their employer's interests and in violation of their own service contract -- The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Their receipt of consideration for service under their contract at the same time that they are evading their contractual obligations and busily impersonating and defrauding us, their employers and customers, nails this circumstance to the floor. 

All our purloined assets are owed back to us, including our physical asset deposits. The most efficient and painless way to correct is to lawfully convert all the British Crown District and Municipal Corporations to Land Jurisdiction Corporations worldwide. 

This brings these lawless entities and their personnel back under the International Law of the Land and the National Public Law of each country. 

As they have committed abundant global, international, and national-level crimes during their 160-year crime spree, we feel that the forfeiture of these commercial and municipal corporations for the benefit of their victims and claimants (and depositors) is preferable to the prospect of hanging 3 million Federal Employees and 19 million State-of-State franchise employees and however many millions of complicit franchise corporation officers for Crimes of State. 

We can cite Conspiracy Against the Constitution(s), Inland Piracy, Strong-Arm Fraud and Racketeering, War Profiteering, Press-Ganging, Illegal Conscription, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Unlawful Conversion, Breach of Trust, Breach of Contract, Impersonation, Barratry, and other crimes too numerous to mention, all accomplished under color of law and pretense of "war".  

In the event that any country needs more time to re-establish their lawful government, they can stand under our actual unincorporated and fully liable Holding Company and our Commercial Claims, until such time as they are returned to fully independent and sovereign capacity. 

In view of the harm inflicted on the Earth and the living people of this planet by corporations, we call for the end of them and any similar business models or legal fiction entities that have been insured and allowed the protection of public bankruptcy.  

The only business entities that might arguably need such protection are those engaged in industries promoting armaments, vicious chemicals, bioweapons, and risky medical technologies--- most of which should be outlawed or strictly regulated, not solicited and promoted at public expense as well as public endangerment. 

We note that the guilty corporations and their Masters have been promoting "the rule of law" when what is needed is the spirit of the law and the substance of the law.  

Our State Courts hold General Jurisdiction, and in the aftermath of this present purposefully created "crisis" we have the right and responsibility to judge both the facts and the law presented to us. We insist that the Admiralty and Maritime Courts return to their strictly limited functions and subject matter, and respect their contractual obligations to all declared  American State Nationals.  

Along with the conversion of the corporations, including the banks, courts, and government-services-for-hire apparatus, we recommend that the Law and Medical Schools, Universities, and Professional Associations like the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association be placed under our management, re-educated, and quite possibly shut down; if they can't offer competence and professional functions benefiting the public interest, there is no reason for these organizations and institutions to exist. 

Likewise we object to substituting foreign Corporation Elections sponsored by Political Lobbies as our Public Elections.  

This is just another Unlawful Conversion and Substitution Scheme, putting these private shareholder events in the place of our lawful Public Elections, and thereby seeking to entrap Americans into the service of the District Municipal Corporations and also promoting their presumed acceptance of the debts of these corporations absent full disclosure. 

It doesn't matter a fig whether it is Donald Trump or Joe Biden in terms of all these political "campaigns" and elections being foreign, deceitful, and undisclosed. 

Political Parties and their constituents represent undeclared Foreign Agents and Public Employees intent on accessing our National Credit without the nicety of full disclosure; as such, Political Parties are foreign corporations engaged in self-interested fraud and entrapment on our shores and need to be removed from our public venue so as to prevent any further confusion of their elections with our elections. 

The unlawful conversion of our Public Elections into private corporation elections and their substitution one for the other, has been part of the overall Unlawful Conversion Scheme used by the offending corporations to subourne us and usurp against our lawful government, and ultimately, to substitute their corporations for the lawful government of this country and many other countries, too. 

This Unlawful Conversion has in turn been used to excuse the operations of the CIA and other so-called "intelligence" organizations in routinely undermining elected governments, and then installing puppet governments favorable to their parent corporation's agenda. 

They are getting away with this outrageous and often murderous behavior using the excuse that these are not actual Heads of State and not actual Presidents and so, people like John Kennedy do not come under Diplomatic Protection -- neither in this country nor anywhere else that British Territorial Corporate Feudalism exists. 

The CIA, Inc. is a Municipal Corporation owned and operated by an Umbrella Corporation calling itself the United States Government, Incorporated, and both need to be dissolved for innumerable crimes against this country and many other countries. 

The further point is that British Territorial Corporate Feudalism has no right to exist and operate as it has been. 

The British South Africa Company hegemony that left a monopolistic commercial corporation "acting as" the government of South Africa was unlawful, Illegal, and immoral.  

The Raj in India was unlawful, illegal, and immoral, and it is the same way everywhere else we see this same pattern of British deceit, mercenary adventurism, commercial monopoly and coercive foreign bureaucracy. 

The same kind of "Raj" in America, Germany, or Australia is no less offensive, unlawful, illegal, and immoral.  

The conversion of all the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations to the control of the Land Jurisdiction Government of this country, our unincorporated Federation of States, would be a first step toward putting an end to these loathsome, predatory impositions and would result in the lawful conversion of the Armed Forces as well. 

We would no longer have our men charging around the world thinking that they were defending this country, while in fact acting as pathetically cheap mercenaries for hire. 

It is to our advantage as fifty sovereign nations and also to the advantage of all our neighbors, as well as our sons and daughters, that this misuse and abuse of our military by foreign commercial interests comes to a halt.  Lawful conversion of all the District and Municipal Corporations ensures that result. 

This is what the British Gulag, Inc. has planned for China, too -- to send their sons and daughters to war at the behest of these monsters in nice suits, while enduring a British-backed and controlled Chinese Raj at home.  

They will eat China alive from within, just as they have tried to do to us.  They will saddle China with phony debts and crooked bookkeeping and dishonest dealings of all kinds, and destroy China's reputation, and drain away China's resources, just as they have done here and in South Africa and India and everywhere else they've been. 

The British Crown is not just a predator, it is a parasite and a Master of Deceit.  

It uses the Monarchy as a storefront and substitutes itself and its Offices for the Government owed to the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, just as surely as it does the same here in America, throughout the former Commonwealth, Japan, and the seventeen indecently "occupied" countries of Western Europe. 

It has followed the same recipe throughout: unlawful conversion, substitution, secrecy, double-dealing, double-speaking, and deceit, deceit, deceit. 

Their affiliates and whore-masters in Rome use the British Crown to do their dirty work, but they are just as bad or worse, and are the ultimate creators and purveyors and beneficiaries of the deceits employed.

What is a corporation but a Lie?  

They try to disguise this with fancy verbiage, by rebranding it as a "Legal Fiction" or a "Legal Personality" and a so on, but in the end, incorporated entities are faceless, nameless, heartless, unaccountable inventions of the imagination, devoid of consciousness, morality, or true character.  

When the men running a corporation are similarly impaired, disaster is the only possible outcome, and that is why Ecclesiastical Law requires that incorporated entities must function "lawfully" and fulfill a higher standard than mere "legality". 

This is the Evil has insinuated itself into the public arena and pretended to be our government, and claimed to represent us -- while not even standing on the land and soil of this country and not being subject to our Law, as required by their own service contracts. 

For the banks, for the courts, and for the government corporations and their commercial franchises, this is a Come to Jesus moment.  The criminality and gross magnitude of it, is staring us all in the face. 

We cannot allow this British-Roman Axis to continue hypocritically and sanctimoniously 
prattle on about democracy and freedom and constitutions and constitutional monarchy and the end of colonialism and "good government" and "the greater good" and all this "Christian"--- obviously to them, clap-trap---- while all the time in the background, they've been practicing every kind of deceit and oppression against the people they are supposed to be serving in good faith. 

They have all been playing a game of "Pretend".

Pretend that they are nice men, not vicious, venal predators.  Pretend that they are Christians, when they are Satanists, instead.  Pretend that they are Americans, when they are British Territorials, instead.

Pretend that their Employers are "Enemy Combatants".  Pretend that they are at "War" while playing out endless Mercenary Conflicts instead. Pretend that their victims are corporations, not living men.  

Pretend that their paper I.O.U.s are the same as gold and silver. Pretend that they don't know who their depositors are. Pretend that all the credit arising from platform trading on their depositor's assets belongs to them. 

Pretend that Americans en masse volunteered to be British Subjects.  Pretend that American en masse volunteered to be slaves belonging to the Holy See.  

Pretend that humans caused the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

It's one lie and supposition and flight of fancy after another, all designed to make them look good, but in the end, they are what they are: Liars. Thieves. And Murderers. 

And we, the victims of this criminality, are owed lawful conversion of all complicit corporations, return of all our purloined assets, and peace. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 10th 2023


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Father Joseph Greenwell Feast of the Immaculate Conception • 2023

Holy Day Sermon • Feast of the Immaculate Conception • 2023

Second Sunday In Advent

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's

The Church's Year

On this day the Church not only makes mention in the office of the priest, but also in the Mass, of the two different Advents of Christ, that by His first gracious advent may be gladdened, and by His last terrible coming at the day of judgment we may be impressed with salutary fear. With this intention she cries out at the Introit:

INTROIT People of Sion, behold the Lord shall come to save the nations; and the Lord shall make the glory of his voice to be heard in the joy of your heart (Is. 30:30). Give ear, O thou that rulest Israel: thou that leadest Joseph like a sheep (Ps. 79). Glory be to the Father.

COLLECT Stir up our hearts, O Lord, to prepare the ways of Thine only-begotten Son: that through His advent we may be worthy to serve Thee with purified minds; who livest and reignest with God the Father, in union with the Holy Ghost, God for ever and ever. Amen.

EPISTLE (Rom. 15:4‑13). Brethren, what things soever were written, were written for our learning, that through patience and the comfort of the scriptures, we might have hope. Now the God of patience and of comfort grant you to be of one mind one towards another, according to Jesus Christ: that with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wherefore receive one another, as Christ also hath received you unto the honor of God. For I say that Christ Jesus was minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers. But that the Gentiles are to glorify God for his mercy, as it is written: Therefore will I confess to thee, O Lord, among the Gentiles, and will sing to thy name. And again he saith: Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with his people. And again: Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles, and magnify him, all ye people. And again, Isaias saith: There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise up to rule the Gentiles, in him the Gentiles shall hope. Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, and in the power of the Holy Ghost.

What does St. Paul teach in this epistle?

The Jews and Gentiles who had been converted to the Christian faith were disputing among themselves at Rome, in regard to abstinence and the use of certain kinds of food, reproaching each other severely; the Jews boasted that the Savior, according to promise, was born of their nation, thus claiming Him from the Gentiles, who, in their turn, reproached the Jews for their ingratitude in having crucified Him. To restore harmony St. Paul shows that each had reason, the Jews and Gentiles alike, to praise God, to whose grace and goodness they owed all; that each had in Him a Redeemer in whom they could hope for salvation; and he warns them not to deprive themselves of that hope by contentions. By these words the Apostle also teaches that we too, have great reason to praise God, and to thank Him for calling us, whose forefathers were heathens, to the Christian faith, and to guard against losing our salvation by pride, envy, impurity, etc.

Why should we read the Scriptures?

That we may know what we are to believe, and do in order to be saved, as all Scripture inspired by God is profitable to teach, to reprove, to correct, to instruct in justice (11 Tim. 3:16); that we may learn from what Christ has done for us, and the saints for Christ, to be patient in our sufferings, and to be consoled and encouraged by their example. To derive this benefit from the Scriptures, the Catholic must read them by the light of that Spirit through whose assistance they came into existence, who lives and remains for ever with the Church: that is, the light of the Holy Ghost must be sought, that their meaning may be

read according to the sense of the Church and not be explained according to the reader's judgment. For he who reads the holy Scriptures by the light of his own private judgment, must, as experience shows, of necessity diverge from the right path, become entangled in manifold doubts, and at last, lose the faith entirely. For this reason the Catholic Church has very properly limited the reading of the Bible, not as has been falsely asserted, unconditionally forbidden it, but she allows the reading of those editions only, which are accompanied by notes and explanations that the unity of faith may not be disturbed, and that among Catholics there may not be the terrible bewilderment of the human intellect which has taken place among the different heretical sects who have even declared murder, bigamy and impurity to be permissible on the authority of the Bible. We are to consider also, that Christ never commanded the Bible to be written or read, and that not the readers but the hearers and the followers of the word of God by which is meant those who hear the word of God in sermons, and keep it, will be saved!

Further instruction in regard to the doctrine of faith on this subject will be found in the "Instruction for Easter Tuesday."

Why is God called a God of patience, of consolation, and of hope?

He is called a God of patience because He awaits our repentance, of consolation, because He gives us grace to be patient in crosses and afflictions, and so consoles us inwardly, that we become not faint‑hearted; of hope, because He gives us the virtue of hope, and because He desires to be Himself the reward we are to expect after this life.

ASPIRATION O God of patience, of consolation and of hope, fill Our hearts with peace and joy, and grant that we may become perfect in all good, and by faith, hope and charity, attain the promised salvation.

GOSPEL  (Mt. 11:2‑10). At that time, when John had heard in prison the works of Christ, sending two of his disciples, he said to him: Art thou he that art to come, or do we look for another? And Jesus making answer, said to them: Go and relate to John what you have heard and seen. The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead rise again, the poor have the gospel preached to them: and blessed is he that shall not be scandalized in me. And when they went their way, Jesus began to say to the multitudes concerning John, What went you out into the desert to see? a reed shaken with the wind? But what went you out to see? a man clothed in soft garments? Behold, they that are clothed in soft garments are in the houses of kings. But what went you out to see? a prophet? yea I tell you, and more than a prophet. For this is he of whom it is written, Behold, I send my Angel before thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee.

Why was John in prison?

He was in prison, and lost his life, because he had rebuked king Herod for his adulterous marriage with his brother's wife (Mt. 14:310). Truth, as the proverb says, is certainly a very beautiful mother, but she usually bears a very ugly daughter: Hatred. St. John experienced that speaking the truth very often arouses hatred and enmity against the speaker. Let us learn from him to speak the truth always, when duty requires it, even if it brings upon us the greatest misfortunes, for, if with St. John we patiently bear persecution, with St. John we shall become martyrs for truth.

Why did St. John send his disciples to Christ?

That they should learn from Christ, who had become illustrious by His teachings and miracles, that He was really the promised Messiah, the Savior of the world, whom they should follow.

Why did Christ say to the disciples of St. John: "Go and say to John, the blind see, the lame walk, etc."?

That they should, by His miracles, judge Him to be the Messiah because the prophets had predicted that He would work such miracles (Is. 35:5‑6). "Christ," says St. Cyril, "proved that He was the Messiah by the grandeur as well as by the number of His miracles."

Why does Christ add: "And blessed is he who shall not be scandalized in me"?

Christ used these words in reference to those who would be scandalized by His poverty, humility and ignominious death on the cross, and who for these reasons would doubt and despise Him, and cast Him away; though "man," as St. Gregory says, "owes all the more love to the Lord, his God, the more humiliations He has borne for him."

What was our Lord's object in the questions He asked concerning St. John?

His object was to remove from St. John all suspicion of failing in faith in Him; and to praise the perseverance with which, although imprisoned and threatened with death, he continued to fill his office of preacher, thus constituting him an example to all preachers, confessors and superiors, that they may never be deterred by human respect, or fear of man, or other temporal considerations, from courageously fulfilling their duties. Our Lord commended also rigorous penance, exhibited by St. John's coarse garments and simple food, that we may learn, from his example, penance and mortification.

Why does Christ say that John was "more than a prophet"?

Because St. John was foretold by the prophet Malachias as was no other prophet; because of all the prophets he was the only one who with his own eyes saw Christ and could point Him out, and was the one to baptize Him: and because like an angel, a messenger of God, he announced the coming of the Savior, and prepared the way for the Lord.

How did St. John prepare the way for the Savior?

By his sermons on penance, and by his own penitential life He endeavored to move the hearts of the Jews, that by amending their lives, they might prepare to receive the grace of the Messiah, for God will not come with His grace into our hearts if we do not prepare His way by true repentance.

ASPIRATION O Lord Jesus, by the praise Thou didst accord to Thy forerunner St. John, for his firmness and austerities, inflame our hearts with love to imitate his steadfastness and penance, that we may never do anything to please man which may be displeasing to Thee; grant us also Thy grace that we too, like St. John, may have those who are confided to our care, instructed in the Christian doctrine.


"The God of patience and of comfort, the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing" (Rom. 15:5,13).

What gives us the greatest consolation in adversities?

The strong and fervent belief that each and every thing that happens to us, comes to us for our own good from God, and that whatever evil befalls us, is by the will or permission of God. Good things and evil, life and death, poverty and riches, are from God (Ecclus. 11:14). If we have received good things at the hand of God (Job 2:10), saith the pious job in his affliction, "why should we not receive evil?"

We should be fully convinced that without the permission of God not a single hair of our head shall perish (Lk. 21:18), much less can any other evil be done to us by man or devil (Job 1); we should have a steadfast confidence that if we ask Him, God can and will assist us in our sufferings, if it be for our salvation. Can a woman forget her infant, so as not to have pity on the son of her womb? And if she should forget, yet will not I forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee in my hands (Is. 49:15‑16); we should hope for abundant reward in the future life, which we will merit by patience in our sufferings, for that which is at present momentary and light of our tribulation, worketh for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory (II Cor. 4:17); we should remember that all complaints and murmurs against the dispensation of God are useless, and lead only to harm and shame; Who hath resisted Him, and hath had peace? (Job 9:4) we should have a vivid remembrance of our sins, for which we have long since deserved the eternal punishments of hell - hence the well-known saying of St. Augustine: O Lord, here cut, here burn, but spare me in eternity. No other way leads to the kingdom of heaven than the way of the cross, which Christ Himself, His sorrowing mother, and all the saints had to tread. Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and so to enter into His glory? (Lk. 24:26) Through many tribulations we must enter into the kingdom of God (Acts 14:21). And we should not forget that sorrows and adversities are signs of God's love, and manifest proofs of being His chosen ones. Whom the Lord loveth He chastiseth, and He scourgeth every son whom He receiveth (Heb. 12:6. compare 7-11).

PRAYER IN SORROW O almighty, kind and merciful God! who hast said: "Call upon me in the day of trouble, I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me" (Ps. 49:15), behold relying upon Thy word, I take refuge in Thee in my trouble. Give honor to Thy name, therefore, and deliver me, if it be pleasing to Thee and beneficial for me, that all may know, Thou art our only help. Amen.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

US Dollar is Doomed – David Morgan

The Whisper

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I heard a great whispering of voices in the silence, the sound of a huge crowd, thousands of people, but none speaking above a whisper and so faintly, that even the wind in the bare branches of the birch trees caused it to drift off like a radio signal at the edge of hearing.  

I listened more intently.  What were they saying? 

They were reminding me that it is time to remove the Great Seal at Delphi and the Great Seal at Prague.  

A few years ago, we removed the Great Seal on Bardsey Island, a remote scrap of land in the sea off the coast of Wales where over 20,000 people were sacrificed to create the seal.  We also removed the Great Palatine Seal in Rome.  

The result of this energetic change, the equivalent of removing a dam from a blocked up river, has been to revitalize Spain, Portugal, and Western Africa. 

Today, we continue this work to remove two more Great Seals, which will free the rest of the Mediterranean Basin all the way East to the Levant and South through Egypt, East Africa, Pakistan, and Western India. 

The Seals we remove, starting today, are two of the oldest and most difficult, surpassed only by the Crown Seal in Jerusalem and the Nadi Seal in India. 

This realm we live in is composed of energy. It is really nothing else.  

Whether we are consciously aware of this or not, this energy is manipulated and contained and ordered in various ways, and flows through various mediums like rivers flow over the land.  The Ley Lines can be thought of as North-South oriented canals along which energy is meant to flow. 

In prior ages, men were aware of these flowing energy conduits, and for their own self-interest, they dammed up these conduits of energy. They used a series of Great Seals to do this.  

As we cannot see these "rivers" of energy with the naked eye, nor the seals blocking their flow, we have been unable to remove these blockages and return the Earth to the free flow of energy it is meant to have. 

As a result, some countries have languished in poverty and others have grown corrupt, deprived of the energy and vitality they are meant to have on one hand, and feasting off ill-gotten advantage on the other.  

We, meanwhile, have not been aware of the problem nor have we had the self-knowledge to realize that we could do anything about it, even if we did know. 

 As we all begin to remember who we are, we will also begin to remember our inner knowledge and bring forth our understanding to help the Earth regain its natural equilibrium. 

Removing two more Great Seals will progress the work already begun and revitalize Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, the Ukraine, Turkey, Western India, and Saudi Arabia. 

There are those who, politically speaking, might not want to revitalize these parts of the world, but we are not speaking politically.  We are speaking in terms of the health of the people and the planet, the Earth itself. 

So from wherever your Consciousness now exists, let it drift toward Delphi, in Greece.  Bring up some maps and photos of the ancient ruins of Delphi to help you zero in.  

Realize that this is the epicenter of the Snake Cult and that the Great Seal here represents the unique poisonous and coiling power of the snakes -- put in place as an energetic dam, it creates a reservoir of energy that impacts the entire region.  

Then go North to Prague, the ancient Bohemian capital, and just north of Prague, you will find the Gates of Hell.  The Great Seal here not only blocks the flow of energy into Eastern Europe and the Ukraine, it actually forces the energy down into the Earth so that it is unavailable to the inhabitants. 

By lifting and dissolving these two Great Seals, we can restore the natural free flow of energy to these countries and help bring the Earth back into balance. 

In the case of Delphi, we are going to envision the massive Snake Seal being eroded away, as if being sandblasted in a windstorm; picture the image of a huge stone snake gradually, peacefully, dissolving before our eyes, until there is nothing left of it.  

In the case of the Hell's Gate Seal, we are going to envision the chasm into which the energy is being diverted,  being sealed and closed over so that the "river" of energy once more resumes its peaceful flow to the South, unimpeded by the trap. 

I know that it is not easy to focus on such seemingly esoteric things when the whole world is churning and the Earth itself is unquiet, but by removing these Seals we will do much to restore peace and balance and encourage the proper deployment of energy and all the mechanisms that depend on that energy. 

Just take a couple minutes each day and turn your attention to these exotic places, and let the winds of the sandstorm obliterate the snake, and let great slabs of granite and golden light seal over the chasm at Hell's Gate. 

As we jointly and collectively place our will upon these places, the energy imbalance that plagues all these countries will be relieved.  The people who live there will be relieved.  Nature itself will be relieved. 

The Snake Cult and the Satanists will lose power and the rest of the world will gain power. Even though the rest of us may not live in these regions, we will feel the relief and the release that we give to others who do.  The blessing of it will resound around the world and through the Earth. 

Close your Seal-breaking by visualizing pleasant gardens and healthy trees replacing the cold and ugly energy of the Delphi Seal, and a pleasant open countryside with rolling hills and hardwood forests replacing the dark, metallic energy of the Pit Seal. 

And blessed be, for your love and goodwill. 


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Public International Notice: The Fatal Treaties of Utrecht and the Bottomry Bonds Scandal

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals

Most Americans who stumble on the weary road of researching commercial and international trade history have a first glimmer of light while examining the Treaties of Ghent, which we began signing as part of the peace process following The War of Independence.  I am no different. 

Ghent, it must be remarked, is in Flanders, in Belgium --- and Belgium, ironically enough, like Switzerland, is part of Crime Central, along with a myriad of tiny postage-stamp sized countries like Liechtenstein and Monaco, and independent city-states like Washington, DC.  

They seem so tiny.  What harm could they possibly do?  They can act as pirate bases and offer shelter to criminal syndicates. By adopting local laws favorable to crime syndicates they can enrich themselves beyond belief. So, predictably, many of these tiny little countries and city-states have done exactly that. 

In doing this, most of them have been inspired by the oldest of all city-states: Rome.  

The Vatican City State and Inner City of London are city-states cut out of the fabric of a country, while Monaco, for example, is an actual country with its own land jurisdiction. So is Switzerland. 

Most of these places are idyllic and pastoral and peaceful.  You would never in a million years think that you were basking in the results of mind-blowing criminality, but you would be wrong.  Belgium like Switzerland is another small country with laws that lend themselves to -- shall we say? -- certain manipulations and accommodations. 

So is the Netherlands a small and very accommodating country in the middle of west central Europe ---  and though we start with realizing the connection between Ghent and Westminster, we shall inexorably wind up in the Netherlands, whence all the evils of the world are implemented, howbeit, from the safety of Geneva, Switzerland, behind a wall of Swiss sovereign immunity. 

Westminster is connected to Ghent, Ghent is connected to Utrecht, and Utrecht is connected to Switzerland, and their own commerce is connected to Monaco and Liechtenstein --- and Constantinople. 

Who knew, besides Prince Philip?  Of course, Constantinople is the mirror of Rome, the Eastern Empire. 

Little countries, little city-states, big, big crime, unimaginable money, huge power players. 

Most Americans don't know about or think anything about any of this.  It's a European thing, so why should we?  

The answer to that will become obvious. 

Since 1860, Britain has been in surreptitious control of The United States via its Territorial Raj Scam, and since 1946, the United States Armed Forces have been in control of seventeen countries in Western Europe, plus the former Commonwealth, and Japan and Hong Kong and numerous (at least 950)  enclaves worldwide, plus smaller countries that have similarly been illegally "occupied" or seduced to participate in Corporate Feudalism.  

These undeclared mercenary forces have nominally respected the sovereignty of Monaco and Liechtenstein and Switzerland, because of their great utility for money laundering and other activities. Constantinople they could not control, thanks to the fact that it's Britain's hedge capitol. 

They, the Brits masquerading as Americans, have been hard and greedy task masters engaged in the illegal occupation of foreign countries and sovereign nations well-past any sane departure date. They have encouraged their own occupation by providing virtually free defense services to all these countries --- albeit, at our expense, and opening up local franchises -- so some of the locals have skin in the game and collude with them.   

All the expense of all their war-mongering and adventurism has been explicitly and continuously charged to the American States and People, as part of our "defense" costs, when no such definition of "defense" was in use or implied in 1789, and it has never been renegotiated to mean anything else. 

There seemed to be nobody present to object, so they got away with this and many other presumed agreements, resulting in unilateral, undisclosed, and unconscionable contracts, because we, the Americans, were never told.  

Not only were we never told, all this skullduggery and embezzlement was actively hidden under a "cloak of secrecy" and defined as a "National Security Interest".  

They simply neglected to define which "nation" was at risk. Theirs. Or ours. 

The Brits really are at the bottom of every dog pile, whether they are acting on their own initiative, or as the jock strap of Rome. They set things up so that everyone blames "the Americans" but the Americans have been deluded and under the same bootheel as everyone else. 

Our soldiers have been used as commercial mercenaries with no idea that this is so, and to top things off, the money to pay them has been extracted from their own country's natural resources and their parents back home.  

The Brits have been using one of their Crown Corporations, SERCO, as the Paymaster of our Military, and to top things off, the former Queen came right out and started conferring knighthoods on what appeared to be "our" Presidents and Generals and Diplomats.  

Every single aspect of all of this is criminal. 

It's against international law and always has been, it's against national law and always has been, it's against our treaties with them, and against their service contracts (the Constitutions) and against the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, against Ecclesiastical Law, against all law in any jurisdiction at all, full stop. 

They have gotten away with it, nonetheless, because nobody knew what they were doing, so there was nobody to object, and, so they have claimed, no land jurisdiction government in evidence. 

In view of this abject criminality and its costs, we turn to look at ---  where did this start?  

It started in 1689 with the formation of "Great Britain" and hit its stride in the year 1702, when Queen Anne ascended the British throne and in subsequent years, subdued the Jacobite Claimants to the throne in what became known as the Wars of the Spanish Succession and in North America, the French and Indian Wars. 

Interestingly, the formation of Territorial Great Britain from the constituent nations (not countries) of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, is given a paragraph in school history books in America, while the Wars of the Spanish Succession are granted maybe two paragraphs, and the only French and Indian War ever mentioned at all, is the 1756 model that George Washington fought in.  

We are, conveniently, left totally unaware that there were multiple French and Indian Wars. 

This (very) scant nod to European history and even scantier coverage of our own, results in many Americans being oblivious of the underpinnings of what we call the current day.  

The upshot of the Treaties of Utrecht was to leave Anne as the Queen of Great Britain, and Great Britain as a Territorial rather than National power. 

These two things taken together -- the formation of Great Britain as a Territorial Government and the Treaties of Utrecht recognizing Anne as the Queen of Great Britain -- laid the foundation for the existence and deployment of the Territorial Raj, the incorporation of government functions, the use of corporations to replace the national governments owed to the people of each country, and public-private contracting resulting in "government agencies" -- it all got its start with the Treaties of Utrecht. 

All the foundational ills of the modern world and the disfigurement of Constitutional Government via its unlawful conversion into Corporate Feudalism began with Queen Anne in 1702. 

There is even evidence to suggest that Queen Anne acquired her throne simply by paying Rome more than the Jacobites. 

Queen Anne, like her relatives ever after, bamboozled her loyal Subjects into believing that they were living in and receiving the benefits of a Constitutional Monarchy, when in fact they were living in the thrall of an incorporated Empire, enforced by a thug-laden bureaucracy and governed by foreign law. 

We gained a short and glorious respite from 1776 to 1860, when the Brits finagled along with their Roman counterparts to sneak back in and by 1865 attained their aim of establishing a Territorial occupation enabling them to commandeer our government functions and advance false claims of having a "custodial interest" in our country and a trusteeship agreement with our sovereign government --- if you forget that that trusteeship applies only on the high seas and navigable inland waterways. 

And also forget that we were never consulted about any of these cozy suppositions or arrangements made between our Subcontractors.  

The other stunning hallmark of Corporate Feudalism appeared along with the aegis of Queen Anne --- the first great international insurance scam, the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, and the disappearance of the Dutch East India Fleet.  

Dutch as in Netherlands. 

We are reliving history right now, only the imaginary insured vessels and their cargo are no longer sailing ships and casks of wine, but the bodies of living people and the cargo within, is nothing less than our souls. 

In the words of Wikipedia: A bottomry, or bottomage, is an arrangement in which the master of a ship borrows money upon the bottom or keel of it, so as to forfeit the ship itself to the creditor, if the money with interest is not paid at the time appointed at the ship's safe return.

The problem with bottomry bonds is that there is no way to guarantee a ship's safe return. 

The Bottomry Bonds Scandal involved registering ships under new names, insuring these vessels (mostly belonging to the Dutch East India Fleet), and then, conveniently losing them at sea and collecting the insurance. Of course, the insured cargo, like the "bottom" of the ship guaranteeing the cargo, was also lost. Thus, everything of value vanished, and the underwriting debt remained for the Public to pay. 

The Crown got a clean sweep -- the ship, the cargo, the insurance, and the Public had to pay for it. 

A considerable outcry ensued. 

Of course, the vessels of the Dutch East India Company were no more lost at sea than the hapless Americans unconscionably registered as British Territorial Citizens --- Americans defined as "vessels" of a different kind.

This secret merger under the Crown of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company allowed an unseen worldwide monopoly in international shipping that has endured to the present day.  It also conveniently shifted the insurance losses of the Conspirators to the Public in a manner reminiscent of the recent bail-out of AIG. 

The current fraud scheme is eerily similar -- just a different more sinister definition of "vessel" and "cargo" is involved. 

Under this current scheme, living people are unlawfully converted and impersonated as "Special Purpose Vessels" -- SPVs, and registered as British Territorial U.S. Citizens without disclosure to the parents so that the resulting change in political identity is completely unconscionable on the part of the victims --- American babies in their cradles. 

This scheme proved so profitable that the Conspirators extended it to the entire former Commonwealth, the seventeen occupied countries of Western Europe, Japan, and wherever else they could gain a foothold. 

With the roots of the Territorial Raj and Corporate Feudalism thus laid bare, it's apparent that this all began as a collusion between the Holy Roman Empire and the newly defined Great Britain; and, that the merit of Queen Anne over the Jacobites reduced down to money received by Rome and her willingness to participate in unlimited crime and deceit.

There is very little else to recommend the way all this happened, except that Anne sold her soul to the devil, then residing in the Greek Isles and laundering money through Constantinople (just like Prince Philip), and Bonnie Prince Charlie did not. 

It's also apparent that the reason history repeats itself -- is that we remain clueless and uninformed about everything that is happening all around us. 

Our textbooks either lie to us outright, or they omit anything of value to our understanding and gloss over everything so that we bypass what little we have been told.  The Perps have done the same thing with our journalists, until it is hard to imagine a greater inanity of thoroughly unprofessional and compromised ninnies. 

May the world be "safe" and the government "effective"  and may these no longer be "challenging times" when the media corporations are forced to tell the truth instead of endlessly repeating falsehoods and gossip. 

It was not to the advantage of the British Crown or the various "Royal Majesties" --- not, you will note, Kings and Queens --- to reveal their monopoly of international shipping.  

It was not to their advantage or that of their Holy Roman co-conspirators to reveal anything about the workings of the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, either.  
People might recognize the pattern repeating itself and call "Foul!" on it -- which is exactly what we are doing and which would not be possible, if we remained uninformed about the initial fraud scheme. 

Even the origin and nature of "Great Britain" as a Territorial power is obscured from the public, both in America and in the constituent countries themselves. 

Nothing is ever taught to the public about law, jurisdictions of law, or venues of law, so that everyone is thought to be incompetent and dependent on a lawyer or attorney, but in this befuddled era, even the lawyers and attorneys are kept ignorant lest they uphold actual justice.

We have mentioned the equivalent of the Bottomry Bonds Public Debt in the current version of this scandal -- amounting to $950 Trillion Dollars USD paid to Prince Philip as "Life Force Value Annuities" by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, exactly three days before Prince Philip's retirement from Public Life. 

No doubt this represented the crowning achievement of a lifetime of violence and deceit in the service of the Father of All Lies. No doubt Philip did also "return as a deadly virus" in the afterlife, just as he notoriously said in 1988. 

Finally, it appears that these people who have lived such lives of deceit, have been deceived themselves: they firmly believe that we are in the midst of an overpopulation crisis in the middle of a population collapse. 

They also believe that we are in an environmental disaster caused by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, when in fact, our real problem is the decrease in atmospheric oxygen. 

The Father of All Lies lies to everyone at all times about everything, and so do his Children.  

There is no truth in them, both because of the lies they tell and the lies they believe. 

This Notice is served in the Public Interest of all Humanity and served worldwide, for the prevention of crime and the prevention of unnecessary violence. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 8th 2023


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