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Monday, May 20, 2024

Why General Amnesty?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people are very vengeful and wish to do harm to anyone and everyone who bilked them out of money, betrayed their trust, cost them property, and all the other ills and hardships that Americans have suffered at the hands of their erstwhile foreign Federal Subcontractors— whether or not the individual had a clue that they were doing something wrong.  

These folks have scorched Earth in their hearts and fire and brimstone belching out of their mouths.  They want justice — which to them means vengeance, and they want it right now, and devil take the hindmost. 

They thought these organizations were American because the people operating them appeared to be Americans.  Like the whole rest of the world they were duped into trusting these miscreants BECAUSE they appeared to be Americans and because they appeared to be legitimate government functionaries  even when they were acting way out of school and under color of law.  

Perhaps their anger is stoked because they feel that they should have known and didn’t.  

To be fair, there’s no way they could have known and that was just the point.  They were babies when they were saddled with unconscionable citizenship contracts and trafficked out to sea.  Their Mom was never told anything about this.  The Public School system didn’t tell them anything.  And their guilty employees considered keeping it secret a matter of “National Security”—- for their nation, not ours. 

Maybe they should have smelled something rotten and gotten motivated as I did, but they didn’t — not until now, when it all comes out and is reduced down to something understandable and they can see how the swindles have worked and the coercion has been applied. 

Many veterans are especially hot, realizing that they were being “lied to by omission” and were used as cheap mercenaries — so that all they went through and all that they did to others — was not in honorable service to their country.  They were acting as Mercs the whole time and not even being paid a decent wage for it.  

That burns. It gets especially hot when they have to fight now for every dollar of pension and service they are owed.  

And they get mad again when they realize that their DD214 didn’t really release them from the service. 

They were “presumed” to have voluntarily remained in Federal Jurisdiction and to have voluntarily adopted U.S. Citizenship — so that they had to pay Federal Income Taxes on their private earnings all their working life and couldn’t even access the Constitutional Guarantees they earned and fought for. 

They reason, soundly enough, that the dirty swindlers responsible for all that deserve to die.  They all committed treason against this country and our people while taking their paychecks from our pockets.  

What more evidence or “cause” do you need, Sister? 

Bring the rope. 

There is part of me that agrees.  

But beyond the red rage I also have to think about other things —- like those innocents who work for some government office and who didn’t know anything about any of this, but who nonetheless stand in harm’s way of this righteous anger. 

I have a horror of seeing young girls working for what they thought was their government hauled out of their cubicle to face a guillotine. 

There are millions of “government” workers who are just as clueless as the people they defrauded. 

They don’t deserve to die for what evil men put in place and most of it was put in place long before the current generation of government workers  were even born.  

So that is another part that mitigates against a charge of knowing conspiracy.  

Most of the bureaucrats grew up in this system and never really thought beyond their little tiny part of it. Their job was to make sure that Form 2818 got filled out and signed and all the information from Subpart A and Subpart D got entered in the departmental computer. 

And even though that Form 2818 might have been used in some part of the Great Fraud, they wouldn’t have had cause to know it. 

There was no knowledge on their part that treason was taking place and no intent to commit treason.  Guilt by association only goes so far.  

So who pays for this? 

Higher ups. Senior bureaucrats who did know.  Politicians who did know.  Staff officers who did know. And not only in our government —- their counterparts in Britain, too. 

This has been an international crime of staggering proportions meted out over a period of 160 years.  
This malaise has been deeply entrenched and compartmentalized and spread to virtually every part of the government and the governments of our trading partners. 

The military identified over two million people they want to try and execute including most of the attorneys in this country. 

But in my shoes, things look a bit different and less black and white.  

Who hired and directed these attorneys?  Who limited their education in Law School so that most of them think that Code is Law?  

The military had oversight responsibility. 

So where did that fail? And who was responsible. 

If we are sane and fair, we have to know that all these people claiming innocent probably are substantially clueless, because secrecy was what this system depended on. 

We have suffered enough and more than enough blood has been shed.  We don’t need more trauma.  And it would be very traumatic to execute two million people. 

So in a sense, general amnesty is selfish and saves us from any untoward guilt and additional trauma, while still allowing criminal prosecution of those who were knowingly involved. 

That’s why above and beyond all else, a general amnesty for average people and those who aren’t proven to be knowingly complicit. 


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International Public Notice: The Great Debate

 By Anna Von Reitz

A great debate rocked the world during what people today call the Dark Ages.  

We are still dealing with the effects of this today

It was an ecumenical debate about kings and kingship.  One group said that God was the only king and that we were wrong to set up human kings. The other group had swords and axes. 

Yesterday, we issued our comments about claims that certain families have brought, seeking to justify their ownership of the Earth.  

We have the progeny of Jesus, or so they say, claiming to own the Earth.  We have the progeny of Ahkanatan, or so they say, claiming to own the Earth.  We have people making even more esoteric claims based on other ancestors. 

Yet, we now know that we all stem from a single Mother, known as "Mitochondrial Eve" who lived approximately 250,000 years ago.  We are all descended from her, including Jesus.  

So we are all family, and we are all related to Jesus. And Ahkanatan.  And any other ancestor you might name.  

We are all family.  

Now, add to that, that the Earth belongs to its Creator, and that we did not create it.  

None of this should be big news.

We are still here, still pointing out exactly where we all made a big mistake that needs correction. 

We invented kings. 

In doing this we made a fundamental error: we took a living man, and turned him into an idol.

This didn't help us and it didn't help him, either. 

All it did was give each one of us an excuse for abdicating our own responsibility to self-govern.

We shoved that burden off onto the king.  

So now you see the shape of the dilemma.  We have a whole lot of people shirking and one poor devil made responsible for them.  

We have a man being idolized -- literally -- just like a little god-figure carved out of wood, and by definition, he's not up to playing God.  

The kings and queens (or senators and congressmen, bureaucrats ad infinitum) are people like the rest of us, being shoved into a completely untenable position. 

This system of choosing people to rule over us is not in line with nature. It is, when you really stop and look at it, insane. 

In truth, we're all equal.  We are all responsible.  And it's time to shoulder up.  Nobody can represent us. Not really.  

We can already hear the whining in the back row, "But who will lead us?" 

If you seek the Creator, you already have a king-- the only rightful and competent king. His order and grandeur is already set before you.   

So, stop trying to avoid your destiny. Work together. Learn from Nature. Ask for wisdom. 

Seek ye first the kingdom of God....not the kingdom of the world; if you do, everything falls into place.

The truth is, we don't own anything here. It was all given as a gift.

So what will we take pride in and brag about?  Our DNA gift?  Our intellect gift?  Our wealth gift?  Our body gift? The land we live on---also a gift? 

You see, it's not really a debate about who is better or worse, or who has the stronger claim or all the supposed reasons for it. 

Nature itself declares the answer. 

As for Jesus, what mission did he give us?  

"Love one another as I have loved you." 

This is so simple and so difficult, too. 

No more hating. No more superiority. No more phony gods to bear our burdens for us. No more debts.  No more vengeance. No more gossip. No more fear. No more lies. No more superstitions. No more excuses. 

Imagine all of that burden replaced with just one mission? 

To love.  

To get up every day and love everyone. Give the whole world a big hug.  Smile. Forgive. Figure out how you, personally, can make this a better place. 

Then you won't need a king, because you will already have one living in your heart. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 20th 2024 


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International Public Notice: The Rest of the Story

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the depths of the Vatican Library there is a copy of The Book of Revelation unlike anything you have ever seen.  

The first part of it, you have read, if you have read the Bible. 

The second part that has been kept from you, is what is new and startling. 

The Revelation according to John is all-too scary and familiar, the death and the destruction, the disease and violence overflowing, the degradation of the Common Man to the lowest denominator, people filled with avarice, uncaring, ignorance, and contempt for life, self-pity and selfishness and spite, as plague after plague descends.  

These plagues are being poured out just as they were poured out on Egypt, and for the same reason. 

You can hear the words of Moses to the Pharaoh echoing, "Let my people go!"  

Once again, the plagues descend on "Egypt" --- the world of elitism, superstition, pride, gluttony, greed, immorality, and egotism.  

Only this time, it's not Pharaoh.  It's Satan's grip that is being shaken and loosened, and in the second half of The Book of Revelation, the battle is won. 

In the second half, the new Earth arises, clean and beautiful, renewed, and those who have stood the test arise with it.  

This is a spiritual battle and a spiritual change that has physical manifestations; the old world is destroyed not by physical fire, but by spiritual fire. 

In the second half of The Book of Revelation we become the vessels of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, and our Creator takes our part against the darkness and the evil of our times.   

In the second half of The Book of Revelation the long epic that began in the Wilderness is resolved and you can finally see how this battle has raged across time and space. 

The fundamental change which allows the victory is in us. It comes through us and shows itself in our change of heart. 

We stop fighting against lies and evil.  
We start fighting for truth and for love. 

This is reflected in our lives and in who we are and who we become; as we change, the world changes with us.  

Don't think that a war of the spirit will be fought with spears and axes, nor with lasers and drones and missiles.  Truth is our weapon and love is our fortress. 

If you tell the Truth, the Spirit of Truth will live in you, and teach you and comfort you, strengthen and preserve you.   

With the speed and ease of thought and feeling we come surely home; we surround ourselves with peace and with joy, health, and abundance. 

This outcome has been hidden from the world, and the end of The Book of Revelation that you know is foreshortened, couched in terms of vengeance and otherwise in empty platitudes. 

This has been done to center our attention on the ugliness of the times and the terrors of the plagues, so that we don't understand our part and the choices to be made:

We can live the Truth, or we can live the Lie. 
And it's our choice. 

There is no point in fighting against evil. Evil can't be fixed. It can't be built upon.  It has no use or value.  We might as well bomb a compost pile and think that we've accomplished miracles. 

Instead, we can fight for all that is good. 

We can hold all that is good and right and beautiful in our hearts and minds.  

We can be the fortress of sanity. 

We can be the bearers of peace. 

We can give each other prosperity.  

We can be the justice that we seek. 

And it's all a matter of how we spend our time, what we give our attention to, and the values we enshrine in our own hearts.  

So even if you never have the chance to read the second half of The Book of Revelation, we have told you all the secret: victory doesn't lie in defeating anyone or anything outside of ourselves.   

Victory sleeps inside each one of us, waiting for resurrection. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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Sunday, May 19, 2024

International Public Notice: The Issue of Identification

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those foreign mercenary military forces "mistakenly" occupying our country and "accidentally" registering Americans as U.S. Citizens, need to: (1) end their illegal occupation of our country; (2) ask for amnesty and come home, if they are Americans; (3) stop their improper registration activities and stop taking illegal and immoral advantage of their fellow-Americans; (4) start honoring their Constitutional obligations to us; (5) stop all pretenses of war on our soil; (6) provide Americans with their remedies and exemptions; (7) redirect the courts to function properly and cease and desist from mis-addressing Americans; (8) provide Americans with proper and correct Identification documents, passports, private license plates, traveler passes, etc., or accept those that we provide for ourselves. 

Even if there were any justification to continue an occupation status, and there isn't, American civilians do not owe our Territorial Employees or Municipal Employees, either one, any explanation for being here and going about their lives, owning their own land, operating their own cars and trucks, keeping their own earnings, caring for and educating their own children, making their own decisions about their health care and religious beliefs, running their own courts, speaking their own minds and managing their own business affairs.

We, Americans, already own every Federal Reserve Note ever printed many times over, and the Maritime Banks of Commerce have been bankrupted to us since 1930, so there is absolutely no excuse to pretend that we are your dependents, that we are debtors, or that we are incompetent. 

We are severally and collectively owed the return of our assets and our credit and recognition of our proper identity.    

We, Americans,  are not voluntarily adopting any foreign citizenship or seeking any foreign benefit; to the extent that we have been deliberately misinformed and entrapped to pay for Federal Benefits and Welfare, such as the entire Social Security program, we have the individual right to receive any and all services without prejudice and if our needs are not promptly and voluntarily provided for, we have and retain and claim the right to receive the entire value of all Social Security Bonds issued in our NAMES throughout the course of our lifetimes.    

We are not now and have never been bankrupt, absent, or stateless. 

There should be no doubt about the identity or provenance of any American in the possession of a Birth Certificate issued by the Territorial State-of-State Government operating in any State of the Union, as this document is direct evidence of the crime of Unlawful Conversion committed against these Americans and the unconscionable nature of the contract, too.   

Notice the date of physical birth and the date of the filing. 

There should be no arrests of any American for using their own State Credentials in the own country, nor for using private legal tender that they bought and paid for with goods and services, nor any suspicion or detainment of any American under any bill of attainder or other racketeering, violence, or harassment in response to Americans claiming their reversionary trust rights.  

In States where the State-of-State organizations are failing to provide private automobile identification plates as required by Regulation Z of the Federal Highway Safety Acts, Americans are free to provide private automobile identification plates for themselves. They cannot be suborned to register their cars as commercial vehicles and falsify public records to the effect that their car is a Motor Vehicle when neither the car nor the owner is engaged in any commercial activity.   

It must be firmly understood that living Americans are the secured preferential creditors of both the Territorial and the Municipal Corporations. Americans are owed every reasonable respect, every care, and every jot of the guarantees and limitations of the Constitutions giving life to the foreign service corporations that public employees work for.  Any employee caught depriving Americans of their physical assets, their credit, or their proper political status under color of law will be 100% personally and commercially liable for their actions and so will those who are misdirecting public employees in the performance of their jobs. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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International Public Notice: Why All the International Public Notices?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are replying to private discussions that are ongoing in all jurisdictions of the law --- in public. 

Why are we doing that? 

So that everyone knows the topics under discussion and knows what we replied.  

Everything on our part is perfectly transparent.  

Our reasoning, our opinion, our solutions to problems, are given to the American Public at the same time that these issues are being addressed by the ecumenical and military communities. 

These puppeteers have all been chasing around for the past thirty years and more, without any consolidating logic or path forward.

This is because everyone is so very concerned about keeping power and looking good and jockeying around for their piece of pie, that they have abdicated, evaded, and failed to do the duty they owe. 

They haven't taken care of the Earth or the people or the animals. 

They haven't told the truth.  

They've been scheming excuses and justifications for things that can never be justified. 

They've been blaming each other. 

Dealing with this is like dealing with a birthday party for a five year-old that has gone horribly wrong. 

The military proposes to kill the civil servants they hired, apparently as scapegoats, but who was responsible for telling those civil servants what to do and how to do it?  

And who profited -- besides the civil servants -- from all the abuses and graft?  

The military doesn't have clean hands.  Far from it.  

Same thing with all these religious leaders. 

The Muslims blame the Jews and the Jews blame the Christians and the Christians blame the Muslims and suck up to the Jews and the Hindus and Buddhists look at us like we are all crazy. 

Objectively, if this present situation is indicative, all the western religions are crazy. We cannot argue in their favor. 

Basing a stock market on Baptismal Certificates?  
Yet this trafficking in souls has been going on since King Henry the Eighth? 

Portraying the Federal Income Tax that is being illegally and immorally collected from Americans as an "estate" tax owed by the estate of a missing British Merchant Mariner who just happens to be named after that same American?  Or as a "gift" tax pledged to the Pope for his expenses waging war and killing for Jesus? 

American soldiers and sailors being conscripted under force -- "the draft" -- to serve as cheap mercenaries for the British Crown?

America then being blamed for all the war-mongering and the violence and pillaging that is in fact being directed and dictated by London and Rome? 

Then there's "the financial system" which isn't a financial system at all. 

It's more like a Ponzi Scheme within a Credit Fraud within another Credit Fraud within an asset stripping operation inside a hostile merger and acquisitions scheme inside a securities and trust fund fraud ....inside a bankruptcy fraud scheme....inside a probate court fraud scheme and all wrapped up with a criminal bookkeeping system, too.  

The living people have been the victims of all these corporations, and the men running these corporations --- which are nothing but labeled beehives created with phony money --- think that they own us and should manage us like farmyard animals. 

Everyone is down on either the "Palestinians" or the "Israelis" but in fact neither country nor population exists, except in the cracked minds of British politicians and publicists. 

The best and supposedly brightest minds, the vaunted professionals of both America and Europe, have allowed their professions of common right to be licensed by criminals and so, have allowed themselves to be chained down and compromised with pieces of paper. 

We've all been crippled in turn by these "Uniformed Officers" being misdirected and suborned by foreign guilds operating as "Associations" on American soil. 

And everyone is being herded to hate and fear Vladimir Putin, who saved himself and the rest of us from biological degradation and destruction. 

The whole pandemic catastrophe turns out to be a funeral tribute to Prince Philip, and we are supposed to be comforted and happy that these same crazy people are in possession of "the Rods of God" -- a whizzbang new space-based weapons system that we paid for and don't have control of? 


It's certain that we, the Americans, will be blamed for the existence and misuse of this new weapons system. 

We've got two groups of corporations duking it out for control of the planet and its resources and both of them are nothing but inland pirates wearing nice suits. 

As the blame game increases and the public awareness turns from disbelief to shock and anger and from shock and anger to blind rage, the Royal Family will probably be trotted out and sacrificed, but they have been used as storefronts, too. 

Just like the Roman Catholic Church.  

Just like the United Nations. 

There is more than enough blame to circle the drain for a  million years. Those who are still fighting the Battle of the Boyne will have a new topic of discussion.  

It remains for us to get beyond the craziness and back on solid ground.  

In such an atmosphere of cataclysm and deceit, it is imperative that some responsible Principal speaks up, tells the truth, finds solutions, and leads the way forward --- and that responsible Principal still standing, is us, the unincorporated United States of America, established in 1776. 

We want it to be known who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  We are putting it on the record so that there is no occasion to second-guess, suppose, or doubt.  

The people of this country and this whole planet have been outrageously mistreated and abused. They have no reason to like or trust anything called "government".  We understand that.  They certainly have no reason to support any government that doesn't support them, so it's important that the American Public knows that we still exist and knows what we are saying and doing on their behalf. 

It is the responsibility of our government to take the part of the living people, to champion their causes, to defend their rights, and as much as possible, provide for their safety.  

So here we are in the midst of all this insanity, oars in the water and hands on the plow.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 19th 2024


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