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Thursday, June 20, 2024

International Public Notice: Lexis-Nexis, American Bankers Association, Maritime Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

We consider foreign (British Territorial and Municipal) business associations of all kinds to be potentially criminal, as these organizations are known to promote monopoly interests, to indulge interlocking trust directorates, and have been known to obstruct both trade and commerce via impositions on their members. 

Accordingly, we are bypassing the American Bankers Association and several similar business and corporate umbrella organizations in favor of a Direct Connect Network of Basel IV Complaint Banks, businesses, and individuals. 

Physically insolvent Maritime Commercial Banks may continue to function as re-capitalized Merchant Banks if they agree to lawfully convert their operations. 

Come to us, all of you who are burdened down with crazy regulations, taxes, and the legal industry.  Our charters are twelve pages long, and our Bank Treaty is one page long.  

We use carriage accounting, and cater to individuals and small unincorporated businesses as well as major Merchant Corporations.  We make banking simple again. 

Our bank system offers super-secure blockchain technology, unique computer capability and independent satellites and servers competent to serve eight billion people. So your business and your customers' business stands apart from claims of public interest. 

Global Family Bank's unique payment platform will open the correct RMA-API directly to bank members and expedite direct connectivity so there is no need to wait, no need to go through months or years of regulatory harassment, and no coercive control leveraged by unseen, unelected, and unauthorized business organizations. 

Everyone on this planet needs simple, direct, honest, and private banking services.  Our data and the data of our customers is not for sale.  Our accountants don't keep two sets of books.  If this sounds good to you and you see the need for service and simplicity, then join the Bilateral Banking System, or, as we call it, the Global Prosperity System, today

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 20th 2024


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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Stand Up

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's really simple.  When we ask, "Are you an American-- meaning someone who was born in this country or who has become naturalized to this country?" -- you stand up. 

Yes or no? 

We claim that the vast majority of the people in this country think of themselves as and believe that they are Americans --- not British Territorials, not foot soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire. 

This idea that we are Americans and nothing else derives from another baseline definition, as we each think of ourselves in terms of our nation-states, and consider ourselves to be Californians, Hawaiians, Texans, Floridians, Wisconsinites, and so on.  

Not once do the vast majority of us have to stop and consider whether or not we belong to the population of a British Territory.  

Or a Roman Catholic Municipality.  

Most of us know exactly who we are and where we are.  

It's the rest of the world -- and a few self-interested public employees--  who are confused.  

So let's make it crystal clear. 

Stand up. Look around. Realize that you have been lied to and lied about for a long time.  

Reclaim your birthright and get your claim on the record.  

And don't be deterred because Google or some other search engine says the site is not secure; it's not "secure" because it doesn't belong to them. 


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International Public Notice: To Ben Fulford--- and The Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

The only thing in "interregnum" around here is a bunch of Federal Government Subcontractors that are bankrupt and deservedly so.  They are in receivership to us, so we fail to see how any British Bunko Artists are trying to take control and mandate how things are going to go from here. 

The actual American Government is here and organized, so any presumption otherwise needs to be examined with a brand new set of eyes. 

The U.S. Inc. and USA, Inc. debt is owed to the American people, just as FRANCE, INC. debt is owed to the French people----  and we very handily explained how this debt was accumulated in a Notice issued last week, "International Public Notice: Joe's Hamburger Shop Worldwide". 

This debt has to be repaid to the living people as prepaid credit earned. 

We have brought and we will continue to bring claims regarding the harm that has been done to the living people of this country and every other country impacted by the British Territorial corporatocracy.  

There will be no peace and no happy-happy without restitution directly to the living people and no shilly-shally dance is going to "wash" any of it away. 

Lies and promises will not do. No imaginary Chinese Elders.  No Bull Poopie at all. 

If the Odious Debt against non-existent Federal Citizens is to be washed away, as it should be, then have the guts and glory to admit that it is being written off the books as Odious Debt.  

Don't try to cover that up and say that someone else paid for it.  Don't make up any Chinese Elders who were notably missing during Mao's Cultural Revolution. 

The only people who paid for anything was Mom and Pop back home and their kids being used as cheap mercenaries. 

Fess up and cease and desist the lying. 

Be straight for once in all these years since 1863 when the U.S. Military was handed responsibility for this horror show. 

The facts are in our faces, inescapable and obvious. 

Where's the seigniorage owed on all those Federal Reserve Notes?  

Where's the proper accounting for the goods and services received in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes?  

How do the progeny of six generations of American, Brits, Aussies, and everyone else get paid back? 

When are you all going to stop trying to steal and control everything in sight and admit that all those "Legacy Trusts" are bogus and actually represent inheritances owed to living people?  

We are calling you all out for what you've done and what you've failed to do.  

We are ledgering the Avila Family Trust assets for starters and going forward from there.  

You don't want to talk to the lawful inheritor, you want to pretend he doesn't exist or that he's "missing, presumed dead" --- fine.  We will ledger and spend the assets no matter whose bank vault the assets are in, and leave you all with our demand to render an accounting which has been owed since 2005.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 19th 2024 


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War in the Air

 By Anna Von Reitz

Warfare in the Air Jurisdiction --- the realm where all the world leaders have now retreated and where the current battles are being fought --- is not physical, despite all the impacts that War in the Air can cause on Earth. 

War in the Air takes place in the realm of energy, thought, and emotion ---emotion is the generative form of organized energy.  

Words and thoughts both encapsulate energy. 

Words are like little bricks of energy, each having their own shape, sound, and character, while thought -- once it escapes the limitations of words -- is much more free in form.

The encapsulated energy of thought then gives rise to emotions, and these emotions give thought motive force and form -- bringing these "thought-feelings" into physical reality. 

A thought has a life of its own as ordered energy and so do words.  

My Grandmother observed this to me when I was very small, so now I am recommending that the rest of you follow along and give some thought to the process of thinking and feeling, both.   

Our own thoughts are rather free-form and fluid, so that we can make of them what we will; we don't have to "cast" them into words, if we don't want to.  

The use of the word "cast" here is important, as it carries the meaning of "casting bullets" or "making a plaster cast" or "casting a spell" -- which is something we all do with more or less intent, every time we speak in words.  Notice the word "spelling" and the word "dispel".    

Words are unitized and solidified thoughts. They are conveyances of energy.  

The word "cat" may refer to a lion or a housecat or an angry woman, but the idea of "cat" is a single meaningful thought, a definition within a definition-- a brick in the Jurisdiction of the Air. 

We can give thought sufficient form without words. 

Ever observed that you can simply look at the clouds in the sky and know them directly without the need for a single word forming in your brain?  

For example, you don't have to describe a big white thunderhead to yourself with words: you see that it's big and it's white and it's a cumulonimbus cloud, but the words to describe it are not necessary. 

This is a direct experience of a formless pre-existing thought-image based on other clouds that you have known and seen and thought about in the past, so that when  you see it again you don't have to analyze it and internalize words describing it. 

It's the same with any common object.  You don't have to think "pen" in order to visually recognize a "pen" and its functions, or a "cup" and its functions. 

It takes an extra bit of energy to "put it into words" and we normally just skate along without doing so. 

When you do have to use words to describe and define a new or a specific thing, it's like building a brick structure. The words are like bricks, or blocks, that we put together and build around a new concept or thing, until it is encapsulated, too. 

The words themselves are "encapsulated" and have a specific known meaning, like "white", and "big", which we use to encapsulate each new concept or object as part of our experience.  

So a thought may exist with or without words.  Isn't that odd?  And words are more solid, but at the same time, more rigid and limiting. 

What we call a "direct thought" -- a thought apprehended without words, is more perfect and more complete than a thought bounded by words, because words only approximate reality, the way that rectangular bricks can only approximate a circle. 

Most of us spend our whole lives and never think about this, nor do we think about the way that our thoughts give rise to our emotions.  

The more perfect the underlying thought, the more perfect the resulting emotion, so the most powerful emotions and creations in the Jurisdiction of the Air exist without words. 

You could spend months trying to word-by-word describe and encapsulate "love" and still have nothing but a miserable approximation, because love is already an emotion.  

It has already gone beyond the realm of thought and exists as pure energy. 

That's why you can experience it, but never truly define it.  

In trying to describe "God" the Hebrews came up with 72 descriptions of attributes of God, words like "courage" and "strength" and if you could contemplate 72 words all at once (which you can't) you might have some approximation of what the Hebrew sages were trying to capture and bring into the realm of thought.  

Like "love" God has already escaped the realm of thought.

All this is a prelude understanding of the building blocks of the Air Jurisdiction so that you can begin to conceptualize what I am describing as "warfare" in the Jurisdiction of the Air. 

It's not a battle of words, not a matter of diplomatic acumen.  

It is a matter of the energy encapsulated in the words and thoughts, released and directed via emotions, manifesting in the physical world. 
It's not just about words, either, but also the perfect formless thoughts that also inhabit the realm of the air, and the energy of these thoughts beyond words.

Each word and each thought has its own vibration and each vibration has its own energy and order. 

So now I will give you an example of what War in the Air involves.

Yesterday, I received a large box in the mail, and to any observer, it would seem a very odd collection of things inside the box: the clothes and sandals of a woman who lived in the 1960's and 70's, some of her jewelry made of amber, turquoise, and silver, a vial of "Georgio" perfume which was popular back then, photos of a missing child, a faded candle scented with Patchouli, a copper sculpture of a Huey Helicopter fitted with a music box playing, "Happy Days Are Here Again", a painting of a voodoo goddess feeding soul-eaters, beads and baubles from a long ago mardi gras..... dozens of such objects.... and a single wing feather from a Red-tailed Hawk. 

All the supplies for purification were included; the candle for lighting, the incense for burning.  All I had to contribute was water.  

This was, in its own way, a gift, a challenge, and an attack, all at once. 

The gift is the message and essence of a life that was lived with passion and courage and great love; the further message and challenge was the pain and injustice and confusion she suffered, and so, how will I heal this? How can I bring justice to this? 

The attack was in the form of, "Ah-ha! So, here it is! Deal with this, if you can!" -- all of a sudden, out of the blue, the physical history of an entire family that was harmed by the ugliness of this world. 

A family whose members are still crying out for healing and justice. 

Each and every object in that box was precisely chosen and had meaning and represents an "issue" that I have to deal with, personally. 

So it was no big surprise to me that I woke up in the strange light of this Midnight Sun season in Alaska, where there is no true darkness at night, and heard the keening call of a Red-tailed Hawk and found myself sitting cross-legged on the bed of Sir Paul McCartney, who was, at the time, a young man half out of his head, blabbing to someone in another room about the horrible ritual he had seen the night before and how these crazy people killed a child in his "honor". 

The missing child in the photo I received.  

Paul was flipped out, hyperventilating, weeping as if his heart would break, not understanding that-- in the minds of his hosts-- the child had been killed to ensure the success and rise of his music career, a sacrifice to Lord Satan, the ruler of the world we live in. 

Has that occurred to you yet, as nobody ever teaches it?   

That the Earth has one creator, and the World has another?  

That the Earth embodies truth and life, while the World embodies falsehood and death? 

It's simple and obvious enough; what could Satan offer to Yehoshua that Satan did not own? 

And how could Satan own the world, except by stealing it from men, through lies and self-delusions? 

When something like this box comes to light, energy is smashed like broken glass, all the pieces flying in all directions.  

Afterward, it comes to rest, and becomes part of All That Is, and a strange peace descends.  We see the bits and pieces of our lives. 

We hear Paul McCartney as an old man, still weeping, still gasping.  He dimly knows that he was not at fault for this; he can't see the comfort his music brought to millions.  All he can feel is his own psyche, thin and screaming like the Red-tailed Hawk, the Mother, echoing, so high in the air above our heads. 

I returned home to contemplate the Huey Helicopter and I cranked up the damaged (but still playable) music box, listening to the odd and wildly contradictory song, "Happy Days Are Here Again" echoing back at me from the midst of the Vietnam War, emanating from this symbol of death and destruction, as I am imagining the "chop-chop-chop" of the actual helicopter that bore him, the great love of this unknown woman, to his death.  

The Father of the child.  He never came home again. There were no "happy days". 

The process of answering a challenge like this is like gathering all the sparks from a fire, and coalescing them into a single flame again. 

This is War in the Air. 

Answer me for the Vietnam War.  Answer me for the lies and blighted promises.  Answer me for the insanity of it. Answer me for the pain, the god-awful, endless pain and injustice.  Answer me for the loss. 
Answer me for what it cost me and cost us, my family, all of us.  Answer me for my child and what could have been.  

In her search for answers, this woman consulted Native Shamans and Cajun Voodoo practitioners, she even trekked up the slopes of Mount Shasta, seeking the healers of Lemuria and Saint Germain. 

All these years later, her sandals have come to me. 

I hold them in my hands. 

In another life, they could have belonged to me. 

Heal me, heal my pain, she says, bring me justice. Cast out these demons and bring me peace. 

A bejeweled butterfly perches on the edge of the box. Part of me is left behind. Here it is, she whispers, peeking out at me. 

It's but a moment, a step across the veil, a dream and then a dream again.  Yes, that whiff of Georgio, is what everyone was wearing back then. You remember?  

Our legs were firm and tan.  Our waists were thin.  

She breathes in, she breathes out, not knowing that her breath will stand forever, and that it will always be hers. 

Every element of her life is here, all the pain, all the glory.  

It's far more intimate than having a houseguest, because she is present in a far more immutable way. 

If I will overcome Satan, then, I must overcome her pain and give her answers and deliver her peace.  I must answer for the suffering of the Native Americans and the Cajuns.  I must answer for the soothsayers. I must answer for the sufferings of Nature. 

I must answer everything; I am the Fiduciary, after all.  The Bearer of the Account Books. 

She flies at me like a Red-tailed Hawk diving on a mouse, while Lord Satan stands a long way off, back turned, chewing something, feigning that he is unconcerned.

The box contained an unopened packet of Blue Delphinium seeds, Pacific Giants, from 2005, the year she died.  They were never planted.  I opened the packet and took the dead seeds outside and planted them among my Delphiniums, Blue Pacific Giants. 

The healing process has begun, for one woman, one family, and her people. Except for the man who sent the box, none of them know; they don't expect any healing.  Some don't even know how wounded they are. 

Yet from this day, they will be healed; I have declared it and sent forth the emotion of healing in perfected thought beyond words. This love will not return to me without having its effect and doing its work.  

Satan is worried, too worried to be bored, because he knows all the foundations of his empire are crumbling. He is losing the War in the Air. All his lies are coming to naught, revealed to be ridiculous deceptions. 

Satan says that men should work in exchange for his promises? 

Why not eat a photo of an apple, instead of the fruit? 

Deep under the surface of things, a fire is engendered, a fire that does not burn; in the depths of that fire all things are reborn, made new, and perfected. 

"I shall bring to ruin those ruining the Earth; I shall comfort the aggrieved; their tears shall be turned to laughter."  And so it is. 

I lit the Patchouli-scented candle, formed so many years ago and never burned; I lit the unburned cones of incense and let the sweet smoke restore balance to the air. 

What healing we do for ourselves, we do for others, too.  The young woman who was, remains; the Delphiniums she intended are forming blossoms; the song emanating from the Huey is different now. Fading, and not ironic.  I use the Hawk Feather to fan the smoke.  My heart dwells a moment with her and the Red-tailed Hawk.

It's a clear blue sky now, pure in its endless depths; the gold threads of sunset dance across the abyss.  There is only this moment, only now, which is both the sum of the beginning and the end.  Lighter and brighter, more free, ever upward, the spirit ascends. 

Safe, beyond time, no longer deluded by money, feet planted in the good Earth, quietly singing a song that has no beginning or end, thinking of the dry Sumac and Bay Leaves, their smoke curling into the wind, and the wild bright stars burning in the dark blue firmament of October.  

The sparks gather into a single flame. All that was ruined and scattered and blameless, all that was lost, is found again.  

The lies are only lies. The truth endures forever. 

This is what we must remember. 


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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

International Public Notice: For Your Awareness

 By Anna Von Reitz

Time does not actually exist.  It is an illusion that persists based on natural cycles and changes that do exist, but mathematically and factually, time does not exist.  We live in one eternal moment called "now" -- the ever-present present moment. 

That said, there have been numerous systems based on everything from the vibrations of an atom (atomic clock now in use) to the lunar calendar created from the moon's cycles, to the solar calendar created from the sun's cycles relative to the constellations. 

Among calendars that are designed to track cyclic natural phenomena there are proponents on all sides, those who promote the 13 month 28 day lunar calendar that the Hebrews and people of Meso and South America used and which are still in use today,  versus those who promote the 12 month, variable day calendar imposed by the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church. 

The lunar calendar far predates the solar calendar and has been used throughout most of the world since very ancient times.  The Hebrew lunar calendar year is 5784 this year--- an unbroken run of going on 6,000 years.  

This very ancient lunar calendar, still observed by Judaism worldwide, begins with the fall celebration Feast of Rosh Hashanah which falls on a slightly different day each year.  Last year, 2023 on the Roman Calendar, the Hebrew New Year 5784 began on September 15th

The Roman Calendar Year, which is based on solar cycles, begins every year on January first, and follows a rigid 12 month pattern, albeit, with slight variation in the days accorded to each month. 

This Roman solar calendar is actually based on a much older Summarian solar calendar and on mathematics which is itself based on circular geometry, with the sky divided into 360 degrees and each season taking up 90 degrees of the circle. 

The purpose of time, apart from tracking the regular cyclic phenomenon of the season, was to make time a measurable commodity -- which was in turn bought and sold.  We see this practice in hourly wage schedules today, where a man's labor and skill level are accorded a specific value. 

This is the most infamous use of the concept of time and the measurement of this imaginary commodity -- as it appears to reduce the value of life and the value of a man or woman, to a term of hours spent performing labor for hire, or sitting useless in a jail "doing time". 

This mechanistic and arbitrary concept of "time" and its measurement and monetization has also been the basis of other mental missteps and false ideas.  

We truly don't know what day it is or what time it is, as time itself does not exist, yet we persist in attaching great importance to time.  

Contracts, we are told, are not valid unless they include the date they are issued, and may not be valid without reference to other days and dates; the pieces of paper issued by banks and known as "negotiable instruments" are not valid without both a date of issuance and a date of maturation. 

Everywhere we look, time is invoked as an authority of one kind or another--- schedules of trains and air transport, the apportionment of work schedules and factory production, the beginning of each school session, and the value of University degrees -- all subject to time.  

Even the duration of a man's working life is artificially bound by time, so that we speak of "retirement age", even though we observe that many people retire before that age or continue working long after it. 

Our reason for bringing this discussion of time and the measurement of this non-existent commodity forward, is that its introduction into our psyches has then meant its inclusion in every facet of our lives as a means of organization and validation, when in fact it enforces a fictional matrix on the actual world, an element of falsehood into every contract, and places a false value on every man's time on Earth.

Thanks to the measurement and valuation of time as a commodity, we can stumble into the error of looking at how much money a man earned in his lifetime, for example, how much did Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet earn?  And think that that was the value of the man.  

This is not the value of anything, not time, not the man, either. 

Why? Because time does not exist, its value as a commodity is a lie.   

The value of a man can never be calculated in time or money, for his true potential for good or evil remains incalculable throughout his lifetime and remains incalculable going forward after his death. 

We are still paying the social debts and enjoying the benefits of men like Westinghouse and Tesla, J.D. Rockefeller and Einstein; we are still suffering the miseries and injustices promoted by Cecil Rhodes more than a hundred years ago, and still reaping the evil returns of Lord Pirbright's elitism and belief in eugenics. 

These observations are not casual nor meant to encourage idle meanderings of the mind.  They are meant for serious contemplation and correction of every sphere of our lives where the concepts of time and money have entered in.  

It is one thing to use an arbitrary system of weights and measures to trade orange juice and potatoes, so long as we are aware that it is arbitrary; it is another thing to accept such arbitrary "concepts of convenience" as means to promote delusions. 

Life cannot be measured or valued in terms of false concepts like "time" or "money" any longer; we must thoroughly understand that we, each one of us, embody the only value there is-- and act accordingly, in this one eternal moment called now.   
Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 18th 2024


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The Anytone 3208 Dual Band Radio is back in Stock

After waiting for many months, we finally have a case of the Anytone 3208 Dual Band Handheld Radios back in stock and ready for shipment.

Take a good look because this is one of the best low cost handheld radios on the market and we have sold them for years without any problems.

It seems the company that makes these has finally decided to bring them back into production.

The way things are in the country, they will probably sell a ton of them in the next few months.

Our experience with this radio has been very exceptional to say the least.

Paul Stramer

Monday, June 17, 2024

International Public Notice: Our Title IV Flag

 By Anna Von Reitz

Under the power-sharing agreements represented by the distribution of "delegated Powers" under the Federal Constitutions, it was necessary to set aside a specific version of our national flag for the specific use of our Federal Subcontractors when exercising our delegated powers: the Title IV Flag, a specific proportion and style of flag described in Federal Title IV, was created and set aside for the use of our Federal Subcontractors.  

That's really all that any Title IV Flag is, whether it is the war flag known as "Old Glory" or the peacetime flag known as "Open Gate" that we now fly in this country. 

Americans are proud of their flags and so far as the art of war is concerned, they have a right to be; few countries in the history of the world have a more untarnished record on the battlefield; however, that military excellence has been accompanied by political corruption and legal chicanery, which has led to our Armed Forces being suborned and misdirected by foreign powers, and those foreign powers have been engaged in war profiteering non-stop for the last 164 years. 

As a result, we have a dichotomy that is difficult to resolve: the resolution and bravery of our men and women in battle, versus the shabby ends their services have served. 

Even the contracts that they have served under have been misrepresented in such a way that the average inductee doesn't know what "induction" means and has no concept that their "Tour of Duty" is a term of indentured servitude, and that they are to be used as cheap commercial mercenaries instead of honorable soldiers. 

The misuse of our Armed Forces in this way has led to the misuse of our Title IV Flag.  

During the 1999-2000 bankruptcy of the United States, Incorporated, and the enforced 120 day vacancy of the Federal Capitol that involved, Russell J. Gould and David Wynn Miller found our Title IV Flag laying in a puddle of water on the street.  They picked this flag up and carried it away, and claimed, falsely, that this act of "rescue" gave them ownership of the Title IV Flag.  

If this were true, every U.S. Flag ever trampled in the mud or burned in any place on Earth, would offer the same opportunity, and every soldier who rescued such a flag by wresting it from the hands of enemies would similarly own the flag as their personal property.   

However, this is not true and the claim being raised is ridiculous.  

The Title IV Flag was created by our American Government for the use of our British Territorial Federal Subcontractors; it belongs to us and to our flag array forever, so long as our Government remains. 

Thus the Title IV Flag is not available for any peculiar and personal claim by Russell J. Gould, regardless of where or in what condition he found a particular example of our Title IV Flag---because it always has and still does belong to us; however he styles himself and whatever arcane PERSONS and offices Mr. Gould may imagine for himself -- none of them have any place or honor in our American Government and he is not recognized as any Officer of ours. 

We have our own Post Master and Postmasters, whose names appear on The Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010.  

In our view, Mr. Gould is a pirate trying to seize upon our property so as to make nothing -- his possession of a piece of cloth you can buy at any Dime Store in this country-- into a claim of contract.  

Mr. Gould is reminded that possession by pirates does not change ownership and that we have no contract with him. 

We do not recognize Russell J. Gould, or any NAME or usage he styles himself under,  as a Federal Subcontractor; nor do we need him to act as a Federal Subcontractor. 

All delegated powers surrendered or abandoned automatically return by operation of law to the Delegator, which in this case is The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. 
Likewise any ownership interest in property belonging to our American Government, such as the Title IV Flag, remains under the protection of our sovereign letters patent which were reissued most recently on November 4th 2015.   

The bankruptcy and removal of the United States of America, Incorporated, or any other entity of this kind has no effect on our American Government which is the creator and owner of the Title IV Flag, and which is not an incorporated entity, and which is not eligible for bankruptcy protection related to these foreign entities and their foreign citizenry.  

The confusion between us, The United States of America, and the British Territorial Corporation operating as the United States of America, Incorporated, is again self-evident. 

So is the difference. 

The United State of America, Unincorporated, cannot go bankrupt and is not eligible for bankruptcy protection by any public --- now or at any time in the past.  Our States enjoy state immunity and our Federation of States is indemnified.  

The British Territorial corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated, is underwritten by British Territorial U.S. Citizens and is subject to bankruptcy due to its incorporation.  It, and variations of it, USA, Inc., The United States of America, Inc., the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., etc., have been repeatedly bankrupted and the resulting debts have been dumped on the American Public misrepresented as U.S. Citizens via the Birth Certificate Registration Fraud Scheme described elsewhere. 

We hope that this gives at least a small insight into the kinds of fraud schemes that have been unleashed against this country and its people by British affiliates and Municipal officers alike. 

The fact remains that they are not our representatives in the face of our presence, their debts are not ours, and our actual contracts and treaties must be respected. 

As an enterprising opportunist with a big imagination, Russell J. Gould (however styled) may or may not have evil intent toward this country as a whole, but he is not our Municipal Subcontractor and he is not our Territorial Subcontractor and he has absolutely no basis to make a titular or copyright claim upon our Title IV Flag which is protected by sovereign patent, nor upon the contracts underlying its existence. 

Likewise, the repetitious bankruptcies of the British Crown and Municipal Corporations merely calling themselves some form of "United States of America" --- Incorporated, are not eligible for any succor beyond the explicit terms of our contracts and treaties with the British Territorial United States Government and the HRE Successors.   

The foreign citizenship obligations of the millions of Americans who have been misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens or otherwise misidentified as Municipal citizens of the United States via constructive and self-interested fraud can be summarized as non-existent.  

This vast fraud of national scale identity theft and deceitful misrepresentation of rank and file Americans as Federal Dual Citizens and the use of undisclosed and unconscionable registrations to do it, is an international crime of fraud amounting to attempted political genocide of our nation, used as a pretext to gain access to our credit and the assets of our land and soil.   

Whether it's Russell J. Gould or Joseph R. Biden, these men are engaged in fraud against us and fraud against the rest of the world.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 17th 2024


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