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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Why should you home school your sons and daughters.


Message to All Targeted Individuals

 By Anna Von Reitz

Message to all T.I.s --- you are being targeted because you are listed as being "citizens of the United States" --- and so, are fair game as guinea pigs, the equivalent of fish in a barrel with no legal protections, no rights, and no hope of gaining an ear in Congress.  

It's Congress that "sold you" as human chattel to serve as test subjects.  Don't be ridiculous and expect Congress, which is making money hand-over-fist from this "Test Program", to cancel it just because you are being made ill and miserable.  

And don't expect the mindless wonders in charge of the Territorial U.S. Military to give you any breaks.  So far as they are concerned, you are all "Enemy Combatants" in a theater of occupation. 


Now that you understand your position, change it.  

Declare your political status as an American and reclaim your birthright.  Join your State Assembly and flex your muscle in your proper standing and capacity.  Inform the United Nations Secretary General that you are "non-domestic" with respect to the United States (Inc.) and you are being harmed as a result of their various warfare testing programs. 
That should be sufficient to get the ball rolling.  Then send a copy of the United States Secretary of State.  And to your State Secretary of State. 

Take action as an American and as an Employer of these dumb brutes, instead of signing a Petition and pleading with them, oh, please, please, Mr. Bad Man, don't hurt me anymore!  I am just a hapless American being mistaken as an Enemy Combatant by my own Armed Forces while at home in my own country, and being used as a "domestic target" when I am not naturally in their jurisdiction at all and not subject to their government and not "domestic" with respect to them at all. 

Got the idea of what is actually going on now?  Know why the rats smirk at you and pretend not to know what they are doing?  Get the hammer on THEM and stop begging for mercy from pirates.  Get on your feet and start moving.  If you want to live in peace and not as buzzard bait ---- do what I am telling you to do.  

Go to: and get started today.  


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The Actual Act of 1871 Being Referenced

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most people that you hear talking about "the" Act of 1871 are talking about the Municipal Corporation Act creating a Municipal Corporation for the District of Columbia.  

We have pointed out that the real mischief related to that Act was the Corporations Act of 1870, which claimed the right to create corporations while acting in our names--- which is, to quote a Brit friend of mine, "Really rather like my Gardener assuming my identity and fathering a lot of children in my name, with someone other than my wife."

The end results in both cases are illegitimate.  Literally.  

But this merely rear-ends the actual singularly traitorous "Act of 1871" which, again, deals with the subject of corporations---- and let's headline this with bold letters so that everyone gets off the Old Saw about the Municipal Corporation Act of 1871 and instead has a full nose of the treason committed by the Rump 41st Congress as of the Second of February of 1871, Chapters 62-65, in which the Congress declared itself to be the "successor" of all United States corporations and the property of all said corporations. 

These treasonous individuals claimed to own all United States corporations as successors --- quite possibly the greatest theft and Breach of Trust in world history, carried out by the members of the Territorial Congress while wearing their "second hat" as a foreign Municipal oligarchy. 

Let's get this straight -- the members of any "Congress" convened in its Territorial or Municipal capacity never had any authority to make such a claim, not in 1871, not in 1971, and not today.  There is absolutely no shred of valid interest involved here, no contract, no equitable consideration, no vested authority, and certainly no consent. 

It's a criminal offense and an act of treason and fraud that has waited in the wings for over a hundred years to be discovered and objected to.  Our corporations, like our ability to create corporations and our ability to issue patents, does not devolve to "the" Municipal United States, a foreign entity operating in our names simply because they made such an outrageous claim while acting in breach of trust and under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit. 

All corporations created under our names and issued charters "in our names" are ours by definition, and we do claim them back from the Municipal Government of Washington, District of Columbia, and from the various Territorial State of State and Municipal STATE OF STATE Governments that have continued the abuses endemic to the Corporations Act of 1870 and the "Ownership Acts" of 1871.  

We have been here, present and accounted for, the entire time --- yet left uninformed and uneducated by our employees, have been preyed upon by them and their foreign Principals in Breach of Trust. 

We declare that we are the lawful and rightful heirs and beneficiaries of all United States Corporations created by our Federal Republic, their heirs, operators, trustees, and assigns, without exception, and the only lawful saving grace for the Municipal Government now is to release their presumed "custodial interest" in all our assets, intellectual properties, and prerogatives, including the administration of our Corporations, our Patent and Trademark Office, our Copyright Office, and our Postal Offices. 

Let it be made perfectly clear to every banker and jurist on this planet -- what occurred as a result of these actions undertaken by the members of the Municipal Congress in 1871 was a gigantic criminal fraud and Breach of Trust amounting to usurpation against the lawful government of this country and treason against our constitutional agreements--- and all accomplished via means of fraud against their Employers.

In the case of the Territorial Congress, possession by pirates does not change ownership, and in the case of the Municipal Congress, fraud vitiates everything --- including their claims to own all United States Corporations.

This is all that anyone ever needs to know as a Summation of the applicable Law in both cases -- in Admiralty and under Roman Civil Law--- both. The members of Congress must relinquish these claims and release our property both private and public to the administration of our lawful American governments-- that is, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and our States of the Union until such time as we complete the restoration of our Confederation and our Federal Republic.

PS. Please note that we have already addressed this topic once; all such "United States Corporations" have a one-year grace period ending in mid-February of 2022 to re-charter as American corporations and accept their limitations under Public Law.


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Monday, March 1, 2021

The Bleeding of Britain

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Queen is the Agent of the House of Wettin in Britain, and holds a subordinate position to her own Cousin, Lady Somerset, the Dame of Glammis Castle--- the "goddess".  This is how and why Continental interests have been bleeding Britain dry for the last eight decades, up to and including the EU and UN.  More than half the members of Parliament have personally been on the take and receiving kickbacks from this group of Royal Investors, and still more have been blackmailed by them.  It appears to be a collusion between largely Middle Eastern bankers (Muslims and Jews alike) and the various monarchies of Europe seeking to create a new form of Feudalism, which I call "Corporate Feudalism" as it transfers the responsibilities of the Monarch onto the faceless, nameless, unaccountable backs of commercial corporations owned by the Crown, and various other corporations worldwide owned by other investor groups, and all controlled ultimately by the Holy See. 

The apparent goal in all of this is to set up a new means to enslave the public as serfs, with all named individuals serving the corporations that "represent" the various states and kingdoms (without being those States or Kingdoms or even necessarily associated with them)  and with the Monarchs only serving as figureheads to calm the masses into submission.  The object is to control the labor and commodities and natural resources actually owned by the people of the world on a private basis, so as to grossly enrich and empower the few private Parties that control and own both the Crown and the Holy See, and to protect their corporations from such unpleasantries as taxes. 

This debasement and dehumanizing of the Monarchy reduces it to the level of any other commercial corporation, whether you call it QEII or ELIZABETH II or LIZZIE, all of which and sundry others have been used as instrumentalities of HER MAJESTY, INC. 

This plot subjects the Queen and everything she owns to the authority of the Roman Curia, which makes up all these corporations and other THINGS such as Cooperatives and Limited Liability Partnerships and which serves to define what corporations are and what powers they have and what rules they must abide by and what punishments can be applied to them.  It is all bunk--- charlatanism based on the theory and concept of "legal persons" as opposed to "lawful persons", being used to impersonate people and suborn their assets as collateral.  

The actual history of this all revolves around criminal misuse and abuse of public trusts that were established under very dubious circumstances, which will be described more fully in our lawful proceedings, but for a good flavor of the actions taken and the results of these actions, please see the United States Federal Code, Title 22, especially the Annotated Revised Statutes at Large. 

The history of the Earls of Shovesbury goes back --- not to England, but to the Frankish Kingdom that preceded the First Holy Roman Empire, and a portion of the world that is now considered Southeastern Germany in and around Dresden, and particularly the small town of Issagau, where my own ancestors came from, and the noble family known as the Brakespeares --- for their habit of breaking spears aimed at them, and also, The Order of the Black Arrow, which has its roots in pre-Christian times, but which was much later taken over by the Jesuits and infiltrated by the Nazis.  

As is common among the kings and nobles of the Merovingian bloodlines, "v" and "w" -- which is merely a double "v" -- actually stands for the letter-sound "f" in German and related languages, sometimes also written as an "S" in the old handwriting known as Fraktur. 

So your name and title on the Continent is different than its later derivative in Britain, and became progressively Anglicized in Britain.  Shrovesbury pronounced "Schruffsbeurie" became Shrewsbury, in the same way as the French Belle Cher was Anglicized to Belcher. Both families ultimately came to Britain through France--- directly in the case of the Belle Chers, and via France from Germany in the case of the Bacons -- the von Specks.    And that is why to this day, one still hears both Shovesbury and Shrewsbury, Belle Cher and Belcher.... there are many other examples.  All date from before the establishment of the First Holy Roman Empire in 800 A.D. 

Sir Francis Bacon was the Earl von Speck --- which means "bacon" in German.  As in "bringing home the bacon".  You can now also better appreciate his pen name, William Shakespeare -- William means "resolute protector" and Shakespeare is a take-off on the family name, "Brakespeare".  In retrospect, it is easy to see that William Shakespeare's message was largely addressed as an admonishment to the Tudor Monarchs, including multiple exposes concerning the reasons for the downfall of the Plantagenets as an object lesson.  

This also sheds light on the otherwise completely irrational fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany.  Dresden was called "Florence on the Elbe" for its great beauty and artistic treasures, it offered absolutely no military targets at all, yet on the fateful night of February 13, 1945, with the Nazi surrender clearly in view, the Allies staged one of the most devastating attacks in military history against this lone, unfortified, unprotected, helpless, beautiful German city.  They murdered 135,000 people, many of them refugees from Eastern Europe fleeing to safety, and nobody when called on the carpet for this atrocity had any excuse that made sense.  Why Dresden? 

Because what was thought to be the only surviving handwritten copy of Martin Luther's 95 Theses was among the city's treasures.  All that misery, destruction, and death was rained down on Dresden by the agents of the Pope, superstitiously and malevolently bent on destroying these few pieces of paper.  It will perhaps shame them and give them reason to pause and reflect that: (1) there are other copies written in Martin Luther's own hand; and (2) the content of the work is distributed throughout the world so that everyone knows the criticism Luther issued against the Church.  Everyone knows about the sale of "Indulgences" allowing rich men to sin.  Everyone is now learning about the sale of children --- and the Church's no longer secret reason for opposing abortion, which has more to do with dollar signs than any care for the sanctity of life. 

The pagan sacrifice of Dresden by fire, like the Holocaust, like the World Trade Center bombings, has all been for naught. 

We can only call the religion of the Enlightened Ones-- the Hanger's On of the long defunct Roman Empire--- "the religion of the Deceivers"---- and none are so deceived as the members of this cult. The phrase, "the smoke of Satan" does not refer to incense. It refers to the smoke from burning and charred flesh, that of people and of animals.  It is said to delight Satan, so that's what his followers, who are ultimately the stupid ones among us, try to feed their "god".  The members of this Death Cult are within the clinical definition of insane--- self-destructive and destructive of all mankind. 

They substituted themselves and their own cult-followers for the lawful rulers of Great Britain and The United States, much as a magician changes hats and promotes an illusion, but once the "spell" of the illusion is broken, it all falls apart.  People awaken from their trance and all the black magic, all the seances with the dead, all the consorting with demons, the orgies, the cannibalism, the drug use, the pornography, the blackmail, the "sacrifices" and even the phony money is exposed for what it is.  

We have awakened from this nightmare before our kindred and we have sounded the alarm.  At first, nobody paid any attention. They were all too busy trying to earn a living and "get ahead" to think beyond their next working day.  Finally, things have deteriorated so much and the rot of this "system" is so blatant that everyone who can still think from Point A to Point B can see the lies of their purported leaders and smell the stench of this grotesque corruption.  We no longer have to argue about the existence of the corruption of our governments worldwide.  The only argument is --- what to do about it? 

We have stood for educating people to self-govern since 480 A.D. and we still stand for this, as the only lawful and certain and ultimately, humane, answer.  This is in accord with Universal Law and it is amply borne out by our earthly experience.  A monarchy may be of some use as a fail-safe or safeguard institution, much as we have served in the present moment to bring forward the Public Law, but the ever-changing nature of inheritance and culture means that absent a conscious sharing of the burden of governance people are too easily misled and abused by a relatively few individuals manipulating commodity markets and currencies and legal systems and mercenary armies. 

Our conclusion?  People must be taught to govern themselves, to think for themselves, to choose what is right and to know what is right, to grow up and discipline themselves, to exercise the entire range of their potential as individuals, to bear responsibility and to exercise rights. They must be given the education, insight, and resources to do so.  The idea that we can or should simply extend the role of parents to the government and via the institution of a Nanny State seek to "free" people from such drudgery, results in those entrusted with the government exercising their power in inappropriate, destructive, criminal ways.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We have seen this again, and again, and again.  There is no rational reason to argue the point. 

Power-sharing at an individual level as well as a national level is necessary, just as growing up and accepting the challenges of adulthood is necessary.  A free society composed of healthy, honestly educated, empowered, and actively participating people who are fully engaged in rational self-governance,  is the only safeguard to overall well-being on this planet.  We can't create this healthy dynamic by entrusting our fate to kings or conglomerates. Each one of us has to take responsibility and give a shove in the right direction.  

We hope that this little dissertation has shed light upon the darkness of some very unsavory history and circumstances, and may also, we hope, give you some inspiration and needed insight into the broader issues of your own inheritance. 


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Vaccines - The Oldest Scam

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Are We Stupid?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Brits think so. 

But are we?

We have let them lead us around by the nose for over a hundred and fifty years....

And we have been confused and deceived by rudimentary semantic deceits such as the difference between The United States of America and “the” United States of America—- the British Territorial United States.

We’ve let them define us and run us through their courts like cattle in a chute, pillaging and plundering all the way.  And yes, we did mistake their courts for our courts, and their forms of law for ours.... but is that our fault for being fooled or theirs for acting in Breach of Trust and deceiving us?

And we have been obeying mandates issued by the heads of their bankrupt corporations who have less than no authority over us.

And we have been cowering in fear of a virus that nobody has yet proven exists. They haven’t even tried to isolate any virus.  They just talk about it as if it exists, and blame it for heart attacks and cancer and falls off of ladder trucks.

But then, generations of us have cowered in fear of an unknowable and unseen and terrible and vengeful god —or two or three hundred such deities, and nobody ever proved that they existed either.

And only a few of us have scratched our heads and wondered— if they haven’t isolated a specific virus, how could they test for something undefined? 

And why are all these people who took the vaccine now testing positive for HIV?  Oh, right. HIV was Fauci’s specialty.

And since we know that Bill Gates and Fauci and the Pirbright Institute created and patented this same so-called virus according to their own patent applications—- why aren’t they all in jail?

The Public hasn’t been told the truth about any of this—-and why should we believe anything they tell us, when it’s always what they don’t tell us that counts? We can just skip to the chase and look for the missing pieces.

Then we have these yahoos crying about “the Title IV flag”—- which we loaned to the Brits and which they gave to their Subcontractors, who “lost” it to pirates, who now want to try to claim that they own us?

And use DOG LATIN to do it, too?  

Go look up The Justinian Deception  and realize that they are trying to trick us using con games that are more than a millennia old— and they have been getting away with a similar scheme for decades already.

We have listened (patiently) to every Flim-Flam artist from A to Z telling us all the reasons that they own us and they own our land and they have power over us — and it’s all nothing but lawlessness and thugs.

We have taken the blame for slavery (which we didn’t event) and racism (which we didn’t invent, either) that occurred six generations ago and which had, after all,  been happening worldwide since history began— but yes, we took the blame for it.

Even six generations after we spent our blood and money to stop it, we are the ones taking the blame for it?

And that, even though we were clueless enough to let the slavers come up with a scheme and enslave us all on paper, too.

Yes, there is plenty of reason to assume that Americans are stupid, because Americans have been far too trusting and complacent for too long. 

We’ve sat glued in our armchairs and anchored to our sofas, listening to their “programs” for decades and we’ve barely bothered to look at who is behind the curtain or what all that “programming” was doing to us and our ability to think critically and independently.

We haven’t even asked how we could be self-governing, when all we’ve ever done (until now) is to hand off our proxy to some jerk in a suit —and let him, our employee, reign over us?

Yes, there are plenty of reasons to think we are dumb—- but are we?


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Friday, February 26, 2021

5G technology .. What they Haven't told you !!

By Bob Rogers Amateur Extra 

Ok everyone, some of you may be enthralled with your new 5G devices, but you Haven't been told the whole story.  5G is " Potentially Deadly Dangerous " in how it is applied.  They've done no testing on its effects to humans.  The military is using the same technology as a weapon.  It is " microwave technology " the same technology used to cook meals in seconds and minutes.  Think about it .....

5G technology is being actively used as " Crowd 
Control " ... if you haven't read the data, check out this link.  The title is misleading, but trust me, you should read this.

I'm an extra class ham radio operator, and I spent almost 40 years as a Telecommunications Field Engineer and Installer.  There are VERY GOOD reasons I DO NOT own any cellphones using the current technologies.  It doesn't take much to turn 5G technology into a weapon.  The military already has.


Bob Roger's                


Biden’s COVID Relief Is the “No White Men Need Apply” Bill

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam

Turkey Farming

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a kid I was Queen of the Poultry Yard. I learned up front, close, and personal about pecking orders and Geese Police and, most of all, about turkeys.
Turkeys are so stupid that they will stand under a rain gutter and drown.
They can fly, but they won't do so to save themselves.
If they do fly, they will land on the roof of a shed and sit there until you go get a ladder and risk your life and skin to scrabble around grabbing them and bringing them safely back down to the ground.
I never got the impression that they were scared of heights. Quite the opposite. I found one sitting on the ridgepole of a five story barn one summer afternoon.
I saw that and said to myself, "Forget it. I am not going up there and fighting with a thirty pound turkey."
This I repeated that night, the next day, the next night.... and there he was, still sitting there the next day, just taking in the breeze.
"Do you think that turkey is dead," my Father asked mildly, "or just daydreaming?"
I rigged a blanket sling along one side of the barn, used a bow and arrow to carry a nylon tie rope over the barn roof to the far side of the barn, secured it, climbed up to the ridgepole, skinned across, pushed the turkey off in the general direction of the blanket sling.... he landed, none the worse for wear.
Wish I could say the same thing for myself. There is something about an experience like that, that makes you who you are. To this day, when I remember some of the things that I have gone through for turkeys, I cringe.
They have a nasty habit of pecking at things indiscriminately, without bothering to even look at what they are pecking. Hands, tin cans, water pails, other birds, pieces of lint, plastic cups, sunglasses, it really doesn't matter. Turkeys peck just to peck.
I have stuffed saw dust into old socks, attached them to the wire fence, and watched turkeys peck at these things for hours. Just to peck.
I guess it exercises their necks. Stretches their wattles. Makes them feel real good like a long-necked goose.
But no goose would do anything so stupid and monotonous. Ever.
I have seen adult turkeys sit down on their own chicks and smother them to death, completely oblivious of what they were doing.
I've seen them get their heads caught in a large gauge wire fence and be too dumb to simply back out. And if you try to pull them back out of their dilemma, they will fight and squawk and flap and spread their wings and feathers and stomp their feet and try to gouge you with their spurs.
They are just too dim to grasp the situation they are in or understand that you are trying to help. I guess they think that they are going to get through that wire fence somehow, by leaning on it.
Raising a turkey from a chick to an adult is an endless, nasty challenge, akin to a military drill in peacetime.
They will stand motionless for hours, doing nothing observable, just staring out at nothing at all. And then, suddenly, for no reason, run out in front of a speeding car.
You, of course, have to make the good faith effort to rescue them from themselves at every step.
They drove me crazy. They drove my dog crazy. I could almost say I developed a hatred for turkeys, but they are somehow too vapid to raise that much emotion.
It's more like a bad smell, and by the way, turkeys stink. They really do. They have a peculiar, unforgettable, dusty, rancid butter stench as adults.
If you don't dust them and fluff them and risk your life in the cause of turkey health, they will find lice somewhere, even when none of the other birds have lice, and then you will have to catch them and dust them with noxious powders twice a day for a week.
Can life get better than this?
And then, for no apparent reason, they'll stop eating. Just quit. It's not a hunger strike or a boycott of Turkey Chow. They forget to eat. So they starve.
Then you have to entice them back into the habit of eating.
And that's not a pretty story, either.
Suffice it to say that there is an actual reason behind that old saying, "Don't let the turkeys get you down."
They will never realize how needy they are, or how helpless they are.
God knows, they will never say "thank you".
They will peck at you viciously at every opportunity.
They will attack the other birds for no reason at all.
They will get themselves into endless odd predicaments.
They won't agree with your solutions to their problems.
Still, they won't make it without you.
They'll just sit in the sun in 105 degree heat and die of sunstroke, because they are too dumb to walk ten feet and sit down in the shade.
Folks, don't let the turkeys of this world get you down. Realize that there are some people that are never going to grasp what you are trying to tell them. They aren't going to thank you. They aren't going to be grateful for all your work and effort. They are just going to keep on being exactly what they are and doing what they do.

There's no cure for turkeys. All we can offer them is grace.


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Orientation for Newbies

 By Anna Von Reitz

So you have discovered the Great Fraud and figured out that you need to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where you naturally belong.  

Congratulations!  You've made a wise choice, but.....

Whether you know it or not, you are carrying a lot of baggage with you.  

This isn't your fault.  You've been indoctrinated and trained to accept a Top Down hierarchy of authority, and as a result, your expectations and assumptions about government and "how things work" is 180 degrees out of phase with your actual government, in which authority flows in the opposite direction. 

That is just one major change and adjustment. There are others. 

You've been given a completely twisted version of history, with more holes in it than an average Swiss cheese. 

Rewards, respect, and authority in our system of government is given to those who are wisest, kindest, most learned, most motivated to serve, and most honorable. 

All the hard lessons you learned on the playground and climbing the corporate ladder need to be left behind in favor of an egalitarian vision of self-respect, self-determination, and self-responsibility, freedom, equality, brotherhood, and freewill ---- all of which are the hallmarks of self-governance.

Self-governing a country begins first and foremost with governing ourselves. 

With all this freedom and so many rights to exercise, some newcomers think that someone died and left them in charge of the world.  This is not the case. As my Mother used to tell me (almost daily) --- your rights end where another person's rights begin.  We have not been taught that lesson in public school, in the military, or in the corporate environment, so we all need to learn it now. 

Reflect upon the meaning and attitude of this logic: "I may not agree with what you say, Sir, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it."  

We are all the inheritors of Nature and Nature's God, all having unalienable rights --- and only some of those rights are enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  In our world, we all have the right to be idiots, to make mistakes, to insult others, believe horse-hooey, and engage in damaging behaviors--- but then, as adults, we are also held accountable for these choices.  

Bad choices catch up to us, usually sooner than later. 

Anyone who causes disruption, interferes with the ability of the Assembly to conduct business, is belligerent and disrespectful, doesn't bother to get on the Agenda, indulges in gossip and character assassination, and otherwise feels called to undermine group morale and commandeer the proceedings can be removed by the officers appointed to provide security. 

You have a birthright and can't be deprived of membership in the State Assembly, but you can be kicked out of any single meeting if you persist in causing trouble or obstructing progress. 

Nobody should be insulted by being presented with a Bevans Declaration.

Those who are employed by the Federal Government or the Federated State of State Government should, generally speaking, be participating in their own District Assembly, and while they are welcome as State Nationals to attend public meetings of the State Assembly and share their opinions about in-State issues, they are not eligible to function as State Citizens and are not eligible to vote on or influence interstate decision-making until they retire or otherwise sever their obligations to the Federal Government.  

All our State Coordinators function as State Nationals on assignment for the Federation.  The Federation is not the Federal Government.  The Federation is an instrumentality of the States of the Union combined.  As a result, there is no presumption of any conflict of interest owed to a foreign government on the part of our Coordinators, but they still do not function as State Citizens until they retire from the position of State Coordinator or the position naturally sunsets once the entire Assembly structure is up and functioning properly.   

A considerable amount of confusion has surrounded the issue of being a State National versus being a State Citizen.  State Citizens have to be at least 21, have their home firmly established within the borders of their native or adopted State of the Union, have their 1779 Declaration recorded,  be a member of the Assembly in good standing, and most importantly -- have no divided allegiance to any other political entity or government.  When it comes to interstate and international affairs, those making decisions for our States cannot be compromised by conflicts of interest.  

State Nationals on the other hand are free of any obligation to the State Government except that they are obligated to keep the peace.  This means that State Nationals enjoy the protection of the State and the enforcement of their Constitutional guarantees by the State, and so long as they don't harm anyone else or ruin or steal property belonging to others, they are free to live their lives and enjoy the peace.  

At first glance many Newbies think this means that being a State National is a free ride, all the gravy and none of the responsibility.  That is precisely the attitude that got us into the Mess we are now trying to correct.  We left power-hungry and greedy men at the helm and we see the results of too many good men and women "doing nothing".  

The present situation is living testimony to the fact that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.  There's only us chickens here and the work and the responsibility is entirely on us.  If you are not pleased with the way things have gone in the past--- chalk it up to one thing: you and others like you weren't here, doing your Public Duty to self-govern.  If you think things aren't happening fast enough to suit you, there's the wheel, Hamster.  

For an adult to choose the status of State National usually implies some condition of need.  People who are too old or too sick to fully participate, people who have overwhelming burdens at home, people who suffer from mental issues and addictions, people who are working for other governments, and all minors, are owed the status of State Nationals--- and our protection.   

Among all the surprises we've had as we assemble and bring the State Assemblies into Session is the fact that many people no longer have a concept of public meetings, civil discourse, and decorum.  Our State Assemblies are public bodies, they are not private clubs.  Assemblies are not, generally speaking, places to air your private grievances--- though there are avenues supported by the Assemblies to pursue such grievances. 

We have recently gained access to the Administrative Courts which are responsible for providing us with remedy for trespasses and mis-administration against us.  We are also well on our way to securing commercial remedy for Assembly members.  Those who are arriving with pre-existing legal issues need to complete a Federation Criminal Incident Report and record it via the office of the State Recording Secretary as a first step toward redress. 

Assembly meetings cannot devolve into Pity Parties or Gossip Sessions. Always remember that there are 320 million Americans and most of them have a horror story or two or three to share.  Also remember that our combined Bigger Fish to Fry are more important than any one misery.  We don't need tears and drama.  We need proper, practical, determined, and concerted group action.  

Likewise, there are some who come into our Assemblies with the nasty and immature habit of gossiping and causing doubt, disruption, and paranoia.  The Assemblies are here to accomplish serious and necessary business and it is to the benefit of everyone concerned that we get on with it and establish a united front.  We can't do this if we are sniping at each other behind our backs like teenagers in a locker room. 

If you have any honest concerns or questions, you all know how to get in contact with me.  Be direct and expect that I will be direct in return. 

Always remember that what we are doing is completely lawful, proper, and peaceful.  We are restoring our government to its full form and function and there is nobody else that has the right to do that.  We've been running on four cylinders since 1860, but that is about to change for the better. 

You have grown up in a system calling itself a "democracy", and in this democracy the majority rules--- or is supposed to.  However, in our actual government, we maintain republican states/States.  There are rules and definitions, but they all respect freewill and the rights of individuals above all else.  We are, each one of us, a majority of one.  

In a democracy there is a definite herd or team mentality, which causes people to attack others who don't agree with them and to be frightened if there isn't a universal agreement in place about everything down to a gnat's eyelash, but in our system of government, everyone is allowed their own opinion, doesn't have to like everything, isn't required to march in step or march at all. And they can still be respected and trusted, so long as they do no harm. 

There may be times when members of an Assembly passionately disagree about important issues.  You will be tasked to consider many such issues in the days to come, and you all owe it to yourselves and to each other to be alert and observing and thinking hard and logically as you decide issues that will impact you, your family, your future, your State of the Union, and the country as a whole.  

If you just felt a chill go up your spine--- good. It's an awe-inspiring responsibility that undergirds all the rights that you are heir to.  It's not for the lazy, the ignorant, or the faint of heart, and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed as you realize---- "This is for real!"   

Well, yes, it is.  This is your government.  This is what underlies The American Dream.  It's your family, friends, and neighbors coming together to decide what happens in your State and your world, and enforcing the Public Law that you collectively ordain for your protection and the protection of all other Americans. 

It's a stiff order and I won't sugar-coat it.  There's a lot of thankless, hard, picky, work to be done.  There are funds to raise.  Books to bind.  Classes to attend. Plans to be made.  Research to delve into.  Resources to be developed.  Video courses to create.  Communications to make.  Courts to organize and run.  Peacekeeping duties to attend to.  Court suits to fight.  And the list goes on.  

Our country and our government has been left adrift and at the mercy of foreign subcontractors for a century and a half.  We are like Rip Van Winkle, and everyone has a lot of catching up to do.  That said, there is no more important work to do or anything of more crucial potential benefit or loss. 

This is, in its own way, America's Finest Hour and the rest of the whole world is waiting and watching to see how we, the purported Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, will rise to this occasion --- or not.  There is in America a great deal of talk about freedom, but upon reflection, most of you already know that you have experienced precious little actual freedom in your lifetimes. 

This is largely because your government has been in mothballs and your public employees have been running things to suit themselves and their corporate masters.  They have slowly--- and sometimes not-so-slowly--- usurped upon us until everything is upside down and backwards, the tail is wagging the dog, the employees are telling the employers what to do, and every other modern illness of body, mind, and spirit has accrued.  

If you want this craziness to end, and you want the freedom you have earned and the money you are owed, welcome home.  That's what all the rest of us want, too.  Remember that going forward, and you won't need me to tell you what to do.  You will quickly learn the simple logic and laws of freedom:  

Every man and woman is born free and deserves to live and die free. 

Everyone is responsible for him or herself, for what we think, and what we do. 

With every right comes a responsibility. 

Our individual rights end where another's rights begin. 

Rights and freedoms that are not exercised are moot. 

When we enslave another, we enslave ourselves. 

We are responsible for directing those we employ. 

If we don't like something, it's up to us to change it. 

If we see an injustice, it's up to us to correct it. 

If we want peace, it's our duty to keep it. 

If we are bogged down, it's our job to climb over or dig under. 

If we cherish our own rights, we must cherish the rights of others. 

If we cherish our own freedom, we must cherish the freedom of others. 

And we can never give up or hand over our responsibilities in these respects to anyone else, for the moment we do, we are putting ourselves and everyone else at the mercy of those twisted and maniacal few who willfully live their lives as parasites. 

These con artists and bag men have proliferated while American slept.  They've been spinning their tales and redefining everyone and everything to suit themselves, they've registered us as foreign nationals, rewritten history at least a dozen times, taken over our schools, taken over our air waves, bullied us on the highways we paid for,  mortgaged our homes and businesses to pay their debts, passed themselves off as our "representatives'' and wrecked havoc throughout the rest of the world ---- and all the while, they've been blaming us, their victims, for it. 

People throughout the world have been taught to blame "the Americans" when those responsible are actually foreign subcontractors of ours and commercial corporations run amok on our shores. 

It's time to recoup our tarnished reputation as a country and as a nation.  It's time to let fly the Big News that it wasn't us causing all the trouble, spending all the money, and bullying everyone inside and outside our borders.  As you embark, officially, on this grand enterprise of reclaiming America for Americans, it's time to fully understand that we nearly lost it. 

What could not be taken from us by force of arms, has been siphoned away by guile, instead. Our enemies have not come from Russia or China.  Instead, they've come from Dallas and New York and New Orleans, from L.A. and Frisco, from Lisbon and Leeds, Brussels and Bern, Rome, and, of course, most of all, from Westminster and the Inner City of London.  

It's our purported friends and allies who have betrayed us, because they are the only ones who could---- the ones who had the means, the motive (their unpaid debt to us), the inside track, the trust, and the opportunity to create this entire debacle.  And they have betrayed their own people, too. 

So, face it.  Acknowledge where we are and all the mistakes and misconceptions and violations of trust that put us in this position, looking at nearly 160 years of enslavement by our own public employees, occupation by our own Army, and all the rest of it. 

It's daunting to say the least. Nothing is as it should be, nor as our Talking Heads told us it was.  Walter Cronkite lied through his teeth and the only truthful comment he left us was a Saturday Night Live skit in something like 1993.  Some people looking at this would tell you that the American Dream is dead. Might as well go home, roll a rock over our heads and learn to speak Mandarin. 

But that's not what we believe, here at our State Assemblies.  We believe that we are the employers of these goats, and we will have our way.  

The Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor will have to pay the piper for what they've done here, to their good friends and supporters, the Americans, the Aussies, the Canadians, too; to the Germans and the Japanese, the Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, and Palestinians, the Poles and Czechs, the Lebanese, the Croatians, the Bosnians, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Indians, the Russians, the French and Italians, the Greeks, the Turks, and almost everyone else, have suffered right along with us, including the entire continent of Africa.  

It's not us on the run, folks.  It's them.  So take a good, deep breath --- and begin. Bring your own mop and bucket.  


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