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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cut to the Chase on This Veterans Day

By Anna Von Reitz

As my Readers well-know, there is a difference between a "person" and one of the "people" of this country.  

The people of this country obtain their nationality from their State of the Union and are called "American State Nationals".  

American State Nationals owe no duty to any government whatsoever; instead, the government(s) at all levels owe their duty to them: the people. 

As my Readers have also learned, when they act as a State Citizen, they take on a public role and act as "Lawful Persons" -- and as one of the People of their Nation State. 

That's the difference between the small "p" --- "people" and the capital "P" of "People", as in "We, the People....." 

A Lawful Person is acting as a person--- a Juror, a Sheriff, a Bail Bondsman, a Justice of the Peace, etc.,---- and in the same way, a "natural person" is still acting as a person---- an artificial entity.   

Look up the legal definition of "natural person", which is the term used in the legislation being promoted by Phil Hudok and Company.  

"individual human being....." "a tribal member....."  "peasant.....serf...."  

Then look up "human"..... 
"a creature....."  "a monster....."  "color of man...."  

Also look up the Federal definition of "individual"----  and find that it means "corporation".

So "individual human being" which is the primary given definition of "natural person" doesn't mean that you are, as Phil and his friends assume, being recognized as a man, much less as an "heir of the Creator".  

Ironically, this legislation being promoted as a remedy,  is recognizing American State Nationals from the grudging perspective of a foreign and largely hostile government subcontractor. 

The problem with "human rights" is that you have to admit to being a "hue-man" before you are accorded such rights, and that admission lets them put you in yet another box--- or what I call another "pasture" because they really do treat us like livestock and move us from pen to pen to pen.  

Our efforts as State Assemblies and as The United States of America  has forced the Papal Administration to admit the requirements of the actual contracts and treaties between our People and the Holy See.  That, in turn, has resulted in this legislation as an "offer" of remedy. 

As the proponents of this offer like to say,  they are claiming back what is "rightfully" theirs, but they are paying the cost of doing so --- which is hardly a remedy.  

What they get on the private side, they give up on the public side, and in no case does the guilty Queen or Pope pay a penny.   

So how is this bringing any justice, remedy, or settlement to the American people who have been defrauded by both the British Monarchs and the Popes for 150 years?  

It doesn't perform as advertised.  

And how, once you take this private settlement, that is in fact being paid for by other Americans and out of American resources, are you to keep and enjoy your private estate if your public estate is lost?  

That is what these crooks have been attempting to claim from the beginning --- that the Americans "abandoned" their country, and voluntarily gave up their "public estate", leaving it as fair game for the Queen and the Pope to claim and use and abuse as they wished. 

Their Breach of Trust they have attempted to misconstrue as our Abandonment. 

And if you take the False Remedy that they have offered, then you agree with them, and accept your private estate without reference to your public estate.  

The problem with this, in turn, is that no man is an island. 

The fate of the "individual human beings" is tied to the fate of the country as a whole.   And if we give up our country to the tender mercies of the Pope and the Queen, then we lose control of our destiny, our assets, and everything that our Forefathers fought and died for.  

That is why Phil Hudok's answer is, in my considered opinion, wrong. 


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Final Wake Up Call for the Flag Officers - Veterans Day 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

It's understandable that people don't want to believe in Evil.  Someone --- I don't know who --- Oscar Wilde maybe? --- said that the best trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn't exist.  

I have my own experience to prove that he does exist, and that he is a most devious opponent.  The devil will use your virtues against you just as easily as he uses your vices. 

This is apparently a case of using good men's virtues against them.  You and your buddies don't want to believe that it is as bad as it is.  I don't blame you, but that does not change the facts.  

From the foundations of this country, the Vice-President has been in charge of vice.  Literally.   This is because the Vice-President was assigned the duty of enforcing and collecting and keeping track of revenue to support the District Government based on "sin taxes".  

If you have ever lived in the Southern United States or more conservative areas in general, you will notice that tobacco and alcohol are sold at "Sin Stores" that are often located outside the towns they serve.  This is a left-over from prior to the Civil War and part of the administration of the old Federal Tax System that depended largely on revenue garnered from the interstate manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms.  

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms --- BATF -- which is an Agency part of the Municipal United States Government and the actual enforcement arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the modern day entity involved in the collection of these "Sin Taxes".  Gun-carrying IRS Agents are actually licensed under the BATF and the BATF has the only license to kill in that entire establishment.  It is all related to collecting taxes, tariffs, and fees from "Sinners" by the Inquisition. 

At the highest levels, these functions in the Municipal United States Government are literally handled by the Dominican Order out of Puerto Rico, and now, the Mariana Islands -- the same Order that carried out the vicious attacks against "heretics" throughout Europe centuries ago, has been perched just offshore in our Insular "States", pillaging and plundering "Sinners" on an ever-increasing basis ever since the quote-unquote Civil War.  

So, now that you know that little fact and the original funding sources for the District Government, you will be better able to appreciate the role of the "Vice" President, as the one responsible for promoting the increase of federal revenue through the taxation and regulation of "vice".  Over time, that has morphed into the active promotion of vice as a funding source. 

It began with sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, but, especially since the Reign of Terror unleashed by Lyndon Johnson and the Oil Companies and the IMF, has greatly expanded to include every kind of vice you can imagine.  Drugs.  Prostitution.  White slavery.  Child labor. Enslavement.  Peonage.  Gambling. Bogus banking.  MERS.  Derivatives.  War for profit.  Mercenary occupation under color of law.   It's all vice, all generating income, all being regulated by "Agency Personnel" under the auspices of the Office of the US Attorney General and, at the top of the manure pile, by the Vice-President. 

Mike Pence. 

This also has led to ever-increasing participation of the Municipal United States Government in organized crime --- and development of its own "mob" --- largely run through the CIA, DIA, FBI, and other Alphabet Soups --- and, amazingly, through the US TRADEMARK AND PATENT OFFICE --- USTPO.  

If the Flag Officers want to see the light, follow in SERCO's footsteps and go look at what they attempted (unsuccessfully) to hide at the USTPO.   There, registered for all the world to see, are the patents they have used to stake out their crime syndicates, complete with names and addresses attached.  They even come right out and describe what they are going to do to innocent civilian populations and how this is going to benefit "The Company".  In the most egregious cases, they slap a "National Security Interest" tag on this crap, but anyone with a Security Clearance can see it. 

Go look. It's not pretty.  Look at the patent for Mindbox.  That will give you a much better picture of how you and everyone else has been played.  

Getting back to Mike Pence --- as Vice-President, he is in charge of that whole infrastructure, all the "sin" capitalization schemes, and through all the patented "systems" - on a worldwide basis.  So, of course, was Joe Biden.... or as we call him, "Billion Dollar Joe".   

Now, how plausible is it, that the Pope and the Boyz back home in Rome, would let just anybody sit in that position?  Hmm?  He would have to be someone utterly trustworthy---from their point of view --- someone who would never, ever tell anyone about their dirty business and never expose their dirty laundry, someone so deeply compromised himself that he could never rat them out.  

Are you all beginning to get a clue here?  

Mike Pence had to be compromised.  Every "Vice" President since LBJ has been compromised up to the eyeballs.  

In Pence's case, there are videos of him with a gun to his head, being forced to sodomize a little boy.   That's a fact.  And it is going to come out.  It has been distributed worldwide and it is going to blow.  When it does, the whole "Agency System" and the whole system of using "Sin Taxes" to fund government, will go --- as it has to, if this world is to survive.  

But the most interesting part, in a way, isn't that Pence is being forced into this hideous act under pain of death.  What's most interesting is who is holding the gun to his head.  And it isn't Donald Trump.

So, go pray, Richard.  Pray for Field McConnell.  Pray for Trump.  Pray for this country, on this Veterans Day.  A lot of good men and women have lived and died to make this world a better place.  If their sacrifices are ever going to mean anything, we all have to pull together and make it count.  

Tell your "Flag Officers" the truth about this loathsome circumstance.  Pass the word.  And stop trying to portray me as some little old lady blowing smoke.  It won't wash. 


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Monday, November 11, 2019

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Crazy Crap

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine this. A man wanted for murder in Alaska is caught in Canada and returned to Alaska, but because there is no extradition treaty between the Municipality of Anchorage and Canada, the alleged murderer is set free.

What? You say? An extradition treaty between a foreign country (Canada) and a city government in America? That’s crazy...

Yes, it is. 

The Pope acting in Gross Breach of Trust has established roughly 185,000 “independent, international city-states” in this country, all chartered by the Holy See, each one pretending to act and be and have the rights of a separate country. 

But wait, you say—how can that be?  The only municipal government ever allowed in this country is the Municipal United States Government and it is limited to the ten miles square set aside for it.

That’s right.  That’s all there was ever supposed to be and that is what it’s limits are: ten miles square. 

But the Popes and the Roman Curia have usurped far, far beyond that, and have allowed these Municipal corporations to form by the thousands and multiply like cancer cells all over the world, where they function to disrupt national governments and foster various kinds of crime, using their “independent, international city-state” status as a means to claim immunity from Public Law. 

All of these Municipal city-states, except for Washington, DC, have been illegally founded and allowed to prosper in violation of our treaties and our Municipal Constitution.

Many of them have been used to promote crime and to prey upon the people living in these cities which have been unlawfully converted into Municipalities.  

Detroit is a good example —what was once a booming, prosperous town has been destroyed by the Municipal System, which has turned it into a lawless, senseless, desperate shadow of its former self.  

The so-called Sanctuary Cities are another example of Municipality status being used to flagrantly evade the Law of the Land. 

All of these municipal  organizations that have formed are here illegally and most of them are functioning illegally, too. 

Time to pull the plug, folks, by demanding the orderly liquidation and permanent disbanding of all municipal corporations that have formed and operated in the above described manner.  

And yes, we already have a treaty controlling this issue. It’s called The Constitution of the United States.


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Sunday, November 10, 2019

More Deceit Regarding "the" Republic

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I have received comments indicating that representatives of "the" Republic --- aka, the Municipal United States Government --- are pounding their chests and claiming that they do function under the Public Law! 

Well, of course, they function under their own Public Law --- which is the Roman Civil Law. 

The undisclosed and deceitful part of their schtick is that they don't tell you that it is a thoroughly foreign "Public Law" that they are advocating and following.  Not American Public Law. 

Roman Civil Law is a form of Public Law that should have disappeared over a thousand years ago, and which predictably lends itself to fraud, enslavement, debauchery, and all the other ills that we see prominently displayed -- AGAIN--- all over the world where this corporate municipal government structure has been allowed to exist.

Think for five seconds about the Roman Empire.  Orgies, gladiators, sex magic, anything-goes-as-a-religion, Nero, Caligula, crucifixions, inquisitions, tortures, crippling taxation, bestiality, child sacrifices, arrogance, evil, military plunder and corruption, different classes of "citizens", a patrician class living in unimaginable splendor and waste --with millions enslaved under conditions worse than animals, education denied except to the elite, etc., etc., etc.

The so-called "Republic" inhabiting Washington, DC, operates under the same Public Law as did Ancient Rome.

It even uses the same ruses as the Roman Emperor Justinian to impersonate and denigrate the status of "tribes" owing "tribute" to Rome.  Just look up the use and meaning of "DOG LATIN" and you will know for sure that you have been subjected to and victimized by the same rotten old crap that was in vogue in Ancient Rome.

And, you can look around you and observe that the "Roman Civil Law" that gave rise to the whole debacle of the Fall of the Roman Empire, is fully engaged and having the same predictable result of moral decay and collapse that it did back then.

Uh-duh....make the mistake once and pay for it.  Make the same mistake again, and you will pay for it, again.  Make the same mistake a third time and what do you expect?

So, do you fancy being a slave to Rome?  Some wretched "tribal member" owing "tribute" to your elected Roman-style Oligarchs,  accorded less consideration than a dog by the Patrician Rulers of this "new" Roman-style Oligarchy squatting like a wart on our unoffending land? 

Or is it time to wake up and kick their deceitful teeth into the back of their throats with a few well-chosen words?


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An Imperfect Perfect World

By Anna Von Reitz

Soon, an entire new world of mathematics will open up. Conventional algebra, calculus, and geometry will be largely discarded and seen as imprecise and unnecessarily complex and unwieldy. 
Mathematics will become much easier and more intuitive and useful as a result. People who now hate math or who don't understand math, will love it and use it with a facility they never dreamed they could possess. This will in turn expand their capacity for logical reasoning and deduction and increase traffic between the hemispheres of their brains.

They will become more whole, more integrated, and more powerful as a result, and because our emotions are triggered by our thoughts, this "quantum leap" in development and use of our brains will also mean that we no longer make so many snap judgments based on faulty information, and no longer experience wrong-headed emotions, either. 
Our ability to evaluate information and to discern truth will increase in direct proportion to our ability to utilize both hemispheres of our brains.
Improved thinking results in improved emotional wisdom and powers of discernment, which results in far better and more appropriate emotional responses. 
Right now, most people have not developed their mathematical reasoning abilities beyond a very primitive level and that effectively cripples them and leaves them subject to inappropriate and mistaken emotional responses --- much like the temper tantrums of a two year-old whose desire to touch a hot griddle is thwarted. 
So the advancement in mathematics and mathematical thinking that the world is set to experience is very, very good news. It is a major step forward in the advancement of mankind ---- not only in our ability to think, but to feel. 
Most people are aware of how music can change their emotions, but they are not so broadly aware that music is mathematics in motion, nor do they make the connection that Satan was the Seraph in charge of music of all kinds. 
Music as mathematics conveyed by sound is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, and when music was thrown into dis-chord by Satan's rebellion, it had disastrous consequences for Creation as a whole. 
Those who have worshiped Satan are well aware of this. Especially, the Rockefeller Family has been aware of this, and as part of their service to Evil, they have tampered with the musical scale and the frequency associated with each note to make each note subtly out of tune. 
Our ears can barely discern the difference, but our entire nervous system is adversely impacted by this.

This subtle disruption of the notes and scales in turn literally grates against our nervous system, exciting it in some respects, dulling it down in others, and in all ways serving to disrupt it. 
The more you listen to music under these conditions, the more unhealthy you become. 
So, stealthily, these Evil Cowards have sought to undermine the health of everyone else, while preserving the Whole Notes and Whole Tones for themselves---in order to bulwark their health and vitality while they undermine the health and vitality of everyone else on the planet.

They will come to the Creator's Justice and be utterly destroyed for what they have done. 
This is just one of their offenses which have aroused the fury of the Primal Creator and mandated their destruction. 
And now, the musical scale disrupted by the Rockefeller Clan will be returned to its true mode and everything corrected, so that music brings health to the people of this planet again. 
As you can see, the thoughts of the True God about all of this are not the thoughts of men. The benefits being brought to you by the True God are not of a petty kind, but are sweeping, great, untold and often untellable benefits of health and empowerment and healing. 
As you may also notice, these changes are not coming with fanfare. They are simply happening, whether you notice them or not, whether you understand them or not, and they are all taking root and growing in an organic fashion.

The True God does not stand behind a podium and beat his chest, doesn't seek to aggrandize himself, does not need or seek your thanks as goal.

What the True God seeks is your gradual perfection, so that in the end, you will stand perfected, as he envisioned you before the concept of time began. In fact, when your Father in Heaven looks at you, he already sees you as being perfected. 
So, for now, we have been degraded, attacked, crippled, left ignorant, helpless, in the dark. We have been subjected to cruelty and deceit, theft, and disgusting lusts. Minions of Satan who are not worthy to tie our shoes have ruled as kings upon the Earth. 
All of that is coming to an end. And while the changes of the True God are being made smoothly and gradually and with kindness toward all, the end accorded to the followers of Satan is likely to be violent and abrupt, and to come as a result of their own delusional selfishness. 
Today, please observe the miraculous perfection that is your true inheritance. Value yourselves not as you are, but as you are meant to be, in the fullness of perfection and power. Consider the vision of you that your Father in Heaven holds of you, and know that it is even greater than you can imagine.

The War in Heaven is at an end. What remains is a "mop up" here and great strides have been made. The Interstice has been cleared. The mindless reincarnation cycle has been stopped. The Fallen have been tracked down and only a very few remain, together with their minions which you know as demons and vampires. 
This progress toward eradication of Evil will continue in an inexorable fashion until all resistance ends. Anyone who thinks that they will mock the True God or gainsay His Ministers or block his Commissioned Officers or evade His Law needs to think again.


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Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

At the Introit of the Mass pray with the priest for the forgiveness of your sins: If thou shalt observe iniquities O Lord: Lord, who shall endure? for with thee is propitiation, O God of Israel. From the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice. (Ps. CXXIX.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT O God, our refuge and strength, who art the author of all goodness, hear, we beseech Thee, the devout prayers of Thy Church, and grant that what we faithfully ask we may effectually obtain. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.
EPISTLE (Philipp. I. 6-II.) Brethren, We are confident in the Lord Jesus, that he who hath begun a good work in you will perfect it unto the day of Christ Jesus. As it is meet for me to think this for you all, for that I have you in my heart, and that in my bands, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you are all partakers of my joy. For God is my witness, how I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. And this I pray, that your charity may more and more abound in knowledge and in all understanding: that you may approve the better things; that you may be sincere and without offence unto the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of justice, through Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.
EXPLANATION This epistle was written by St. Paul at Rome, where he was imprisoned for the faith, to the inhabitants of Philippi in Macedonia whom he had converted to the true faith. He congratulates them that they so willingly received and conscientiously obeyed the gospel which he had preached to them, and he says, he trusts in God to complete the good work which He has commenced, and to give them perseverance until the day of Christ, that is, until death.
Twenty-second Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Matt. XXII. 15-21.) At that time, The Pharisees went and consulted among themselves how to ensnare Jesus in his speech. And they sent to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying: Master, we know that thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man, for thou dost not regard the person of men: tell us, therefore, what dost thou think? Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not? But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: Why do you tempt me, ye hypocrites? Show me the coin of the tribute. And they offered him a penny. And Jesus saith to them: Whose image and inscription is this? They say to him: Caesar's. Then he saith to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.
Why did the Pharisees try to ensnare Jesus in His speech?
In order to find some reason to accuse Him before tho emperor, or to make Him hated by the Jews; for had He denied tribute to Caesar, they would have accused Him before the emperor as guilty of high treason; had He, on the contrary made it obligatory to pay tribute, then they would have denounced Him as a destroyer of the liberty of the people, who considered themselves a free nation owing allegiance only to God. Like the Pharisees are all those who, under the appearance of friendship, only cause vexation and misfortune to their neighbor.
Who are really hypocrites?
Those who in order to cheat their neighbor, appear outwardly pious and holy, whilst inward they are full of malice; those who have honey on the tongue, but gall in the heart, and sting like scorpions, when we least expect it. Because there are so many vices connected with hypocrisy, (Matt. XXIII.) therefore Christ has denounced no sin more emphatically than this one. Hypocrites are brethren of Cain, Joab, and Judas, of whom the first killed his brother, the second his cousin and the third betrayed his divine Master with a kiss. Such false men are cursed by God. (Mal, I. 14.) I hate a mouth with a double tongue. (Prov. VIII. 13.) "The devil silently possesses the hearts of hypocrites and quietly sleeps in them, whilst he gives them no peace," says St. Gregory; and St. Jerome writes: "Pretended holiness is double malice." Better is an open enemy, before whom we can be on our guard, than a hypocritical friend of whom we have no suspicion, because we look upon him as a friend. Beware, therefore, my dear Christian, of the vice of hypocrisy, which is so hateful to God; endeavor always to be sincere with God, thyself and thy neighbor, and to walk in-true humility before God, then mayst thou carry His image within thee.
PRAYER Help me, O Lord, for the number of the saints is decreasing and truth is becoming rare among men. They speak vain things each with his neighbor: their lips are deceitful, and they speak with double hearts. Let the Lord destroy all those who say: We will magnify our tongue; our lips are our own; who is Lord over us? O Lord, deliver my soul from wicked lips and deceitful tongues give me grace to preserve Thy image in my soul, by piety and virtue. Direct my heart to justice and keep it from avarice, that I may give to each his own.
INSTRUCTION ON THE FOLLY OF HUMAN RESPECTThou art a true speaker ' neither carest thou or any man, for thou dost not regard the person of men. (Matt. XXII. 16.)
In this Christians ought especially to follow the Saviour, and not permit themselves to be deterred from piety, and the practice of virtue by fear or human respect. What matters it, what people think and say of us, if we only please God? He alone can truly benefit or injure us; therefore he alone is to be feared, as Christ says: Fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt. X. 28.)
How foolishly, therefore, do those act who through fear of displeasing certain people, are afraid to serve God and practice piety; who even go so far as to commit sin; who in order to be pleasing to others, oppress innocent, poor and forsaken people; who adopt the latest and most scandalous fashions and customs; those who eat meat on days of abstinence, or give it to others; those who sing sinful songs, or what is still worse, do not hesitate to ridicule sacred things to give others occasion to laugh, or in order to be considered strong-minded. Implore God daily and sincerely, that He may take from you this vain fear of men and give you instead the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom.
Thus we should often ask ourselves with respect to our soul, particularly when we are tempted to stain and ruin it by sin, Whose image is this? We should then say to ourselves, "Is it not the likeness of God, a likeness painted with the blood of Jesus, an image for which the Saviour gave His life? Should I defile and deform this by sin and voluptuousness? God forbid!" For in truth, what among all created things, except the angels, is more beautiful and more precious than a human soul, which is in the state of grace? "Could we," says St. Catherine of Sienna, "behold with our corporal eyes a soul in the state of grace, we would see with astonishment that it surpasses in splendor all flowers) all stars, the whole world, and there is probably no one who would not wish to die for such beauty." It is a dwelling of the Blessed Trinity! Christ did not give His life for all the goods and treasures of this earth, but for the human soul. And yet many estimate their soul at such little value that they sell it for a momentary pleasure, for a present not worth a penny! For shame! The body we estimate so highly that we take all pains to decorate it and keep it alive, and the soul the image and likeness of God, we take no pains to keep in the state of grace, and adorn with virtues! What folly!
INSTRUCTION ON THE OBLIGATION TO PAY TAXES OR TRIBUTE TO THE GOVERNMENTRender to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. (Matt. XXII. 21.)
To pay tribute to the lawful government is a duty of justice which the Spirit of God Himself commands us faithfully to fulfill. (Rom. XIII. 6, 7.) Christ Himself paid the customary didrachma for Himself and St. Peter; (Matt. XVII. 23.) "and if the Son of God Himself paid duty and tax," says St. Ambrose, "who art thou, O man, that thou wouldst free thyself from it?" The government must watch lest the life of its subjects be at hazard, that their property be not endangered or stolen, that there be security on the highways, that peace, harmony and order be preserved among the citizens, that their temporal welfare be promoted; that science and art flourish, etc. For this, teachers, judges, officers and soldiers are necessary, for whose support care must be taken, and whose trouble must be rewarded. Besides this the government must care for the security of the country, for public streets and bridges, and institutions necessary for the common good; to enable the government to perform these duties, taxes are necessary and lawfully assessed. If you oppose these laws, you oppose God, for by Him princes rule, and the mighty degree justice. (Prov. VIII. 16.) Let the payment of duties be done willingly, because you pay them for love of God, and resigned to His holy will as the early Christians did, who even served their heathenish government with pleasure, in all that was not contrary to God's will, and cheerfully paid the duties.

Editors note: Today most governments are not lawful in the sense that they are corporations for profit and not operating for the people. Most of the taxes they collect at the point of a gun are spent for sinful deviations from God's laws, like abortion and unjust war for profit.

May God Have Mercy

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, may God have mercy on a country so ignorant that it doesn't even know its own name.
It happened again this morning. A PhD blathering about "the" Republic and "the" United States of America, and clearly mistaking these entities for the actual government of this country.
People ---- the Proper Name of this country and its government is: The United States of America.
The United States of America.
Upper and Lower Case. The definite article, "the", is capitalized and is part of the name.
Also notice, it is not incorporated.
This is not "USA, Inc." or anything like that.
The United States of America is an unincorporated Holding Company. It functions as a public trust entity. It's a Federation of Sovereign States of the Union, formed September 9, 1776, and still kicking.
Wake up!!!
How many times do I have to say this?
The only "Republic" associated with The United States of America is the funky Papist Municipal United States Government operating as a Municipality chartered by the Roman Pontiff and allowed by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.
That "Republic" is not to be confused with our "republican" form of government nor mistaken for our republican States of the Union.
That "Republic" is a foreign plenary oligarchy that has acted as a predator upon our States and People and committed endless crimes of fraud, deceit, and piracy against us.
So, stop parroting words you don't understand. And pay attention to words.
The United States of America is not "the" United States of America.
The United States is not "the" United States.
Is everyone so ignorant, so dumbed-down, so utterly clueless that you don't know the name of your own country?
Well, learn! Learn fast!
Figure out the shell game that has been foisted off on you or you and your children's children will pay for your idiocy.
Both the Pope's Municipal Oligarchy and the Queen's Democracy are foreign to us.
They are both foreign Subcontractors operating under our names and exercising certain "delegated Powers" for us --- "Powers" that do not include usurping upon our lawful and actual government, plundering our States and People, and otherwise running amok on our shores.
When you see "the" United States of America, you are talking about the British Territorial United States, a Commonwealth Territorial Government operated as a Democracy.
Our country isn't a democracy. They've been telling you for decades that "they" are not us, even though they operate under our name and exercise "Powers" we delegated to them under conditions of Sacred Trust and Treaty.
Likewise, "the" United States is not The United States. It's a Roman Municipality ---an international independent city-state operated---until very recently--- by the Roman Pontificate and until very recently, as a Roman Municipal Corporation. It is ruled as a Plenary Oligarchy by the Members of "the" United States Congress.
This is just another foreign Subcontractor, operating "in our names" while exercising certain, limited, enumerated and delegated "Powers".
They are not us. They don't pretend to be us. They operate as foreign governments right here in front of our noses, and they always have.
Get this straight: The United States of America, our actual Federation of States, contracted with three "federal" (means "contract") service providers to provide the States with specific enumerated services and delegated the Powers these Subcontractors needed to provide those services.
The three "federal" Subcontractors were:
1. The States of America Confederation
2. The British Territorial United States dba "the" United States of America
3. The [Roman] Municipal United States Government dba "the" United States
The States of America Confederation ceased operations in 1861. It has never been "reconstructed".
This left a vacuum of power into which the other two federal Subcontractors have interjected themselves and used as a means to usurp upon our lawful government, The United States of America, and to secretively pillage and plunder our States and our People.
Do you all now see how important it is to distinguish between "The United States of America" and "the" United States of America?
And to be able to tell the difference between our "republican States of the Union" and "a" Republic serving the Roman Pontificate?
I don't know how it is possible for 300 million people, most of whom are literate---- including PhD's graduated from our Universities --- to be so incredibly, stubbornly, perniciously ignorant about both English Grammar and our history.
How is this even possible?
And how simple do I have to make this before people worldwide grasp it?
We are not them. They are not us. The United States of America is not "the" United States of America. The United States is not "the" United States.
Before any would-be patriots start opening their mouths and preaching to me about anything at all, they need to learn these simple, obvious, set-in-cement facts.
You need to learn the actual name of your own country.
May God have mercy upon a country and its people who have been dumbed-down to this extent.


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Saturday, November 9, 2019

You Wanted It, You Got It

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, go here and read the presentation about the "private" settlement being championed by Phil Hudok and company: 

Notice that there is a "deadline" and force implied.  "Accept this as your relief or go without" is the implication --- but probate never closes and racketeering threats have no place in a settlement offer related to compensation for capital crimes.  

When you are done reading their "Bill of Peace" --- read my commentary about it and see why I am not jumping on that boat.  


"the United States of America" being referenced is the British Territorial Government.  

"the" President of the United States is the President of the Municipal United States Government. 

So nothing in the first three pages makes any references whatsoever to the actual Government, States, or People of this country..... 

A land patent is a land lease.  

Land is an international jurisdiction.  Land is the earth under the first six inches of surface dirt known as the "soil".  Land patents are used to secure mining leases.   

They were leasing land in Ohio because at the time, there were high hopes of finding gold in this country the same way that the Spaniards found gold in South America.  At the time, Ohio was the frontier on the west of the established colonies and was a "territory" under the control of the British Territorial United States dba "the" United States of America.  

Hence, all this is about the Brits trying to get into Ohio and nose around for gold before Ohio became a State.   

And why, exactly would anyone here, Americans, want to establish "Land Patents" for land that we already own lock, stock, and barrel?  

We don't owe the Queen anything for patents established when Ohio was a Territory.  Those patents dissolved upon Ohio becoming a State of the Union.  

And of what value would such patents be to average Americans, even if there were any argument for leasing back what is already ours from "the" United States of America???  Are we all going to mine for non-existent gold?  

Next, we find the action of the Congress to pay back the estate of General Nathaniel Green for a bond he provided the fledgling British Territorial United States Government, and for damages incurred, which for some reason you think is a huge discovery and pregnant with meaning, but in fact, this is just one of many, many such "housekeeping acts" which the Congresses have always indulged to pay back petty debts owed to individuals in their employment.   

Indemnification is basically a form of sovereign-level insurance. So, they honored their obligation to General Green's estate and are pointing out that they did so.  This amounts to publication of a settlement at law.  

Next. the same Territorial Congress dispenses with Debtor's Prison penalties for various individuals; at the time, Debtor's Prison in Britain was a hot topic and its unpopularity was leading to the end of Debtor's Prison provisions.  So the Territorial Congress did away with the provisions, except that deportation could still be imposed on persons found guilty of capital felonies by the Supreme Court of the United States.  Notice that the Supreme Court of the United States was, at the time, the Supreme Court of the American Confederation, not the United States Supreme Court. 

So now we come to the 2016 Act.  This is an Act issued by the Municipal Government of "the" United States, releasing "natural persons" and their families from incarceration imposed under the authority Municipal States, Territories, Possessions, and Agencies. 

As the UNITED STATES, INC. had entered bankruptcy in 2015, the release of prisoners was mandated by the bankruptcy. A similar release is going on again, right now.  We, The United States of America, have informed the Pope and the Queen that we won't pay them to keep our people incarcerated for regulatory infractions that should never have been applied to them in the first place.  This ends the profit motive for "prisons for profit".  

Both the Territorial and Municipal Government corporations are under liquidation.  As a result, property that was kept by them illegally is being returned to the victims. This is the result of demand by the Priority Creditors --- us, The United States of America.  It wasn't something they just did for fun.  

Let me explain that "the" United States took improper possession of our land jurisdiction and held it in trust, so that we were living as tenants in our own country and paying them taxes and fees and tariffs on private property.  As the Priority Creditors, we "appeared" in 2014 and collapsed those trusts and posted international Notice of the same, which prompted this action as part of the liquidation.   We do not want or need a patent "issued by the United States" which is, again, just a lease agreement benefiting the foreign Municipal Government at our expense.  

We, The United States of America, already re-issued our Sovereign Patent on November 4, 2015.  

So, if you want to lease your land from and leave it in trust with "the" United States Municipal Government, you can ask for a land patent from them, or you can seize upon your own sovereign land patent under the authority of the actual American Government.  Which do you prefer, now that the meaning of this has been explained?  

This is all very nice for the victims, but you fail to see the actual cause of the action, therefore, fail to grasp why this Act exists, and why Americans are not only naturally immune and should have never suffered any such predatory abuse, but also are not limited to any "offers" made by the guilty Municipal and Territorial authorities nor to any time frame to "opt in" established by them.  

The victims of these crimes are to be compensated all across the board, and all their natural possessions both public and private are to be released to them.  A private settlement of these wrongs stops short of settlement of our public interests and we do not relinquish nor recognize any authority of the Municipal Government pertaining to our land and our soil.  

So, as I have said from the beginning, what good is a settlement that you pay for, a patent you already own, or any back-handed excuse given to them to claim that they own your public assets?   They not only owe everything that they are offering in this bill to each and every American they have harmed. They owe the return of our public lands and infrastructure.  

If you accept a private settlement without reference to the public settlement, they will simply roll things over, and though you will get relief as individuals, the country as a whole and your countrymen will suffer and pay for it, and so, incidentally, will you--- on the "public side".  

Any true settlement must include both public and private interests and must apply to all Americans whether they come forward or not.  This is our birthright, simple and pure.  We were born on the land and soil of this country.  We are the inheritors of it all, not just victims of crime owed the return of our purloined private holdings. 

Ever heard the old saying about winning a battle and losing the war?   If your country goes down the drain because you "forgot" your public interests in the white hot heat to look after your private interests ---- look at what you lose and what they will never have to repay, because you left it all on the table?  

There, I have explained it, in detail, and pointed out the historical context and the identities of the Players involved.  If this is the settlement you are willing to take for your estate, and you are willing to subject yourself and your children to the Queen and the Pope as a "natural person" instead of as an American owed their Good Faith Service, well, what more can I say to you?  

We have been holding them feet first to the flames for years now, and so they came up with this as a "deal you couldn't refuse" if you were a prisoner held in their jails or victimized by their Internal Revenue Service or Courts.  But ask yourself, why should you, the victim of these crimes have to give up your Public Interests in order to get private relief?   

After all, as an American, you own it all --- both public and private.  

Speaking for myself and those who agree with me, I want all my Natural and Unalienable rights, all my material interests, all my land and soil, both public and private, returned to me and to the control of the actual American Government.  

I have no reason to trust these charlatans who have only been stopped at the greatest risk and expense after decades of struggle and sacrifice and I can readily recognize their reasoning and intent with this ---- get millions of people to sign up and "opt in" for a private settlement, which then gives them an excuse to claim that you "opted out" of a public settlement.   

I want compensation for the harassment I have suffered, the arrests, the losses, the time spent struggling with misdirected employees, the court actions----- all of it, as a private settlement. Yes, sure I do.  I have suffered like everyone else here.  But I also want control of our country's international jurisdiction back in the hands of the American Government, and I am not satisfied with any deal that leaves that "little detail" up for grabs.  

I am also not content with any deal that provides merely private compensation and fails to return the wealth of our country which has been purloined --- the gold and silver that we are owed, the land that we bought and paid for, and all the rest.  That's why we are upping the ante.  

Millions of Americans faced with a fully disclosed choice between a private settlement that leaves their country at the mercy of these vultures and a settlement that is both public and private, which returns our public interests to the American Government's control, would opt to say good-bye to any further usurpation by the Queen or the Pope.  

We owe it to ourselves and our children to hold these villains to account and to recoup all our assets, both public and private.  


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