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Monday, June 1, 2020

The Third Decree Over Mandate

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people don’t know what a Decree is, much less a “Mandate” so let’s explain. A Decree is issued by sovereign States or Principals (or as in this case, their Lawful Agent) as a direction or order given to secondary parties who are exercising Delegated Powers—- called “Mandates”, a word equally applied to the action of issuing a mandate and to those carrying such a mandate forward.

The Federal Constitutions established such mandates and authorized the exercise of our “Delegated Powers” to Third Parties. 

There were three groups of Third Parties who received our mandates: the States of America, the Queen/Westminster, and the Pope.

All three have now failed and been divested of power, with the result that the Delegated Powers have, by Operation of Law, returned to the Delegators: The United States of America and the American States and People. 

This Third Decree Over Mandate is addressed in effect to the Trustees of those who have been holding and abusing our Delegated Powers, informing them of our position regarding changes that are being made to the Uniform Commercial Code to unjustly enrich the banks, our position with respect to Covid 19 and bringing forward our claims and liens established on our own assets.

Those claims and liens have been brought in the name of the States of America, The United States of America, and The United States, which are all involved at different levels and in different jurisdictions as our Lawful Government. 

Most of these claims and liens appear under my name, “Anna Maria Riezinger”, in data bases around the world. 

This was done to prevent false Claims on Abandonment.  The international banks and their co-conspirators have aimed at bankrupting commercial corporations acting “as” governments, and then pretending that our assets being managed by these corporations were “abandoned” by the actual owners. 

In the absence of clear evidence otherwise lodged on the public records, they would have gotten away with this bunko, but now the tables are turned. 

Our country was used as “Crime Central” — the staging ground for much of the vast underlying crime, by a gang of international pirates.  

Via the mismanagement of the Pope and the Queen, the apparatus of our government, and most especially our State of State organizations and our Patent Office and Monetary System, were commandeered and used to profit the perpetrators in Breach of Trust, and to set up this monstrous scheme of Corporate Feudalism promoted by the banks and politicians. 

Under this criminal operation American babies were jurisdictionally kidnapped and their political status was deliberately misrepresented, so that they became misidentified as foreigners in their own country. 

This is a crime both during war and times of peace, a capital felony requiring the death sentence for those guilty of conspiring to enforce this fraud on innocent people, so the Parties responsible were obligated to provide remedy for their actions , so as to excuse themselves and be able to claim that this vast unlawful conversion was “voluntary”—- all without telling their victims a word about it and without actually providing access to the remedies they published. 

All Americans were supposed to be able to discharge all debts simply by signing bills and vouchers .  Instead, Americans were impersonated as British Territorial Citizens and prevented from exercising their exemption. Then, next, they were billed as foreigners in their own country and forced to pay the bills of the Perpetrators of this giant con game.

Please read the Third Decree Over Mandate with all the above firmly in mind, and then join your State Assembly.  


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Why Kill Colored People?

By Anna Von Reitz

The simple answer is that the diabolical cads are racists and always have been.  They actually think that they are superior in every way, the Master Race, blah, blah, blah.

Logically, if you are going to promote yourself as the Master Race, somebody has to be the Slave Race.  

This is part and parcel of their entire “Either / Or” thinking modality.  These cretins literally practice “Either / Or” thinking and enforce it on all of us as a means dividing and conquering us— all of us.  

There are no actual winners in Satan’s Kingdom, other than Satan. 

So they divide us into rich and poor, black and white, Catholic and Protestant,  and from the time we are babies what do they do? 

They teach us—- literally TEACH us—- to look at our differences and not our similarities. 

This is so they can manipulate us.  Just like they are manipulating emotions and promoting lawlessness using yet another False Flag.  It turns out that whoever the unfortunate victim in the video tape may have been, it wasn’t Mr. Floyd, who actually died three years ago in another State.  

Red flags, anyone? 

We’ve been lied to about the structure of our government.  We’ve been lied about who is in charge.  We’ve had quadrillions of dollars embezzled out of this country. We’ve been lied to about September 11, the Lusitania, the Maine, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and as I recently demonstrated, lied to about the Atomic Bomb. 

And we have certainly been lied to about the safety of vaccines and government oversight of the drug companies and Covid 19. 

What more does it take, folks? 

We are dealing with Liars.  They lie for fun, They lie for profit.  Yes, and they lie to control and to excuse their actions and to do hideous things and they aim to come out smelling like roses, too. 

If they could lie about the Atomic Bomb and get away with it, obviously, the sky is the limit. Put a phoney veneer of fake science and bogus math over it, and they’ve already proven they can scare people into building bomb shelters. 

Right now, people are rioting over police abuses that have gone on for decades, not just in Minneapolis, but all over this country, especially in Democratic strongholds. 


Yes, you heard that right. 

Absolutely all the worst police abuses, the racial profiling, the atrocious disrespect and disregard for individual rights and dignity all occur where? 

In Democratic strongholds. 

Why?  Because Democrats have always hated people of color.  It was the Southern Democrats in the Rump Congress after the Civil War that re-enslaved the freed plantation slaves as public slaves.  It was the Democratic Party that voted Unanimously not to give colored people any voting rights and then turned around and pretended to be BFFs. 

They were also the ones that cheated Colored People out of recognition of their Natural and Unalienable Rights and substituted  “Equal Civil Rights”—- that could be suspended at the whim of the Congress, just like they are right now.

Liars.  Nothing but Big, Fat, Dirty Liars, who talked about freedom and provided enslavement— for everyone, colored and white, alike.

I am told that last night looters destroyed the Treasury Building in New York.  I find that highly suspicious.  We are left to think that the looters were dumb enough to believe there was money in the Treasury — but they didn’t bust open banks and left ATMs standing? 

More likely just cover for the destruction of more records that have gone missing or been destroyed. 

This is getting monotonous.  

I am also told that someone kindly left big piles of bricks for the looters and left truckloads of bricks on every city block just to make the looting easier.  Wasn’t that thoughtful of someone? 

And as always, George Soros and Son are involved. 

If this country is such a terrible place how did they become billionaires? Why aren’t they in jail for funding sedition— and a whole lot more? 

Inquiring minds want to know. 

Finally— to get to the question we started with— why kill colored people? 

Well, they operate their “government” as a corporation so they want to cut their operating costs.  Getting rid of the large inner city ghettos and all the welfare recipients does that very neatly, and once the ghettos are torn down the vermin can take over all that valuable real estate for development of parks and luxury high rises. 

Kill two birds with one stone. 

But there’s more.  I already told you about their habit of killing their Priority Creditors?  We are all their Priority Creditors, but they owe Colored People more money on average because they have been enslaved as Public Servants ever since 1868. 

Most white folk weren’t “presumed upon” until 1933. 

So, exercise your racial biases, kill the Priority Creditors you owe the most money to, reduce the welfare burden, AND free up some prime real estate for new development, all at the same time. 

Colored people of all shades and colors— better think all this rioting and looting over. Better go home and give them no excuse to roll in the tanks and guns.  

Don’t get mad.  Get even.  Its hard to spend money you are owed if you’re dead. 

Join your State Assembly and help make history —and change—that the politicians promise and never, ever deliver. 


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By Anna Von Reitz

A number of very urgent circumstances are bearing down upon me this morning.

My beloved Labrador Retriever suffered either a stroke or an epileptic seizure last night and so we are waiting for diagnosis.  That’s just my little world torn apart and an insight into the fact that I and everyone else continues on with the struggles of their private lives on top of all the other work we do and roles we fill.

We have sick dogs and dirty dishes like everyone else. 

Thank the True God for all the volunteers and donations and on the ground “boots” coming forward to save this country from itself.

We are sounding a call for unity and clarity of purpose in the midst of the Mayhem and are pleased to see a new video by Mark Emery and the Lighthouse Law Club —I believe it’s called “It’s Game Time” — calling for unified action and laying out a game plan. 

I have always liked Mark, though our approaches have been somewhat different— I slogged on to assemble the actual government owed to this country while he went the “Private Membership Association” route.  

Now I think it’s time for both ends to meet in the middle, together with several other major patriot groups and efforts, all working together on various levels and at various capacities to solve the same problem. 

All of those reading this please pass the message on to Mark Emery that there have been many developments and we need to talk as soon as possible.  The contact data I have for him is dated, but mine has remained the same so it’s easier for him to call me, but whatever works.  

He’s right, as usual. It is time to come together, share resources, and deal with the usurpation against our government using all the lawful and legal tools available to us. 

Because our vision of people-centered government that respects the rights and property of all people is for all people and the problem of Corporate Feudalism has grown far outside the borders of those countries that first gave the parasite a home, this is not just a call to unite and focus America on the job that needs to be done.

Every day from all around the world, I field calls from people who are waking up and seeing the evils and failures of their own governments and the slow creeping rot of society held captive by corporate robber barons, crooked banks and other institutions gone awry. 

It’s not just an American problem. The housecleaning and swamp draining is a worldwide necessity. 

As Mark so neatly sums it up, we have been standing alone and haven’t been able to gain the traction needed to make the needed changes because (1) we’ve been dumbed down and left ignorant, the better to prey upon us; (2) we’ve been disorganized; and (3) we haven’t had access to our own money and funding needed to do the job. 

Well, it’s time to change all that. Time to get the education we need, pull together the organizations we need, and put together the funding to make it happen.

We have fifty States and forty-nine State Assemblies coming together. The sole State still Missing is North Dakota, which needs to get back on the map ASAP!   If you know people in North Dakota, spread the word. 

The Lawful Government of the Land and soil is back and in Session. 

The push is now on to “populate” every county in America.  Our lawful government has taken our claims into the Lion’s Den and lodged everything firmly on the international Public Records.  

We will soon be issuing actual State Credentials to replace State of State IDs. 

We have websites for all the State Assemblies nearing completion. 

And a new block chain Public Notice and Recording System, too. 

We have a new Peacekeeping Task Force to bring together the Constitutional Sheriffs, the actual State Militias, and The Continental Marshals as a cohesive network. 

We are bringing together a team of both Constitutional Bar Attorneys and non-Bar Counselors of Law to rebuild the lawful Court System and bring justice back into the Admiralty and Maritime Courts that have been used to usurp upon and pillage the people of this country. 

It’s coming together, folks, and you are making it happen, one telephone call, one Zoom Conference, one donation, and one new lesson learned —-organically, one step are a time. 

Your government’s main duty is to protect you and your property. The problem is that your government, of, for, and by the people has been Missing in Action for decades. 

It’s time to change all that.


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For the Military

By Anna Von Reitz

The formal Military in this country exists in two subsets— active duty and reserves. 

For all practical purposes the “National Guard” and “State Defense Forces” of most States are part of the Active Duty Military and should be considered as “Federal” troops because they take funding from the foreign federal corporations and are “National” with regard to their States in name only.

 Similar to the unlawful conversion of our counties resulting from their eagerness to receive federal kickbacks in the form of Federal Block Grants, most “National Guard” units have been unlawfully converted by the same process— which is why they have been deployed “as” federal troops in places like Afghanistan. 

Calling them “State National Guards” when they are funded, commanded, and deployed by federal corporations  is at best an evasion of these facts and a convenient means of evading constitutional and other prohibitions against foreign troops on state soil.  

Bear in mind that all Active Duty U.S. Military are technically foreign troops with respect to the actual States and People whether you call them “National Guard” or “State Defense Forces” or not.

Active Duty Troops domiciled as National Guard forces in each State are commanded by the State of State Governor.  Active Duty Troops officially assigned to the U.S. Military are under the authority of the President acting as Commander in Chief.

So the question comes up— what do I do when I finish my tour of duty and want to return home to true civilian status? 

The answer for all forms of Active Duty Military personnel is the same.  Once you receive your DD214 or equivalent discharge paperwork, you send a registered letter to the head of your branch of service informing them that you are returning to your birthright political status. You keep the letter and mailing receipts as part of your records.  You are now officially separated from Federal employment and obligations and are free to join your State Assembly or resume your State National status by recording a simple Declaration. 

Officers need to return and resign their Commissions along with the Notice letter, otherwise they remain under obligation to the Federal Government for the rest of their lives as part of the Reserve Forces.

This is, of course, a highly personal choice. 

If Officers retain their commissions they cannot  act as State Citizens because of their retained Federal service obligations, but they can act as State Nationals and have all their basic rights and guarantees upheld by the Assemblies.

We were having trouble with false claims that retired NCO’s and enlisted personnel were similarly obligated to lifetime service and engaged as volunteers serving in “civilian-military” capacities without their knowledge or consent. To put an end to these claims we have had NCO’s and Enlisted personnel apply for benefits owed to such personnel and forced the Department of Defense and DOD to admit that they are NOT eligible for benefits and NOT serving in any “civilian-military connection after retiring from Active Duty. 

Again, the rule is— if you are maintaining ANY connection other than being fully retired from Federal military service, including any federated ‘National Guard’ service, you are limited to State National status and cannot serve as a State Citizen until you are actually and factually retired and all volunteer activities including reserve duty has ceased. 

Upon your release from Federal U.S. service you are set free to accept a Direct Commission from The United States of America and to serve in your actual State Militia.

The Reserves make up a million man Reserve Force composed of “retired but not returned” U.S. Military and federated National Guard personnel.  They have chosen knowingly or unknowingly to remain in Federal jurisdiction after their formal release from active duty.

These unseen defense forces were recently summoned back to work by President Trump. 

In addition to these forces we have our own Peacekeeping forces in the form of our Constitutional soil jurisdiction County Sheriffs and Deputies, our actual State Militias, and our Continental Marshals Service. 

None of these entities are in competition with each other and ideally work together cooperatively to cover and protect people and property, borders, and assets in all jurisdictions  of the law both Public and private. 

The actual County, State and International Postal District Forces, that is, peacekeeping forces owed to this country,  have been largely defunded in recent years and operate as self-funded organizations supported directly by the people of each State. They operate on a system model similar to that found in Switzerland.  

State Citizens between the ages of 21-45 are either direct members of the State Militia or supporting members.  Together they help organize Public Safety and Defense Plans for their States and Citizens using the Swiss model and work as civilian peacekeepers.  Older and younger members of the community serve a wide range of support activities. 

Our Sheriffs can be recognized by their distinctive star badges and State Credentials. Members of our State Militias also have State Credentials issued to them by the State Assembly. The Continental Marshals function as our interface in international jurisdiction and can be recognized by their special Direct Commissions from The United States of America and their distinctive star badges with balls on the points of the stars. 

Recently another Direct Commission organization has been authorized to help coordinate our peacekeeping functions at all levels— The Peacekeeping Task Force. 

The Peacekeeping Task Force will be visiting local communities and providing education and support for our civilian peacekeeping services, networking local constitutional Sheriffs and actual State Militias and The Continental Marshals Service together to form cohesive protection for all Americans —State Nationals and State Citizens alike.

They may be recognized by their distinctive tan uniforms, their Gadsden Flag and Civil Peacetime Flag patches and Direct Commissions. 

In addition to the Active Duty, Reserve Duty, and Civilian Peacekeeping Forces, there are private Law Enforcement Agencies that function as Subcontractors to our Federal Subcontractors and make up a private police force designed to protect the assets of the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States corporations. 

These are all private security forces, aka, mercenary forces, under the direction of private and now largely bankrupt governmental services corporations. 

These agencies include the DOJ, FBI, FEMA, BATF, IRS, etc.  (Municipal) and their Territorial corollaries, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations, etc. at the Federal level.  

All such Agency Personnel are considered Law Enforcement Agents-for-Hire, otherwise known as Pinkertons and more generally as Mercenaries and they are engaged to enforce the private codes, regulations and Public Policies of the incorporated government services providers. 

They are NOT supposed to be speaking to, addressing, arresting, or subjecting average Americans to their private corporate laws and statutes, but they are motivated by profit to do so.  They have little or no Public Interest duty or responsibility and their activities presuming upon average Americans who are not employees or dependents of their corporations must be brought under control. 

At another level, State Troopers and ‘Sheriffs’ and local police employed by incorporated entities are all Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and if they will not willingly obey and conform to their obligations to obey the Constitutions and the Public Law, they must be recognized as part of the problem. 

The situation in Minneapolis this morning is due to the brutal action of a single uniformed corporate Law Enforcement Officer acting in flagrant disrespect of our Constitution and traditions. 

Not only should he and the other arresting officers be charged with crimes, fired and not eligible for rehire, but their supervisors and the politicians responsible should be sacked. Finally, the corporation employing these thugs needs to lose its charter.  City of Minneapolis and MINNEAPOLIS should both be no more.

And if the State of Minnesota doesn’t do its job to discipline its employees, it’s charter needs to be revoked, too. 

We don’t have to put up with this kind of behavior— not from individual men and not from the corporations that hire them. 

Get organized and do your part. 


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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Instruction on the Festival of Pentecost

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

What festival is this?
It is the day on which the Holy Ghost descended in the form of fiery tongues, upon the apostles and disciples, who with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, were assembled in prayer in a house at Jerusalem. (Acts II.)
Why is this day called Pentecost?
The word "Pentecost" is taken from the Greek, and signifies fifty. As St. Jerome explains it, this was the last of the fifty days, commencing with Easter, which the early Christians celebrated as days of rejoicing at the resurrection of the Lord.
Why is this day observed so solemnly?
Because on this day the Holy Ghost, having descended upon the apostles, the law of grace, of purification from sin, and the sanctification of mankind, was for the first time announced to the world; because on this day the apostles, being filled with the Holy Ghost, commenced the work of purifying and sanctifying mankind, by baptizing three thousand persons who were converted by the sermon of St. Peter; and because on this day the Church of Jesus became visible as a community to the world, and publicly professed her faith in her crucified Saviour.
Why did the Holy Ghost descend on the Jewish Pentecost?
Because on their Pentecost the Jews celebrated the anniversary of the giving of the law on Mount Sinai, and God would show by sending the Holy Ghost on this days that the Old Law had ceased and the New Law commenced. God also chose this time, that the Jews who on this day came together from all countries to Jerusalem to celebrate the Pentecost, might be witnesses of the miracle, and hear the New Law announced by the apostles.
Why is the baptismal font blessed an the vigil of Pentecost, as on Holy Saturday?
Because the Holy Ghost is the Author of all sanctity and the Fountain of baptismal grace, and because in the Acts (i. 5.) the descent of the Holy Ghost itself is called a baptism.
In the Introit of the Mass the Church rejoices at the descent of the Holy Ghost and sings:
INTROIT The Spirit of the Lord hath filled the whole earth, allel.; and that which containeth all things hath knowledge of the voice, Allel., allel., allel. (Wisd. I.7.) Let God arise, and his enemies be scattered: and let them that hate him, fly before his face. (Ps. 67.) Glory etc.
COLLECT God, who on this day didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit: grant us in the same spirit to relish what is right, and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Thro'. — in the unity of the same, etc.
LESSON (Acts II. I-II.) When the days of Pentecost were accomplished, they were all together in one place; and suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a mighty wind coming, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them parted tongues as it were of fire, and it sat upon every one of them:. and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they began to speak with divers tongues, according as the Holy Ghost gave them to speak. Now there were. dwelling at Jerusalem, Jews, devout men, of every nation under heaven. And when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded in mind, because that every man heard them speak in his own tongue: and they were all amazed, and wondered, saying: Behold, are not all these that speak Galileans? And how have we heard every man our own tongue wherein we were born? Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Judea, and Cappadocia, Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphilia, Egypt, and the parts of Lybia about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews also and Proselytes, Cretes and Arabians: we have heard them speak in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.
Why did the Holy Ghost come upon the apostles in the form of fiery tongues?
The appearance of fiery tongues indicated the gift of language imparted to the apostles by the Holy Ghost, and inflamed their hearts and the hearts of the faithful with the love of God and their neighbor.
Why did a mighty wind accompany the descent?
To direct the attention of the people to the descent of the Holy Ghost, and to assemble them to hear the sermon of the Apostle Peter.
What special effects did the Holy Ghost produce in the apostles?
He freed them from all doubt and fear; gave them His light for the perfect knowledge of truth; inflamed their hearts with the most ardent love, and incited in them the fiery zeal for the propagation of the kingdom of God, strengthened them to bear all sufferings and persecutions, (Acts V. 41.) and gave them the gift of speaking in various languages, and of discerning spirits.
Festival of PentecostGOSPEL (John XIV. 23-31,) At that time, Jesus said to his disciples: If any one love me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him, and will make our abode with him. He that loveth me not, keepeth not my words: and the word which you have heard is not mine, but the Father's, who sent me. These things have I spoken to you, abiding with you: but the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. You have heard that I said to you, I go away, and I come unto you. If you loved me, you would indeed be glad, because I go to the Father; for the Father is greater than I. And now I have ;told you before it came to pass, that when it shall come to pass you may believe. I will not now speak many things with you; for the prince of this world cometh, and in me he hath not anything. But that the world may know that I love the Father, and as the Father hath givers me commandment, so do I.

Why is the Holy Ghost expressly called "Holy," since this attribute is due to each of the divine persons?
Because He is the Author of inward sanctity and of all supernatural gifts and graces, and therefore to Him is especially ascribed the work of man's sanctification.
What does the Holy Ghost effect in man?
He enlightens him that he may know the truths of religion and salvation, and the beauty of virtue; He moves him to desire, to aim after and to love these things; He renews his heart by cleansing it from sin, and imparts to him the supernatural gifts and graces by which he can become sanctified, and He brings forth in him wonderful fruits of holiness.
What are the gifts of the Holy Ghost?
According to the Prophet Isaias they are seven: 1.The gift of wisdom, which enables us to know God, to esteem spiritual more than temporal advantages, and to delight only in divine things. 2. The gift of understanding, by which we know and understand that which our faith proposes to our belief; children and adults should pray fervently for this gift, especially before sermons and instructions in the catechism. 3.The gift of counsel, which gives us the knowledge necessary to direct ourselves and others when in doubt, a gift particularly necessary for superiors, for those about choosing their state of life, and for married people who live unhappily, and do not know how to help themselves. 4. The gift of fortitude, which strengthens us to endure and courageously overcome all adversities and persecutions for virtue's sake. 5. The gift of knowledge, by which we know ourselves, our duties, and how to discharge them in a manner pleasing to God. 6. The gift of piety, which induces us to have God in view in all our actions, and infuses love in our hearts for His service. 7. The gift of the fear of the Lord, by which we not only fear the just punishment, but even His displeasure at every sin, more than all other things in the world.
Which are the fruits of the Holy Ghost?
As St. Paul (Gal. V.. 22-23.) enumerates them, they are twelve: 1. Charity. 2. Joy. 3. Peace. 4. Patience. 5. Benignity. 6. Goodness. 7. Longanimity. 8. Mildness. 9. Faith. 10. Modesty. 11. Continency. 12. Chastity. To obtain these fruits as well as the gifts of the Holy Ghost, we should daily say the prayer: "Come, O Holy Ghost, etc."
Why does Christ say: The Father is greater than I?
Christ as God is in all things equal to His Father, but as Christ was at the same time Man, the Father was certainly greater than the Man-Christ.
Why does Christ say: I will not now speak many things with you?
Christ spoke these words a short time before His passion, and by them He wished to say that the time was near at hand when Satan, by his instruments, the wicked Jews, would put Him to death, not because Satan had this power over Him, but because He Himself wished to die in obedience to the will of His Father.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Constitutional Attorney Eviscerates Dershowitz's Claim of Constitutionality

Found Here:

Alan Dershowitz is just another lefty plant. He appears on Fox often and they try to legitimize him but he is just another cog in the deception machine of their "fair and balanced" controlled opposition so called "news" channel.  
We should all treat their poisoned needle like the deadly weapon that it is and act accordingly to defend ourselves. 
What is that saying again? Oh, Never bring a knife to a gunfight!


Found Here:

Thursday, May 28, 2020

An End to Black and an End to Oaths

By Anna Von Reitz

You see it everywhere -- black rocks, black water, black acres, black robes -- black, black, black. What is this about?

It's all connected to the Great Fraud and to a pre-history of the Earth that we have never, ever, been taught in any school, church, or other institution.

Black Acre is an infamous and completely theoretical bit of property used endlessly in law schools to demonstrate "positions in tort" --- a sort of Kamasutra of all the various problems one can face with respect to different kinds of property law and injuries that may be sustained and arguments that can be made.

Black Water is an infamous mercenary subcontractor of the Municipal United States.

The Black Rocks, both literal and figurative, are all over the place ---- the Kaab in Mecca, the "Black Stone of Light" at the United Nations, the Upside Down Pyramid in Alaska --- even the name of Larry Fink's Bond Company.

So what is all this black, black, black crappola about? Probate.

Oh, it's about a lot of other things, too, but primarily, it's about probate.

That's why all the judges and even the justices wear black robes.

They all think that they are engaged in probating God's Estate. They think that the Living God is dead.

How odd is that? They are about to find out otherwise.

In days to come, the Brotherhood of Saturn will be no more, and all the wrong-headed ideas that gave rise to their traditions will be exposed as the fantasies of children gone astray.

We'll have no more black rocks, black waters, black acres or black robes at all.

It's all going away, as it must and should, like a bad dream evaporates in the morning.

There have been two groups of "oathkeepers" since very ancient times. In some parts of the world they have been described in terms of "feathers" --- one group wore a single feather, and the other group wore two feathers.

Interestingly, the oaths that both groups took were invalid.

And still are.

Null and void, forever.

Here is a good example of how and why oaths are invalid.

How many of you used to watch "Perry Mason" on television (long, long ago) or "Matlock" or other law-and-order courtroom dramas?

Remember hearing Witnesses being "sworn in" to give testimony?

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God."

Swear? Whole truth? Nothing but the truth?

Swearing is against scripture, so you are sinning in public.

How would you know the "whole truth" about anything?

And exactly how you are to deliver "nothing" but the truth?

If you are breathing, you fail that test.


This is the kind of guile and nonsense used to entrap men like General Michael Flynn and subject them to judgment for "lying".

Let your yes, be yes.

Let your no, be no.

Don't be shy about calling out the shysters for entrapping you and don't hesitate to nullify any oath you may have taken.

You have a responsibility for your words and thought processes, but others have an obligation to fully disclose what they are doing, too.


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Message to Pope Francis, May 28th

By Anna Von Reitz

You can't possibly think that you can continue to obfuscate the role of Greg Hallett and continue to let your flunkies occupy the home owed to the actual Kings and Queens of Britain? 

You need to rethink this -- seriously. 

Every single one of those men owe fealty to the King of Gaul, including Gregory Hallett. 

And the King of Gaul is not pleased by these developments. 

The Earl of Shrewsbury is the lawful replacement for the Queen and you certainly know that.  You are not going to be allowed to foist another ringer off on the people of England and all those purloined trust properties are going bye-bye, too. 

You will be lucky to retain any kind of interest in any Church property at all, and it's your own fault.  

Take your "King of the Commonwealth" and remove him to a suitable office and place -- not Buckingham Palace. 

The people are going to know the whole truth -- the All of it.  And they are going to act upon it. 

The Saturnine Brotherhood has failed.  Your "Black Rock" is of no use and your import portal is destroyed in less than a single night.

Stop the payload on its way to Saturn. There's no point in continuing to fight a war that ended 32,000 years ago.   It's complete lunacy.

Reveal yourselves and remove yourselves from positions of power.

All of you.  Now.


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Emotional Eunuchs -- A Reply to Randy

By Anna Von Reitz

Greg Hallet is the new "King" of the Commonwealth---- the Pope's Overlord of Church property in England, a position that is unlikely to endure for very long.

Please see my very recent article "For England - 4.0" which explains the entire history and exposes the fact that the Queen wasn't Queen of England, either.

I do believe that your intentions are good and that you did indeed get "the message" that living people are the both the "presumed donors" and are supposed to be the beneficiaries of "The Trust"---- only thanks to the fact that the Powers That Were made it a "generation skipping trust" they've been precluded from receiving anything, and the assets have instead been invested "for" them.

In practical terms this means that the bankers and politicians and military generals and priests and "judicial officers" have had free access to gigantic Slush Funds that exist "in the name of the people" ---while the actual people function as slaves to continuously bulk up these same Slush Funds.

What you may not realize is that the reason these people lack compassion and fellow-feeling and what the rest of us generally possess as an in-born conscience is that they are the genetic result of eugenics programs in the distant past aimed at creating super soldiers. Their feelings were bred out of them purposefully. Some of them came here as refugees after The Great Plasma War which ended 32,000 years ago. Our guests have been causing trouble and creating war (mostly out of boredom) ever since.

They were supposed to leave and go home in 1913, and have overstayed their welcome. Instead of leaving us, they decided to invite more of their kind to settle here. If we had not dismantled their plans and machinery, we'd now have a World War of unimaginable dimensions on our hands as a thank you for rescuing their sorry rumps.

Perhaps it would help your friend G/B to simply realize the truth about who --- and what --- his ancestors really were, the fact that he is missing a crucial part of what it means to be a man through no fault of his own, and that he can have that part of himself restored to full function, if he will simply accept help.

You can see the pathos in the whole situation. They have been bred for war. It's what they do. It's all they really know. Even their thinking functions are reduced to "Either-Or" calculations. That's why they are always creating two sides to everything. They operate instinctively, and that's why even when it is perfectly obvious that all their tricks and their entire modus operandi is exposed, they continue to do the same old thing like hamsters in an exercise wheel.

Once we wake up, they are no match for us, and as we start giving them their orders they naturally fall back in line. They might resist. They might disagree to some extent. But they don't have the true command functions that normal people possess --- instead, they've got a command structure, and when that disintegrates, as it is right now, they are lost as kids in a department store.

I am not among those that want vengeance. I realize that these people came to power by default. I know their limitations and how those limitations were built into them and for what purpose this was done. What I want for them is to see them fully restored to their heritage as men. I want their situation truly understood. And I want it corrected.

With the technology now available, we can restore them to be and to function as the men our Creator meant for them to be. The castration of their emotions can be reversed, and for the good of all, must be.


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Final Big News of the Day

By Anna Von Reitz

I keep getting reports that President Trump and his advisors use "Looking Glass" and all these people keep mindlessly repeating the phrase, "Future proves past."

And that's rubbish. 

Looking Glass is a magic trick worthy of Hogwarts Middle School, and if you let it, it will show you anything you like along any number of timelines.  But it's still just a magic trick, and a particularly dangerous one at that.  Men are not meant to use such a device, precisely because they are beguiled by it, and led astray by it. 

Future does not prove past, because there is only one moment and that moment is called "Now".

Until everyone fully, thoroughly, and without doubt knows this with certainty, the "relative delusions" of "a" past and "a" future will continue to muddy things up and cause no end of problems.

Our existence and our only time and our only power is right now.

Breathe in.  That is inspiration.

Breathe out.  That is expiration.

It's a mini-lifecycle, a fractal of life.  So be inspired and choose life and choose to live it now, entirely in this moment, because that is all there is and all there has ever been: one clear and shining moment. 

When you realize this fully you will stop being distracted by what you perceive as "the" past and stop worrying about "the" future, and you certainly won't be fooled by any kid's games like the Looking Glass and plan National Strategic Policy around it. 

Each one of us has the power to change both the past and the future, simply by thinking about it. 

Strange, but true.

So, let's get busy rewriting not the number of days, but the content of days. 
Let there be only life and love and truth in our moment. 

I repeat -- just as money is a kid's game gone horribly wrong, so is the Looking Glass a kid's game with the potential to ensnare and entrain the visual creative power of men to serve ugliness and sin.

Don't believe me?  Believe Harry Potter, who more often than not gets the magic stories right.  There's a brief encounter with Looking Glass technology recounted in one of the Harry Potter books quite early on, where Harry finds the Fatal Mirror in storage and starts getting quite lost in it, before Aldous Dumbledore snaps him out of it. 

Well, I hate to think that I have a bunch of Generals and Admirals committing the same basic mistake, but if they believe in money, what other chestnuts will they take? 

There was a planned invasion of a most diabolical kind underway, but, it has been intercepted. 

The "Black Rock of Light" -- a giant slab of magnetized iron installed at the United Nations in 1953 and programmed like an unimaginably large magnetic disk, has suffered a permanent malfunction. 

The ancient Saturn Monument known as Stonehenge -- which makes its own weather and can modulate an incredible range of frequencies -- has been disabled. 

So, if you think that "future proves past" and you are ready to go around parroting that, think again. 

Those few moments exercised as "now" have drastically changed all of that, disconnected the mechanisms, and thwarted the command centers and dragged the satellites out of their positions and melted the entire Saturnine grid. 

If I had one handy, I'd slap on a big "happy smile" Emoticon and add it to this message--- the world is being made new in spite of the Liars and the Grifters and the Con Men and the Tricksters.  In spite of Black Rocks and Looking Glasses. 


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