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Saturday, September 21, 2019

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There are many more benefits besides helping with Injuries.

We use it twice per day, morning and evening about 12 hours apart, for about 20 minutes each time.

We have not slept on it yet, but will try that in a few weeks.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials --- Part 5

By Anna Von Reitz

And here, rolling off the presses with the rain pouring down in buckets in all directions, is Part 5 of the Seminar Material.  
Please go to: to print off the pdf version.

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 4

By Anna Von Reitz

We are continuing to release the Pre-Study Materials for the Constitutional Enforcement Seminar coming up next week.  Part 4 is attached and/or will be soon available on my website:  and  as a printable pdf.  

I know that this material requires a stiff upper lip and provokes plenty of questions, so am trying to get it out at a pace that gives everyone a chance to read and digest, but not overwhelm. 

To the Governor of Ottawa: It's Too Late

By Anna Von Reitz

At the end of a very diabolical contract detailing the methodology and plan of the Synagogue of Satan are the following words, usually written in a child's blood on human skin as a spell to nullify their own instructions: 

"This covenant must NEVER, EVER, be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER, be written or spoken of, for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself."  

Too late.  

The True God sees in secret.  He hears and sees what nobody knows.  But if this is true of the Father, imagine how much more true it is of the Mother?  

Notice this, people of the world:  it is the woman who is the PRIMAL CREATOR.   It is the Great Mother, called by many names, who is also The
 Destroyer.  Have you not seen this for yourselves?  

Who is it who gives birth?  Who is it, who cares for the dead?   It was the woman who gave birth to him and the woman who went with him to the tomb. It is the woman who is the portal between worlds.  

I shall call her by her most Ancient Name: Durga.   

She has awakened, along with her fury.  Destruction and the Abyss have been chosen and earned by those who have indulged these heinous practices. The Abyss of Separation has been set aside for all of you. 

She walks the Earth and gathers the wounded, weeping for her children.  Her rage builds with every passing day and will be born in time to intercept the moon and stars.  Even the sun stands still for her. 

Those who do not repent with all their hearts will inherit all their sins, down to the final hour of final hours. 

Out of a power you don't understand, she comes.  Grim-faced, she comes to devour the cruel and the arrogant and the hateful.  And nothing will stop her, no lie can fool her, no excuse for this evil can be found.  

The one who gave you life, the gift you have despised, will cut your threads with her own hands.  She will say, "You are no child of mine.  You shall have no inheritance."  

Love you will never know again.  

You will not even be a memory in the mind of the True God; forgotten unto endless ages you shall be, suspended in the Abyss, unable to move, alone, separated for all Eternity from All That Is --- this is the reward you have earned and coveted for your greed and your cruelty and your pride, your idol worship, and your lies.  

You have chosen this; so be it.  The Order is given. 

A little time remains for those who will yet repent.  The Ultimate Pronouncement is His.  


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The Point Is....

By Anna Von Reitz

You are a crime victim.  

Every day I get calls from people who have done their paperwork and are still being railroaded through these foreign courts.  

The first thing to note is that our paperwork is not retroactive with respect to things that already happened.  If you got a DUI and then do our paperwork, you are still going to face the DUI charge as a Presumed U.S. Citizen.  

The second thing to note is that these courts do not consider the facts or the law in these cases.  They could care less.  

The incorporated THING they have listed as the DEFENDANT isn't you, it's an incorporated THING that is already declared guilty.  All they have to do and all that they care about is collecting money and assets from this THING.  You are entirely extraneous to the whole process.  You are just a guy with a similar name who showed up, who is "deemed" responsible for the THING in the dock. 

So don't bother yourselves with codes and statutes and arguments.  None of that is appropriate. 

What is appropriate is to: (1) challenge the jurisdiction of the court and claim exemption; (2) assert that you are the victim of identity theft, fraud, and Unconscionable Contract --- and you can prove it.  

Haul out your BC.  This "official" document proves two very important things -- first, that you were only a few days old when the purported contract was created and you couldn't have had any sentient knowledge of it (therefore an Unconscionable Contract) and second, it shows where you were born, establishing that you are "eligible" to claim to be a State Citizen of The United States.  

Now your case is all but won.  The Judge may ask, "But how can I be sure that this Certificate belongs to you?  That you are who you say you are?"  

So you haul out your Two Witness Testimonies, signed, sealed, and ready to go. 

End game.  They have to admit that there is no valid ESTATE or DERIVATIVE for them to administrate and that the actual owner showed up claiming exemption. 

If they don't immediately roll over, appeal to Circuit Court on the spot.  

Technically, the Circuit Court is the only one that can make a determination of political status and "officially" make the correction.  The lower courts can only dismiss action with or without prejudice, which may or may not be good enough for you and your purposes.  

So--- those are the points you want to make, no matter what the charge is, and those are the documents you need to prove your claims.  Beyond that, if any other action is desirable or necessary, you go to circuit court. And that's an end to it. 


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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 3

By Anna Von Reitz

I am releasing Part 3 today in hopes of getting a little bit ahead of the curve and buy busy people more time to review. The pdfs will be available on my website and 
Part 1 covered the basics, Part 2 discussed more basics, and now, in Part 3 we are bringing it all full circle and updating to the current situation report.

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 2

By Anna Von Reitz

In Part 1 we reviewed the overall current status of our situation, which includes the fact that millions of Americans have been deliberately misidentified as different kinds of "US Citizens" and disenfranchised as Electors in their own country.  

It also includes the --- to some people --- startling news that adult Americans who operate in their correct political status are by definition members of the Militia.  We not only have a right to enforce the Constitution and the Public Law, we have the duty to do so.

I am now posting Part 2 of the Pre-Study Materials for our meeting of Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Officers and Continental Marshals. 
Check my website: and website for access to the pdf. 

About the Austin Event

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three different, independent, separate speakers making presentations over the course of four days beginning next week.  

David Straight will be presenting his unique insights and information about law and Congress and history he has researched. 

Ron Gibson will be presenting his information about land patents. 

And I will be addressing Constitutional Enforcement.  

The only one of these presentations that is keyed to issues specifically concerning law enforcement and therefore The Continental Marshals, is mine.  That doesn't imply that Continental Marshals (and everyone else) couldn't or shouldn't attend the other events. 

I've only heard David speak once before and that was on a video.  I applauded. I expect he will have a very good presentation for everyone and I look forward to sitting in myself. 

Likewise, my exposure to Ron Gibson is very limited.  This is the first time ever exposure to his material for me, and I look forward to it.  

So as concerns their work and their presentations, I am as much or more a neophyte as everyone else who may be attending. 

I agreed to take on the Constitutional Enforcement topic in an effort to clear the air and get people on track with that, which is why there is a special "call out" to those who are actively engaged in various capacities related to law enforcement to attend my part of the presentation, but that doesn't imply anything bad about the other presentations.  

As one of my friends on FB brought to my attention this morning, some people are getting the wrong impression and thinking that either: (a) my rubber stamp is on everything being said and taught at this event, or, (b) that I am somehow recommending against people attending anything but my part of the event.  

Neither one of these things are true.  I am in no position as yet to have formed any personal opinion about the material that David and Ron will be presenting, but as far as I know, it should be an outstanding event with plenty of good information about all the topics being covered and certainly a fine opportunity for people to learn new things to investigate back home for themselves. 

Come to all four days if you can afford the time and expense.  It's all being recorded, too, so, those who can't make it in the flesh can listen at home. 


See this article and over 2000 others on Anna's website here:

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Unsealed Specific General Orders

By Anna Von Reitz

The actual civilian government of this country has been operating continuously since the Civil War, but it took a quantum leap forward in 1998 and has been more active than ever before in the intervening years and is now running in tandem with everything else that is going on. 

In July of 2014, the Joint Chiefs received the first General Civil Orders that any group of Generals has received since 1863.  Those Orders directly from the Civilian Government, and delivered under our Seal, required them to address the threat of weaponization of Federal Agencies.  

The Municipal Government has set up more than 800 unauthorized internment camps, ordered 30,000 guillotines, and taken other obvious hostile actions clearly aimed at using Federal Civil Service Employees as an Army on our shores.  We objected and issued the Orders to the Joint Chiefs and notified the United Nations to neutralize that threat, which has largely been accomplished.  

Unfortunately, they have not yet honored our instruction to arrest members of the Municipal Congress as they trespass outside the original Washington, DC campus enclosed by Boundary Stones.  

Washington, DC, is an independent international city-state and within its specific boundaries, the members of Congress function as a separate government created under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.  Within the area circumscribed by the Boundary Stones they enjoy a plenary oligarchy intended to act as a simple government shared among the fiduciary officers of the states to operate as a "pleasant meeting ground" for all the State Congressional Delegations.  

What has happened, of course, is something else that was never intended by our Forefathers.  In collusion with similar independent international city-states (all operating under the auspices of the Holy Roman Empire --- includes the Inner City of London, Vatican City, Washington, DC, New York, the United Nations and others) the members of this plenary oligarchy have waged commercial mercenary war against the Territorial Government for profit, and have committed gross treason and fraud against the people of this country.  

As a result, the Joint Chiefs have been under standing orders for the past five years to arrest the members of the Municipal Congress the moment they stray outside the Boundary Stones and place them under military custody arrest and take them to Fort Belvoir to be questioned and debriefed.  

The realities of the situation are to be explained to them and they are to be questioned to ascertain their knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding the nature of their own positions as political lobbyists masquerading as fiduciary deputies of our States of the Union and the details of the weaponization of the Federal Agencies and other matters of urgent importance.  

It it our further instruction that those who voluntarily accept the grave responsibility to actually act as Fiduciary Deputies in behalf of their States are to receive a new and binding contract to act in Good Faith under the Prudent Man Standard as Fiduciary Deputies of their home States and be taken to Philadelphia to conduct necessary business on an interim basis until Americans can be brought up to speed and new actual Public Elections can be held.  

Those who refuse are to be placed under formal arrest, charged with treason, inland piracy, and other crimes of state, transported off shore, and bound over for trial.  

It is to be anticipated that presented with the facts and the choices, most members of Congress will voluntarily come to heel, accept their actual intended jobs, and assist in restoring the lawful government owed to this country.  It is also to be expected that when thus cornered and trapped, some die-hard communist and anarchist elements will choose to die. 

It's all the same to us.  They are not being left in the dark or unfairly treated, but they are to be held to account. 

Meantime, in the background, we have conducted vast research --- and this is all volunteers, mind you --- to track down where all our purloined assets have been stashed offshore and in investment (slush) funds and asset bunkers all over the world.  We have also sorted through quite a large number of "legacy trusts" --- often fraudulently constructed estate trusts based on the Dead Baby Scam --- which have been illegally seized upon under the same False Legal Presumptions.  

As we have described it for you, our Foreign Federal Subcontractors, both Municipal and Territorial, have been conducting a "cold" mercenary war on our shores for the last 150 years, without our knowledge.  They have been deliberately misidentifying us and both sides have been claiming us as members of their bogus "armies" to facilitate various forms of fraud and other crimes against us ---- all aimed at conscripting us and confiscating our assets under color of law..  

Various scams and schemes have been employed by both sides to do this, and they have gotten away with it simply because nobody but those responsible for the crimes have known what they were doing.  This knowledge has been highly compartmentalized and sequestered on a "need to know" basis, with the result that even many high level people haven't had a clue as to what was really going on. 

Now we do know and now is the time to bring these matters forward for prompt and permanent resolution.  Both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States Corporations have been bankrupted or will be very shortly.  Most other "corporate governments" operating at the Territorial and Municipal levels worldwide will also be bankrupted as a result.  

This, if left unattended, would result in widespread government shut downs affecting all sorts of government services across the board.  Pensions and Public Assistance checks could not be paid, hospitals and fire stations would close, police and military units would have to function on a volunteer basis, and other violent disruptions would take place.  

Those who intended to be the receivers of these bankruptcies are crooks; they meant to let all this chaos, death, and destruction erupt, so that they would have far fewer creditors to pay off.  

We have a different plan.  

The United States of America ---- the Unincorporated Federation of States --- is alive and well.  We are the Priority Creditors and also the Presumed-to-Be Donors of all these Public Trusts.  We are putting the hammer down.  

This will result in the re-venue and lawful conversion of all the stolen and/or misdirected assets, the issuance of new currency, new banking laws, and new securities laws. The Financial Sector is due for radical reform, but not the kind of disruption the Enemies of Mankind have planned.  

In the days to come expect that new currency will be issued.  Some additional startling, but not threatening announcements, will be made, helping to direct and assure the continued services people need and depend upon, and begin the process of issuing long overdue Earned Credit to individuals and families and local communities.  

Instead of giving back your own money as a "welfare benefit" and parceling it out and making working families pay for it all, we are calling it for what it is --- your Earned National Credit being returned to you, that is, credit that is already paid for and owed to you.  

The Specific General Orders require the General Staff and the Joint Chiefs to assist in securing our hard assets which have been squirreled away all over the world.  If they continue to be insubordinate, they won't have a contract and they won't have money to operate.  If they cooperate and assist, they will enjoy the blessings intended for everyone including them, and they will have plenty of new and more pleasant work to do.  

So that's the bottom line.  This country is far, far from broke, and the same is true for most other countries throughout the world.  Those countries that need new infrastructure will have abundant resources to do what they need to do and access to communications, sanitation, organic agriculture, clean water, education, and beneficial technologies will vastly expand throughout the Third World.  


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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wall Street

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people hear "Wall Street" and they think of the glittering drama of the New York Stock Exchange, the great trading houses and securities companies, the "heart" of the New York Financial District.  

But do you know the history of Wall Street?  How the place got its name?  And what underlies it to this day?  


Slaves built New York City, tens of thousands of slaves, who were worked to death and whose bones, skulls, blood, and other remains were hauled out to the perimeter of the area under development and dumped into a ditch.  The ditch filled up, and then, this barrier of human remains and construction debris became a wall.  And the closest street to the wall?   Wall Street. 

It represents one of the "Seals" on Earth, because it was "sealed" in the blood of the innocent, just like the bones and blood on Bardsey Island, just like the bones and blood underlying Rome.  

All these places are grossly tainted with innocent blood. 

As you think about Wall Street from now on, do so with the understanding of what it is truly built on, and why that blights everything and distorts the natural flow of the Earth's magnetic field.  

People who have died at peace, full of years, well-loved, leave no such trace; theirs is a happy echo.  But those who have died in misery and distress, who have been abused and terrified--- that is a different story.  Their blood cries out to the Living God, the True God, our Father, the Creator.  

And their innocent blood calls down the Wrath of Heaven.  

Those who have caused this, of course, think that nobody has noticed and that nobody will answer the cries of the dead.  The time delay between when they commit these heinous acts and when Heaven answers, is such that they can't connect the two events.  

New York City has offended the True God in other ways as well, knowingly or unknowingly.  They have allowed the French Free Masons to place a statue -- an idol --- honoring Ashtoreth, The Great Abomination --- in New York Harbor, and they have passed this profane and foreign goddess off as "The Statue of Liberty" and deluded people into welcoming her under these False Pretenses. 

What this country stands for is freedom and truth, not lies and liberty.  

Liberty is what British sailors get when they reach port. 

Ashtoreth, the Great Abomination, ironically stands as the marker of the gateway of a country founded by pilgrims, and her promoters, sophists and hypocrites of the worst sort, claim that we are obligated by our commitment to freedom of conscience and religion to tolerate their anti-religion devoted to the Father of All Lies, and his Consort, the Great Harlot. 

This circumstance has painted a big bull's eye target on New York City, and as Jesus warned, "When you see the Great Abomination (a statue of Ashtoreth) standing where it should not stand....."  

The deceit involved, bamboozling innocent people into thinking that "The Statue of Liberty" is a good thing, and the general failure to recognize it as a profane and pagan idol, makes it all-but-impossible to correct. 

The pride and infamy of the members of Congress is another issue.  These men and women have pretended to be representatives of the people of this country, but in fact they have only been political lobbyists, mostly in the employ of special interests --- including political interests that despise this country and which seek to destroy it at every turn.  Because of their endless arrogance and self-importance, the prophecy of the Sycamores and the Cedars has been fulfilled. 

The labeling and witch hunting and defamation that the members of this  Congress  have indulged in, their character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, their heedless waste of public time and money, their lack of any kind of character or conscience, their deplorable Bad Example ---all stands as an affront.  

They have sought to destroy families and marriages, as they have hypocritically sought to destroy the reputations of innocent men for their own political ends,  and they think that there will be no retribution for this. 

They aren't sharp enough to catch the time delay between the Cause and the Effect.  So when they are disgraced and rubbed into the dirt, they still won't grasp why the house fell down on top of them. 

The Public Law makes it very clear that it is forbidden to "securitize" living flesh, so what do these Devotees of Satan do?  They concoct the entire Dead Baby Scam, pretend that our fetal afterbirth material was a "living person" and attach our names to it, so that they can create a phony infant decedent estate trust "in our names" and latch onto it for their own benefit.  

That's how they have "served" the people of this country.  By impersonating us.  By thieving from us.  By committing genocide on paper against us. By disgracing our good names.  By obstructing our trade. By stealing our credit.  By taxing us without any fiduciary responsibility. By jailing millions of Americans for profit. By running private corporate collection agencies "as" courts.  By disenfranchising at least half the population.  By fraud.  By lies.  By secretive deceit.  With all the weapons of Satan's arsenal, these zombies have committed every crime and act of treason possible; still, they think, "I am no widow....."  

They think nobody is watching, and that Heaven doesn't hear.  

But Heaven does hear and does see.  Not one hair is lost in all the Seven Seas.  Not one cry of pain or distress is unheard.   Not one drop of blood will go unanswered.  Not one.  


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The Time of God's Tears

By Anna Von Reitz

Do you know someone who lives under a dark cloud?   You know the kind of person I mean.  No matter what he or she does, it goes South.  They are constantly beset by misfortune.  

As hard as they try, and as good as their intentions are, nothing ever works out.  Their love life stinks.  Their careers tank.  They can never get ahead.  It's just one thing after another after another.  

Know anyone like that?  We all do. 

Well, strange to tell, they can be released for all of that this week, if they are willing to let go of the huge karmic debt load they are carrying.  

Demons see people like this and flock around them, taunting them in the spirit with all their griefs and misfortunes, seeking to drive them insane or to an early grave.  

We, our Earth, has entered a time period known as The Time of God's Tears, a time when God weeps for us, for our hard-heartedness, our stubborn pride, our cruelty, our greed, our predilection for every evil, and our refusal to repent. 

During this time, marauding gangs of Accusers are roaming the Earth seeking to pick off the weakest among us.  Imagine the kind of angry mob you see in newscasts, screaming and shouting angrily, shaking their fists and making their hatred and nastiness very clear.  Think of them clinging and clawing at you or someone you love.  

Those special people who are still carrying such terrible burdens anyway, are being especially tested and assaulted this week --- in effect, targeted.  Of course, I notice this and know it, but to me it is like observing the rain falling. Yes, yes, of course.... I take note, and hurry on---- but something happened tonight that spurred me to write about this.  

Pray for everyone you know who is in this perpetually unlucky category, pray for them to let go of their past --- which may be present in the form of anger, or despair or self-abuse or hopelessness.  Pray for them to be protected and upheld.   Pray for them to release their past.  Pronounce them innocent.  Hold up all that you know about them that is good about them: acts of generosity, acts of compassion, good intentions.  Whatever you can think of. 

This is the time to repent and to search your own hearts and to release your  burdens, which most of us are quietly doing; but it is also the time to pray for others less fortunate, those who need a friend, those who need an Intercessor, a Defender, someone who will stand in the way of the demons and declare the victim innocent.  

"Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be washed white as wool...." 

This washing is accomplished by tears of repentance and compassion. 

At this time, I wish to bring everyone's attention to The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.  

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted--- those words should stand out like a homing beacon in your minds and be a life raft for your souls. 

This is, indeed, a most difficult time--- but stand fast and unleash your hearts.  Declare each other innocent and stand like a shield between the demons and their prey.  

Those who mourn now and who repent and who release their sins and tears, will inherit the Beatitudes.     

This is the time to shed yourselves of your sins and your regrets, your griefs and your failures.  This is the time to open the floodgates of your soul and release all of that.  Let it go.  Let the misery of it all wash through you, until you are clean. 

We are at the end of that time and the grief of the death of our innocence.  A new time is come.  It is only right and natural for us to go through this cleansing, so that we, too, can be made new.  


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Status - Standing - Land Titles - Land Rights
How to Obtain and Defend Them.

Join the Meetings Live in Austin Texas,
or Remotely by Internet Webinar


Featured Presenters:
Anna von Reitz - Constitutional Enforcement
David Straight - Status and Standing
Ron Gibson - Land Patents, Allodial Title, and Land Rights

Day 1 - Thursday 26th
David Straight

Day 2 - Friday 27th
David Straight

Day 3 - Saturday 28th
Ron GibsonRegistration Options Days 1, 2, and 3  -  (Donation Required - $299, $595, $606)

Day 4 - Sunday 29th

Anna von Reitz
With guest speakers - Ron Gibson and David Straight
Registration Options Day 4  -  (Donations Encouraged but not Required)


Full Meeting Information:

Contact Info:
RB  -

Here is the pre-study part one PDF.

Get more information here:

Monday, September 16, 2019

Calling All Continental Marshals, Constitutional Sheriffs, and LEO's

By Anna Von Reitz

There will be a special meeting lasting three days in Austin, Texas.  Speakers will be David Straight from Oregon sharing what he has discovered about the Congress and its actions and other topics, Ron Gibson sharing his information about patents, and me bringing up the rear on Sunday with a Q and A about Enforcement of the Constitutions, Identities, Different Kinds of Law, Sea and Land Jurisdictions, Commissions, Pitfalls, and everything else you guys need to know. 

I have been trying to reach Bella Haywood, who inherited the organizational effort from Bruce Doucette --- without success.  If any of you have contact with her, please let her know that she is invited and we have limited funds available to cover her travel costs.  Bella has been unfairly demonized on a number of occasions and I would like to clear the air and fully explain the whole circumstance with all parties face to face. 

Please pass the word.  The details will be posted on my website, on the American States Assembly website, and in my Articles.  


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Identity Theft and Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

If you are an average American, you have been misidentified as a member of a religious cult that requires all its members and employees to "donate" their estates -- defined as "the net worth of a man or woman, alive or dead" -- to public trusts set up "in their names".  

Since you have the unlimited right to contract guaranteed by the Constitution  and since you also have guaranteed religious freedom, you can do any ridiculous thing you want to do with your estate --- and it is all considered "voluntary" and a "donation" ---- a "gift".   That is what "federal income taxes" are, too.  All your voluntary donations of your earnings are processed as "Gift and Estate Taxes".  

Because this is something that you are presumed to do as a religious choice, it is a private and civil matter, and doesn't fall under the heading of crime even though it is criminal. 

When you go into a court you need to very clearly state that you are the victim of organized crime and identity theft, that you have been misidentified as a Municipal "citizen of the United States" when you are in fact a State Citizen of The United States with a capital "T" on the "The" ---and you are here to collapse the presumed Public Trusts and Transmitting Utilities that have been attached to your estate and reassign all such property interests to your Proper Name standing under the protection of the unincorporated United States of America. 

I am not a member of the Federal Religious Cult and I never was.   

Thank you, very much, Mr. Prosecutor, for offering to administrate an estate trust that has no business existing, and as the presumed Original Issuer and Donor, I deny you any ability to exercise a position of trust related to me and I require the bonds posted in this case to be returned to me, right now. 

He had better have his checkbook ready, because the Judge isn't going to take responsibility for him. 

So put yourselves back in the driver seat and start pushing these vermin right off the checker board. 


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Look Upward

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been talking with a friend and I think he is right.  He's one of the survivors of the later Montauk Experiments and as always, for everyone, his sufferings have given him special insights.  

We undergo terrible traumas like 911 for two reasons.  On the bad side, there is an energy release that the Evil Ones crave, but on the good side, there is also an energy release that we crave ---- an emotional break-down that at least for a brief time creates a bond of unity and sharing.  

We have all seen this happen.  

New Yorkers who wouldn't have given each other the time of day on September 10th, were suddenly crying in each other's arms on September 11th, 2001.  

I have witnessed this many times in my life--- times when circumstance, usually terrible circumstance--- pushed people together in common cause, forced us to open up, and unleashed our hearts.  

The question then becomes --- why does it take some ghastly overwhelming circumstance --- a wild fire, an explosion, a war, a plane wreck, etc., to bring us together?  

My friend from Montauk maintains that it is because we don't look upward.  He says that everything on Earth is a matter of frequencies and that the frequencies emitted by the Heavens above us are not being received because our Pineal Glands are being chemically atrophied and because on top of that, we don't look up into the heavens.  

That is, our own natural receivers are being blocked biologically by pollutants, and then on top of it, our secondary sensor systems are failing because we don't consciously look up and take in the frequencies through our visual portals, either.  

I am a practical being down to my flat little feet.  And I am skeptical by nature as a wild dog.  For me, the proof is always in the pudding.  So, for the past several weeks, I have increased my sky-watching time.  

He's right.  

Sky-watching increases vibratory energy and insight.  It gently unleashes the heart in the same way as a catastrophe releases it, only more gradually.  By looking up, we download the messages of eternity and become aware of the global unity that we are missing otherwise.  

I was astonished by the way my viewpoint and "center of spiritual balance" shifted once I started doing this.  

To get a grasp of the effect --- imagine tossing a bag of popcorn up into the air, all the fluffy kernels of popped corn going in every direction, right?  But now imagine all those scattered puffs being pulled back together into a popcorn ball.....and you will have a visual representation of what this practice does to the scattered, unfocused emotional energy that we fritter away and block otherwise. 

Looking up at the sky unblocks your heart and collects together your emotional center at the same time.  This empowers you.  It gives you back your sense of unity with the Earth and Cosmos and Fellow Living Beings and does it faster than anything else I have ever tried.  Suddenly, we don't need a disaster to unblock the flow and reconnect.  We just use our eyes to see.  

So look upward.  Try it for yourself.  If you have ever been in a disaster or otherwise in fear for your life and had to depend on other people, you will recognize the sensation as a gentler version of the same uniting energy, one that you can access every day without any trauma or drama.  


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