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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

India Kills 22 Million Girl Babies in Sex-Selection Abortions, Where are the Feminists?

Hot Topics -- Q and A

 By Anna Von Reitz

Topic 1:
Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 invoked in 2001?
The Magna Carta is often pointed at as the ultimate source of both British and American private property and sovereignty claims, but this is a mistake akin to thinking that your Natural and Unalienable Rights come from the Constitution, when in fact, all the constitutional guarantees do is to guarantee rights you already have. In the same way, the Magna Carta is a reaffirmation of sovereignty rights that resulted from The Settlement of the Norman Conquest 128 years prior to the Magna Carta. It was at that point that the Norman Barons became "sovereigns in their own right" on the lands that William ceded to them in England. And it was through them, ultimately, that the average people of both England and America claimed individual sovereignty. It's a long story, and told elsewhere, but briefly, it was that beachhead into destroying "the" Monarchy in England that led to the Norman in England operating as sovereigns, and five centuries later, it was that same thread that led to those born on American soil being "granted" their sovereignty in the same way that the Norman Barons received their sovereignty from William the Conqueror.
Question 1:What if anything does this have to do with everything. Someone said to us that We do not need to correct our status due to this. Personally I personally do not perceive that to be the case whatsoever. Interested in your explanation.
We have been misidentified on an individual basis by our Public Employees. We were initially identified as wards of the U.S. Army and the British Territorial Government and "deemed to be" U.S. Citizens via the Live Birth Registration Process, and after 1933, were additionally saddled with the Municipal citizenship as "citizens of the United States" too. If anyone is still foolish enough to believe that they can act as Americans and enjoy the freedoms and constitutional guarantees owed to Americans without bothering to correct those registrations, they are not to be believed or followed.
This is the same path (not correcting status) that the Colorado Nine and numerous other patriots have followed straight into District Government jails.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is either: (1) ignorant or (2) deliberately enslaving you.
Topic 2: Article III Courts?
There are no functioning Article III Courts --- only Article I Courts. This has been affirmed numerous times by Federal Judges. The actual United States Courts created by Article III were operated by the Federal Republic, which has been "out to lunch" since 1861. What remains are the Article I Administrative Courts set up the Territorial and Municipal "Congresses" ---- I have tried to explain this to Knothead Ron in Oregon on several occasions, but he persists in believing that Article III Courts MUST exist somewhere, even long after I have told him why they are not available at this time and won't be until after we get our act together and finish the long-delayed Reconstruction.
Question 2:A Man who goes by KL who has apparently worked with you at some point said that you do not consider or recognize Article III Courts. Is this the case and if so what do you consider the Land or Common Law Courts to be identified as?
The courts that the American people are searching for are American courts, functioning under American Common Law.
Unfortunately, we haven't, generally speaking, been providing ourselves with such courts since the 1960's and it is our responsibility to do so.
Article III Courts arise under the Federal Constitution, therefore are international courts and don't have a thing to do with the living people. All Federal Courts are "courts of strictly limited jurisdiction" and as I have also told everyone dozens of times, there are no living people in international jurisdiction. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.
There are only "persons" in international jurisdiction, whether on the land or at sea. Everyone functioning in international jurisdiction is "dead" --- and functioning as a business or corporation or as an officer thereof and occupying an "office of personhood". No people at all. Even on the Land Jurisdiction, you are functioning as a "Lawful Person".
So this entire Snipe Hunt searching for Article III Courts is in my view, pointless. What is it that all these people wish to settle in these Article III Courts? Beer licenses? Disputes over Federal Right of Ways? You see, people think that these Article III Courts (which haven't functioned in 160 years) are the Missing Piece that is needed for them to bring forward their complaints against the Federal Government, but that simply is not true.
Article III Courts are just as strictly limited as all other Federal Courts are strictly limited. No. The Missing Piece that people need --- their access to justice, lies in our own American Courts, which are supposed to be in operation, but which have mostly been vacated since the 1960's.
I will tell you very bluntly what I told the Colorado Nine. All those courts that you see in operation are foreign courts. Foreign. They should not be addressing us at all, and they are only doing so by registering us as foreign Federal citizens and using unconscionable contracts to do so.
The only American Courts in operation at this time are: (1) individual Courts of Record; (2) a few County Courts, sporadically invoked, (4) a few State Trust Courts that have been inhabited since 1998. We desperately need to train our people to operate their own courts and understand their own Public Law.
The Public Law consists of the Four Organic Laws, United States Statutes-at-Large (Unrevised), and the Ten Commandments. Period. That's it. It's not a huge compendium of law, but it covers all the bases.
Question 2a:
Are we assembling to re-establish the Article III Courts?
That is one goal among many.
Topic 3:The Declarations according to T-ROH.
There are actually three (3) "Declarations of Independence". They have different names and apply to different jurisdictions. So what? What T-ROH is bringing forward is more misunderstood detritus from the corporations.
These people have no real grasp of law or history, so they are constantly misinterpreting everything they see.
They are dealing with "District Government" "as if" it were ever the States of the Union, and it's not. Never was. They are misinterpreting the meaning of the 1864 change in the definition of "state" as if it affected our States of the Union, but those actions self-evidently apply to the Municipal "states" ---- note the use of Roman Civil Law naming conventions? This is one of the keys to their basic misunderstandings.
And the fact that they are not being recognized and not being taken seriously by anyone who knows law and history, is the result of their constant misinterpretation of both law and history.
It's not that I disagree with their stated desire to restore the Confederation --- but how can they do that if they are so completely ignorant that they don't even realize and admit that the "States of the Confederation" or, as they are known, "the Confederate States" ---- are in fact American States-of-States operated by the States of America, and are not the States of the Union and are not under the auspices (except by delegation) of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America?
I have been all over the world. I have "treated" with the highest courts on Earth. I have discussed all these matters ad infinitum with the greatest among the great historians. I have bearded the Pope in his den. I have absolutely no reason to see T-ROH as legitimate and nobody else who knows anything much does either. And it is because these people are ignorant. They lack the skill and insight to be able to sort apples from oranges, States from states and States of States.
And meanwhile, we have already done what they are trying to do at this late date. Our effort began in 1998, a full eighteen years before they did anything to assemble the States of the Union. We have overcome the registration of the American People, developed the correct legal and lawful processes to re-instate them as Americans, invoked the remaining competent Summoning Authority, assembled the properly declared people into their State Assemblies, and have all fifty States in operation. This is the necessary starting point to begin the process of Reconstruction that will restore the Confederate State of State organizations and the Federal Republic.
T-ROH like many other "patriot organizations" -- or at least many of the rank and file members of the T-ROH -- appear to mean well, but they simply don't know what they are doing.
As another example, they don't see any reason to for people who have been misidentified and registered as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States, both, to take any corrective action to declare and record their birthright political status BEFORE they assemble.
As a result, their would-be Assemblies are disqualified from being considered valid State Assemblies from the get-go. They can work and plan and claim and be damned, because no matter what you do, straw is still straw, sticks are still sticks, and bricks are still bricks ---- and the results of building with each material has a unique result. By qualifying all our Assembly Members as people who have declared and recorded their political status as Americans, we have already built the "House of Bricks" in this scenario and have established the State Assemblies.
Any other organization coming along behind us, like T-ROH, trying to front an organization of mish-mashed Federal Citizens "as" a State Assembly representing a State of the Union, is going to be laughed at, at best---- and at worst, all their members could be considered "rebels" and "insurrectionists" and be arrested as such.
For all these reasons, I continue to urge people to correct their political status records so that they are recognizable as Americans, and I continue to tell them to join their properly defined and organized State Assembly --- available by going to:
All this work is far too important to bungle it.
Finally, if all the things that T-ROH believed were true, then it would be T-ROH accomplishing all the things that our American State Assemblies have already accomplished. It would be T-ROH enabled to lawfully enroll the Western States as members of the Union --- which we already did. It would be T-ROH in receipt of all the Labor Bonds issued on Americans since 1921. It would be T-ROH receiving the gold and silver back, instead of our organization.
And the reason that T-ROH has never and will never be able to do any of this, is not because we have some "insider pull". I can assure you that the Vatican didn't want to give up all the American bonds. I can assure you that DTCC didn't want to yield the records. I can assure you that it was a long, tough, ugly fight for five years to nail down and receive back our gold, silver, and other precious metal assets.
The reason that T-ROH has not been able to do this, or even aware enough to do this, is because the people involved in the leadership of T-ROH can't even read and rightly interpret the meaning of the records and documents that they are depending upon.
Question 3:Your thoughts on this video?
You more than likely have seen this and know more than what is on here; however, I wanted to share it.. I thought it was really well done. Is there anything important you see that could be missing in this detailed PDF.
Many of the comments made about T-ROH above also apply to Lee Brobst's work. He was correct that our actual government was largely vacated, but then, he mistook various iterations of incorporated versions of "U.S.A." as the actual government. You have to learn the whole history, all the way back, and learn how to identify all the Interested Parties, and learn how the names of things are styled and so much more before you are truly competent to sort this whole mess out, that many early efforts like Lee's were ham-strung for lack of that kind of knowledge.
While bringing forward important --- and in his case, very important --- insights, those insights had yet to be put into proper context, and it is only by putting things into their proper context that you can finally perceive the truth.
All these many years since Lee first penned this work, we have continued to make progress and piece together the rest of the story and all the other puzzle pieces, a process that has required great patience and great integrity on the part of many people both in America and worldwide.
Our desire isn't to get into a "psssing match" with any of the other organizations, we don't like name-calling or gossip, or any fighting at all. We are peaceable and honorable --- but at the end of the day, someone is always right and someone has always missed the mark, and the proof is in the pudding.
We did our homework and Notices and Due Process for eighteen years before T-ROH even got started. That is why our Assemblies are valid and theirs are not. That's why we are garnering the recognition and they are not. Our claims pre-date theirs, and that is another reason for our success. It just goes on and on.
Everyone concerned including the members of T-ROH would be better off, just admitting what is actually true, and coming home---- declaring and recording their status as Americans, joining their State Assembly, and restoring the broken part of our government and court system.

We need every American to come home, do the drill to correct their political status, and inherit their country back after 158 years of chaos. That includes the members of T-ROH and all the other Americans who are wandering around still "lost at sea" and trying frantically to hop down all the rabbit holes and make sense of it all.


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