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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Questions from Oregon --- and Answers

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Belchers came over from England in 1608 and began building Boston, especially the Old South Church which still stands.  They served as ministers there for 200 years. 

They were key members of the entire process leading up to the Revolution and served in the Continental Army.  Some members were Tories, like Governor Jonathan Belcher who founded Princeton University, and others were Patriots, like our ancestor, William Belcher, a Colonel from Connecticut who fought in the Battle of White Plains and other notable fights. 

As explained numerous times, "Belcher" is an Anglicization of "Belle Cher" which is a Norman French Clan Name, not a Surname at all.  Similar to the Scottish and Irish Clans, the Chieftain is simply called "The" Belle Cher.  

Jim is a direct lineal descendant of William Belcher, the Colonel from Connecticut who served with George Washington, and who later shared his "sovereignty in his own right" acquired from William the Conqueror with all the members of the Continental Army and all Americans born on our soil forever after. 

So, every American is a king or queen, equal to William Belcher or any other Heir of the Norman Conquest. 

William also issued the flag and Great Seals in his sovereign capacity, so the Great Seals are ours and every ship that has ever sailed under them technically belongs to us. 

As part of the effort to organize there were three authorities established that can call the States into Session --- a quorum of nine States, or the President, or the Head of State. 

In 2019 there was only one State left in Session, no President elected since the 1870s, and that left it down to Jim to act as Head of State.  He didn't want to do it, but, considering the condition that this country is in.... 

Here we are, whether we want to be or not. 

I explained one more time why it is not possible or desirable for any separate group calling itself a "Jural Assembly" to form apart from the already pre-existing Oregon Assembly.  There is only one Assembly in each State and the Jural Assembly is a subset of the General Assembly.  The Jury Pool for the Jural Assembly is drawn from the General Assembly Membership.

If it were otherwise we'd have two dozen "Jural Assemblies" out in the bushes acting as vigilantes and pretending to represent the whole State, and wholly without reference to the actual government of the State, which is embodied by The Oregon Assembly, that is, the General Assembly.  

Where Ron and Company got the idea that a "Jural Assembly" was the defining factor establishing a State Government, I do not know; I suspect that they were misled in that assumption by a group formed in Michigan that was inspired by General Douglas MacArthur.  

It is important to note that military districts and their governments are formed and operated in a totally different manner than civilian governments, which is likely the root cause of this dispute.  General MacArthur left them instructions for setting up a military government, that is, a military district government, which they have mistaken as instructions for a civilian government.  That confusion has been exacerbated by the District Government "Assemblies" which already exist and which should be called "Societies" in this country.  

We have been under military occupation by our own Army since 1863 so people have become familiar with such oxymorons as "the Fourth District Assembly Seat" and thinking that it refers to a civilian government office when it doesn't.  Whenever you see the word "District" it refers to the District of Columbia and the foreign military district government that was superimposed over our civilian government in the wake of the Civil War.  

So yes, people are confused, and they have a right to be.  They should not be rounded up and sentenced to thirty-plus years in jail simply because they are confused, but as the hard experience of The Colorado Nine has demonstrated, that can be the outcome.  Early on, those men were working with me to set up a civilian government for Colorado, but they got confused just as Ron is confused, and gave the appearance of setting up a hostile military government instead.  

Would any Army of Occupation endure having a different military government set up within the territory they are defending?  That's the presumption The Colorado Nine were tried under and that's why they all got such extraordinarily severe sentences from the court.  

And yes, I do consider the members of Ron's group to be in danger and to the extent that any of them have joined the actual Assembly while continuing to operate a separate "Jural Assembly" outside of the actual Assembly auspices, they are endangering the whole works. 

That's why as of last night I have drawn the line and made it very clear to the authorities who are questioning me about this, that the Jural Assembly that is an endemic part of The Oregon Assembly, is not related to Ron's group.  He has gone off on a tangent and is trying to operate a separate Jural Assembly and Jury Pool, etc., that is not drawn from The Oregon Assembly's General Assembly membership and not operating under the auspices of the General Assembly.  

That distinction has to be drawn because one group, The Oregon Assembly, is organized lawfully as a civilian government,  and the other, Ron's group, is not.  

If push comes to shove, and I hope it does not, the members of The Oregon Assembly who have kept their noses clean and out of Ron's group, won't be arrested. 
People should not be arrested and charged with crimes just because they are confused in the midst of a confusing situation, but that has already happened more than once in this country, so it is best to leave no question about what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it.  

I have had some "not so nice" questions from Oregon, too, so I will answer those also.

About my "Blood Oath" --- every Christian who takes Communion takes a "blood oath".  Everyone who acts as a Parishioner acts as an Officer of the Church. There is so much that you have all been left in the dark about, and so much that you haven't even bothered to think about, that I hardly know where to begin educating you about your own history or the law or in this case, religion.  You don't even know what "Communion" represents, but you are all out there on Sunday nonetheless. 

If you are questioning my "blood oath" you are most likely unaware of your own, and that strikes me as something more than a tragedy--- because you then have no idea of the depth of the commitment you have made to Yeshuah and can't be counted on to honor that commitment, either.  I suppose that this one basic ignorance accounts for much of the coffee-klatsch atmosphere found in the modern church and the superficiality of its "fellowship" and the fact that all these churches thoughtlessly fell in line like ducks and agreed to incorporate themselves as franchises of a pagan commercial corporation.  

I left the Evangelical Lutheran Church and I am a better Follower of Yeshuah than I have ever been, because my "communion" with him takes place every day as I eat and drink and remember him, as I extend love to his memory and his teaching, and as I make a home for him in my heart.  Yes, I keep my "blood oath" to him, in my own quiet way, because my blood is his blood and his blood is mine: we are the same, conjoined by love, and I have no mistaken delusion about how deep that commitment on my part has to be, because ever before me is his commitment to me.  

Let those who read these words and who consider themselves to be "Christians" take heed.  If you question my blood oath and are unaware of your own, you are dabbling in something that requires the utmost commitment.  Like a child, you are using words without knowing their meaning.  You need to get serious and examine the status of your heart and soul, not just your political status. 

Let me also make it clear that my husband was never convicted of molesting anyone.  

A Municipal CORPORATION named after him was convicted without a shred of evidence, because all such CORPORATIONS are pre-judged as guilty until proven innocent.  There was no evidence of a crime so by definition no means to prove innocence. It would have been his word against hers, with a judgement already entered against HIM.  My husband never admitted to any crime.  He never argued.  He stood apart as a man should stand apart when a Legal Fiction confronts him, and in due time, his Accuser grew up, admitted that she lied, and repented of it with tears.  She perjured herself in a foreign system of law and all we would accomplish by reopening the issue would be to send her to jail for perjury under the same False Presumptions.  

So in order to clear the bad name of a foreign Municipal CORPORATION, a THING that doesn't even exist, my husband would have to send his sickly daughter to jail? 

More injustice heaped on injustice causes nothing to be right. 

If anyone has any difficulty understanding anything I have said, they need to go back and review what I have exposed about the "justice" system in this country, how it operates, the presumptions of the Municipal COURT System, and what they will face themselves at the hands of both the Municipal and Territorial courts.  

Fond greetings, Anna,


I have some questions, and I think others might be interested in learning the answers to them as well.  I sent them to Teri in hopes they would be asked and answered tonight, but instead learned a lot about some other very interesting things.  Thank you, Anna!


Anyway, here are my questions:



The Oregon Assembly has sent a “Notice and Declaration Regarding Unlawful Exercise of Right of Distraint or Levy” [PDF below] to various de facto Trustees (Guardians?) on behalf of all Oregon Assembly members. The Assembly is recommending that each member of the Assembly send their individual Notice to those same Trustees as well as Trustees for birth states other than Oregon.


Would you please explain more about the purpose of the document and the necessity of individually sending it to Trustees who have already received the Assembly’s Notice?



1.  What role did James Belcher’s family play in the founding of our nation?

2.  Where does James Belcher’s title “Head of State” originate and is there documentation supporting his claim?

3.  By what right or process are 900 people able to claim they are fiduciaries of The United States of America?



You have suggested that we Oregonians disavow any relationship with Robert (Bobby) Graves due to possible “crimes of transgression he has been committing”. 


1.  Do you still regard Oregon Assembly members to be at risk?

2.  Is a disavowal accomplished in an email or in a notice to the Oregon State Assembly or to the Federation or to whom?


Thank you, Anna, and many many blessings to you and your family.  


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Re: *** a response to Anna's reply.***Re: An update.

 By Anna Von Reitz


You summed up the problem in the first few sentences, Ron.  

You don't care about facts or law.  You only appear to do so.  You pick and choose whatever seems to support your indoctrination and ignore everything else that is staring you in the face.  I have referred you to the copious citations provided in my books and articles and given you my sources, but you proudly declare, in essence, that you 'don't need no Legal Dictionary'. 

Well, it's your life.  

I have given you and your Pals a Cease and Desist Notice and drawn a strict line between your "group" and The Oregon Assembly. 

I gave you the Cease and Desist for your own sakes, because I don't want to see more good people go to jail like The Colorado Nine did.  

They were friends, I tried to save them what they have suffered, but like you, they wouldn't listen to any information that wasn't already in their Public School indoctrination. 

Let it be a matter of Record that the so-called Oregon Jural Assembly is not associated with The Oregon Assembly and its lawful State Jural Assembly.  

Despite the perhaps deliberately similar names, these are two different groups, and I do not want our people harmed by or implicated in anything you are now doing. 


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