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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Granna's Bites series on Youtube from Anna Von Reitz

 1. The government. How it was and how it is, Granna's Bites #1

2. Jurisdictions, what and where they are, Granna's Bites #2


3. How it all fits together, Granna's Bites #3

4. The United States, Granna's Bites #4

The Old Guard Never Got It and Likely Never Will

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many "patriots" out there who have spent their entire lives under a set of completely incorrect assumptions -- which is why, apart from plain thuggishness on the part of their adversaries,
it's so hard to get anywhere. 

Edwin Viera, a brilliant lawyer, unable to gain traction against the corruption of his own profession, Devvy Kidd, who has no idea how many different kinds of Judges and Justices there are in this system calling me a "fake Judge" because I am not a Bar Attorney, and Ron Vrooman thinking that he is leading Oregon home when he never arrived himself, and so it goes, on and on and on. 

Having established that yes, there is a problem, nobody stands still long enough to look at the Big Picture to determine the scope of the problem, the age of the problem, or the complexity of the problem.  They all just take off on a tangent and start whumping at each other and everything else. 

One of the chief problems is that most of these gurus think that we, the American people, stand under the Constitutions.  And we don't. 
We stand under The Declaration of Independence.  

Another problem is that they don't realize where they are in terms of their personal records and political status, so they never bother to correct anything.  All they do is wade in and slug, slug, slug ---while remaining in a political capacity that makes them sitting ducks. 

See Stewart Rhodes, Tim Turner, the Colorado Nine and a host of others including all the January 6 Defendants. 

A third major problem is that Patriot Gurus habitually identify the wrong problems and waste time trying to solve things that don't actually need to be solved.  Case in point, Devvy Kidd griping about the Bad Courts dismissing cases and demanding that parties have standing with regard to an issue before they can prosecute claims and take other actions. 

As smart as this woman seems, does it make sense that someone who has no dog in the fight should complain about things they have no actual interest in?  Should I be able to gripe about and sue for damages related to someone else's property?  Hello?
That's what the "standing" requirement is all about.  

Maybe if she'd listen long enough Devvy would learn that she doesn't own DEVVY KIDD, and that's why she has no standing to complain about harm done to DEVVY KIDD. And no reason to defend DEVVY KIDD, either.  

John Daresh and the National Liberty Alliance are the same way. Beautiful wonderful work on Common Law, magnificent writs, endless effort.  No clue.  Won't listen. 

Rod Class, love him to death, addicted to Federal Code, doesn't know that the Municipal Government is a separate and foreign plenary oligarchy. Clif High got that right, but apparently doesn't know about the Territorial Government and thinks the Municipal Government is generally under Federal Code --- which it's not.  

I'm not blaming them.  I am not insulting their skills or their hearts or their intelligence.  I'm just observing that until we form a common basis of reliable knowledge -- a reliable Mind Map of the history and law and jurisdictions and treaties and contracts involved as well as knowing the identities of the parties --  everyone is just chasing around like rats in a maze, bumping into each other and adding to the confusion.  

A fourth Big Obstacle is that many of the Old Guard expend all their time and energy learning Federal Code and trying to use Federal Code--- and average Americans don't stand under Federal Code.  It's foreign private corporate law that has nothing whatsoever to do with Joe Average.  Please stop. 

It's very impressive that you can recite chapter and verse, but what does that matter, if it doesn't apply to you?  The only reason to learn Federal Code is to be able to put it under Federal official's noses to prove to them what they are supposed to do, and usually aren't doing. 

A fifth problem with our Patriot community is that our people constantly address the wrong courts.  They address in-State Courts about Federal issues and Federal Courts about in-State issues and often bungle up with the County Courts as well.  The bottom line is that all these courts are foreign with respect to average Americans and shouldn't be addressing Joe Average at all.    

A sixth problem is that our people constantly offer to contact with these foreign agencies and courts --- unknowingly.  

Did you know, for example, that you grant their courts jurisdiction simply by walking through the door?  You'd better be prepared to plainly say that you are not there to contract with them and are not crossing the bar to engage them,  if you wish to retain jurisdictional claims. 

And that leads into the seventh problem --- not knowing what jurisdiction these courts are operating in. There are only three jurisdictions that these courts represent--- private Administrative Law of the corporations, Maritime Law (Contract Law), and Admiralty Law, but patriots persist in trying to practice other kinds of law in these courts without success -- then wonder why? 

Well, what happens if you try to play golf on a checkerboard?  

All this results in an insurmountable communication SNAFU.

None of us know what we don't know, but we need to listen until we do know what we do know. 

Oftentimes when the Old Guard is faced with new or different information, they dig in.  They plant their feet like Army mules.  They go on and on under wrong assumptions. They get nowhere and then they blame whoever tried to help them.  Me, for example. 

It has been twenty years of this, and more. 

That's why I am doing the Granna Bites series on YouTube to physically bring people through the maze of names and history. When I am through everyone will have the common knowledge base needed to sort through things for themselves. 


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Montana Take Action to Stop SJ 2 the Con-Con

ACT NOW: Members of the Montana Legislature are seeking to pass a resolution applying to Congress to “call a Convention for proposing Amendments,” under Article V of the Constitution, otherwise known as a constitutional convention (Con-Con) or “convention of the states,” as some erroneously refer to it.

Senate Joint Resolution No. 2 (SJ 2) follows the wording of Mark Meckler’s Convention of States (COS) Project application, urging Congress to call a convention to propose amendments “that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.”

This vaguely-worded resolution claims that a convention would somehow be “limited to” the mentioned topics, and it also gives a list of “reservations, understandings, and declarations” that seek to convince legislators that a convention will not get out of control. In reality, any convention could lead to a runaway convention that would reverse many of the Constitution’s limitations on government power and interference. In other words, a Con-Con could accomplish the same goals that many of its advocates claim to be fighting against. As evidence, a 2016 Convention of States (COS) controlled simulation resulted in amendments massively increasing the federal government and expanding its spending powers.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia understood the danger of a constitutional convention. While he voiced support for one at a 1979 event, the justice had reversed his opinion by 2014 due to the uncertainty of what could come out of it. In 2015, Scalia reiterated his opposition to an Article V convention, stating “this is not a good century to write a constitution.”

On December 9, 2021, U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), warning against a Con-Con, tweeted:

Show me a single state where Constitutionalists comprise a majority of the state legislature.

At this point in history, an Article V Convention of the States would be a disaster.

An Article V constitutional convention is unnecessary to protect individual liberty and limit the size and scope of government. If anything, a constitutional convention would more than likely undermine those protections and increase the size and scope of the federal government rather than impose any meaningful limitations on its jurisdiction, as the resolution purportedly seeks to accomplish. The massive expansion of government and growing infringements on our liberties are not because of “problems” or “flaws” with the Constitution, but rather due to misinterpretation, wrongful application, or lack of enforcement altogether. If applied faithfully and accurately, in accordance with its original meaning, at least 80 percent of the federal government’s programs would likely be found unconstitutional. This fact negates any reason for convening an Article V convention today. The correct solution is constitutional enforcement, not a constitutional convention.

Rather than passing Article V convention applications, which risk a runaway convention threatening our God-given rights and individual liberty, the Legislature should consider Article VI and nullify unconstitutional laws.

Furthermore, state lawmakers should also consider rescinding any and all previously passed Article V convention applications to Congress, regardless of the desired amendment(s). Passing rescission resolutions will help prevent aggregating past Article V convention applications with those from other states to force Congress to call a convention.

Above all, urge your state representative and senator to oppose SJ 2, and all other pro-Article V convention resolutions and to instead consider nullification as a safe and constitutional means to limit government.

Click this link to contact your state legislators in session now!