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Friday, May 24, 2024

Yes, It’s True

 By Anna Von Reitz

Washington, DC, is a ghost town.  Most of the big “government buildings” are closed and boarded up. 

Some have been that way since 2009 when the Federal Reserve System was bankrupted.  Some, like the “FBI Headquarters” that is the subject of this video clip have been shut down since 2015 when the UNITED STATES, INC. was bankrupted:

Many of the names of offices, departments, and agencies have been subtly changed and addresses have changed.  Cartel-like business umbrella corporations like “the United States Government” have been busted up. 

You must be prepared for this reality.  The picture of Washington, DC, that you probably remember as a bustling international capitol is gone and has been gone for a long time. 

Part of what the January 6th Visitors saw was the actual condition of the city and nobody from inside the Beltway wanted that image brought home. 


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How I Became Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me many questions that all have answers, some of which I have never considered until someone asked.  

Someone recently asked how I just seem to know and see and comment on all this corruption so effortlessly, which made me sit back on my heels and consider how that is.  

Of course, as far as the law and history goes, that is a matter of study and observation, but there is something else that I have commented on a few times that I need to emphasize. 

The reason that I see corruption so easily is that I am aligned with the truth--- and I became aligned with the truth because of a single incident and a simple daily exercise that resulted from it. 

I had a housemate in my early working life who came home one day and asked how I was?  

I said, "Fine." and was starting to turn away and go on about my business, when he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "No, I mean it. I really want to know how you are!"

I was shocked. I stared at him.  He stared at me. How many times do we all do this?  Just gloss things over. Shoulder our burdens or hide our joys, and just say, "Fine." and soldier on?  

Over time, there is nothing but the "gloss" left. Our lack of genuine communication with others alienates us until we are alone in a roomful of strangers. 

That was the beginning and it was like a seed of something in my soul, just a very dim little light, but a light nonetheless, and I didn't forget it. 

A few years later I caught myself lying about stupid little things --- nothing serious, to be sure, but lots of little "glosses" and meaningless prevarication over things I didn't even "have to" lie about. 

Things like saying you were late because you had to pick the kids up from school, when actually you were stuck in line at the Post Office. 

These kinds of meaningless lies are shockingly easy to fall into, especially in social situations where "political correctness" is in play. 

You know what a group of people are like. You know what they want you to say and the attitudes they want you to have, so rather than fight over your actual opinions or share what you really think and shock everyone, you lie. You gloss it. You side-step. 

You tell your conscience that it's not worth a big fight or that it's pointless to shock the group, but as time goes on all the glib responses take a toll on you that you probably don't even notice at the time.  

There is the alienation and loneliness that comes from isolating yourself behind half-truths and meaningless or untrue responses, but even more than that, if you continue this slide into Hokumville, you gradually lose sight of the truth.  

Your Shinola Sensor gets desensitized.  Everything appears to be relative. 

Until you wake up one day knowing that life isn't relative.  That there are absolutes.  

After years of this pandering and evasion, you hardly feel like you are alive anymore, because you are surrounded with such an accretion of casual lies and half-truths adopted as a defense mechanism, that even you don't know who you are. 

You've become someone else's opinion, for lack of truthfully expressing your own and you've become a grey man in a grey world as a result of casual, chronic "social" lying.  

I started really watching myself and stopping when I caught myself saying something inaccurate. I stopped glossing things over.  I stopped giving non-answers.  

The more truthful you are with yourself and others, the more that the corruption and falsehood of the man-created world jumps out at you, as if by comparison to some unseen standard. 

Stopping the habit of petty lying and glossing things over, is how I developed my Shinola Sensor.

Truth is very exact. You can feel it. Once you become sensitive to it, it's like an old friend. 

So the first step I took toward an extraordinary life was simply having the courage to not lie anymore, about anything, to anyone. And then disciplining myself accordingly. 

That all by itself changed my life and changed me for the better. It has allowed me to sleep at night through every sort of challenge and given me strength beyond any strength I thought I had --- and though I observed this, I didn't understand how extremely important this change was until later. 

Another name for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  When you align with the simple truth of your daily life, you are actually aligning with all truth, everywhere, at all times, and the Spirit of Truth comes into your heart and mind.  

Who knew that simply saying, "I'm under the weather today." and being honest about it, could change your world?  

That saying, "I'm late. I overslept. I'm sorry." instead of making up some excuse, could free your soul? 

Take up the challenge to weed all the little lies out of your communications and out of your life.  You'll be amazed by what happens. 


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Thursday, May 23, 2024

International Public Notice: The Rump Congress Kingdom of the Dead

 By Anna Von Reitz

We shall attempt to put this as plainly as possible for Americans and for everyone else. 

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was deceitfully put forward for election as "a" President, not The President of this country.  

People were deceived by the substitution and elected a "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Municipal Corporation, instead of electing The President of  The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, nor even as President of our American Subcontractor, the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic.   

Thus, Lincoln was elected under False Pretenses and under conditions of purposeful non-disclosure and semantic deceit--- and fraud.  

He could not be elected as actual President of the Federation nor could he be elected as President of our Federal Republic.  His position as a Bar Attorney precluded and prohibited him from occupying either one of these American Government Offices.  

British Territorial U.S. Citizens cannot serve as President of our Federation of States because they are Foreign Citizens.  And the Titles of Nobility Amendment added to The Constitution for the united States of America (1787) specifically prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any office in the Federal Republic.  

So there is only one presidential office that Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, could occupy -- and that is, President of the United States of America, Incorporated. 

By this simple trick of misrepresenting which office of President was up for election and which version of "United States of America" was being referenced -- incorporated or unincorporated -- Lincoln, an Operative of the British Territorial Government, usurped upon the people of this country and their government and illegally, unlawfully, and immorally seized upon the powers and authorities of our Public Offices while operating in a foreign and private capacity. 

When the Delegates of the Southern States of States walked out there was no longer a quorum to conduct business for both the Confederation and the Federal Republic run by the Confederation. 

Lincoln waited a few days and then appointed people to serve on the Rump Congress -- a mish-mash of actual elected delegates from the Northern States-of-States and others appointed by Lincoln, an action never authorized by the people of this country and a power never vouchsafed by them to any President. 

The Rump Congress now undertook a number of immediate actions, among them, the Homestead Act, giving away land assets that never belonged to them and were not theirs to distribute. They also set up a system of Land Grant Universities supported by large land endowments given away to them.  They also gave 30,000 acres of the State's own land to them as an endowment --- and by this sleight of hand, pretended to pay the victims with their own resources. 

All that took place in 1862, but a much more important piece of the planned British fraud scheme was quietly finessed through the Rump Congress. 
The word "person" was redefined to mean "corporation".  

All the various words and terms that we wrongly associate with living people were thus prepared to support the much greater theft and personage scheme. 

Unknown to us, a "natural person" is a corpse; a "human being" is an indentured servant temporarily deprived of their character as a living man; an "individual" is a corporation, and so is a "person" a corporation, and even the misunderstood word, "sovereign" is never in reference to a living man, but rather about a condition of authority in office. 

Also, unknown to us, but known to our ancestors, a Bar Attorney is a Clerk in the Admiralty, a minor British Naval Officer concerned with the movement and taxation of cargo and rated as an Esquire in the British Civil Service.  

All this was being undertaken by the Rump Congress, distorted and hidden by the chaos of the mercenary conflict, directed by Bar Attorneys, who had no business associating themselves with our government at all -- much less pretending to be our Presidents and Congressional Delegates. 

1862 prepared the ground for The Great Fraud and the rampant personage and barratry crimes that would be inflicted by Rome and London for a century and a half afterward. 

Thanks to these illegal, immoral, and unlawful acts undertaken under conditions of deliberate deceit, treason, and usurpation, millions of acres of our land were used as payola and to pay British debts and to wrongfully bring American land under the British Title and Trust System.  

And just as the Brits were required to live their lives as either Indentured Servants or as Slaves in the British-Roman Caste System --- that is, as legally "dead" people, the groundwork was laid to do the same thing to millions upon millions of Americans. 

It comes as a shock to living people when we forthrightly tell them that all the "persons" inhabiting the International Jurisdictions of the Land and the Sea and the Global Jurisdiction of the Air, are dead legal entities, yet no more crucial understanding is needed than this.  

This is why you have to be declared "dead" as in "infant decedent" before you can be trafficked from the soil to the land, and from the land to the sea, and from the sea to the air.  

They have to artificially construct an entire Kingdom of the Dead in order to enforce their Caste System and seize upon your assets for their benefit. 

Like any parasite, they work best in the dark, as actors and impersonators, just as Lincoln did.  To the extent that they are or ever were a "nation" they operate in secret --- as they must --- because once people recognize the fraud, it all unravels. 

We were closing in on them, a fact that they could judge by the progress of our research revealed in court filings, so during the Reagan Administration, the effort began to find a new "Host".  They had both a Plan A and a Plan B, and their eyes fixed on two targets -- China, for its abundant labor, and Ukraine, for its land. 

America has suffered greatly, but still managed to warn the rest of the world.  Because of America, China's two billion people will not be enslaved to a new citizenship status and won't have its labor resources taxed to death.  Ukraine will recover and once again be the beautiful breadbasket of Europe.

Many of the most heinous crimes against humanity will be addressed as crimes, without the trappings of politics, religion, or race being used to obfuscate what is really going on.  

So even as we were being set up as the Fall Guys for Britain and Rome, even as we have endured the heavy bootheels of the British Raj in American drag, we haven't failed humanity.  

We are still here, the Good Americans you used to know, men of their word, women of purpose, people of integrity, compassion, and vision.  We still exist and we still have courage to resist the evils of Corporate Feudalism. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 23rd 2024


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Silver Breakout Confirmed

 From Paul Stramer

Watch this video from Mike Maloney released yesterday May 22nd.

Everyone asks me when the big silver breakout will happen.

This video answers that question with a technical analysis that is hard to ignore.

Don't wait to buy silver until this breakout takes off. It will be too late at that point. Supplies of silver will be gone in a flash when people realize what is happening.

Watch Mike's video and get all the silver you can before this happens.

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International Public Notice: To House Armed Services Committee

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is a comment on your recent version of the NDAA.  Please note that this proposed legislation applies only to the actual British Territorial population which we estimate to be less than 12 million people.   And we have not agreed to fund any of it.  


It's illegal to "draft" anyone into any kind of armed conflict, and especially illegal to draft young people to fight in mercenary "conflicts" that you keep calling "wars" by "mistake".  

Just because you got away with illegal press-ganging and conscription before by labeling it with a new name and making false claims of citizenship obligations, doesn't mean that you will get away with it again.  

We were stupid enough to hire you to defend us and instead, you sold us --- literally sold our sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries --- to rob other people and other countries at Britain's bidding. 

The British Government set you (and us) up as the Fall Guys for Britain's bad faith and war-mongering. 

And now you want to draft our children to defend yourselves for this?  And you think you are going to hide being a phalanx of old men wearing black robes? 

Better put that idea back in the box with the one about declaring war on Russia. 

If anything wicked comes toward this country including the 15 million military aged men you idiots just allowed to cross our border, we intend to dress you all up in fancy uniforms and medals and put you in the front ranks so you can do your duty and fight for us instead of a bunch of 18 year-old kids. 

It will be the first time in 160 years that you came close to doing it, but we might get some use out of you yet. 

This isn't, by the way, about "defending this country". This is about cleaning the house and taking out the garbage, something that the women of this country can do all by themselves.  

There is a reason why millions upon millions of American families have armed themselves and why we have stockpiled food and medical supplies and planned water resource needs and learned how to make explosives and all sorts of other things we would rather not do. 

It's largely because we have known that you were crooked and incompetent, and when push came to shove, you'd just sell out (again). 

So why don't you get busy and round up all the illegal aliens you let into this country---  come out into the hinterlands with the "dangerous" rednecks you so despise and call "cattle" at your dinner parties--- and do it yourselves?   

We want to see everyone who serves as a member of the House Armed Services Committee in fatigues along with all your sons and grandsons, too, all volunteering to serve.  We want to see Hunter Biden as a buck private in the Marine Corps. 

We also want to see you find a new Paymaster.  It doesn't sit well with us to have a British Municipal Corporation acting as Paymaster for what is supposed to be the American Military.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

 May 23rd 2024


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"THIS is where War in America will start... right here!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

International Public Notice: For Actual White Hats

 By Anna Von Reitz

Bill Gates admits that the "vaccines" contained self-assembling nano-tech: 

DARPA owns the patent, which we have published in prior Articles. 

Now, can someone find time to track down the licensing of this biowarfare technology from DARPA to Microsoft, Inc.? 

My bloodhounds are busy this week, but someone already has this information at hand.  

Thank you from the whole world in advance.  

The rest of you are authorized to issue international and global arrest warrants for the Licensing Agents, members of Microsoft, Inc., patent holders, share holders, and employees of both DARPA and Microsoft., as well as Bill and Melinda Gates.  

They are to be charged with treason, misprision of treason, conspiracy to commit inland piracy, biowarfare, crimes against humanity, enslavement, fraud, personage, unlawful conversion, reckless endangerment, genocide, and all related commercial crimes. 

It makes sense to start with the patent holder and the licensee seeking to benefit itself and the patent holder by this genocide and pollution of the genome of mankind.

After the license is presented and details known, trial may commence.  Extraterritorial force is justified. Deadly force is justified.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 22nd 2024 


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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

International Public Notice: Crashing the Federal Reserve -- and Blaming It on Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has been the plan of the bankers-military schemers to crash the Federal Reserve and blame it on us for fifty years. 

It is their habit to crash their own banks. 

Listen and repeat: it is their habit to crash their own banks. 

As anti-intuitive as this is, this is how they cheat you and yours. 

They crash their own banks, set up new banks, and skate right on with the same old criminals in control. 

That is what the QFS system is. THEIR replacement for the Federal Reserve System. 

They are advertising for people to hurry up and establish their accounts in the QFS System so that you will be locked down and dependent on them and their "digital" imaginary money. 

And things will only get worse if we don't all see through this and expose them and their "QFS" for what it is. 

The fact is that we, the living people, own every Federal Reserve Note either printed as a paper bill or entered into a ledger as "Money of Account" and we have paid for those Federal Reserve Notes many, many, many times over, so that the actual debt that these Miscreants owe us is even greater than the bank balance sheets show. 

Britain is behind this. The Government of Westminster is behind this (Inner City of London).  To some extent, the Vatican System is behind this. 

They are deliberately crashing the Federal Reserve because the lies and illegal processes underlying it became too obvious and too much of a liability.  

That's why they promoted the whole "transhumanism" agenda to create more "new" assets by reducing living people to the status of Genetically Modified Organisms owned by the patentholders -- DARPA. 

Instead, DARPA needs to be liquidated and all such claims recognized as the result of malevolent fraud against the living people. 

The QFS system similarly needs to be bankrupted upon inception, because it is again dealing in illegal securitization of living flesh and purloining our assets and making False Claims in commerce to the effect that they are "representing" the owners of the Federal Reserve Debt when they are not. 

This can easily be demonstrated that none of the bank's assets were ever put at risk in the scam they perpetuated against us.  Our assets were put at risk, pillaged and plundered.  Not theirs. 

We own the debt of the Federal Reserve and we own the QFS  as Successors of the Federal Reserve and we are calling for them to be arrested for criminal malfeasance, breach of trust, fraud, conspiracy against the Constitutions, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and international bank fraud. 

All assets being shifted to the QFS System are our purloined assets.  All those assets need to be shifted to the Global Family Bank without exception. 

It is imperative to the welfare of all countries on earth that these crooks be stopped. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 21st 2024


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Monday, May 20, 2024

Why General Amnesty?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people are very vengeful and wish to do harm to anyone and everyone who bilked them out of money, betrayed their trust, cost them property, and all the other ills and hardships that Americans have suffered at the hands of their erstwhile foreign Federal Subcontractors— whether or not the individual had a clue that they were doing something wrong.  

These folks have scorched Earth in their hearts and fire and brimstone belching out of their mouths.  They want justice — which to them means vengeance, and they want it right now, and devil take the hindmost. 

They thought these organizations were American because the people operating them appeared to be Americans.  Like the whole rest of the world they were duped into trusting these miscreants BECAUSE they appeared to be Americans and because they appeared to be legitimate government functionaries  even when they were acting way out of school and under color of law.  

Perhaps their anger is stoked because they feel that they should have known and didn’t.  

To be fair, there’s no way they could have known and that was just the point.  They were babies when they were saddled with unconscionable citizenship contracts and trafficked out to sea.  Their Mom was never told anything about this.  The Public School system didn’t tell them anything.  And their guilty employees considered keeping it secret a matter of “National Security”—- for their nation, not ours. 

Maybe they should have smelled something rotten and gotten motivated as I did, but they didn’t — not until now, when it all comes out and is reduced down to something understandable and they can see how the swindles have worked and the coercion has been applied. 

Many veterans are especially hot, realizing that they were being “lied to by omission” and were used as cheap mercenaries — so that all they went through and all that they did to others — was not in honorable service to their country.  They were acting as Mercs the whole time and not even being paid a decent wage for it.  

That burns. It gets especially hot when they have to fight now for every dollar of pension and service they are owed.  

And they get mad again when they realize that their DD214 didn’t really release them from the service. 

They were “presumed” to have voluntarily remained in Federal Jurisdiction and to have voluntarily adopted U.S. Citizenship — so that they had to pay Federal Income Taxes on their private earnings all their working life and couldn’t even access the Constitutional Guarantees they earned and fought for. 

They reason, soundly enough, that the dirty swindlers responsible for all that deserve to die.  They all committed treason against this country and our people while taking their paychecks from our pockets.  

What more evidence or “cause” do you need, Sister? 

Bring the rope. 

There is part of me that agrees.  

But beyond the red rage I also have to think about other things —- like those innocents who work for some government office and who didn’t know anything about any of this, but who nonetheless stand in harm’s way of this righteous anger. 

I have a horror of seeing young girls working for what they thought was their government hauled out of their cubicle to face a guillotine. 

There are millions of “government” workers who are just as clueless as the people they defrauded. 

They don’t deserve to die for what evil men put in place and most of it was put in place long before the current generation of government workers  were even born.  

So that is another part that mitigates against a charge of knowing conspiracy.  

Most of the bureaucrats grew up in this system and never really thought beyond their little tiny part of it. Their job was to make sure that Form 2818 got filled out and signed and all the information from Subpart A and Subpart D got entered in the departmental computer. 

And even though that Form 2818 might have been used in some part of the Great Fraud, they wouldn’t have had cause to know it. 

There was no knowledge on their part that treason was taking place and no intent to commit treason.  Guilt by association only goes so far.  

So who pays for this? 

Higher ups. Senior bureaucrats who did know.  Politicians who did know.  Staff officers who did know. And not only in our government —- their counterparts in Britain, too. 

This has been an international crime of staggering proportions meted out over a period of 160 years.  
This malaise has been deeply entrenched and compartmentalized and spread to virtually every part of the government and the governments of our trading partners. 

The military identified over two million people they want to try and execute including most of the attorneys in this country. 

But in my shoes, things look a bit different and less black and white.  

Who hired and directed these attorneys?  Who limited their education in Law School so that most of them think that Code is Law?  

The military had oversight responsibility. 

So where did that fail? And who was responsible. 

If we are sane and fair, we have to know that all these people claiming innocent probably are substantially clueless, because secrecy was what this system depended on. 

We have suffered enough and more than enough blood has been shed.  We don’t need more trauma.  And it would be very traumatic to execute two million people. 

So in a sense, general amnesty is selfish and saves us from any untoward guilt and additional trauma, while still allowing criminal prosecution of those who were knowingly involved. 

That’s why above and beyond all else, a general amnesty for average people and those who aren’t proven to be knowingly complicit. 


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