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Thursday, May 30, 2024

International Public Notice: Beyond 1862

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now that we have seen the illegal and unlawful way that Abraham Lincoln operated, it's easier to see the ripple effect that his crooked election in 1860 generated, and the harm that his illegally constituted Rump Congress did thereafter.  

Every single element of this history is steeped in fraud: 

1. Lincoln's election to a different office of "President" in a different "United States of America"-- an incorporated British Territorial entity, not our unincorporated Federation of States. 

2. His knowing usurpation of our Public Office while operating as a private foreign corporation's CEO;

3. His illegal waging of war on our shores; 

4. His misrepresentation of his hand-chosen Rump Congress as our Congress. 

At the time and to this day, Lincoln's usurpation and  fraud against the actual American Government has been hidden by those benefiting from the perpetuation of this scam. 

And to this day, the British Tories (Territorials) have been substituting themselves for us illegally, unlawfully, and immorally.  

The Federal Reserve is good example of the Lincoln Substitution Scheme in action.  The deceitfully named Federal Reserve is a private business cartel owned and operated by foreign banks, yet members of it's Board of Governors are appointed as political appointees and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, making it is a public-private venture, in which the British Territorial USA, Inc. empowers another foreign corporation to issue credit "for" us. 

Credit we never authorized, purportedly backed by assets, which the Perpetrators claim to hold "in trust" for us pending our "return".  

Now, we've returned from being human trafficked by these same treasonous Subcontractors, they hope to avoid our claim to own our own Good Names and other material interests -- and be held harmless for their breach of trust, crimes of personage, and fraud against us.  
In the 1919-20 Volume of Illinois Attorney General's Opinions, 618, 629-30, quoting from People v. Miner, 3 Lansing (NY) 396 (1868) we find a fascinating insight into the reasoning employed by these crooks to usurp upon our lawful government and use their foreign persons to impersonate our people: 

"Representation of the Crown is translated in our system to representation of the People thus, serving the public interest is established as the paramount obligation of the Attorney General. Further, these powers fix the core of the powers to be exercised by the Attorney General. While they may be expanded upon, nothing in this basic core can be transferred or exercised by any other officer."

So, "the People" are rendered equivalent to and substituted for "the Crown" and vice-versa; and the "public" served by the Attorney General is understood to be the British Territorial citizenry represented by U.S. Citizens, not the American Public. 

Here is the admission of the change of the Office of the State's Attorney from the American State to the British Territorial "Confederate State" aka, state-of-state: 

"At the same time that the Constitution (referring to the 1789 Constitution of the United States of America) created the Office of Attorney General in what has remained its form to this day, it changed the Office of State's Attorney from the form in which it had been previously known to its present form."

The 1789 Constitution granted to the British Territorial Subcontractors was "tweaked" to allow them to operate in Admiralty and Commercial Maritime jurisdictions and to create Officers to administer activities in these jurisdictions per the Judiciary Act the following year -- one of which was the Office of Attorney General.  

The Illinois Attorney General reveals that instead of having State Attorneys protecting the interests of the People and the actual American State, we now (as of 1868)  have little carbon copy State Attorney Generals put in place as Officers operating under the Office of Attorney General, with allegiances to the Crown not the People, and loyalties to the British Territorial State-of-State, in this case, the State of Illinois, usurping upon the actual populace and the actual State.  

His comment admits the substitution and the change. He goes on to say: 


"Under our form of government all of the prerogatives which pertain to the crown in England under the common law are here vested in the people, and if the Attorney General is vested by the constitution with all the common law powers of that officer and it devolves upon him to perform all the common law duties which were imposed upon that officer, then he becomes the law officer of the people, as represented in the State government, and its only legal representative in the courts, unless by the constitution itself or by some constitutional statute he has been divested of some of these powers and duties."

This is another kind of admission in which he admits that the Attorney General, a sea-going Officer acting under the British Territorial Constitution of the United States of America (1789), was "coming ashore" under the pretense of common law authority and obligations owed the people --- by the Crown, neatly substituted for the People of the actual State of the Union -- during our "absence". 

The people of this country must be educated about their history and allowed to resume their natural course of business with no further interference or manipulation from the British Crown. 

As part and parcel of this Substitution Scheme, the very identity of the American People was stolen, so that today, relatively few are competent to know the meaning of the phrase, "We, the People".  

The word "People" specifically refers to State Citizens, who are members of each State Assembly, and who conduct business for each State Assembly in International and Global Jurisdictions of the Law. 

These, our State Citizens, are the only ones empowered to enforce all three Federal Constitutions and so they are often targeted, harassed, intimidated, and abused by the trespassing District Employees.   

We, the actual declared Americans, are the only ones generally empowered to act for this country.  All the Undeclared persons rattling around calling themselves "We, the People" don't have the standing to say one word about this country and all their supposed Common Law Grand Juries lack meaning and teeth because the persons doing this are not making themselves part of our population and not in
the proper political status and jurisdiction to accomplish what they propose.  

The situation would be akin to a Brit thinking he was a Norwegian, and pretending to represent the people of Norway -- oh, wait, they are doing the same thing in Norway, too. 

The persons addressed by this Notice via email have cause to know that the Congress presently sitting in Washington, DC, is not authorized to act for us, now that we have presented ourselves. 

They also have cause to know that the Federal Subcontractors usurping upon us have no granted "Emergency Powers" allowing this situation to continue, no direct grant of authority, no contract to act as our Trustees or Administrators of our public or private estates, no legitimate right to take any copyright over our Given Names (they do it based on undisclosed and unconscionable registrations) and no right to occupy our country or impose martial law on our people -- their employers -- as a result of an illegal and misrepresented Mercenary Conflict. 

Indeed, they do not have and never did have any legitimate right to come ashore and substitute their "public" for our Public. Period. 

This immense personage fraud scheme must come to an end, and if any form of law is to be served, our people and our country and our assets must be returned to us unharmed.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 29th 2024


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