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Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Brief Message to Prinz Friedrich von Hohenzollern and the German People

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have discovered a very large gold deposit belonging to the Kingdoms of Prussia and Russia.
It was secretly seized upon and managed as "Abandoned Assets" after the massacre of the last Tsar and his family. Tsar Nicholas was holding the Prussian gold in trust for Kaiser Wilhelm II during the First World War. This gold and the slavering after it is most likely the reason not only for the Tsar's murder, but the entire Russian Revolution.
We have sent information out to the German people and to Prinz Friedrich telling them what is necessary to reclaim their gold. Thus far all we've gotten back are some ravings from someone who sends dozens of videos on various topics, but doesn't explain anything in plain spoken words, German or English.
We aren't here to play guessing games. We are hoping to get this gold deployed to help the people of Germany and Poland and other nations that once formed the Kingdom of Prussia. Pure and simple -- it is their gold and we want to see it returned for their benefit.
Anyone having good contacts in the former Prussian kingdom is urged to spread the word and start working on the necessary declarations of political status and organizational activities to set up an unincorporated structure competent to manage the funding and work with the Blue Dot bank system.

If nobody gets on the land and gets organized to receive the funding, I will claim it as a viable heir of Freiherr zum und vom Stein and set it aside in a special Fiduciary Account held in The Global Family Bank


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We MUST Speak

 By Anna Von Reitz

People contact me, concerned when I talk about "this other stuff" --- a world that they are not aware of.  Well, I came to teach you many things you are not aware of.  It's not just American History that you need to know.  So in answer to concerned friends: 

Yes, love and hate are two distinct forms of energy, completely separate. 538 MHz resonates in all octaves as love.  741 MHz resonates as hate. 

As part of the artificially engineered development of the reptilian super-soldiers they were “tweaked” to need 741 energy and blood and Adrenalin/Adrenochrome. They are hard-wired this way from birth and it is not natural and it is not their fault.  It is the result of ancient wrongs that have still not been corrected. 

We have the means now to correct this and return them back to their natural biological pattern.  We also have alternative food sources that don’t involve terror and bloodletting for people or animals. 

They don’t WANT to hear my voice, but they can’t help it.  They are drawn like moths to flame, negative to positive.  In the past few weeks I have cranked up the ante so they are now witnessing the loss of their Martian allies who are being removed from the planet and relocated to a new home. 

Ultimately, the solution to the Draconian’s dilemma is similar.  Those who endured the Orion Captivity need to be healed and returned to their true nature and a new home. They can’t go back to Draco because their evolutionary pathway has diverged from what has happened in their home world — which is largely denuded and dead.  Nothing to go back to. 

We can’t blame them for being what they are, when we have literally made them what they are.  It would be like blaming a poodle for being a poodle, after breeding in poodle characteristics for 10,000 years.  This is why I say they should not be harmed despite the terrible things they have done.  Instead, they should be changed back to their true nature, relieved from their unnatural needs, and allowed to live in their own place and set free to make their own choices like everyone else. 

This is the carrot.  The stick — which they already know — is their wholesale destruction. 

If their ancient code remains, they will hear my Voice and do what I have told them to do.  Shatan, who has taken refuge with the Pope, and his son “Lucifer” will be turned over to the Sirians without a fight. 

Otherwise, there will be a war between the Draconians and the Sirian Seraphs and the Draconians will lose. This is because the Sirians are very advanced and much, much stronger, but even though their defeat is sure, that doesn’t mean that the Dracos wouldn’t fight and die simply for the sake of doing so.

I am hoping to avoid that outcome, because the damage would be severe and because a total destruction of the remaining Dracos would be unjust. They were the victims of the Rebel Seraphim as much as anyone else. 

They were misled by their own genetics to listen to these False Priests.  Now they have heard a True Voice again.  It’s anyone’s guess what they will choose, who they will believe, and what they will do. 

The Sirians have been waiting here politely since 2012, collecting up the remaining Seraphs on this planet, both the rebels and those that simply want to go home. I am on duty here for another thirteen years, which is the time frame left for everyone to get their act together and choose either life or death. 

I don’t like discussing this kind of stuff in public for obvious reasons, but people have to become aware and learn to deal with the complexity of the Air Jurisdiction, too. 

It has its own history, its own populace, its own traditions and its own problems— and in order to be fully alive and fully competent as adults, Mankind must learn to deal with this realm of existence, too.  

How are we to help Mankind make that leap if we never talk about this in public?  If we leave “relations” in the Air Jurisdiction in the hands of a few old men — well, you can already see what has happened. 

So we have to talk about it and make progress as the Germans say—-Mach Schnell!!!  People have to become aware and savvy about all components of their nature and existence. They have to understand the aftermath of The War in Heaven that they are living through. 

They have to know that there is a man living in and being sheltered by the Church right now, who is literally the incarnation of Satan on Earth—- a fellow you can talk to, just as you talk to me.   He was “cast down” to Earth and I came here on purpose, but we are both seraphim robed in flesh. 

Many such have walked among the Children of Men— both those who protect and those who prey upon, those who serve the True God, and those who serve other ends. 

There is still a choice to be made and Mankind has been left ill-equipped to make it.  

So we must speak and we must teach while there is still time. 


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Whoa! Information for the United Nations and NATO

 By Anna Von Reitz

Why, exactly, is there a war in Ukraine?
It's because certain immature jerks in the DOD and Washington, DC, thought it would be cute to export all their nasty illegal bioweapon activities offshore, and put them right next door to Russia.
And certain corrupt Generals in NATO and corrupt Ukrainian leaders on the take, didn't see anything wrong with that.
That's why there is war in Ukraine. It's a combination of witless criminal activity by the NATO and DOD confab, combined with the corruption of a Ukrainian puppet government installed via bloodbath by the same NATO and DOD criminals.
Not surprisingly, Vladimir Putin didn't like the idea of having over a dozen illegal bioweapon production facilities right next door.
And now, we hear that emails 'scrubbed ' from Hunter Biden's infamous laptop, included correspondence with Ukrainian officials detailing the investment of millions upon millions of dollars into these illegal bioweapon facilities as a Black Op of the criminals.
What, exactly, don't people understand about the word, "illegal"? Bioweapons are illegal. They are outlawed. They are not supposed to be produced. Like Mustard Gas, they are verboten.
So why are European governments sending weapons to Ukraine?
Ukraine was in the wrong. Ukraine was doing something criminal that threatened life on this planet, even though they were doing it at the behest of and with funding provided by NATO and DOD.
Logically, NATO and DOD are the greater problem that isn't being addressed, but Ukraine let itself be used by these idiots. Together, they planted the seeds of war, and there you have it.
It's not Vladimir Putin's fault, but he is cleaning it up.
So now you've got Erdogan from Turkey, with his million man Turkish Army, playing toggle switch in the arena, trying to broker a peace. Well, anyone's effort to broker a peace is much appreciated, but we note that the real problem is NATO and DOD,
It was never the Ukrainians nor the Russians at all. Both those nations were at peace absent NATO and DOD funding and meddling and the self-interested Black Ops efforts of the Obama-Biden team.
So, let's deal with reality for a change.
Let's sit on NATO and DOD. They are the problem. Let's solve it.
We, the Americans, and the American Government, have a peace treaty with the Russians that the Russians have always honored. It is called the American and Russian Alliance of 1858. It establishes peace between our countries and provides for mutual protection in time of war.
Let me spell that out for Joe Biden and Donald Trump and NATO and DOD ---- we are not going to war with Russia, we aren't allowing the use of equipment we paid for, ammunition we paid for, or anything else that we paid for, to be used to make any kind of war against Russia. Not a dime's worth.
We aren't allowing our men and women to be used as foreign mercenaries, either. You know what our contract says. They are defense forces only. Not to be used for any purpose other than defending the American homeland.
From now on, the DC Vermin, NATO, and DOD need to employ "truth in advertising" in their recruitment activities. They need to say, "Hey, we are recruiting foreign mercenaries to go fight in wars for profit!" And they need to pay mercenary wages out of their own pockets, too. Not ours.
No more misrepresenting us and no more misdirecting our armed forces. No more conscripting and press-ganging Americans. No more "draft" and no more "Selective Service". Our country isn't at war and we are not going to war at their behest anymore. They aren't our bosses, we are their bosses.
Me, Employer. You, Employee. It's that simple.
Until Vladimir Putin breaks our long-standing Treaty with Russia, we keep good faith with him and with them. And Joe Biden who was instrumental in causing this problem in the Ukraine can just go blow.
While I am on my rant this morning, let me share this, too -- I get all these groups soliciting help for "our" troops in the field, men and women who are wearing the uniform and waving our flag and going without such basic things as boot socks and lip balm.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Remind me again? How many trillions did Donald Rumsfeld lose on September 10, 2001?
Those responsible had better put on their best cast-iron codpieces. And run. Fast.
It's bad enough that these Americans have been lied to, abused, experimented upon, impersonated, endangered, and used as cheap mercenaries by a bunch of Euro Trash, but when Mom has to send socks from home, it's time to pull the plug and bring all those Americans home and fill them in on what has actually gone on here.
A first year Merc makes a minimum of $250,000, plus insurance, plus medical benefits, plus, plus, plus. The wages for a PFC or Airman First Class haven't been raised since 1973. Now you know why they have to apply for Food Stamps.
If you are even half as mad as I am about this, feel free to kick the ever-loving out of every Congressional switchboard from here to Maine. They aren't our Congressmen, that's true. But it's our sons and daughters being presumed upon and ensnared with undisclosed cheapskate contracts dreamed up by some useless POS attorney with nothing better to do.

Let your message be short and sweet -- no war with Russia, we won't pay for it, and while you are at it, raise wages for the military to keep up with inflation for every year since 1973, retroactive for every veteran and every active duty service member. Restitution not subject to taxation of any kind,


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Nanny State or Granny State?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Chapter One

The first thing I want to say to you as my children, heirs, and progeny—- is that you can never make anyone believe anything. 

You can especially never make them believe anything about God. 

Each one must observe and experience enough of the mystery and magic of life to come to their own conclusions. 

Until our own eyes see and our own ears hear, we can be indoctrinated and trained by rote concerning what others think and have thought in the past about God, and we can learn what others believe, but until we discover and internalize things for ourselves we don’t have our own experience of God, our own knowledge, our own faith. 

Tragically, many people never really search for God. They just accept whatever they have been told — or reject what they’ve been told—-and they never wake up, look around, and discover God for themselves.

This is like being given the greatest present there ever was, and not bothering to open the box.  

I can tell you from my own experience that God exists, that God is present, and yes, God loves us in spite of all the stupid things we do to ourselves and each other, but that is not the same as knowing it for yourself. 

As your Grandma, I want you to know God for yourselves, to see the kindness and wisdom of God in your own lives, to experience what our forefathers called “Divine Providence” and be grateful and aware of it.  

Keep “making inquiry of God” so that you receive answers and get guidance and catch on to the many ways that God communicates with each one of us every day of our lives.

There have been great teachers sent to us and they all have insights to offer which can greatly enrich our lives and expand our awareness and experience. 

But please note something that is very important: 

Abraham was not a Jew.
Jesus was not a Christian. 
Buddha was not a Buddhist. 
Mohammed was not a Muslim. 

They were individual men who experienced God, who were aware of God, and who sought a relationship with God. 

This is part of what I want for you, that you each come to know God, that you search for and find him, and that you take the time to open up the gift you have been given—- your own special one-of-a-kind relationship with the Master of Creation.  

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a road map. We each find the True God in our own way, and he comes to each of us in his own way, too, but if we search, we find.  

When we discover God at work in our lives, true meaning and peace and joy naturally enters in and becomes part of our experience.  This is the hallmark and seal of being truly alive, and most of all, this is what I want for you, that you have life and have it abundantly, a full measure, tamped down and overflowing.  


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