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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Bessie Update

 By Anna Von Reitz

Thanks to a very generous donor, who tracked down and bought and sent the phantom Fuel Pressure Regulator Return Hose needed to save "Bessie", my beloved old 1991 Ford Explorer, she is in recovery. 

Last Monday, they brought her in for surgery at the local shop that has cared for her all these years, and reassembled her fuel system, cleaned her spark plugs, and fired her up.  I drove her home on Thursday with some work yet to do.  

In the intervening time while she was down for the count and sitting out in the lot at the garage, the sidelight of her driver side headlight panel was busted out and her front windshield was badly cracked. Most likely acts of vandalism by ignorant young kids throwing rocks after the garage was shut down for the night. 

Life isn't challenging enough, without people constantly making it hard for themselves and for each other.  If those were my kids they'd be at home doing their chores and homework, but as long as we have "parents" snorting dope and stealing for a living even in such a small hamlet as Big Lake, Alaska, times are what they are. 

As a result, Bessie is not yet truly road worthy.  She has more repairs to make, but thankfully, not repairs that are life threatening.  She has a new lease on the next few years and mechanically, she is back on track.  Once she gets her headlight fixed and her new windshield, I'll be taking pictures to share and looking forward to new adventures, but that may still be a week or two away at the rate things are going. 

The only place that had the right headlights at a decent price doesn't ship to Alaska.  This is one of the banes of our lives up here and is extremely stupid on the part of retailers. What happens is that we buy the stuff, send it to a friend or relative in the Lower 48, and they then ship it up to us via USPS, which is what the Idiot Retailer could have done, too.  

Just send it to Anchorage, Alaska instead of Flint, Michigan or Sacramento, California.... 

What a concept.  

When the Postal Service is smarter than the retailers of this country, we are all in trouble.  Please take note. 

Bessie's headlights are being sent from Indiana to the West Coast, and being shipped on from there instead of coming directly from Indiana to Alaska. This involves more postage, more work, and more time.  

A new windshield also has to be shipped here, but thankfully the auto glass retailers in this state have their suppliers well-informed and ready to perform.  

It may be another week or so before the additional repairs are done, but the prognosis is good, and Bessie is home again.  Her antenna quivered as she came to rest in her usual driveway spot and her motor idled like a well-oiled Singer Sewing Machine. 

The guys at the garage reported something worth noting.  Apparently, I am not alone.  Millions of Americans are saying "no" to the whiz-bang new cars.  They don't like them.  They don't like the way they feel.  They don't like being dependent on Chinese computer circuitry.  And why spend $70,000.00 on something that you don't like?  So they are keeping their Old Bessies and fixing them up, instead. 



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Orientation for Our Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are three different kinds of Assemblies active at this time. 

There are District Assemblies for the District Government Employees and their dependents --- the U.S. Citizens among us, mainly military and military subcontractors.  There are Municipal Assemblies for the Municipal Government Federal Civil Servants and their Agency personnel --- the "citizens of the United States" who also live among us.  

And finally, last but not least, there are the actual State Assemblies. Us. Our American Government. 

You have to be savvy enough to figure out which pew you belong in.  

You also have to figure out what you want and need to do as an individual. 

Your choices are: (1) stay in the box and try to change the system from inside the system; (2) leave the box and work on restoring your own lawful government.  

We long ago figured out that it is easier to roll things downhill and so, we, at the American States Assemblies, have chosen to exit the box and head for high ground.  

Everyone who wants to stay in the pit and wrestle with snakes is of course welcome to do so.

Those who want to stay in the box and try to change it from inside should be joining either the District Assembly or the Municipal Assembly of their choice. 

These organizations are recognizable because they actually say "District Assembly" or "Municipal Assembly" right out front, and because they are organized as districts, not counties. 

Our assemblies are equally well-labeled simply as State Assemblies and are organized according to counties, not districts, so it should be a no-brainer for everyone to figure out. 

I was asked last night why am I at odds with so many patriot gurus and would I be willing to attend a Round Table-type discussion with the likes of Russell Gould and David Straight and Kim Goguen? 

But that would be like an apple sitting down with however many oranges.  They are all doing what they are doing inside the box. They are all acting as either U.S. Citizens or as citizens of the United States.  

They are, by their words and actions, foreigners dealing with their foreign government, using the foreign government's laws, thinking in terms of that foreign government, and so -- here I am, talking about and doing something entirely different and entirely American.  What, then, is there to talk about?

The difference between me (and Kurt Kallenbach, too) and all the rest of these people is that they are staying inside the box and trying to deal with the District and Municipal government corporations from within those corporations---- and we're not. 

It's not our business nor our concern to nit-pick and tell our employees how to sort out the inner workings of their corporations.  If they want to live in a swamp and eat alligators, that's their business.  Not ours.  

The American States Assemblies are totally different and focused on different goals. 

The goal of our employees may be to straighten up the internal operations of their corporations.  Fine and dandy.  

Our goal is to get good faith service out of our employees and their corporations.  Also fine and dandy. 

It's our business to enforce the only contracts we have with them -- The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorials) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipals).  

And that's really all we are interested in.  Their internal corporation workings and organization and rules and codes are like the marriages of people in France: no concern of ours. 

We don't concern ourselves with their law, their language, their problems, their obligations, their contracts among themselves, or anything else that is internal and domestic with respect to them and their organizations.  

We don't do affidavits.  We don't address their courts.  We don't mess with them at all.  We don't reference their Federal Codes or State of State Statutes, either, except to remind them of their own published obligations. And we pointedly say, "To remind you, Sirs, of your own published code:_____"   

Beyond that, we just stand here, four-square, and say, hey, we're Americans.  We are your employers. We are owed every jot of the federal constitutions.  Pay attention: Article VI: Supremacy Clause-- there is no other or greater law, and Amendment XI: Americans are not subject to foreign law.  

Any law not in compliance with our constitutional guarantees is null and void. That includes both Federal Territorial and Municipal Codes, and Territorial and Municipal State-of-State Statutes, gubernatorial "mandates" and all the rest of their foreign Howdy-Doody clap-trap.  

Everyone on both sides of The Box needs to fully, completely, and absolutely understand: (1) who they are; (2) what they are doing; (3) which "pew" they belong in; (4) what the goals and rules are. 

If you want to fight with the governmental services corporations about their internal codes and rules and private "laws" --- go ahead.  Join your District Assemblies or your Municipal Assemblies and fight, fight, fight.  Serve in their legislatures.  Subject yourselves to their 80 million rules, codes, regulations, and statutes. 

If you want peace in your life and don't want to be harassed by your own public employees, join the actual State Assembly and learn to enforce your constitutional contracts using your own Public Law and your own courts. 

When people come into your honorable and peaceful State Assemblies with grudges and problems with the District corporations, explain the situation and give them a choice: (1) stay here with us, the Americans, and enforce the Constitutions, or (2) go back to the snake pit and try to improve the corporations from within.  Good luck.  

If you find members who want to talk endlessly about Federal Codes and people recommending the use of "affidavits", correct them. If they persist, show them the door.  Give them the address of the nearest District Assembly and send them on their way. 
If you find members who want to attack the District or State of State Courts and do things like send these foreign courts Writs of Mandamus, correct them.  If they persist, show them the door.  Give them the address of the nearest District Assembly and send them back to the Swamp.  

If you find members who are confused, aimlessly wandering around, following first one "guru" and then the next, learning PARSE syntax one day and waiting for outpourings of money from the Manna Trust the next, try to bring them back to Terra Firma --- and if they persist, give them the address of the nearest District Assembly and send them on their way. 

There are a lot of people who want to leave Babylon, but they don't know how and they resist learning.  Our answer is too simple, too direct, and too powerful. It scares them to think that they are responsible for self-governing. They can't quite wrap their heads around it.  

So they keep mistaking us for them, and them for us, mixing apples and oranges, and causing problems for themselves and everyone else.  

Just like the innocents asking me why I wouldn't sit down at a Round Table with a bunch of oranges and come to a peaceable agreement.  From my perspective, we are at peace already.  I'm not arguing with my employees. I am telling them what their contract says --- and by the way, hop to it. 

So, figure out which Assembly you belong in and help others do the same. Are you in the military?  Then you belong in a District Assembly.  Are you in the Federal Civil Service?  Then you belong in a Municipal Assembly.  

Are you an American?  Just a plain old American with no "government" job?

Then welcome home, you are one of us and belong in the State Assembly.  The actual State Assembly, which is organized by counties, not districts. 


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Message to "the" FBI

 By Anna Von Reitz

The phrase "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron and only morons use it.

One cannot be a "sovereign" and a "citizen" at the same time. The terms are mutually exclusive, and I am sick of hearing my Employees trotting out their total ignorance from sea to shining sea.

Either learn the facts or shut up.

You fellows are employed by an "Agency" --- and as "Agency" personnel, you are three tiers down in the Municipal Government totem pole before you ever get your noses above a desk top.

To make it worse, none of your agencies were ever authorized by the actual government of this country, so your position is as workers-for-hire employed by a foreign government that is a subcontractor of a subcontractor of a subcontractor owing good faith service to our actual government.

Go think, boys. Just don't think too long.

There is plenty of work for you to do, besides causing trouble and politicizing elections and telling big, fat lies to the public.

If you want your agency and your jobs to survive what's coming you'd better be awfully nice to those you are mischaracterizing as Federal citizens of any kind and calling "sovereign citizens".

They are your new bosses.


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Corporation admits in court they "BRIBED U.S. VICE-PRESIDENT, JOSEPH BIDEN"

We Don't Use Affidavits --- Ever.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Using an affidavit identifies you as a Legal Person, occupying an "office of personhood" and automatically subjects you to the foreign law and codes of the British Territorial Government.

You have to be part of their government or part of ours, and there is no iffy-andsy-orsie to it.

Most people are desperately trying to get back to being Americans and standing on the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, but they are also so ignorant and confused that they are constantly "going back into the maze" that we just got them out of, by doing idiot things like issuing "affidavits" when they have been repeatedly, relentlessly and pointedly told that we, Americans, never, ever use "affidavits".

We are not subject to foreign law. We do not occupy offices of personhood in foreign governments. And we do not ever quote Federal Code for any purpose other than reminding our Employees what their published law says about them and their obligations ---- not our obligations--- their obligations.

We, as Americans and as living people, cannot and do not EVER use or issue "affidavits" of any kind. Period.

We use Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, which simply means that we number the points of our testimony 1, 2, 3, 4.... but we NEVER, EVER submit or create Affidavits of ANY KIND.

Because when we do, we lose everything we have gained in the process of declaring our proper political status, and are "presumed" to be "voluntarily" adopting the status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and also voluntarily subjecting ourselves to that foreign law --- instead of standing apart from it and exercising our exemption from it. Which is the whole point!

I am so disgusted, so appalled, when I have told everyone these facts for years on end. Wake to hell up, all of you. Your lives and your country depend on it.

Those who want to play in the Federal Code Sandbox need to go join a District Assembly right now and get to hell out of our State Assemblies. Permanently.

There are two mighty efforts going on --- Employees trying to correct their operation of the District and Municipal Governments, and the Employers putting their government into Session. Never the twain shall meet.

So all you guys who want to correct the District Government -- hop to it. Be my guest. But get out of our assemblies and go join your own. Stop causing confusion. If you want to live under Federal Code, fine. Again, hop to it. You don't belong in any State Assembly. Leave. Don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.


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Coronavirus vaccine trial subjects report extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, day-long headaches and shaking so violently that one of them cracked a tooth