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Saturday, May 13, 2023

The National Identity Theft Scheme

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We have described in general terms the many Substitution Schemes that have been involved in the mis-administration of our Government beginning in 1860. 

(1) Abraham Lincoln substituted his private office as "President" of a British Crown Corporation doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated" for the Public Office of The President of The United States of America. 

(2) British Territorial business organizations substituted themselves for the actual States-of-States, such as The State of New York, and pushed people to create new State-of-State Constitutions under color of law and force of arms to expedite this scheme. 

(3) States-of-States were called "Confederate States" and later simply misrepresented as States.  

Throughout, those responsible for these crimes and usurpations have endeavored to say that these frauds were known and that our populace voluntarily accepted these and other changes in flagrant disregard of our own best interests.  

We have sought long and hard to find any evidence that these and other changes were ever advertised and fully disclosed and agreed to by the General Public; no such educational campaign is in evidence, nor is there any evidence of a public referendum or similar election process.  All these new definitions were simply foisted off onto the General Public without their knowledge or consent. 

This process of redefinition, relabeling, and substitution occurred under different circumstances and decades prior to what happened in Australia and in other countries, but we can observe the same process at work and the same methods used to fool the public and allow British Territorial forces to usurp the lawful governments throughout the Commonwealth and later, after World War II, the same was done to the occupied European countries and Japan.   

In all cases, these substitutions resulted in National IdentityTheft.  The Municipal Corporation Perpetrators responsible gained unauthorized access to credit belonging to the lawful governments, and the colluding banks went along with this.  

All of this results in the same exact process of identity theft via impersonation that modern credit card hackers use to access credit that doesn't belong to them.  The hacker pretends to be the account holder, and until the thief is caught, gets away with charging whatever they please against the victim's account. 

In the same way, the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America"---Incorporated, impersonated our Federation of States and obtained unauthorized and unlawful access to our credit accounts.  

As we have gone over the history we find that our Federation of States never owed any debts, and that even the debts of the Federal Republic were completely paid off by Andrew Jackson's Administration, leaving this country and its American Federal Subcontractor debt free as of 1837. 

We were also dangerously adrift, mainly because as sound as his fiscal policies were, our Seventh President was a comparatively ignorant man. Andrew Jackson embraced Tory Democracy-- the same political party that was to launch Benjamin Disraeli into power in Great Britain -- and the same party that was responsible for universal enfranchisement. 

Though the victims couldn't possibly know this, the enfranchisement they were being offered was identical to corporate business enfranchisement.

As we've seen, though enfranchisement and the right to vote has appeared to be a good thing, it is in fact an undisclosed degradation of political status.  

People who registered to vote lost their ability to act as Electors, and appeared to voluntarily donate their services and property assets to the British Territorial Government that was already organized as a democracy; they also became Subjects of the Queen. 

This is how and why generations of American schoolchildren have been taught that their country is a democracy -- when it isn't.  This is why you hear politicians in Washington, DC, endlessly prattling about their democracy and threats to our democracy and so on.

None of this was ever disclosed to the victims, rendering all these presumed relationships and obligations null and void for lack of disclosure.  

There is no such thing as an American democracy.  There is only a British Territorial Democracy acting as a Municipal Corporation Subcontractor of our American Government. 

Like the cradle snatching involved in the Dead Baby Scams, the Voter Registration and American Democracy Scams are all aimed at identity theft and unlawful, undisclosed conversion of political status and asset ownership. 

Our American Government is and always has been republican in nature, and that is not a reference to any political party; it is a reference to the structure and kind of government that the American people practice and ordain -- with our government at all levels tasked to serve and protect the rights and property of individual people, not persons. 

Democracy aims at equality at the cost of the individual, whereas  republican states adopt equality under the law and protect the individual. 

It is the British Territorial Democracy and its U.S. Citizenry which has been responsible for the near-constant mercenary conflicts that the U.S. Armed Services have been involved in, and this has been hidden from the American People and the rest of the world for decades.  

The people of this country and indeed, even the men and women employed by these Services, have not known that they were employed in a mercenary capacity -- and that they have been endlessly fighting -- not for freedom or any just cause, but for the commercial gain and business interests of these foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia.   

Moreover, by more convenient and self-serving practices of redefinition , the meaning of the word "defense" has been toyed with, so that it is unrecognizable from its intent and meaning in the Federal Constitutions, where it clearly and unequivocally means defense of this country, not defense of their corporations. 

Trillions of dollars and millions of lives have been spent over the past 160-plus years, purportedly defending us in places like Mali and Bosnia that posed no threat to us, but which did represent threats or benefits of some kind to the commercial interests of these criminal Municipal Corporations.    
We must be very clear about who the actual owners are and whose defense is under contract and exactly what that means. It's our borders and the safety of our States and people that are under contract, nothing more or less.  All the other expenditures that these con artists have appropriated for themselves illegally and unlawfully, and which they have used for other non-contractual and non-consensual purposes are logically their costs of doing business and have nothing to do with us. 

We should not be blamed nor charged for the opportunism and criminality of these Subcontractors, and we should not be confused with them in the minds of the public in this country or anywhere else.  The same goes for the City-operated Municipal Subcontractor.  

No hiding behind our skirts.  We did not approve of and our contracts do not allow for the invasion of Libya or Iraq or any other country. We did not vouchsafe any War Powers to these Subcontractors to act on our behalf in international or global jurisdictions, and we don't expect to have our Good Names dragged through the mud or our credit employed to fund violence and commercial opportunism.  

We don't care how long we have been asleep, trusting these yahoos to do their jobs and follow their contracts; fraud and breach of trust have no statutes of limitation for prosecution and sovereign entities have no obligation to report to their employees. 

The job of these Municipal Subcontractors is to defend our land and our people and nothing else; they are not tasked to defend their own commercial self-interest at our expense. 

These Municipal Corporations and their operations are unequivocally the responsibility of the other Principals involved in their creation and administration, and ultimately, both of these Municipal Corporations are  owned by the Pope, who has the right and responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate these corporations for engaging in unlawful, illegal, and immoral activities. 

We wish for the Municipal Subcontractors and the banks to be held accountable and for the assets that are lawfully ours to be returned to our administration without further excuse or obfuscation.  

We wish for the credit derived from our assets, including our labor, to be returned to us and to our administration without further excuse or obfuscation. 

We wish for a competent accounting separating the private debts of these Municipal Corporations from our public service costs. 

We wish for the bankruptcies of these Municipal Corporations to be investigated for fraudulent misrepresentation and prior asset stripping. 

We wish for the banks that have allowed these private Municipal Corporations to use our accounts without our permission and which have served to block our own access to our assets and our credit, to be thoroughly re-educated and redirected--- and liquidated as accomplices if they do not immediately reform their operations. 

We wish for all legal presumptions against our people and against our material and intellectual property interests to be dropped and for hard proof of knowing, willing, voluntary and fully disclosed foreign citizenship contracts to be entered into the public evidence record of the court in all court cases involving Americans from the nation states of the Union known as The United States. 

We wish for the aforesaid contracts and any proof of their validity and  existence to be further presented as full, complete, and correct copies to any American born in the States of the Union or having been Naturalized in this country without exception, and re-presented each and every time such people are addressed by any foreign court for any reason.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 12th 2023


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