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Saturday, May 13, 2023

The National Identity Theft Scheme

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We have described in general terms the many Substitution Schemes that have been involved in the mis-administration of our Government beginning in 1860. 

(1) Abraham Lincoln substituted his private office as "President" of a British Crown Corporation doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated" for the Public Office of The President of The United States of America. 

(2) British Territorial business organizations substituted themselves for the actual States-of-States, such as The State of New York, and pushed people to create new State-of-State Constitutions under color of law and force of arms to expedite this scheme. 

(3) States-of-States were called "Confederate States" and later simply misrepresented as States.  

Throughout, those responsible for these crimes and usurpations have endeavored to say that these frauds were known and that our populace voluntarily accepted these and other changes in flagrant disregard of our own best interests.  

We have sought long and hard to find any evidence that these and other changes were ever advertised and fully disclosed and agreed to by the General Public; no such educational campaign is in evidence, nor is there any evidence of a public referendum or similar election process.  All these new definitions were simply foisted off onto the General Public without their knowledge or consent. 

This process of redefinition, relabeling, and substitution occurred under different circumstances and decades prior to what happened in Australia and in other countries, but we can observe the same process at work and the same methods used to fool the public and allow British Territorial forces to usurp the lawful governments throughout the Commonwealth and later, after World War II, the same was done to the occupied European countries and Japan.   

In all cases, these substitutions resulted in National IdentityTheft.  The Municipal Corporation Perpetrators responsible gained unauthorized access to credit belonging to the lawful governments, and the colluding banks went along with this.  

All of this results in the same exact process of identity theft via impersonation that modern credit card hackers use to access credit that doesn't belong to them.  The hacker pretends to be the account holder, and until the thief is caught, gets away with charging whatever they please against the victim's account. 

In the same way, the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America"---Incorporated, impersonated our Federation of States and obtained unauthorized and unlawful access to our credit accounts.  

As we have gone over the history we find that our Federation of States never owed any debts, and that even the debts of the Federal Republic were completely paid off by Andrew Jackson's Administration, leaving this country and its American Federal Subcontractor debt free as of 1837. 

We were also dangerously adrift, mainly because as sound as his fiscal policies were, our Seventh President was a comparatively ignorant man. Andrew Jackson embraced Tory Democracy-- the same political party that was to launch Benjamin Disraeli into power in Great Britain -- and the same party that was responsible for universal enfranchisement. 

Though the victims couldn't possibly know this, the enfranchisement they were being offered was identical to corporate business enfranchisement.

As we've seen, though enfranchisement and the right to vote has appeared to be a good thing, it is in fact an undisclosed degradation of political status.  

People who registered to vote lost their ability to act as Electors, and appeared to voluntarily donate their services and property assets to the British Territorial Government that was already organized as a democracy; they also became Subjects of the Queen. 

This is how and why generations of American schoolchildren have been taught that their country is a democracy -- when it isn't.  This is why you hear politicians in Washington, DC, endlessly prattling about their democracy and threats to our democracy and so on.

None of this was ever disclosed to the victims, rendering all these presumed relationships and obligations null and void for lack of disclosure.  

There is no such thing as an American democracy.  There is only a British Territorial Democracy acting as a Municipal Corporation Subcontractor of our American Government. 

Like the cradle snatching involved in the Dead Baby Scams, the Voter Registration and American Democracy Scams are all aimed at identity theft and unlawful, undisclosed conversion of political status and asset ownership. 

Our American Government is and always has been republican in nature, and that is not a reference to any political party; it is a reference to the structure and kind of government that the American people practice and ordain -- with our government at all levels tasked to serve and protect the rights and property of individual people, not persons. 

Democracy aims at equality at the cost of the individual, whereas  republican states adopt equality under the law and protect the individual. 

It is the British Territorial Democracy and its U.S. Citizenry which has been responsible for the near-constant mercenary conflicts that the U.S. Armed Services have been involved in, and this has been hidden from the American People and the rest of the world for decades.  

The people of this country and indeed, even the men and women employed by these Services, have not known that they were employed in a mercenary capacity -- and that they have been endlessly fighting -- not for freedom or any just cause, but for the commercial gain and business interests of these foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia.   

Moreover, by more convenient and self-serving practices of redefinition , the meaning of the word "defense" has been toyed with, so that it is unrecognizable from its intent and meaning in the Federal Constitutions, where it clearly and unequivocally means defense of this country, not defense of their corporations. 

Trillions of dollars and millions of lives have been spent over the past 160-plus years, purportedly defending us in places like Mali and Bosnia that posed no threat to us, but which did represent threats or benefits of some kind to the commercial interests of these criminal Municipal Corporations.    
We must be very clear about who the actual owners are and whose defense is under contract and exactly what that means. It's our borders and the safety of our States and people that are under contract, nothing more or less.  All the other expenditures that these con artists have appropriated for themselves illegally and unlawfully, and which they have used for other non-contractual and non-consensual purposes are logically their costs of doing business and have nothing to do with us. 

We should not be blamed nor charged for the opportunism and criminality of these Subcontractors, and we should not be confused with them in the minds of the public in this country or anywhere else.  The same goes for the City-operated Municipal Subcontractor.  

No hiding behind our skirts.  We did not approve of and our contracts do not allow for the invasion of Libya or Iraq or any other country. We did not vouchsafe any War Powers to these Subcontractors to act on our behalf in international or global jurisdictions, and we don't expect to have our Good Names dragged through the mud or our credit employed to fund violence and commercial opportunism.  

We don't care how long we have been asleep, trusting these yahoos to do their jobs and follow their contracts; fraud and breach of trust have no statutes of limitation for prosecution and sovereign entities have no obligation to report to their employees. 

The job of these Municipal Subcontractors is to defend our land and our people and nothing else; they are not tasked to defend their own commercial self-interest at our expense. 

These Municipal Corporations and their operations are unequivocally the responsibility of the other Principals involved in their creation and administration, and ultimately, both of these Municipal Corporations are  owned by the Pope, who has the right and responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate these corporations for engaging in unlawful, illegal, and immoral activities. 

We wish for the Municipal Subcontractors and the banks to be held accountable and for the assets that are lawfully ours to be returned to our administration without further excuse or obfuscation.  

We wish for the credit derived from our assets, including our labor, to be returned to us and to our administration without further excuse or obfuscation. 

We wish for a competent accounting separating the private debts of these Municipal Corporations from our public service costs. 

We wish for the bankruptcies of these Municipal Corporations to be investigated for fraudulent misrepresentation and prior asset stripping. 

We wish for the banks that have allowed these private Municipal Corporations to use our accounts without our permission and which have served to block our own access to our assets and our credit, to be thoroughly re-educated and redirected--- and liquidated as accomplices if they do not immediately reform their operations. 

We wish for all legal presumptions against our people and against our material and intellectual property interests to be dropped and for hard proof of knowing, willing, voluntary and fully disclosed foreign citizenship contracts to be entered into the public evidence record of the court in all court cases involving Americans from the nation states of the Union known as The United States. 

We wish for the aforesaid contracts and any proof of their validity and  existence to be further presented as full, complete, and correct copies to any American born in the States of the Union or having been Naturalized in this country without exception, and re-presented each and every time such people are addressed by any foreign court for any reason.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 12th 2023


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  1. So, there is a lot of information but not sure that anything will or can be done to reestablish the intent of the founders regarding the rule of law and individual freedoms.

  2. There is already much taking place currently. The entrance point to what our founders did for individual freedom began with our American people breaking away from the King of Great Britain -- as found in our July 4th 1776 Declaration of Independence. Today we have 50 American states reassembled and in session, meeting face to face and audibly with growing numbers of finally free again people working to voluntarily reconstruct our states. We invite you to read your country's founding documents, three various documents which are pre-constitution, to see where we need to focus and take action. The rest of the we'll documented steps can come back into our current and future action steps following what had then been done by early Americans.

    1. Anna is not the only authority / author pounding on the Organic Laws. People don't do enough for themselves based upon her eye opening efforts. Too many people, who've made these factual discoveries, are older in age and trying to retire in hopes that our younger generations take hold of getting younger generations back to the task of governing the parts of what we wanted to delegate to the State House, the County House, etc. in the first place. Go read and download your own PDFs to study. Dr. Ed Rivera is just one of the many authors who always come to mind for me.

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  3. Anna wrote:
    "Moreover, by more convenient and self-serving practices of redefinition , the meaning of the word "defense" has been toyed with, so that it is unrecognizable from its intent and meaning in the Federal Constitutions, where it clearly and unequivocally means defense of this country, not defense of their corporations."
    Thus the very reason we are entitled to protect our borders from invasion and impeach the bastard who is posed as running the shit show.

    1. BIDEN'S corporation can impeach him, if they choose, it has nothing to do with us.
      We should hang him and his administration for fraud and treason and impersonating the Public Offices, and for the very real threat of unlawful access to our military codes.


    Are you still invested in their retirement plans of any kind
    Still funding them
    Stock market

    Claiming the crtificate and providing two witnesses that were not there at the scene of the crime when the crime was fisrt committed

    Was there not a UCC filed by this grandma claiming everything and then telling you to come on board with the proofs like your certificate and two witnesses

    Now someone is lying and I can assure you the crooks know full well how all this is being played and what the end game is

    World Parliament and your so called self godvernment

    1. What you stated can be further simplified with Yeshuah's simplification of the Mosaic Law: the principled Law of Agape Love that harms no one and worships only the Creator, and not the creation.

    2. Right on Anon 7:06... that's perfect.

  5. A very good read


    Read the invisiable contract stuff about TORT law

  7. The foundLING Fathers where of the same breed

    It's all in the families

    1. The error in the "thinking" found at:

      The guy demonstrates incapacity of knowing: himself, incapable of knowing from whom he comes, incapable of connecting where he is going, seemingly by a form of idol worship - worshiping words to which he has NOT be been GIVEN suitable definition for the word "People," PEOPLE, etc - He thus de facto worships WHOEVER failed to define PEOPLE for him - And instead, he takes the losers route and leaves the word "People" unsuitably mysteriously in question. He is a being who demonstrates a being who is at total effect, as he summons neither "cause" nor "constructive creativity" to his "realitybloger.wordprss..." for power. He demonstrates a being in "trance," under a "spell cast" by the who of mind control, of the brain wash, Svengali, Mesmer, Hood winkers, etc.
      He has been "individuated" from a broader "mass" of his legacy, his inheritance, and his legend - for he presents as he has no people (or so his brain washing informs him?)
      Obviously it is a tool of the mind control mob to bracket the "mass" of bio-forms knowable as "people," into contesting forms: democrats, republicans, fruit hurling name calling idiots of the banana bunch, the gender benders ot

      People, snap out of it! You are drifting to a lonely, broken, and painful oblivion.

      If you are not people, perish, perish, perish!

  8. Read the comments

  9. Mother be talking some shit. Thats when you know Anna be on to somethin' and laying it out fo real dog. I'm feelin' that. Pray to the father for truth and it's here. I ain't tryin' to hear you bring down Anna. Won't listen to that noise. You just lettin' me know she's telling me and I'm keepin' my ear on her. Fuck all ya all talkin shit about my girl Anna.

  10. Are you an accomplice of banana fraud ?
    Are you a beneficiary from banana fraud ?

  11. I love reading these articles. SO MUCH TRUTH!! Thank you dear Anna. You are truly a godsend. I look forward to reading whatever you post each day. The more I learn the more I am ready to rebuild my assembly!! LOVE IT!!!! I knew when they said "The military is the only way" and "Trust the Plan" that it was a psychological operation. It was too familiar with the Bolshevik nightmare. The people are THE ONLY WAY! That and having our father in heaven with us!! I'm not concerned at all with the TROLLS on here! They are just an indication of how correct she is and what a great effort she is making! I laugh when I see them post! I pity them! Love you Anna!!!! Keep it up!!!!

  12. Idolatry. Cult.

    1. One who says that fraud is fraud is precious.
      The one prevents damage from the fraud.

  13. METAverse (TEAM)

  14. "Man conquers the world by conquering himself."
    Zeno of Citium

    The Ancient man Zeno, of Citium, spoke wisely. Seemingly little remembered, are we to to late to read his words?

    Time to conquer ourselves? Yes maybe too little, too late? Maybe not?
    "Man conquers the world by conquering himself."
    Zeno of Citium

  15. Zeno quotes:




  18. banana wrote that central banking system had been invented by St. Germain.
    It is a lie. Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) already used paper money, Knights Templar had certificates of treasures money. Those were fiat money.

    1. Hi, is Thou getting paid to be on this forum? If so, go away in Peace. If not, learn that the history that Thou know is base out of/cooked in London City State. Is Thou happy now?

      (McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 316, 1819)

      FraudVitiatesNullsVoidsAll PrivateAndOrPublicContractsBonds
      (U.S. vs Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61, 1878)

      P. S.
      L. A. W.
      Water(Sea) jurisdictions

  19. Hey guys! here's mr. fruity chimp, hurling banana bombs, i hear monkeys throw all manner of manure even bananas zoo visitors, as they are distressed being viewed, with no privacy, in their tiny cage, never to escape... poor chimp.

  20. All “employees” of all corporations are hirelings, prostituting themselves as workers for hire (mercenaries). Remember, these are neutral terms, not meant to evoke emotion, only Truth. An employee is an agent of its principal, without exception. A public (national) citizen is an agent of its principal in franchise (legal freedom).


      "This will be my last entry with regards to The Great Pension Fund Hoax and all it entails. Quite frankly, there is nothing more to reveal. The gig is up. The endgame is apparent..."

      Yes, this is "quite frankly" self evident. But what is your' point. What are you struggling to communicate?

  21. someone throw him a peenut . . . uh oh, look out! back away . . did he get you?
    uhg. should have said pee . . .

  22. should NOT have said that... these chimps are smart they take clues from the visitors, stand back so you don't get " " on again. Poor mr. fruity chimp.

  23. Whatttt is he doing with that banana now? call the zoo keeper!

  24. They could not exist without us grunts, which is why they are pushing to replace us with AI and robotic labor, with self-checkouts and self-paying tickets, with a cashless world society where all men are required to have the mark of digital identity to even purchase or be in possession of a smart-dusted loaf of bread. The harsh reality is that we (the public) are doing this to ourselves, for not one part of this global system could be implemented and carried on without the base hireling at the ground floor selling, fixing, maintaining, servicing, and assimilating us into that which we are prostituting ourselves in mammon (money) to support. It just our jobs. We are paid to screw each other in every way possible, ignoring in every respect the scriptural, moral law that opposes it.

    1. Only persons (legal status) are borne from such a certificate. That we choose to carry that legal identity (sameness) throughout childhood and into adulthood (legalized adultery) is voluntary (avoidable). But the use of that birthed, certified legal identity (name, title, number, mark, signature, etc.), as the property of government, causes us to act in agency under a contractual relationship with government, as virtual employees, and thus to act in accordance and under the administration of its laws. The creator (principal) controls its creation (agent). The user of a creation stands always subservient to its creator.

  25. No, the "Birth Certificate" is a crime against you, and you may establish the fact of that crime, if you were to rebut, the FRAUD against YOU! But you, at Anonymous May 13, 2023 at 6:20 PM, are too dumb too defend for yourself, and too dumb for any other to defend you. And you are nuts.

    "...placing them under an agent known as a fiduciary..." You are wacko nuts.

    How did you get so lost in the readings here?

  26. Hey you - Anonymous May 13, 2023 at 6:20 PM

    Your Clint Richardson at realitybloger writes:

    "...After nearly four years of continuous contributions to this blog [his blog], I must disclaim that many of my previous misconceptions in earlier posts have been changed and corrected in later posts – a necessary learning curve for such a monstrously and purposefully obfuscating history written by the controllers and victors of the past. And I suppose that of the subjects I write about today, I will need this same disclaimer in another four years! The most important lesson is that there is never a final lesson; that the humility of being passionate but wrong is the most important learning tool of all, if one can only recognize the virtue of overcomi..."

    You might want consider reading Anna, who is not "passionate but wrong" instead Anna is patient and accurate/right.

    Now I see how you got so lost in readings.

  27. Fraud is fraud.
    Lie is lie. Crime is crime.
    Cult is cult.
    Fanatic is fanatic.
    Idol worshipper is
    idol worshipper.

    1. Hey, Anonymous May 13, 2023 at 9:50 PM -

      You forgot all these:

      You is you.
      Truth is truth. Eleemosynary is eleemosynary.
      Occult is occult.
      Laughter is laughter.
      What is what.
      Huh? is huh?
      etc. etc.

      Other than that you missed the above, you are a genius!

    2. you is plural....
      - foreign
      - domestic
      - municipal
      - not for profit

      one is singular

    3. But this time you forgot to include the other side of your equation. Here let me show you:

      you is plural....IS you is plural....
      - foreign IS - foreign
      - domestic IS - domestic
      - municipal IS - municipal
      - not for profit IS - not for profit

      one is singular IS one is singular

      Do you get it now? Go home and spend a couple of hours practicing your hypothesis, eventually you may get the drift of it, and correct your inconsistencies.

      Oh, and have another banana chimp.

    4. This is the diagram of:
      you - your three persons, your multi-divisible stateless self

      the plural for the "you", lost at sea
      non profit

      Having my bowl of fruit now.

  28. mr. fruity banana bomb chimp is here! stand back a bit....

  29. And "Anonymous May 14, 2023 at 3:22 AM" is a banana!
    I mean is a [ba:nana]

  30. Hey - Anonymous May 14, 2023 at 7:06

    Your guy at nicely reveals about his errors as follows:

    He, Clint Richardson, at "realitybloger," writes:

    "...After nearly four years of continuous contributions to this blog [his blog], I must disclaim that many of my previous misconceptions in earlier posts have been changed and corrected in later posts – a necessary learning curve for such a monstrously and purposefully obfuscating history written by the controllers and victors of the past. And I suppose that of the subjects I write about today, I will need this same disclaimer in another four years! The most important lesson is that there is never a final lesson; that the humility of being passionate but wrong is the most important learning tool of all, if one can only recognize the virtue of overcomi..."

    You might consider reading Anna. Anna is not as is "realitybloger" Clint Richardson. Clint acknowledges he is "passionate but wrong."

    Anna is very patient and very accurate and right. Very correct, accurate, and worthy!

    We all already know where the "pension" plans are "going." We all know where the "dollar" is going.

    You are way behind the curve (and fading,) try and catch up!


  31. Next one was probably written by David P. Crayford.
    Crayford was also a con artist.
    But this article probably contains some truths.
    【A Tribute to His Excellency : The self-proclaimed judge Anna Maria Riezinger aka Anna Von Reitz and her fake connection to the Collateral Accounts】

  32. Wow - "Next one is "PROBABLY' written by David P. Crayford."
    Wow - "Crayford was ALSO a con artist."
    Wow - "But this article PROBABLY contains some truths."

    I mean, a big triple-trident-Tribute "WOW!"

    I mean, if your "foot notes" were not so "heady" they may PROBABLY maybe, sorta lead to someplace COOL or NEAT, and like more than WOW!

    What else you got up your sleeve?

  33. One must understand intent behind all things, and the intent of those gods of government is to be “gods” over their own creation. To be a god, all others must be made lower in status. And since all men under God (in Nature) are said under the law to be “Created equal,” there is only one way to break with that Law of Nature. Men must be assigned persons. A person is always form without substance. A person is always only a status, never the actual man (male or female).

    Hmm 'political status'
    Why would that not too be a man made CONstruct

  34. Be sure when you search for things on the internet of things that you don't get these results

    So WHO do you think CONtrols the internet and what you are searching and seeing?

  35. truthstream media did an interesting experiment on the millions of results you get when doing these searches and the results are laughable
    Typically you get about 100 results not millions and the pages that it brings up ends at some illusiory point way before their 10 millions search results in 3 seconds as they claim

  36. Fuckers are sick

  37. 5 minutes in INDIA

    MEITY, DIC (Digital India Corporation)

    Remember ISD schoold takeovers

    BRICS deal

    Xi or a DIS't'NEY actor

    As the 1.8 million actwhores on the world stage play their parts

  38. Scare the sht out of the sheep and the pied piper gets them to dance to their tune

  39. They're deMOCKracy SELECTIONS in Turkey after being set 'free' MY ASS

  40. Thank Anna for this important update to the FACTS.

    Lock of full disclosure makes a contract null and void.

    A contract can be a tricky thing,
    Where every word holds its own sting.
    If all the terms aren't spelled out clear,
    That contract is null, that much is clear.

    It's not enough to just imply,
    What's important should apply.
    Every nuance and detail,
    Requires written proof just like mail.

    With lack of disclosure, there's a risk,
    Of making that contract turn into brisk.
    Legal terms nderstanding,
    Must be documented in writing.

    So if Thou want to make a deal,
    Ensure that it's all for real,
    Make sure all of Details are right,
    Or this contract won't take flight.

    Lack of disclosure, a serious crime
    Makes a contract null in no time
    Agreements must be clear and fair
    Or else there's no deal to share

    Concealment of facts, a deceitful act
    Can render a contract completely abstract
    For a contract to hold its ground
    Disclosure is crucial and must be found

    Without honesty and transparency
    A contract is simply a worthless entity
    So be truthful in all you do
    So contract will stand strong and true.

    When it comes to contracts, we should know the drill,
    It's important to disclose, to be not ill,
    If there's a lack, it can all be void,
    And the hard work, somehow canceroid.

    The terms and conditions, we must to know,
    Otherwise the contract, it won't hold,
    The clause may seem small, but it's important still,
    For a failed contract, results in a bitter pill.

    Disclose all the facts, make everything clear,
    For if there's a lack, it's very clear,
    It might seem tedious, a bit of a chore,
    But it's better than losing, and wanting more.

    So heed this advice, when making a contract deal,
    Be honest, open, upfront, with everything thou feel,
    Otherwise, it's likely to fall apart,
    And Thou'll inherit a heavy heart. (aipg)


  41. She has been wrong about many things. As we all have. Stop worshipping people.

  42. Imagine there's no heaven
    It isn't hard to do

    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as ONE
    Fake John Lennon
    Song IMAGINE

    The fed reserve golden calf reports


  43. Molina Healthcare and the OKI

    ShelbyOctober 5, 2022 at 9:37 AM
    Hey all you Kentucky Nationals / Coordinators


    What do ya know
    Page 11 shows a chart that has the entire state mapped out in REGIONS just like all the other states
    8 Regions no doubt that are all represented by COG's

    MOLINA has been in this game a very long time folks, I used to work for them too

    OKI Regional Councils of Government
    The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI)
    Formed in 1964, OKI has spent 50 years cultivating partnerships and alliances that range from the federal government to local councils.
    Its 118 members represent governmental, social and civic groups from nearly 200 communities in the eight-county, three-state region.


    On to 2050 plan

    About the (TRANCE)PORTATION Plan
    The 2050 Transportation Plan is a comprehensive blueprint projecting the transportation needs of the OKI region area for the next 30 years.


    June 11 2020 —The OKI board votes on the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan during the scheduled Virtual June board meeting.

    The plan will be adopted and in place for four years. The Plan may be amended as warranted — subject to public review and OKI Board
    approval. An update to the Plan will occur in 2024.

    So tell me all you UNINCORPORATED state coordinators for
    Ohio - Kentucy - Indiana
    who by the way I assume are working for 'free' and donating your fiat dollars to the cause
    What say you about these projected 30 year planning sessions going on and just what the hell is it that you are doing or stopping as it pertains to the roll out and implementation of these plans?
    I tell ya what, you are the bottom rung of the ladder and you're being kept busy, working for free while all these other schmucks are paid well for their treason to everyone on the planet

  44. ShelbyOctober 5, 2022 at 9:41 AM
    Continued from above

    Now let me take you back to september, 2021
    From right here on this blog the following was posted
    But then it was taken down within a day if not shorter time

    Saturday, September 25, 2021
    Request for help for Louisiana for storm damage
    On Friday, September 24, 2021, 11:45, amethyst Smith wrote:

    Hello Paul, this is Amethyst (Jamie Smith), a recording secretary with The Louisiana Assembly. Many Louisiana people need help with recovering from devastating Hurricane Ida, which hit my State Aug. 29th. Two of the hardest hit areas are Terrebonne and LaFourche Parishes, which border the Gulf of Mexico.
    Monetary donations are URGENTLY needed for all kinds of supplies: bottled water, mostly non-perishable food, utensils, laundry
    detergent, building materials, carpenters and plumbers, trash bags, tarps, tools. PLEASE send monetary donations and email inquiries to:

    By: Amethyst 225-431-2420
    Louisiana Assembly recording secretary and International notarial witness
    Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:25 AM

    Do you notice anything here
    Say like
    Louisiana Assembly recording secretary and International notarial witness
    She's a recording 'secretary' not a 'coordinator'?
    An international notarial witness?

    Does anyone not find that odd?
    Why was the email taken down so fast?

    Soliciting relief monies and funds from the populace?
    Nope those old so called godvernment block grants and funds are no longer being distributed to any people they are basically just being kept in the fake ones coffers while they bilk the working populace for more is my take on it?

    No disrespect intended but I tell ya what something very nefarious going on here

  45. continued from above

    And from what I have gathered you cannot hold a title of any sort like secretary and an international notarial witness without identifying and carrying the surname which belongs to fake ass 'Ceasar' aka Pope'eye'

    They hold the copyright/trademark to all surnames
    It's your 'trademark' the 'surname' that is their property
    Of course stolen but none the less thats what this is all about

    ShelbyOctober 5, 2022 at 10:13 AM
    So by all means step right up claim that surname, find two witnesses to verify who you are, sign the application and get VERIFIED by a Coordinator complete with background checks I presume

    Then sign up, work for free, donate any extra cash you have and work work work my little pretties and I promise there is a pot of gold /prepaid CREDITOR CREDIT CARD forthcoming in the mail
    They should be delivered any day now
    (ten years later you're still waiting)

    But they had to get the folks on board with the plan SOMEHOW

    So they assigned little ole grandma habsburg here the task of going out amongst the sheep with all the answers to what ails the world to round up the flock

    Meanwhile Commisioners are now presidents of the OKI board raking in serious salaries

    And the BLOCK GRANTS are doled out as the board sees fit and as it aligns with the 2050 plans

    Gee I wonder if this mega region has set up
    FUSION Centers and PROVIDERS

    In this document it flat out tells ya that immigrants will take top bill in assistance and that Americans can just go fuck themselves

    The so called EMERGING of the
    6 The Emerging North American Union — Timeline
    A chronology of events leading to regional governance in North America.

    21 Declaration of the Presidents of America
    Meeting of American Chiefs of State, Punta del Este, Uruguay, April 12-14, 1967

    Funny ain't it that there OKI outfit was started in 1964 just prior to the meeting of the traitor minds and the
    Declaration of the Presidents of America

    Wake the gosh dang hell up

  46. ring of fire
    Check out the graphs in the document and then listen to this

    I fell in to the burnin ring of fire and it burns burns burns the ring of fire
    Johnny CASH the MAN IN BLACK


  47. speci-al an-ounce-ment

    up-on re-view of May 15, 12:15PM l-ink

    a new clue re-e-me-rg-es for

    >>> Wizard of Oz <<<

    What is the first information one is asked about new baby?

    How much does baby weight in ounces? ( translated: Lbs and Oz)

    Follow the yellow brick (gold bar) road.

    Later in life baby grows up to adult sizes and weights. What is the first thing a Medical office staff asks?

    What is your weight? Hmmm. As if it really matters? Hmmmm.

    People begin life weighted. People advance through life weighted. Values of the money supply ebb and flow.... hmmm. Weights of babies added up... hmmm... worth our weight in gold?

    Hmm. Neat clue. Somebody has the total weight tabulated somewhere, no?

    Mr Fruity Chimp
    (Gematria values are giving interesting clues) (maybe nothing but fun)

  48. Hmmmmmm

    POLITICAL PARTY – A number of persons united in opinion and organized in the manner usual to the then existing political parties. An unincorporated, voluntary association of persons sponsoring certain ideas of government or maintaining certain political principles or beliefs in public policies of government, not a governmental agency or instrumentality. (–Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

    Hmmm 'political status' you say