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Thursday, December 23, 2021

For All My Aussie Friends -- With One Caveat

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we, Americans, woke up and got the fundamentals of the scam figured out on our side, we raised the alarm and said, hey, fellas, this is what they did to us, and it looks like they did the same to you --- but we don't have the resources to dig out your specific history. We'll help all we can, but....
And so, all over the world, teams of researchers have sprung up in the various countries and the dawn has been flashing from horizon to horizon as more and more people have been waking up worldwide and tracing back their own national history to those times, dates, omissions, obfuscations, legal tricks, and "Acts" pertaining only to government employees which were used as the excuse for wholesale unlawful conversion of our respective populations.
We have also awakened to the present threat being posed by the slavemaster's attempts to redefine" everyone once again, as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) also known as "Transhumans" so as to promote claims of ownership based on patent claims held by certain individuals and corporations.
Here in America those declared to be Americans by birthright who are occupying the land and soil jurisdiction have already outlawed these outrageous claims of the slavemaster hoping to own genetically modified humans as products.
We heartily recommend that everyone wise up to the true use intended for the mRNA pollutants being passed off as vaccine additives and we also recommend that the lawful people's assemblies pass similar prohibitive measures.
Meantime, many Aussies have taken up the challenge to discover their own history and for all of you still in the dark, I recommend that all Australians watch the Youtubes and other videos provided by Dawn Kelly and Romley Stewart, which taken together explain the history and a key insight into the use of PARSE SYNTAX, which is in fact, another scam.
Dawn has Australian History down to the very early 1900's, there is only a little more to scrape off back to the 1860's and the set up of the central bank in Australia.
She also discovered the role of "the US" as a military Occupation Force imposed on Australia as a result of the first bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper, dba, "The United States of America, Inc." and the Hague Convention Treaties.
Everyone needs to understand that "the US" is a foreign corporation with respect to us, the actual Americans, and that a similar scam had been imposed on us by Lincoln --- the earlier Lieber Code that gave rise to the Hague Conventions.
It's all bull, and we should not be impacted by any of it at all, but by various means of deceit the promoters of these schemes have entrapped and enslaved billions of people for generations and set up a vast interlocking trust and racketeering operation based in Rome, the City of London, and Washington, DC.
The object of this scam was originally to guarantee sufficient funding for government services, but it quickly morphed into a multi-national crime conspiracy and administrative syndicate, which they are being obliged to dismember at the same time that they are seeking to use genetic modification as an excuse to disallow the lawful claims of their victims.
We trust that this latest bid to redefine their victims and avoid paying their debts will be recognized for what it is and meet with absolute, worldwide rejection.
Merry Christmas, everyone, and may God Bless Us with discernment, insight, and clarity as we go forward.
My one caveat about Dawn Kelly's research is that she appears to tacitly at least approve of David-Wynn:Miller's scheme using PARSE SYNTAX; but, that mistake is cleared up nicely by another Australian researcher, Romley Stewart, whose work explains why we should never use DOG LATIN of any species or kind.

Love to all, and a Happy Christmas to our friends in Australia!


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