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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Reply to Video Attacks--If I Am a Fake

By Anna Von Reitz

Aside from the fact that many of the people running the "government corporations" are liars and have to be liars to keep their jobs, and also the fact that the same liars hire propagandists to work for them-- ask yourselves some questions.

If I am a fake and impersonating a judge-- why isn't anyone arresting me?

Why is it that it's only the people who don't follow my instructions who get into trouble?

Is it possible to be a Jesuit and a Lutheran at the same time?

Just put on your own thinking caps.

I am not a member of the Bar Association. I never said I was did I?

What kind of court am I running?

Answer: a State Court.

Which courts require their judges to be Bar Association members?

Answer: State of State Courts.

Do land jurisdiction Courts hire Bar Attorneys?

Answer: No.

What kind of court am I running?

Answer: Land jurisdiction.

Can I run a land jurisdiction court and be a Bar Member?

Answer: No

Does that expose the exposers as the know-nothings they are?

How did I meet the Pope?

Answer: By accusing the Holy See of crime and Breach of Trust.

Why did I work (unpaid) for three years as his Private Attorney to give Due Process to his employees?

He repented and asked for my help.

Would a sincere Christian say no?

Do I think I am the "Messiah"? Have I ever said anything like that?


What have I said? 
That I am the Fiduciary sent to clean up this Mess.

What proves that I am who I say I am?

Who else sued the Holy See and presented a cured Payment Bond and Bill of Lading?

How is it that my Bill of Lading and its cure date exactly coincides with the official start date of The Age of Aquarius?

What did Yeshuah say about his Kingdom, speaking about it back then in the Age of Pisces?

"My Kingdom is not of this Age."

Who is traditionally the Fiduciary in a Jewish community?

The Grandmothers.

What am I?

A Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.

What is my name?


What is the name of Yeshuah's Grandmother as recorded in the Bible?


Who do I represent in this matter?

The Kingdom of Heaven.

Who does the Pope represent?

The Kingdom of God.

Who triumphed and won the bet at Golgotha? Yeshuah or Satan?


So whose Kingdom was forfeit?


And where is his Kingdom?

The international jurisdiction of the sea.

And what is the Kingdom of Satan called?

The Kingdom of God.

So whether anyone likes it or not, The Kingdom of Heaven is here to collect Satan's Kingdom.

It's simple enough and it's only been thousands of years that everyone has known about it, so nobody can say it's a big surprise as if it was unannounced, can they?

And with all that has come out about the Dual Life of the Catholic Church, can we admit that the Apocalypse-- the great Revealing has come?

And with all the Churches turning themselves into corporations operating in Satan's Kingdom, can we admit the Great Apostasy has come?

And with the War in Iraq, did the Kings of the South and East and West not come as foretold?

And did the Kings of the North not come afterward and take over all the other Kings fought over?

And is Jerusalem not currently besieged in the midst of a great spiritual battle? Are not all the Nations of the world against her?

And is not the Great Abomination, a giant idol, a statue of Ashtoreth, "standing where it should not stand" in New York Harbor?

Are we not seeing evil in high places aplenty, and especially in the Kingdom of the Air? The Global Jurisdiction managed by the Church?

Even the Prophecy of the Cedars and the Sycamores has been fulfilled, has it not?

And don't the Liars still huddle in their dark places and trust in secrecy, thinking that their evil is unknown and that nobody will know their intent?

Aren't the Lawyers still the stumbling block? Refusing to go into The Kingdom of Heaven themselves, and blocking the way for everyone else?

What have I told you?

That there is no point in lying or trying to hide, because in Truth, everything is known.

That being so, why would I, knowing that, bother to lie about anything or hide anything from you?

With the Americans being raped and pillaged by their supposed friends and Allies and international Trustees---Britain and the Popes--for a 150 years, does anyone doubt that the Great Tribulation--the payment of Tribute to Rome-- has not come also?

Is there any doubt that these times are like the days of Noah with the Satanists murdering millions of babies and men sleeping with men and beasts and women cherishing dogs and cats instead of their own flesh?

America, even under Mary's protection, has suffered terrible unrelenting damage for many years and has been pillaged and broken by all the nations of the world, defamed, defrauded, degraded, laughed at and scorned, robbed, raped, polluted, hated and blamed --has it not?

Haven't Christians all over the world been attacked and murdered for their faith?

Have I not been a faithful Watchman and sounded the alarm?

Have I not told you to flee Babylon?

Is there not a "remnant" of the once great American People -- our fledgling Jural Assemblies, coming back into the land jurisdiction and leaving the Kingdom of Satan behind?

What part of any of this is hard to see and understand?

Do you all need a brick wall to fall on your heads before you know what is true and look at what is right in front of you?

It has all come to pass. In five years time, he will stand among you again. So why are you not happy and making haste to prepare?

I could care less if you believe me, because the Truth is a sword in my hand and The Living God will not be mocked-- but a prudent man has eyes and ears, does he not?


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Wake up, Beijing!

By Anna Von Reitz

The Watchmen of The Republic-- the real one, are shouting from the rooftops and from the city walls. The Watch Fires are lit. 

The mouthpieces of their bought and paid for media blare nonsense night and day, bread and circuses to keep us entertained. 

But it isn't working. 

Their banks steal from their Depositors and throw fanciful money laundering schemes at us, seeking to exonerate themselves, entrap everyone else-- and use other people's money to do it. 

You want to do business with these "persons"?  Really? 

A great and unseen struggle is being waged-- with one aim: to keep the American People duped and asleep. 

But it isn't working. 

It is this simple-- their Territorial Congress you see in Washington, DC is not our Congress. 

The Municipal United States Congress you see parading around and causing trouble isn't our Congress, either. 

Our States are not their States of States. 

Their Territorial States of States are not our Federal States of States. 

They are running a foreign, usurping government out of Washington, DC, and pretending to "represent" us. 

They don't. 

The Municipal United States Government should not exist outside the ten miles square of the District of Columbia.  

The Queen and the Popes have been colluding against us in Gross Breach of Trust since 1822.

They are such good liars and payola artists, they've gotten away with it, too.  

To hear them tell it, black is white and red is blue. 

They have made false claims in commerce and duped us into
obviously paying their corporate debts for 150 years, impoverishing us and enriching them. 

And when they realized the jig was up, what did they do?  

Even with the benefit of all that they have stolen from us, they could never pay us back. 

So they set up their FEMA Concentration Camps and ordered their 30,000 guillotines and taught the fools who work for their pieces of paper and their digits on a screen that we are "livestock" and "useless eaters" --- as they prepare to murder their Priority Creditors, their own Employers, the people who have paid their bills for all these years. 

And they collected the Life Force Value Annuities that should have been paid to the Americans and Canadians. 

And they concocted a bogus $20 Trillion Dollar U.S. National Debt by not applying credit that we are owed. 

And they won't protect our Southern Border even though that is required by their service contract. 

And right now, with the horrified eyes of the world upon them, they are trying to sell our Highway System to you so you can charge us tolls to use our own roads to pay their bills for them? 

You think that is going to fly? 

Wake up, Beijing!  

Do you need a better reason to destroy the "Federal Reserve"?

Has it dawned on everyone yet who the real villains in the story are? 

The same worthless roaches are trying to sell our land and soil and water, too, to anyone stupid enough to think that they can buy it from them. 

Be forewarned all you investors.

The land and soil and the waters belong to our States and our People and we are sick and tired of any more legal chicanery, any more lies, any more excuses for any of this. 

If you have a debt or a claim against the "U.S." --the American States and People are NOT their "Sureties".  The Queen and the Pope are their Sureties. 

Don't come here, China, and negotiate with the thieves of the "Federal Reserve".  Those roads belong to us. 

Don't come here and claim to buy a "Water District" and think you own the People's water. 

You are being Swindled and so are we by international criminals ensconced in Washington, DC-- and those criminals have nothing to do with us. 

Just keep flying East until you get to London and Rome. There you will find the deplorable scoundrels who  stole our labor and money and resources and now propose to steal yours. 

What good is their fraudulent title to things they don't own?  Of what value are their lies, pretending that we are their Sureties and that we agreed to this?  

99.9% of Americans never heard a word about any of these cozy arrangements made "for" us by these self-interested Liars.

Fly East to London and to Rome and speak to those who are truly responsible for the debts that the fake "U.S." owes. 

Wake up, Beijing. 

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a dung heap is still a dung heap, too.

America is not for sale and we are not responsible for their odious debts. 

The Queen is responsible for the debts and bad behavior of the Territorial Government and the Pope is responsible for the Municipal Government and both the Queen and the Spanish King are responsible for all the criminality that has been headquartered in Puerto Rico. 

It has nothing to do with us and trying to buy up our infrastructure from them is like trying to buy a Hawaiian Beach from an Eskimo. 

No doubt they would give you a Quit Claim Deed to everything they don't own. 

Wake up, Beijing. 


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