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Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Role of the Federation

 By Anna Von Reitz

In answer to continuing questions about the role and powers of our Federation of States.

1. The Federation of States is not the Federal Government.  The Federation is what the Federal Government was named after.  The Federation of States is an instrumentality of all Fifty States which allows them to act together for their mutual benefit. 

Imagine that you are one of fifty dairy farmers and you get together to build a creamery to process your milk and turn it into various products ready for market.  By analogy, each State is a Dairy Farmer, and the Federation is the Creamery. 

2. Many new people coming into Assemblies react as if the Federation is the evil and mostly hated Federal Government and try to push back against its authority.  This is a gross misunderstanding on their part and needs to be nipped in the bud.  

Imagine that you are one of fifty would-be bakers, and you want to make chocolate chip cookies. Imagine that while you all have a good idea of what a chocolate chip cookie looks like, none of you have a recipe. 

So all fifty of you set out to experiment with various ingredients trying to work out a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and only God knows what you come up with.  Or how many times you try and fail. 

This is what would happen to the State Assemblies, if there was no common template and structure--- no recipe---  imposed upon them from outside each group and no Summoning Authority to guide the process.  

The State Assembly in Nebraska might be very different in form and function from the State Assembly established in Rhode Island, which would lead to unequal and unpredictable services being available or unavailable to the people living in each State of the Union. 

Some States might, in such a situation, not have a State Militia or a State Court System, some State Assemblies might meet once a year or once every ten years and do relatively nothing to serve the needs of a State Government.  

If it were left to "chance and druthers" it might not be possible to identify and describe what a State Assembly is, just as fifty different interpretations of "chocolate chip cookie" would result from random experimentation.

To prevent this chaos and establish a reasonable semblance of similar structures and similar services provided by the institutions we call "State Assemblies", those Summoning Powers entrusted with the power to call the State Assemblies into Session, are also empowered to make sure the State Assemblies are properly organized and seated. 

The Seating Process takes place in two stages.  The first stage is seating the General Assembly.  This happens when people permanently living within the borders of a State come forward and declare and record and publish their birthright political status and nationality and home of record.

These people, once properly identified, form the General Assembly of the Populace living in each physically defined State of the Union.  They are the "nation" part of the nation-state and the State Citizens in each State are also the "Nation" operating in international jurisdiction. 

The Federation of States, one of the Summoning Powers, has directed and completed the seating of a General Assembly for each one of the fifty physically defined States of the Union.  

To be Fully Seated for all purposes and responsibilities of a State Assembly, each Assembly must additionally complete their International Business Assembly composed of State Citizens uniquely loyal to their State of the Union,  a State Assembly Militia, and a State Court competent to practice American Common Law.  

The role of the Federation as Summoning Authority ends when each State Assembly is Fully Seated.  From there on, the States are responsible for maintaining their own lawful operations as a State of the Union and as a sovereign nation-state, and the Federation resumes its  duties in international and global jurisdictions without the additional duty of oversight that has been imposed upon it by the present circumstance.

Until the day when all the State Assemblies are organized and competent to function on their own, the Federation Coordinators who are volunteer State Nationals from the General Assembly in each State are charged with the responsibility to guide the Assembling Process in their State and to act as Go-Betweens  between their State Assembly and the Federation to get answers to questions that arise during the assembly process.  

Coordinators stand up as individuals and volunteer to receive training and undergo vetting to work for the Federation in this capacity.  They are obligated to follow the template defining the structure and ultimately providing the four fundamental functions of all State Assemblies for their State of the Union.   

Coordinators are not chosen by the yet-to-be seated Assembly. If they were, it would be too easy for a small group of people to redefine the role of the Coordinators and also redefine the structure, functions, and duties of a State Assembly, so as to render the entire process and its results meaningless or foreign. 

The Federation is one of three (3) possible Summoning Authorities and the only one presently active and available to oversee the assembling process for the State Assemblies.  

Without the Federation and its work and role, there would be no State Assemblies in Session, and there would be no means to call the State Assemblies into Session.

It was precisely this chicken-and-egg dilemma, being unable to call our States into Session, that our Enemies counted upon to keep our actual State Governments dormant and our people enslaved. 

So now you know what the role of the Federation is, and more important, you know why-- if not for the Federation acting as Summoning Authority -- there would be no discipline and no template and no sane definition of what a State Assembly is or what a State Assembly does. 

Our Forefathers realized that they were assisted in their development from having had a Colonial House of Burgesses and Colonial Governments established prior to their Independence. The Summoning Powers were defined as a means to reliably preserve and maintain the structures and functions and definitions of our American Government, should our present need ever arise. 

The "recipe" was passed down, generation to generation, to make sure that we all know what a State Assembly is, the job that a State Assembly does, the organizational structure of a State Assembly, and both the powers and the responsibilities that a State Assembly holds. 

If this were not so, our country and our individual States would have no clear-cut way forward, no sure structure to depend upon, and no overall means to provide the functions and services of State Government for our people on a country-wide basis. 

Thankfully, we have our traditions and customs and sure means to serve us at this juncture in our history, and we may firmly rely on the State Assembly building blocks that are crucial to our success.  

Thankfully, too, we have our Summoning Authorities in place, able to direct and oversee the assembling process to ensure a modicum of uniformity in each State Government, in that each of the State Assemblies have a similar basic structure, and fulfill similar basic functions for the people they serve.

The words "State Assembly" in Michigan still mean the same basic thing as "State Assembly" in California, however different the groups of people operating these institutions might be.  

You can thank the Federation of States for that beneficial outcome. 


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