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Saturday, October 28, 2023

How to Process David Straight's Paperwork

 By Anna Von Reitz

We don't process his paperwork.  We process declarations of birthright nationality and private recorded claims of interest in birthright estates. You would use the 1779 Declaration for Federal Employees and Dependents. 

Anyone who did David Straight's process has made declarations concerning their participation in federal corporations and their bureaucracies, so as to maintain and claim their rights as American State Nationals, too. 

From our side of it, it is exactly the same as the process for Federal Employees of either stripe -- Americans working for either Municipal Corporation headquartered in the District of Columbia, Territorial (Military) or Municipal (Federal Civil Service) can choose to reclaim their birthright and notify their State Assembly.  

The only difference is that these people need to join the appropriate District Assembly after they have recorded their claim to their birthright nationality. 

They are in a Dual Status -- they are still Americans owed their birthright and Constitutional Guarantees, but so long as they are also claiming Federal Citizenship/citizenship, they don't belong in our State Assemblies. 

So process the David Straight claimants as Federal U.S. Citizens (Territorial and Military Personnel)  or Municipal citizens of the United States (Federal and State of State Civil Service Personnel).  Record their claim to their birthright nationality.  Help them locate their local District Assembly or Municipal District Assembly, and send them on their way.  


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To All the Gossips About My Podcast on Tuesday:

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am not impressed by your criticisms.  The people who brought forward their concerns about Coordinators blocking participation and using vetting and time outs in inappropriate ways are well-justified. So are their concerns that Coordinators and others are not processing the paperwork in a timely manner.  

About vetting: 

It is not allowed to "vet" people who are merely joining as members and that is not something that the Federation ever taught or encouraged. 

Yet, vetting is a tool being used by some persons in the State Assemblies --persons intent on keeping other people out and membership strictly limited to people who agree with the politics, fears, and outlook of the Coordinators and their friends--- which is horribly inappropriate if not outright illegal and unlawful for a public government institution.  

The burden of educating people is indeed a burden --- one that I have borne for a good number of years, however, since nearly everyone here owes a substantial part of their education in these matters to me, I consider it everyone's duty to pass on what you have learned in as unpolluted a form as possible. 

That includes the information that has been made freely available from the start about the purposes and uses of vetting candidates for Assembly Offices --- and for that purpose only. 

If anyone has any information indicating that the Federation ever ordered or encouraged anyone to use vetting for any purpose but practical evaluation of candidates for offices, I want to see that right now. I don't believe it exists.  It has certainly never been in my mind to use vetting as a means to restrict or trespass upon the privacy of the general membership of any assembly and there is no tradition in our history permitting any such thing.  

About recording: 

I very clearly understand that our assemblies are not private clubs for the benefit of a few and everyone else involved had better understand that, too. Our duty requires us to save as many Americans as possible. Perhaps I should underline that and put it in boldface?  

As for the xenophobic antics of The Texas Assembly, I have had enough.  There should be upward of a thousand members in that Assembly by now, and instead we have twenty.  There has been an obvious disconnect between the Coordinators and the simple directions provided by the Federation.  I am not prepared to go into an exhaustive recitation or to speculate on the sources of the misunderstanding about the recording functions, but I am prepared based on actual correspondence from one of the Coordinators to say that the recording functions have been fubar for some time and that an overall "bad attitude" was expressed that can easily account for the lack of membership and brotherly love in Texas.  

Other Assemblies are going to the other extreme, and trying to do things that they have no possible means to do.  This week, we caught Arkansas using the Great Seal on State paperwork, thereby misrepresenting that paperwork as if it came from the Federation.  This is a "mistake" so fundamental that it left me gaping. Worse than that, the paperwork was an unjustifiable attack on the established Territorial Court System, similar to the same idiocy that led to the Colorado Nine being sentenced to 38 years in jail.  Just in case anyone missed the memo, our job is to set up and operate our own court system for our own people within the borders of our own states, and to stay in our lane so far as what the foreign corporations do to their own employees and dependents. 

I have also told everyone plainly and repeatedly that we are not subject to any Federal Code that has not been published in the Congressional Record (about 8% of all Federal Code) and only then when we engage in activities that are federally regulated or enter properties that are legitimately owned and operated under federal authority -- like a Naval Dockyard. 

Yet, almost daily, I receive endless reams of paper generated by members of State Assemblies, spouting endless screeds of Federal Code as if any of it applied to us?  If we aren't smart enough to figure out that almost none of the Federal Code applies to us, who is to blame the Federales for misapplying it when we are, apparently, adopting it and using it and misapplying it to ourselves?  

This shows that the members of our State Assemblies and especially the leadership teams and Coordinators are not doing their homework, not listening to me, and not doing their job --- which is to learn the American Way and restore their lawful State Assembly to full operation immediately, if not sooner.  

About Time Outs

Time Outs are used for "drunk and disorderly" members that are actually causing disruption, shouting obscenities, or throwing punches, for people who consistently refuse to stay on topic, for people who "talk over" and disrespect other members, for people who deflect attention onto other issues well-beyond the current mission of the Assemblies--- which is simply to get the Four Pillars stood up and fully functional.  

What do I have to do?  Strip naked and stand on my head? 

The only time that Time Outs are appropriate is when people are actually interfering with the Assembly's ability to get its work done.  Time outs should be progressive -- three days, a week, a month, a year, with discussion in between, to tell the offending member what they are doing and why that is detrimental to what the organization is doing. 

All of this frou-frou-rah amounts to lack of a little common sense and decency toward others whose rights and responsibilities are exactly equal to yours, and to evidence of evil indoctrination at work, a sort of ignorant cold war mentality of fear, control, contrivance, political motivations that have no place in our assemblies, and similar moldy leftovers of a world and a mindset that the rest of us are seeking to leave behind, not further copy and promulgate. 

About your Coordinators....

If your Coordinators are not doing their job, are slackers, self-interested, nasty, controlling, incompetent, seeking to keep people out of your State Assembly, or otherwise dishonest, get rid of them.  There appears to be an idea that the Federation provides the Coordinators, but that is not the case. 

Coordinators are volunteers who live in your State of the Union, people who simply step up and offer to help organize, that is, assemble, your State Assembly.  They contact us and receive training and go to work. 
Simple as that.  They work as Go-Betweens shuttling back and forth between the Assembly and the Federation to get answers to questions about the assembling process and the structures and processes and roles of a State Assembly. That is their role.  

If anyone misunderstands what "go-between" means, I suggest they look it up.  It does not suggest that the Coordinators are CEOs.  It suggests that Coordinators should be relying on more experienced and successful Coordinators and beating a path to my door on a regular basis, so that they have correct information to share with their Assemblies. 

About cooperation....

This whole effort is meant to be a cooperative endeavor more akin to a barn raising than a military operation and anyone who mistakes that fact is having trouble making the leap from military indoctrination to life as a civilian.  

Recognize the problem of indoctrination in yourself and in others. Deal fairly and kindly as you can with it, and help people get beyond it. Realize that we have to change ourselves if we are to change our government.  

We have to give up our fears and politics, our assumptions, and "what we learned" back in Eighth Grade about United States History.  We have to come to grips with the fact that we missed American History.  

And start learning now. 

The Federation is not the Federal Government --- we are what the Federal Government was named after.  We are the Holding Company that delegated the Delegated Powers.  We are here to assist the State Assemblies in their efforts to assemble themselves and to provide them with information and with whatever other help we can reasonably offer, to enable the people of this country to restore their lawful government. 

Our work is normally in international and global jurisdictions, so we are not competitors with the State Assemblies.  Our focus is on defending the position and the rights and the claims of our lawful government against commercial pirates and usurpers intent on stealing us all blind. 
Any idea that we have any interest in the State Assemblies other than educating people to restore and run them properly is absurd.  We have more than enough on our own plate to keep us busy for the next two decades.   

I have no patience for schemers, liars, political hacks, or people who like to play Henny-Penny and run around spreading fear, rumors, gossip and distrust. I don't care about anyone's opinion --- I am not a politician and not seeking any political office. What I am seeking is some common sense cooperation and focus on the really Big Job that destiny has handed to each one of us.  

The Podcast has been set up so that people have an avenue to connect directly to me and ask their questions without a bunch of would-be Comptrollers standing in the way and reinterpreting every word I say to fit a narrative that has nothing to do with me or anything I teach.  It's "my" Podcast in that I have approved of it, willingly participated in it, and have now very clearly enunciated why I have seen fit to do this and increase my commitment to the people of this country by adding it to my weekly schedule. 

Anyone who doesn't like that and doesn't approve and who wants to make something of it can go blow their wind somewhere else as far as I am concerned.  That includes the members of the TACT group, in case there was any doubt. 

TACT is supposed to be a group offering expert or professional services that other State Assemblies may lack at this time and that is all it is.  

I am not playing any backdoor corporate games.  For that, I have Zero Tolerance. 

Yes, I have heard the mincing gossips saying, "Oh, my! We shouldn't air dirty laundry in public like this!" Well, buckos, the point is that there shouldn't be any dirty laundry, should there?  There shouldn't be little enclaves of private power-brokers lining up backstage, should there?  The whole point is that this is public and it needs to be transparent, not shoved under the rug. 

That's part of the difference between the US Corp and America. 

Beyond that, how are we supposed to make progress and do the right thing, when we have a bunch of confused people who have been deeply indoctrinated in the ways of a foreign government, running around still thinking that they are citizens, or that they live in a democracy, or that they stand under a constitution?  You think they aren't going to make mistakes and plenty of them?  You think we can hide that or gain say the process one iota?  

Far from being the feeble and ignorant poor little granny that some people would prefer me to be, I have cut my teeth in the corporate world, and I have worn my high-heels and A-line skirt with the best of them; I know corporate boardroom politics like the path to my very own outhouse --- but the point that everyone needs to take and take to heart, is that I am done with that. Done done. 

I left the corporations behind to stew in their own well-earned juices, and if the rest of you have any sense at all, so should you.  That is what this entire effort is all about.  We are putting an end to lawless Corporate Feudalism and restoring our lawful unincorporated government.  Period. 

Anyone who doesn't thoroughly understand that and who thinks that I am naive enough to let TACT function as a Star Chamber behind my back had better sit down, think about it .....and come to the reasoned conclusion that it isn't going to happen in this lifetime. 

Now if voicing these concerns and criticisms and addressing the substantial mistakes that have been made by Coordinators and Assemblies all over this country is causing any "damage" I suggest that those who are wasting time being offended because you got caught instead of correcting these errors -- leave.  Just go. Don't let the screen door hit your tender little behinds.  

If you have been playing the part of My Comptroller, or Censor of Public Opinion, or Vetter of your Betters, or hitting the Mute Button when someone was on topic and polite, or holding back recording new members to our Assemblies for specious reasons, or handing out Time Outs like cotton candy ---- just leave.  Go now.  The rest of us will center down on the actual work, bypass the obnoxious foreign politics, and get the job done without you.  

If there are any other questions, ask them during the Tuesday Podcast from North Carolina, or forward them to Teri for inclusion in the Monday Night Webinar by the prior Friday


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SV40 Monkey Protein Pollutants -- Cause Cancer, But....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Manure piles grow roses and breed snakes (the warmth from composting manure makes an ideal nest) as I well-know.  

There is always a dynamic in nature, which, when properly considered, works to balance things out.

Good grows out of evil, and evil grows out of good. 

So it is that the SV40 proteins, which have been known to cause cancer for two decades, are known pollutants. 

And those known pollutants were added by Pfizer and other drug companies to the Covid vaccine. 

Apparently, they wanted to promote the explosion of cancer that is gripping most of the developed and now-vaccinated world. 

But that "benefit" for the medical corporatocracy came at a price.  

The addition of these known pollutants to the Covid vaccine activates a loophole in the so-called Teflon Law protecting these corporations from lawsuits. 

Bring on the Ambulance Chasers. 

What Happens If You Don't Bring Forward Your State Assembly?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most devastating thing that can and will happen is that your State of the Union will be annexed and merged into a neighboring State.  For example, Missouri could become Greater Kansas. 

The next most devastating thing that can happen is that you will lose your contracts, treaties, and other protections.  People in your State may no longer be owed their Constitutional Guarantees as a result of your inaction --- until you are officially annexed by another Union State. 

What some people and some States don't realize fully is the grave danger that they are in individually and personally.  

The right to self-govern has to be backed up by action.  If you don't bring your State Assembly into Session and do it correctly, your State will cease to exist.  It will be like Czechoslovakia -- no longer on the map. 

Your Forefathers died to give you the chance to self-govern and decide your own law, your own fate, and your own obligations, to own your own land and soil, to have no obligation to a king.  

It is up to you to seize upon that right and accept the responsibilities that go with it.  You have no choice but to educate yourselves and organize the actual State Assembly --- or else. 

This is a use it or lose it situation.  

We have preserved your rights for you thus far, as we have preserved our own --- but any continued inaction cannot be condoned and any inactive Assembly or Assembly without a Coordinator will be dissolved. 

The Federation does not, contrary to belief in some quadrants, provide Coordinators.  Coordinators must step up from each State, must be trained, and then take over the job of guiding the assembling process. 

Don't complain to me if you don't like your Coordinator(s).  We deal with what your State sends. 
And you always have the option of doing the job yourself. Contact TASA and volunteer. 

This is the part of self-governance that gets misunderstood.  You actually have to do things. 

You can't just sit on your butt and complain about what other people do or don't do, you have to take part and take action yourself.  

If you don't self-govern, you will be governed by the British King and the Pope.  And you already have a taste and foreshadowing of what that means. 


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Hold the Train! --- "War President"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Joe Biden is the "President" of a corporation, not a country.  

He has no ability to declare war and isn't occupying the Office of Commander in Chief, so what does he do? 

He tries to create an unheard of and non-existent office for himself: "War President". 

There is no such thing.  

The only kind of "war" a corporation can engage in is a mercenary conflict, and those are illegal.  

So what-cha-gonna-do, Joe?  

We already have the Municipal Congress playing at proxy war in Ukraine and now they want to start a hot war in Israel. 

Time to back off and sit down, boys.  

We have proof and precedent demonstrating that the Draft is illegal and unlawful: it is forced conscription on land and press-ganging at sea. 

That's one of the good end results of the "Vietnam Conflict".  

The Draft was very quietly brought to an end, not because Congress wanted to end it, but because it is illegal and unlawful and has been for 200 years. 

There was certainly no public announcement telling the military and the over 100,000 grieving parents, but yes, the Draft was already illegal and unlawful during the Second World War and Korea and Vietnam and it would be illegal now, too. 

So don't even start. 

There is also nothing in the Constitutional agreements allowing any version of Congress to do anything but protect our persons from unlawful arrest and bills of attainder -- the Draft, included. 

So we don't have a "President" of this country and we don't have a Congress competent to declare war and except for Donald Trump, we don't have a Commander in Chief anywhere in sight. 

It's the USA, Inc. President who holds that title, to the extent that it exists under delegated power. 
The cretins in Parliament and in the confidence racket Congress might get it together and gin up support for a war in Israel.  Why not?  They are responsible for Israel's existence and they chose to make it one of their "States of States".  

Don't they have a moral obligation to defend it? 

Yes, they probably do. 

So let's suggest that they voluntarily donate their worldly wealth, pelf, and estates to the Cause, and all of them that are physically fit additionally volunteer to serve in the Israeli Army.  

Many of the Brown Nosers have already adopted Dual Citizenship like Nancy Pelosi and are considered Israeli citizens as much as they are United States citizens.  

Please note: none of these people are acting as Americans, and technically, legally and lawfully, what they are doing has nothing to do with us. 

Maybe Netanyahu, being a "Prime Minister" under the British System, and Israel being a British Commonwealth like Puerto Rico as well as a US State of State, will continue to be the bully and the base of operations that the British Raj created for itself in the Middle East.  

Or maybe the Brits and the Israelis will get their rumps kicked and the nature of their dog pile in the Middle East will be revealed --- not as a homeland for the Jews, but as an outpost of British Corporate Feudalism, that is, Colonialism operated under a different jurisdiction.  


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