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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Biggest Lie About the Confederation and the Constitution, Both.

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we have seen, the truth is hidden in plain sight, and often, most infamously, it's what isn't present -- that should be -- that is most damning. 

The "missing" Titles of Nobility Amendment that was ratified by the States in 1819. 

The "missing" Congressional Declaration of War at the beginning of the so-called American Civil War. 

The "missing" peace treaties ending the American Civil War.

But before all these,  there is another missing piece and its absence uncovers one of the earliest Big Lies. 

We were told as children and it even appears in scholarly works in the early 1900's and in school books and law journals, that the Constitution of 1787 replaced The Articles of Confederation.  

This is because the convention of 1787, which was supposed to discuss The Articles of Confederation, addressed the Constitution, instead.  

Because the one intended topic was never broached, and the other topic yielded a certain result, people assumed that the new Constitution aiming at a "more perfect union" simply replaced The Articles of Confederation. 

Not so.  Not even possible. 

The Articles of Confederation were cast as law and contract -- a perpetual contract, no less. They could not be changed, amended, or destroyed without a formal Act by the State Assemblies. 

No such Act exists. 

It's another one of those things that should be present --- and isn't. 

So The Articles of Confederation passed through the 1787 Convention of the States unscathed, unchanged, and unaddressed.  It certainly was not destroyed, nor even set aside. 

The Articles of Confederation remained in full force and effect; far from replacing The Articles of Confederation, the new Federal Constitution contract was given to the Confederation to manage. 

Yes, the Confederation was operating as "the States of America" and what was the Federal Constitution of 1787 called?  The Constitution for the united States of America.  

It could not possibly be more clear.  We've been fed a line about the players and the results of the 1787 Convention.  Not only is there no action dissolving the Confederation.  The Confederation got a new and very important service contract as a result of the Constitutional Convention. 

Both from the standpoint of the missing Act needed to dissolve the Confederation and from the name of the Federal Constitution issued in 1787, we know that the original Confederation sailed on and for the next 74 years, the Confederation of States managed the Federal Republic.  

And this is the reason why the Federal Republic also failed when the Confederation lacked a quorum to conduct business. 

It's also the reason that the Reconstruction has to  begin with the restoration of the original Confederation of States and not the Federal Republic. 

The horse must go before the cart.  

The Confederation of States which ran the Federal Republic (the American Subcontractor delivering enumerated and delegated services) must rise from the ashes first. 

And in our efforts, we must be careful to distinguish the original Confederation of States and keep it separate in our minds from Jefferson Davis's Confederate States of America --- which split the original Confederation.

The cause of the Confederation's downfall cannot be mistaken for the Confederation itself.  That would be too cruel for the angels to abide, and Granna surely won't stand for it.  

So the biggest lie about the Confederation is that it was replaced by the Federal Constitution in 1787. 

And the biggest lie about the Federal Constitution of 1787--- is that it replaced the Confederation of States. 

Who doesn't want us to know?  Who gains from leaving Americans bogged down with these false suppositions? 

The answer can only be foreign interests and foreign Powers. 

If we understand our history for what it clearly is, then we know for sure that our States never fought in the American Civil War.  

The so-called Civil War was fought by States of States instead, and that makes it a Mercenary Conflict, not a War, which is consistent with everything else we have discovered among the missing parts. 

We are enabled to discern which portions of our government were destroyed, and therefore which parts must be reconstructed. And we know the relationship between the parts and the order in which the reconstruction must be done. 

We are empowered by knowing what happened and so, we won't make any false assumptions or fail in our intentions.  

But someone doesn't want us to know. Some parties have been at pains to obscure this information for 160 plus years. 


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