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Monday, March 16, 2020

Why I Am Not a "Christian"

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever ask yourself when Yeshuah ben Joseph became known as "Jesus"?
Ever ask when "Jesus" became known as "Christ"?

Ever wonder if you are talking about the same man or the same teachings at all?

I long ago noticed that The Holy Bible can be read in two basic ways with many variations --- either as scripture or as a grimoire --- a witch's spellbook.
Why should that be?

I also noticed that there are two different gods in the Bible.

One vision of God is good and just and peace-loving, truthful and creative and nurturing. There is nothing petty or small-minded or cruel in this True God.
The other vision of God is blood-thirsty, vengeful, scheming, egotistical, and none too concerned about truth or justice.

How, you might ask with me, can this be?

Is "God" just a reflection of all the best and worst that we can be?

I also noticed that there is a good bit of corruption and nastiness in the churches, which all seemed to be more concerned about doctrine and control and bank balances than offering practical help or guidance. Forget spiritual enlightenment.

The best of these churches organize to do some social good and support their members with coffee klatsch brotherhood; a few make Bibles available for free and offer study opportunities.

Where are the Miracle Workers? 
They are scattered among all the denominations, but so few and so scattered, that a less faithful heart would despair. 
In the churches as elsewhere, we find bureaucrats and bean counters in charge, while the Sons of God (and Daughters, too) hide themselves from public view, too afraid to fully accept their mission.

I know people who have the gift of healing, who, like Jesus, can heal the most grievous illnesses and injuries with a word or a touch. They walk among us, but they are afraid of being mobbed and having no life left to themselves at all. They wonder about their gift and try to deal with it. 
They sometimes describe it as a burden or cost, because while they are constantly renewed, it takes energy out of them to heal others. And like Jesus, they plead --- go now, and don't tell anyone. 
They are overwhelmed by the need for healing at all levels. And I don't blame them. 
The Healers I know would describe themselves as "Christian" for lack of a better word, but "Christian" is a Misnomer for the Followers of Yeshuah.

Simon Magus was a con man and magician from the Levant at the time of the Apostles. He heard about the miracles performed by Jesus and wanted in on the new con game. It never occurred to him that there was anything more to it, than the latest and most popular conjurer's trick.

Peter rebuked him, but Simon Magus (the Other Peter) was not deterred. Where there was a shekel to be made, there was a shekel to be made. 
So the story was twisted and turned, and the Other God was given a Bully Pulpit. And Simon Magus became the only "Peter" on record who was ever a "Bishop of Rome". 
Even our simple baptisms with water have been certificated and sold on secret stock markets by these con men, with promises made to the buyers that they would own our souls.

Fat chance of that, but consider the rage of the just?

On May 15, 2020, a great and kindly woman will go on trial in Germany. She's a Briton from Australia, but they claim that she violated their censorship laws. Her sin? 
Lady Renouf spoke some small truth about the 1945 fire bombing of Dresden, during a gathering of about 300 mourners. Even her mild comments were considered "incitement" by the corporatist government of Angela Merkel.

Lady Renouf didn't even touch upon the most outrageous truth about the macabre and senseless fire bombing that killed tens of thousands of Germans and unknown numbers of refugees who had flooded the city, trying to escape the advancing Soviet Army. 
Most likely, Lady Renouf doesn't even know the Whole Truth, so her comments were very mild compared to what I am going to say. (Hear this, Angela!)

The reason that Dresden was fire bombed was because it contained what was thought to be-- at the time-- the last hand-written copy of Martin Luther's 95 Theses.

Hand-written papers have---at least in the minds of the magicians, power as spells, as in witch's spells, so the hand-written copy of Luther's complaint against the Roman Catholic Church which gave rise to the Protestant Reformation--- was especially feared and detested by the Evil-Doers who proposed to sell the forgiveness of sins for their own profit.

Afterward, of course, it was discovered that several other hand-written copies of the 95 Theses survived in Prussia, Denmark, and California. Perhaps the similar destruction of Paradise, California, this past summer was more of the same? 
Surely, the Church must be purged, inside and out, and all the black magic, too. Surely, from this day I shall never call myself a "Christian" again. Consider this the Black Arrow straight into the heart of this corruption. Consider this my word and name and breath against it forever.

I shall belong to the Lamb and the Lamb will know his own, but those who have murdered him and dishonored his name and disobeyed his teachings and taught others the same, surely they will be remembered, too, for the evil they have done in his name, for the blood that cries out against them.


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About Military Law Citations and the Census

By Anna Von Reitz

They regularly hide the cheese and write different orders on different years so be sure to use the year cited—- same thing with Army Regs and even Title 50 Citations.  One year will be written for land warfare and the General Population and the next year written for international purposes and so on.  

For example, 50 USC 7 (c) and (e) which is our exemption only shows up in the 2012 version of the code.

All these regulations work like a ratchet screw driver. We get “grandfathered in” and then they move on and deal with the actual military issues in subsequent years.  That is why when dealing with military law and regs you must memorize the important parts that pertain to you including the year issued. 

50 USC 7 (c) and (e) of 2012

AR 27 1-161-1  Army Pamphlet 1956 and as updated, “The Law of Peace”. 

You will note that the Pentagon is now on Lockdown.  The Pentagon is funded and directed by the Pope’s Municipal United States Government, which is now being liquidated as part of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. 

This 90 day shut down is required to settle the bankruptcy. They had planned to have both major “government” corporations in bankruptcy at the same time, but that didn’t work out for the banks.  As a result, Nationalist Army forces are in control. 

Everyone sit tight and quiet. Be good to each other, help your neighbors if you can, and have a little faith.  Our Army is still our Army, not part of the UN and not an Agency. When you see the Guys in Green think: Land Forces — and remember who was left in charge under the Lieber Code (Geneva Conventions) — the Grand Army of the Republic, which we ordered out of the mothballs five years ago. 

You are seeing the Grand Army of the Republic in the field for the first time in 150 years.  If that doesn’t make your spine tingle, nothing will.

The likelihood of seeing UN Troops on American soil under the current scenario is nil, so the black and white multi-national symbols won't be necessary. 

Please bear in mind that the actual government of this country is not under any declaration of "National Emergency".  Mr. Trump was speaking as President of "the" United States of America and availing himself of funding and various empowerments as Commander-in-Chief but that does not pertain to our civilian population.

Likewise, although military personnel operating as "U.S. Citizens" may be required to do various things as a result of their contractual agreements including "lock downs" and drills and curfews and vaccinations and involuntary quarantines, the people of this country are not under those obligations. 

Compliance or non-compliance with any or all parts of Mr. Trump's edicts for the military are voluntary and individual, on a case by case and issue by issue basis.  We strongly feel that his advisement to stay calm and stay home to the extent possible should be heeded.  We are at peace and our Army is protecting us, so all is as it should be.

Your basic movements should not be impeded.  Grocery stores, drug stores, and other necessary vendors will stay open.  The mail service will continue. The availability of gas and oil and propane should be good throughout the States.  Electrical service should not be restricted and in many areas will probably not be subject to shut offs due to non-payment.  Other measures such as a moratorium on home mortgages and other issues are being considered.

We have the technology to deliver a knock-out punch to SARS viruses including the CV and it can be delivered worldwide, so be assured that that will be deployed as expeditiously as possible--- not as a vaccine.

Our team in Alaska is doing a delivery service so that elderly members of the community get their groceries and medications delivered to their doors. Having one person do the shopping for four or five others helps limit the exposure for everyone.  Likewise, forming baby-sitting pools so that the Shoppers can do their work without dragging their kids along to the grocery store helps everyone.

We are getting lots of questions about the census, which, as usual, is obscenely invasive and designed for profit via data mining.  Americans are required to give their name and the number of people in their household. Nothing more or less.

If you feel like answering other basic questions, such as your age or occupation, that is up to you. 

Congress has the responsibility to enumerate the population every ten years, but that is an extremely limited mandate and does not mean that they can ask what brand of toothpaste you use.

Remember that you are not any variety of "US" citizen, and are a "non-resident" and "alien" with respect to the Federal Government, unless you are an actual Federal Employee or Dependent thereof.


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