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Monday, May 8, 2017

What Every American Needs to Know About Sir Lancelot

By Anna Von Reitz

A lot of what you have learned in school and as part of your history simply isn't true and that is because you have been taught your history by liars who worship the Father of All Lies.  You know them as Kings and Queens of England, but they aren't really Kings and Queens of England, either.  They are homeless wandering sons of Cain, usurpers everywhere they go.

I have done my bit to further your education about American History and shared my digs and delves.  Now let's look a bit deeper into time and my husband's side of the family. 

First bit of news---- the Roman Empire didn't "fall" like a cake deflating in the oven.  It morphed and changed into a Christianized version of its old pagan self over the course of several centuries. 

A Message of Hope for Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

For reasons I do not know, Our Father prompted me to write to you this morning.  

The message I have for you is a message of hope in very dark times. 

I am to tell you not to worry so much and to stop trying to take on so many burdens and to find so many answers all by yourself.  

Please observe that it is not given to Man to know all the answers.  There are many questions that we can't answer, in fact, the only question that we can ever reliably answer is -- "What?"